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Big Sky Review You Have to Play Along Season 2 Episode 3 Big Sky Review You Have to Play Along Season 2 Episode 3

Big Sky

Big Sky Review – You Have to Play Along (2×03)

BIG SKY - “You Have to Play Along” – After officially teaming up, Jenny and Cassie sit down with Tubb who reveals that this one goes far beyond their jurisdiction. Realizing Travis may be a man on the inside, Jenny reaches out for intel and learns the cartel is involved. With Tonya still missing, Cassie and Jenny fear the worst and kick their search into high gear. Meanwhile, the kids’ plan continues to fall apart, with secrets and scheming threatening to land them in hot water, on an all-new episode of “Big Sky,” THURSDAY, OCT. 14 (10:00-11:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Michael Moriatis) JANINA GAVANKAR



Things are getting quite messy on Big Sky Season 2 Episode 3.

While Cassie and Jenny may no longer be working together, their roads have intersected over the drug deal gone bad. 

It’s honestly awesome to see them tag-teaming yet another mystery. There’s no one better in the business, I just wish they got the credit they deserved. 

After Big Sam and Ringo’s bodies washed up in town, it became clear that they were dealing with a much bigger issue.

That was only further emphasized when it was revealed that state police were also working the case. And Jenny had a man on the inside as Travis, who she has been hooking up with, is working it while undercover.

It really does pay to have connections in different places. 

However, much of the episode hinged on Tonya’s disappearance. 

Big Sam’s death would’ve been merely an investigation if it hadn’t been for her disappearance.

Ren and Donny thought she could help them find the drugs and money, but instead, they only got Cassie and Jenny hot on their trail. 

They should’ve just relied on Harvey to find their product instead. That way, they wouldn’t have raised so many red flags. 

While Tonya was successfully able to escape Donny, it was infuriating to watch her act like a lamb for slaughter. When you’re life is in danger, you run like hell — you don’t keep looking back to see if the bad guy is coming.

There were also so many weapons in that kitchen that she could’ve used to defend herself. Why didn’t she?

The only thing her bravery managed to do was get an innocent kitchen worker killed. 

Okay, fine, I guess it also put her on the map so that Cassie could zone in on a location and find her. 

Cassie and Jerry zoned in on the trailer, but  I wonder how Ren will get out of this one?

The last thing she wants to do is murder a private investigator. Surely, that’ll raise plenty of flags and ensure she never gets what she came for. 

Ren also doesn’t blend in. The unique fashion style isn’t working in her favor. 

While Cassie was much closer to finding Tonya, Harvey was hot on the trail of the kids, who witnessed the accident and got away with the money and drugs. 

Every time I see Harper and Ruby on the screen, I get a little anxious. I wish they just dumped the drugs and put this whole mess behind them. 

Big Sky Review You Have to Play Along Season 2 Episode 3

BIG SKY – “You Have to Play Along” – After officially teaming up, Jenny and Cassie sit down with Tubb who reveals that this one goes far beyond their jurisdiction. Realizing Travis may be a man on the inside, Jenny reaches out for intel and learns the cartel is involved. With Tonya still missing, Cassie and Jenny fear the worst and kick their search into high gear. Meanwhile, the kids’ plan continues to fall apart, with secrets and scheming threatening to land them in hot water, on an all-new episode of “Big Sky,” THURSDAY, OCT. 14 (10:00-11:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Michael Moriatis)

Haper is definitely naive about wanting to sell them, and it’s irritating that she keeps assuring Ruby that everything will be okay. 

She absolutely cannot promise that, especially because there’s a witness to the crime.

Bridger also gave himself away when he went to the station to report a crime. When Jenny showed Harvey the rock, it was basically a tell that the kid had the money and drugs. 

It’s getting quite messy for everyone involved, and at the end of the day, that puts them all in danger. 

Even Ren, as mean as she is, has a boss she needs to respond to. 

