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Big Sky The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood Midseason Premiere Review Season 1 Episode 5 Big Sky The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood Midseason Premiere Review Season 1 Episode 5

Big Sky

Big Sky Midseason Premiere Review – Is Rick Legarski Alive? (1×06)

BIG SKY - “The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood” – After Jenny and Cassie learn the truth about Cody’s fate, they decide to officially team up to track down Ronald. Elsewhere, Merrilee grapples with the fact that she didn’t truly know her husband, while Helen learns more about her son’s recent activities when “Big Sky” returns TUESDAY, JAN. 26 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Darko Sikman) KYLIE BUNBURY



Big Sky is back, and it’s proving that it still has what it takes to be a nerve-wracking series. 

Following the cliffhanger that found Cassie shooting Rick Legarski in the head, I questioned how the series would continue or what the focus would be. 

However, the midseason premiere proves that the case is still wide open as it picks up right after Cassie pulled the trigger. 

She may have put a bullet in Rick’s head, but getting rid of him could never be that easy. It never is with the bad guys, right? 

Rick is very clearly responsible for kidnapping the girls — they indicated that he was their kidnapper — but there’s also another suspect at large: Ronald. 

Ronald may have been the more compassionate one in the scenario in the first five episodes, but with his life on the line, he’s become unpredictable; there’s no telling what he’ll do. 

He’s hellbent on alluding capture at all cost, so he’s decided to change up his truck, destroy any trace of his license plate, and it seems like killing Rick may not be above him at this point, especially if he wakes up with his mind intact. 

The chances of that are slim, I Googled, but it’s not entirely impossible. And lord knows that if anyone is capable of coming back to consciousness with minimal side-effects, it’s Rick.

The fact that Ronald’s mother is still helping him despite knowing exactly what he did and what he’s capable of is infuriating. She’s very clearly scared of her own son and should come clean to the police. Help the girls! Put away this monster. 

I felt bad for Merrilee because she had no clue about her husband’s double-life, but Helen is fully aware of Ronald’s temper. Though she’s been spared from it mostly (most of the violence directed at her has been in his imagination), she knows he’s dangerous, which makes her just as responsible. 

Ronald also cannot help himself. Instead of staying away and distancing himself from the situation, he’s going into the fire by stalking Jerrie at the diner and taking photos of her. It’s safe to say he probably followed her home and left her the “you don’t learn” note on her door after seeing her talk to Jenny. 

I don’t see this ending well for Jerrie, and I’m surprised that they haven’t put her and the other girls under witness protection or at least some kind of other surveillance while they hunt this trucker down. 

Then again, Jenny made it very clear that this case won’t be a priority for much longer, which is ridiculous to think about. 

It’s a case that involved three kidnapped girls and the death of a private investigator at the hands of a respected Sheriff and a trucker. How could this case not be a priority until it’s labeled “solved”?

Big Sky The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood Midseason Premiere Review Season 1 Episode 5

BIG SKY – “The Wolves Are Always Out for Blood” – After Jenny and Cassie learn the truth about Cody’s fate, they decide to officially team up to track down Ronald. Elsewhere, Merrilee grapples with the fact that she didn’t truly know her husband, while Helen learns more about her son’s recent activities when “Big Sky” returns TUESDAY, JAN. 26 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Darko Sikman)

Tubb was the last person I expected to arrive on the scene following the shooting, but I’m glad it was him because it redeemed Cassie and Jenny. They were onto Rick from the very beginning and he didn’t want to believe it. And after they singlehandedly saved the girls, he removed them from the case and said his “team,” aka the same incapable team, would handle it. 

Sure, one could argue that Cassie and Jenny both need time to heal and process. They were both grieving Cody’s death plus Cassie was working through the shock of shooting someone. However, they were both very vocal about wanting to finish the case and find the trucker once and for all. 

No detective wants to be taken off of a case when they’re so close to finding the truth. 

And you know Cassie and Jenny — nothing is going to stop them from getting justice. Since when have they ever listened to anyone telling them to take a step back?

Also, I know Tubb has to get Cassie’s statement but to question whether she was in the right to shoot Rick is maddening.

I don’t care if Rick never raised his gun at Cassie, he told her that he would count to five and shoot and that’s enough of a threat and warrants self-defense. The girls can all corroborate her story. She’s a hero who not only cracked the case but saved the girls before it was too late. 

