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Blood and Oil

Blood & Oil- The Ripple Effect (1×02)

ABC/Blood & Oil



I now know why ABC’s new show is called Blood and Oil– the feud between Wick and Hap is going to be a driving force for the whole season, especially since his son stole a ton of his oil and pointed a gun at his face.

Wick grapples with what he’s done during the whole episode. His father gives his son the benefit of the doubt, but his wife Darla is 100% sure Wick was the one who destroyed all the oil. There’s a huge reward for whoever turns the thief in and a huge police investigation, so it’s only a matter of time before someone connects the pieces. Meanwhile, Wick is in even bigger trouble because aside from stealing from his dad, his sidekick also murdered the man who was going to out them to the cops and planted the evidence on him. Yikes… going down for murder- not cool Wick.

I guess that’s what happens when you do business with the devil, which Billy will soon learn. Billy is young, he’s eager, and he’s got brains… but not street smarts. He pulled a fast one on Mr. Briggs in the first episode selling him land with potential oil mines for a million dollars. They became partners and now Hap is even letting him in on a lucrative deal. Unfortunately, Billy enters it without consulting with his wife Cody, who is a little more rational.

She’s the one who despite wanting to be successful and rich, has to think about the family first. When she sees that there are a bunch of drunks hanging out in front of their trailer home, she goes house hunting and scores a really good deal on one. When she finds out about Billy’s deal, they realize there isn’t enough money for both the house and the buy in. He eventually comes to his sense and pulls out of the deal to save his marriage. I mean after all, they’re in this mess because of his inability to drive!

A new Briggs family member comes into town- Lacey. She’s Haps daughter. Her mom passed away leaving her to live with her dad in North Dakota, but when he married Darla, the two didn’t get along. That bickering continues throughout the whole episode and you quickly realize Darla is not a nice person. She’ll screw anyone over without even blinking an eye. When she catches Lacey getting it on with A.J, one of Hap’s workers, you know she’s going to end up using it against her. Evil stepmothers.

In the end, Hap visits Jules, who is currently dating Wick and it’s revealed these two had a relationship! Hap believes she’s only dating his son to get back at him, but she denies that, although we all know she has no real feelings for Wick. With Hap being such an influential man in ND, she definitely doesn’t want to get on his bad side. I smell trouble, especially when Darla finds out her husband has been getting into bed with someone else.

We’re in for a season of showdowns! Darla vs. Jules. Darla vs. Lacey. Billy vs. Wick. Hap vs. Wick. Wick vs. the Sheriff. Never mix business with pleasure is the moral of this story!

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Blood and Oil

Blood and Oil- Rats, Bugs and Moles (1×08)



I’m not sure if Blood and Oil will be picked up – word has it that the show is on the brink of cancellation. And I can’t really say that I care to see it stick around another season. Not because I don’t enjoy the show. No, it’s actually one of my guilty pleasures. But the ridiculousness of it makes it totally possible to be a one season kind of drama. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve gotten to know most of the characters. We’ve been on a decent journey with them. And maybe, ending it in a dramatic way is the best way to go. My boyfriend said he’d like to see an oil rig blow up and have all the characters die. I don’t think I’d go that far, but it’s not impossible.

This week, Hap decides to hammer down on the mole in his company. The FBI is trying to take him down and someone close to him is feeding them information. We know it’s Wick. Honestly, I think everyone knows it’s Wick. Wick however thinks he’s 100% incognito and the cops continue to push him to get something that they can use against his father.

First Hap has a full strip down search in his home. If anyone is wired, he wants to know. Wick is totally wired, so he causes a scene that gives him time to ditch it in a potted plant and escape from the residence. The next step- they create an exact replica of Hap’s phone, which Wick convinces Jules to switch out by sleeping with his father. Hey, if there’s anyone that hates Hap more than Wick right now it’s the girl who just found out he was sleeping with multiple women.