The situation with Ronald and Scarlet keeps getting weirder. Wolf Legarski was put on Cassie’s radar, but for now, they’ve put that investigation on hold. 

Meanwhile, Wolf is really determined to reform Ronald through any means possible, including a taste of his own medicine — violence. 

At least he’s treating him like the animal that he is. 

Scarlet has seemingly adjusted pretty well, but that might be because she’s afraid of what will happen to them if they leave Wolf’s compound. 

The truth is that they were never free — they were two of the most wanted people on the planet. 

I can’t help but wonder if Scarlet’s behavior is all an act as part of a more elaborate rescue plan, but the more I see her, the more I think she believes that Wolf will be their savior. 

I can’t wait till we see how Wolf found these two in the first place. 

Can you imagine if Jenny and Cassie finally found Ronald and he was a completely changed man? 

What did you think of the Big Sky episode? Are you liking how the mystery is panning out this season?

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    Big Sky

    Big Sky Review – Family Matters (2×17)



    Big Sky review Family Matters Season 2 Episode 17

    I’m going to need everyone on Big Sky to just take a breather.  

    The penultimate episode revealed that sometimes, family can be your own worst enemy. 

    At least, that was true for Jagat. Dynamics between a father and son tend to be complicated, but allowing your own son to be shot as you turn your back on him is just plain cruel. 

    I don’t care what events transpired right before the shooting either — it’s a major sign of disrespect.

    Veer’s pride took a hit, but again, that’s no excuse to give someone the go-ahead to kill your son. 

    And knowing that Veer has done his fair share of terrible things didn’t make this any easier to swallow; his actions and lack of empathy for his son were jolting. 

    I’m #TeamJag all the way. I want him to get his revenge. 

    You also can’t blame me for not buying any of the things Veer said to Ren at the end of the episode. 

    Veer doesn’t strike me as the kind of man that will just give up his power. Alicia may have stood up to him — and good on her for coming into her own and not being intimidated by him — and promised to leave him if he didn’t give the reigns to his children, but considering he’s killed his girlfriends before, I don’t think he’d just have a change of heart just because she told him to. 

    Though, I am so intrigued by how Alicia stood her ground. It almost seemed like she was the boss in all of this, which would be a major game changer. 

    Overall, I’m distrusting because the Bhullar clan is not one to reveal their hand. We don’t know what Veer has gotten into, only that he’s not doing well financially. 

    Ren seems to have an idea of the direction she wants to take the company, but it’s unclear how she plans to proceed with the knowledge that Travis is a cop. You would think that she would simply ask Donno to take care of him, but we know she hasn’t done that because Travis is still very much alive and very determined to get his revenge on Veer for what he did to Kate Garza. 

    Ren knows who her father is, but she’s also always idolized him. I think digging up the truth about Kate helped her see her father in a new light. She seemed equally as upset about it as Travis, which is why I can’t shake the feeling that she’s going to be the one to secure her father’s downfall.

    I was convinced that right as Veer was telling Ren that he loves her and that he knows she’s his heir, Travis was going to walk in and shoot him with Ren’s permission. 

    I see them in a Bonnie and Clyde type of situation just riding into the deranged sunset together. 

    Travis has gone off the deep end — he’s willing to risk it all for his mission. While I don’t think he’ll die, I do think that his involvement in the cartel and with Ren is more permanent. 

    He’s dirty, and there’s no coming back from that. 

    Truthfully, I wouldn’t blame Ren for turning her back on her father. 

    She’s always sought out his acceptance, but seeing him completely turn on his own child out of shame may have swayed her decision. She knows she can have a better handle on the business, so eliminating her father from the equation would allow her to do it while also dishing out the proper punishment for how he treated Jag. 

    As the mastermind behind many of the decisions this season, I think Ren has something up her sleeve that’s going to make jaws drop. 

    Veer had an interesting take on the business when he was confronted by Richard. He has a good read on people, so he didn’t seem all that intimidated by the man with the gun because he never actually thought he would shoot. 