Cassie and Jenny’s friendship has really flourished in a short period of time.

The two started off brawling in a bar when the season began and now they’re on-stage singing Cody’s favorite song together during his funeral. 

At the end of the day, they’re bound by something much stronger than hate — a common goal and love for the same man. 

As painful as it was to see Jenny mourn Cody (and us mourn the fact that Ryan Phillippe really has no reason to exist in this show and should be taken off all promotional material), it was even more heartbreaking to see Mrs. Legarski cope with the realization that her husband isn’t the man she thought he was. 

She didn’t know everything about him, but in one moment, she went from being married to a Sheriff to being married to a man who kidnaps girls and sells them into human trafficking. 

That’s a lot to process. 

And yet, she still stood by his side out of some twisted sense of moral obligation. I guess it makes sense since you don’t immediately stop loving someone because they did something bad, but I sure hope that she’s not going to support him and have his back when he does wake up. 

Not only has she been betrayed by Rick, but she’s also being manipulated by Ronald, who she believes is an affectionate man named Mitchell. 

I was so worried he was going to walk into the house while she was in there! My palms were sweating. You’d think that if the police were thorough enough to pry the floorboards while searching the home, they would manage to get into the secret compartment in the closet. 

And wouldn’t there be DNA in the Legarski barn that could lead them to Ronald?

Moving forward, it seems as though the hunt for Ronald will be the main focus and the kidnapped girls will assist Cassie and Jenny in finding him!

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Rick will wake up with his mind unimpaired? Sound-off in the comments below, Cravers! 

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Big Sky

‘Big Sky’ Season 2 Adds Jamie-Lynn Sigler and 6 Others Cast Members for Thrilling New Mystery



'Big Sky' Season 2 Adds Jamie-Lynn Sigler and 6 Others Cast Members for Thrilling New Mystery

ABC’s 2020 crime drama, Big Sky has announced the addition of Jamie-Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos), among others, to join as a key role for Season 2, premiering this fall.

The Season 1 finale left audiences on a cliffhanger perfectly lining up Season 2 to open with a mysterious car crash right outside of Helena, Montana. And just as Cassie Dewell and Jenny Hoyt begin to investigate the wreck, the case becomes a little bit more complicated than expected.

Big Sky Season 2

Big Sky cast Season 1. (ABC/Kharen Hill)

Sigler will portray Tonya, a waitress at a local diner whose boyfriend has gone missing. She enlists the help of Dewell and Hoyt to find him, but it turns out, she’s hiding secrets of her own.

Sigler joins the previously announced Janina Gavankar, who snagged the series regular role of Ren. She’s described as “an enigmatic woman who, in the wake of a car wreck involving one of her employees, comes to the Montana town hunting for answers — including about who exactly betrayed her.”

Series regulars from Season 1 who are set to return include Dedee Pfeiffer, and Brian Geraghty, among a couple of others.

Additionally, six new faces will join the upcoming season.

Madelyn Kientz (Walker’s Ruby) will play Max, Cassie’s teenage babysitter (so we’re getting some throwbacks!).

Lola Reid (Barkskins) will play Madison friend of Max and Harper.

Troy Johnson (On My Block) will play Harper, fearless best friend of Max.

Arturo Del Puerto (For All Mankind) will portray Max’s bad-boy boyfriend T-Lock.

Jeremy Ray Taylor (It) will portray Bridger, Madison’s older brother, while T.V. Carpio (The Client List) will portray Rachel, Max’s mother.

Big Sky has switched from Tuesday nights to Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC, with its premiere date set for September 30th.

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Big Sky

Big Sky Season Finale Review – Ronald’s Great Escape (1×16)



Big Sky Season Finale Review Love is a Strange and Dangerous Thing Season 1 Episode 16

The Big Sky Season 1 finale was better than the whole second half of the season!

Arthur, er, sorry, Ronald, knows how to takes us on an adventure. 

And he always has a few aces up his sleeve. 

When Lindor and Geri busted into Mary’s home, it seemed like he and Scarlet hit the end of the road, but Ronald always anticipated this moment, and he set quite the plan into motion. 

It seems the only time that the feds have ever taken him by surprise is when Geri ambushed him with a gun. He didn’t see that coming, and he didn’t seem pleased to see her. 

Ronald knew that above anything else, Lindor, Cassie, and Jenny wanted answers, so he knew exactly how to manipulate them. He laid one breadcrumb, and they followed just how he wanted. 

Initially, I wasn’t sure what the whole John Milton plan was exactly, and neither was Scarlet, but she trusted her man and rolled with it. 

Turns out, it was Ronald’s “get out of jail” free card as it notified the syndicate that he needed help. When a Sheriff came to Scarlet’s house, it was clear that Rick Legarski wasn’t the only Sheriff operating within this syndicate. And that’s a disturbing revelation for a different day. 

Scarlet was picked up as set up with a getaway car, while Ronald led Lindor, Cassie, Jenny, and Tubb on a little field trip. 

They probably would’ve been better off listening to Jenny about not giving Ronald so much free reign. 

Lindor may outrank them, but he got played! Cassie and Jenny know exactly who they’re dealing with and how clever Ronald is. He managed to evade them once, so they really shouldn’t have risked it again. 

While he led them to his creepy little garage where he hid Kelli, one of his first loves, it was also part of his escape plan as it allowed the syndicate to ambush them and free Ronald. 

The whole action sequence here was truly exceptional. Jenny was a boss until she got shot, while Cassie held her own as Ronald tried to choke her out. 

And Lindor was unconscious throughout the whole thing. Seriously, this guy.

Big Sky Season Finale Review Love is a Strange and Dangerous Thing Season 1 Episode 16

(ABC/Darko Sikman)

Eventually, Ronald managed to escape and reunite with Scarlet. One of the men from the syndicate hooked them up with new identities and it all seemed to be on track, that is until he informed them that they would not be picking up Phoebe. 

Scarlet and Ronald may be the unhinged versions of Bonnie and Clyde, but they would never leave behind her daughter, so they went with plan B and killed the driver instead. 

And that, friends, is why you don’t help murderers and human traffickers. 

Will they find a way to get Phoebe?

Considering Jenny’s gut feeling about Scarlet was right, I’m surprised they haven’t picked up Phoebe yet.

There’s no way a mother would ever abandon her child, so it would have led them right to Ronald and Scarlet.

Will their devotion to the little girl be their undoing?

Phoebe trusts her mother, but she’s also smart enough to know when something feels off like the whole situation with Arthur in the forest. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if she blew their cover somehow. 

At first, it didn’t make sense as to why Scarlet was so comfortable and turned on by Ronald’s psychotic tendencies, but the fact that she was committed to an insitution for the criminally insane does put things in perspective. 

It also explains why she was so calm about killing Steve. Ronald tried to take the blame for that, but that should’ve been the first red flag for Lindor, Cassie, and Jenny. I mean, wasn’t Steve’s corpse older than 3 months? Did they know that the cops wouldn’t have time to verify their story?

With Scarlet and Ronald on the run, and Cassie pursuing them with a vengeance, I’m excited to see what season 2 has in store. 

As I mentioned, the second half of the season, which focused on the Kleinsasser family, wasn’t as thrilling or captivating as all the drama with Ronald. 

I’m glad he’s back at the wheel — no pun intended. 

I didn’t expect to get any closure when it came to the Kleinsasser family nor did I think I needed it, but I have to say, it was nice to see Margaret finally get her revenge on Horst. 

He was emotionally abusive to her for years, and she finally found her voice and silenced his. 

In short, the family is full of murderers, but this is one that was deserved. 

It doesn’t just set Margaret and Cheyenne free, it’s also payback for all the poor souls that never got to leave that toxic farm.

What did you think of the Big Sky Season 1 finale? Were you surprised by how clever Ronald is?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Big Sky

Big Sky Review – I’m the Bad Guy (1×15)



Big Sky Review Bitter Roots Season 1 Episode 15

Cassie and Jenny may have been responsible for the Kleinssasers’ undoing, but that family was always capable of destroying themselves all on their own.

Blood was spilled on Big Sky Season 1 Episode 15 as we saw the demise of Rand and JW. 

And it was a long time coming. 

After the Kleinsasser family caught Cassie, Jenny, and Gil on their property, it was every man (and woman) for themselves.

And thankfully, they all made it out alive. 

The same couldn’t be said for Rand and JW, who deserved everything they got.