    I think Veer was slightly surprised that Richard had it in him to shoot his son, but he also gave him no choice. Instead of apologizing, he belittled him by calling Mason, the son who died of an overdose because of his tainted drugs, weak. 

    Veer didn’t care about cutting the drugs with fentanyl because he saw what he did as cutting poison with poison. If you don’t see the problem, you’ll never actually feel bad for your actions. 

    It’s almost disturbing that someone has the means to distribute drugs and no care for who they hurt. 

    Grief affects us all in different ways, so Richard’s actions, while extreme, weren’t entirely surprising. He wanted to get revenge on the people who killed his son, however, the game was rigged because it was never an eye-for-an-eye since Veer never cared about his son. He basically handed him over on a platter.

    In a way, Mason was much luckier than Jag. His death was a tragedy, but it proved just how much his father loved him. Veer, on the other hand, told a man to shoot without giving his son a second thought. 

    You can’t blame the Bhullar kids for being as messed up as they are. 

    Cassie’s grief manifested as she sought out a counseling group to work through her emotions. 

    As she talked about keeping Ronald with her as a reminder never to let her guard down, she got a call from Scarlett, who was trying to sell her information in exchange for her and Phoebe’s safety. 

    Of course, safety is a loose term when Humbert, a man from the syndicate, is tailing you because you stole evidence that can bring down the whole sex trafficking ring. I love that we’re making a full circle right back to this storyline. 

    Scarlett, unfortunately, is in danger, and instead of putting her daughter’s safety first, she’s willingly putting her in danger, too. Love makes you do crazy things, but it’s heartbreaking to watch Phoebe dragged into all of this. She knows that their lifestyle isn’t normal, so it’s only a matter of time before she escapes her mother’s clutches. She’s been going along with everything because of her loyalty to her mother, but we know that Phoebe is observant and will eventually realize that something is off. 

    The worst-case scenario is that she’ll witness her mother getting killed, be it by the syndicate or Cassie. 

    Cassie’s goal was to bring Phoebe to safety as she knows just how ruthless the syndicate is. They are tying up loose ends — first they came for Tubbs, then they approached Scarlett. 

    I’m just glad that Jenny was in Tubb’s hospital room to make sure that nothing happened to him. 

    She fights for the people she loves, but unfortunately, her love might not be enough for Travis anymore. 

    He’s willing to risk it all to get his revenge, but as he pointed out, Jenny always had an inkling it would come to this. She didn’t want to admit it, but it is the truth. Their relationship never had a shot at surviving this mess and everyone knows it except for her. Everyone has told her to cut Travis and walk away, and I fear that if she doesn’t, she’s going to end up with more than a broken heart. 

    The season finale blows Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles into town as the new acting sheriff, and him and his cowboy hat look like they mean business. 

    I’m not saying that Jenny needs a new love interest, but with Travis having gone completely rogue, I can see this being a potential thing moving forward. Especially since we all know how much Jenny loves mixing business with pleasure. 

    Will the season finale finally wrap up Scarlett’s storyline and put an end to the sex trafficking syndicate? Or will she once again escape from Cassie’s grasp?

    And how will the Bhullars’ story end? I don’t expect they’ll stay in Helena for much longer, but as seasons go, they were definitely the most captivating crop of characters! 

    If this season was any indication, expect some big twists ahead! 

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    Big Sky

    Big Sky Review – Keys to the Kingdom (2×16)



    Big Sky Review Keys to the Kingdom Season 2 Episode 16

    Big Sky is going full steam ahead towards a season finale. 

    With only two episodes left, the action is picking up as all eyes are on the Bhullars. 

    The cartel family is taking hits from every side. 

    Jenny Hoyt and the police department continue to pursue them in hopes of getting enough incriminating evidence to bring down their empire. 

    The threat against Jenny was thwarted because killing a cop is bad for business, but you can’t say Donno didn’t try. 

    However, the Bhullars found another way to get to the cops — Angela whipped out her law degree and hit them with a cease and desist. 