When Rand tried to run Cassie over, she shot out his wheels ensuring that he crashed. The next morning when Rosie found Cassie unconscious, they found Rand bleeding out inside his cabin.

He survived long enough to see his mother one last time before bleeding out.

JW died not long after his psychotic brother. Cassie and Cheyenne found him just as he was gearing up to take out Jenny. A wrestling match ensued and his little sister pulled the trigger.

While Cheyenne definitely knew that her family was disturbed and wanted to break free from them, she wasn’t all that different from them either. 

She wanted the same thing JW and Rand did — she wanted the ranch for herself. And she wanted to be free from the control of the deranged men in her family. 

And she got it. With JW and Rand eliminated, the ranch now belonged to Cheyenne. 

We never saw Horst pay for his sins, but considering that Cassie and Jenny had a sample of the toxic chemicals on his land, it’s safe to assume he was held accountable for all the skeletons on his property. 

Does anyone else feel a little cheated for getting invested in Margaret’s storyline only to see nothing come of it? If anyone deserved to kill anyone, it should’ve been Margaret killing Horst. 

Cassie and Jenny made sure justice was served on all fronts by taking down Sheriff Wagy, who admitted on video to plotting to kill Cassie. 

With the Kleinsasser family taken care of, Cassie and Jenny are free to return to their biggest problem: Ronald/ Arthur. 

I’m much more invested in all the Ronald developments than I ever was in the Kleinssaser mystery, which made it feel like a completely different series. 

It would’ve made more sense if Ronald was somehow connected to the Kleinsasser’s, but instead, we’ve just been following two separate storylines about people who are all too comfortable with killing for their own benefit. 

I’m glad to be circling back to the former one. 

The episode kicked off with Arthur burying Mary’s body and getting caught by Phoebe. 

It was tense as he explained he was burying a dead deer, and then contemplated bashing Phoebe’s skull in with a rock. 

I’m really glad he didn’t. Phoebe didn’t seem to buy Arthur’s story either — she’s a smart kid and knows that something is definitely up, which is why she lied to her mother.

Even when Arthur tried to remain normal, he gave off creep vibes. 

Arthur was terrified of what would happen if Scarlet found out about his past, but much to his surprise, she didn’t even care. 

Big Sky Review Bitter Roots Season 1 Episode 15

BIG SKY – “Bitter Roots” – When Scarlet gets an alarming call that her sister is missing, Ronald realizes just how twisted his situation has become and must decide his next move. Meanwhile, Cassie, Jenny, Gil and Rosie find themselves in a whole mess of trouble on the ranch, forced to face off against the worst of the Kleinsasser bunch. But this team is tough and even the strongest family trees can fall on “Big Sky,” TUESDAY, MAY 11 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Darko Sikman)

It’s unclear how long Scarlet knew about his real identity, but I think that she knew the whole time Mary tried to warn her and just hoped Ronald would get rid of her sister. 

She even seemed less concerned about what happened to Mary and more concerned with authorities finding Steve’s body.

Yep, turns out Scarlet was the one that bashed in her baby daddy’s skull (with a screwdriver!) as Mary helped her hide the body. 

Scarlet explained that Mary held the crime over her head all these years, but obviously, this made Mary an accomplice. 

Wouldn’t it just be easier to let the authorities believe Mary was the murderer? After all, the body was on her premises!

And Steve is the least of their worries since they’re really after Ronald!

However, Scarlet revealed she was cool as a cucumber with Ronald’s past crimes. In fact, she was even more attracted to him, which meant Ronald somehow met his perfect match.

If you didn’t think soulmates existed before, you definitely do now. 

Scarlet may be even more deranged than Ronald since she owns up to what she’s done and is more than happy to give into her urges whereas he tries to tame them and is ashamed of them. 

Having someone who shares his “interests” is bound to make Ronald much more dangerous. 

Scarlet’s confidence likely won’t have a positive influence on him. 

Will he go full-on psycho? And what does this mean for poor Phoebe?

Lindor and Geri — who is hellbent on revenge even if it might get her killed — were closing in on them, but Ronald’s storyline is far from over. 

As the teasers for next week’s Big Sky Season 1 finale reveal, Ronald is going to get caught, and it will likely unearth something much more sinister than we ever anticipated. 

Will Ronald take them to where all the bodies are buried? 

What else was he involved in? And why do I have a hunch Scarlet will help him escape again?

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