    This wasn’t exactly ideal for the case, and while Tubbs was definitely spooked, it simply motivated them to get “one step ahead” of the cartel. 

    Jenny thought she had a great lead with Bryce, but honestly, she should’ve known that she was sending him right into the lion’s den. The Bhullars — despite the laced drugs — run a tight operation. Why couldn’t Bryce simply take a picture of the paperwork and put it right back where it belonged?

    Of course, we can’t fault him for not knowing that Tonya has massive OCD and would actually realize her stapler was misplaced, but once she did, she was onto him. 

    At that point, it was over for Bryce. Once he told the truth, Tonya seemed understanding, but it was very clear that while Donno or the Bhullars weren’t going to kill him, she definitely was. It was Tonya’s first kill, and the thrill in her eyes was slightly less concerning than her stating that “she thought it would be harder.”

    She really is the Quinn to Donno’s Huck. If you know, you know. 

    Tonya seems to be the wild card in this whole scenario if you base it on Travis’ shock, but it also shouldn’t come as such a surprise as she’s basically fangirling over everything Ren. She wants to be a boss babe just like Ren, so if that means putting people who betray her in their place, well, so be it. 

    I think Travis has realized just so twisted this whole thing has gotten, and yet his desire to bring down Veer continues to dominate over logic and reason. 

    He swiftly navigated the whole “kill Jenny” situation, but immediately after, a new problem presented itself — Richard. 

    Richard’s storyline is the outlier here, but it throws a wrench in the whole “police versus the Bhullars” plot because he’s pretty much against both of them. 

    Richard, who has been wanting to get revenge on the Bhullars for his son’s overdose, wasn’t happy with the lack of progress the police department was making, so he ambushed Tubbs in his home. 

    While Tubbs tried to reason with him, a tussle ensued, and Richard accidentally shot the Sheriff. 

    He wasn’t man enough to stick around, however, because he was still determined to go after the Bhullars. 

    Tubbs will seemingly make it out of this alive, but he’d be crazy not to retire after all of this. 

    Richard ended up locating the Bhullars and pointing a gun right at Travis, which doesn’t bode well for anyone.

    Though, considering how skilled Donno is, I’d actually be concerned about Richard’s safety regardless. 

    Richard is the connection to the cops, the Bhullars, and his plan loops in Dewell and Hoyt Associates, who have been tasked with finding him at the behest of Denise. 

    It’s nice when cases align so that Jenny and Cassie can still partner up and work towards a common goal. 

    While Cassie takes care of things in Montana, Lindor and Jerrie are heading out to Iowa where Scarlett and Phoebe have just been spotted on surveillance footage. 

    Since they’re in the panhandle, the duo wants to get to them before they cross the border. 

    Though, my guess is that Scarlett is definitely going to want revenge, so they might just be walking into a trap. In a promo for the upcoming episode, Scarlett calls to threaten Cassie because she killed Ronald, but she seems to forget that Ronald killed Cassie’s father. I guess she only cares when the pain affects her?

    At the very least, I hope they find Phoebe some stability. Her upbringing isn’t healthy. 

    Jerrie and Lindor may be partnering professionally, but romantically, it’s all about Lindor and Cassie. And personally, I love those two together! 

    Sure, it was slightly weird when they “carpooled” to work, but it seems like the best thing Cassie has after all the pain and suffering she’s been through.

    I’m glad he was honest with Cassie about his “moment” with Jerrie because if it didn’t matter, it shouldn’t be an issue. Plus, it’s always good to start a relationship with trust and zero secrets. 

    What did you think of the episode? Is Travis in over his head? Will Richard get the desired outcome or will he realize that killing the Bhullars doesn’t make him feel better, make his life whole, or bring his son back?

    Will Ren and her brother find a way to take over the company from Veer, who they’ve deemed unfit for business?

    Will Tubbs survive? Will Jenny ever realize that she singlehandedly puts people find danger with her impulsiveness?

    And will Lindor and Jerrie locate Scarlett before she does something that she’ll regret?

    Can you feel the tension building?

    Sound off in the comments about your favorite moments from the episode. 

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    Big Sky Review – The Muffin or the Hammer (2×15)



    Big Sky Review The Muffin or the Hammer Season 5 Episode 12

    Jenny has a target on her back, and she put it there herself. 

    On Big Sky Season 2 Episode 15, Jenny’s recklessness got the best of her. Maybe this impulsive behavior did her some favors back in the day, but it was a huge red flag when it came to dealing with a cartel dealing fentanyl-laced drugs. 

    Her first misstep was walking into the lab without any backup. Admittedly, unleashing the drugs onto Dhruv was a brilliant idea, but she had to know that there was going to be blowback. 

    The Bhullars were determined to find out how murdered their security guard, so they were already on high-alert. 

    Jenny then waltzed into Tubb’s office and demanded that he pull a warrant so that they can raid the place thinking that they didn’t already clean everything up and move it out of the way. 

    Does she think that they’re novices? Of course they cleaned it up.

    A cop was sniffing around the place early and shortly after, their security guard, who is like family, is murder. 

    Maybe if Jenny wasn’t so abrasive, she could learn to play the long game and actually build up a case against them.

    Not to mention she walked in there with bruises and a black eye making comments about how the “other guy” looked. She basically walked in there yelling, “hey, it was me, I killed Dhruv.”

    What does the mafia do with someone who keeps poking the bear? They eliminate them. And that’s what Ren and Jag’s father suggested. 

    It might not be the best idea to kill a deputy, but these people have no morals. 

    Stone was tasked with killing Jenny, and he likely could’ve bought some time and made up an excuse, but they sent Donno with him, and he’s a cold blooded killer. 

    How will he get them out of this one?

    Jenny thinks that Travis is too far gone, but he’s just deeply undercover. He’s in good with the family because he is determined to take them down. And he knows that the only way to do so is if they trust him. Travis did his homework. Jenny needs to be more like him.

    Instead, she’s just creating problems for him left and right while he looks for ways to protect her.

    Jenny pulled over one of their trucks, found the drugs, and turned the trucker, Bryce, into her CI. At this moment, it was clear that she once again didn’t understand the power and dynamic of this family.

    She assumed Bryce was doing it all for the money, but he actually had no choice. Tonya and Donna made sure he knew that.

    Therefore, I don’t foresee Jenny’s little plan going well at all.

    After a lengthy investigation, Ren and Jag found out that the person cutting their drugs was their own father.

    Can you believe it wasn’t Dietrich?

    But why would their own father want to taint their product and ruin their reputation? It doesn’t make sense, but the moment does lend itself to Alicia’s premonition that Veer’s death will come at the hands of one of his children.

    Jag and Veer have never seen eye-to-eye. Ren obviously resents and fears him too, but she also respects his authority unlike Jag. 

    I can see this become a turning point in the family dynamic. And as people star turning against each other, there’s no telling what new alliances will form. 

    Cassie returns to Dewell and Hoyt Associates after taking some time off to deal with the death of her father. 

    She was welcomed with open arms, mostly by Lindor, who is still eager to pursue a relationship with her. 

    He’s been torn over his feelings for Casie and Jerrie for a bit now, but when Jerrie tried to accelerate things, she sent him running right to Cassie.

    And after everything, it seems as though Cassie is finally ready. I love this for them. 

    Meanwhile, Denise and Lindor teamed up after Hayden hired the firm to find Richard following Mason’s overdose. A father will do anything to avenge his son, but Richard wasn’t in a good headspace. I’m kind of disappointed that Lindor and Denise didn’t pick up on that, or if they did, they didn’t escalate it, but instead, they let Richard go on his way. 

    I’m really hoping that he didn’t follow through on his idea to end it all because there are so many other ways to grieve and so many people willing to help. 

    What did you think of the episode? The series will be on a hiatus for about a month until May 5, so you have time to mull over all your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below! 

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