After Jules makes the switch, Wick reveals that payback is a bitch. There’s no way Hap will take her back when he finds out she was the one who planted the phone on him. Wick however never really thinks through the outcomes of some of his actions. That couldn’t be more true in this weeks episode. Jules goes on a drinking binge after being betrayed by both Briggs’ and swallows a bunch of pills. Cody finds her unconscious on the floor and right now, it’s unclear if Jules will survive. My money is on the fact that she will and that she’ll easily rat out Wick to Hap causing a lot of problems.

More problems than he’s already in with his father. Wick thought that he would frame his father, but in fact, he got his father’s wife Carla arrested. Can’t say I’m disappointed, but it was a shocker. Carla came out as the big mastermind behind the stolen or should I say “purchased” documents and she even tried to bribe an official on record. Will Hap be able to get her out of this one? It didn’t seem promising, considering his ex wife firmly planted herself next to him announcing her big, triumphant return. Honestly, can Billy even trust this woman? Sure, Clifton said she’d want revenge on her ex-husband but she seems to still be in love with him.

Billy seems to be the only one who got a lucky break. Gary of course woke up from his coma and his first words were “Billy LeFever.” Cody wanted to know why, but Billy lied straight to her face. So the next time Gary woke up, she confronted him face to face. He told her how Billy chased him in the forest and left him to die, which shocked Cody because that’s not the man she remembers marrying. When she confronted him, he of course lied. She took him down to the hospital so that he could confront Gary, but the Sheriff told them Gary had passed away. Lucky for Billy, but it still wasn’t enough to keep Cody at home. Knowing she couldn’t tell what the truth was, she decided to leave her husband for a few and stay with Jules.

What do you think? Will Hap find out what Wick did to him the night of the explosion and that he was the mole? Will Jules survive? Will Cody forgive Billy?

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Blood and Oil

Blood and Oil- Fight or Flight (1×07)



All is fair in love and war should really be the slogan for Blood and Oil. Lots of exciting, juicy stuff happened on this weeks episode! Most importantly, Wick is finally finding his footing in the Briggs family.

Trying to shoot your father and stealing from him is never really okay, unless your dad is Hap. Jules, who found Wick’s ski mask, confronted him about what he did and then decided to break up with him. Look, the kid made mistakes but who is she to judge? As much as I liked her this whole season, I can’t wait to see karma bite her in the big ole’ behind. After sending Wick off on his merry way, she calls Hap to console her. But Carla is onto these two and instead of confronting her husband about his cheating ways, she decides to turn Wick against him. She tells him Hap has a meeting at Jules’ club, but when he arrives, he sees them getting it on. Finally!

That’s when Wick decides to help the FBI, who are looking into his father after they think he stole a geological report. Did he? Of course. And Carla helped him. So in a sense, she kind of shot herself in the foot too but who really cares? Wick then confronts Jules about the affair and leaves her in tears as he tells her she just got “played” by Hap. Was he really using her to get to his son? I think that was 50% of it. The other half was him really loving her and liking all the attention, but would he leave his wife for her? Nah! Because like Wick said, “you know how many of you there have been?” Yes for Wick having the best burns of the year!

Another person turning on Hap, Billy! Instead of accepting a job at Hap’s company, he decided to take on Emma and Clifton’s idea and meet with Annie Briggs, Hap’s first ex wife. You know, the whole “woman scorned” thing. After taking a private jet to Houston and attending a charity gala in her name, Annie tells them that she’s done “competing” with Hap, which is not the answer Billy was looking for. To no ones surprise, he gets a call from Annie later that night that she is in. The next morning, he goes to decline Hap’s offer as his ex waltzes into the office as his new business partner. Things are going to be really interesting. Also, is Annie Wick’s mom? In this case, this might also be good news for him.

The bad news for both of them- the police found Gary thanks to some joggers. Also bad news, God never takes the evil people because Gary wakes up from his coma and he’s probably going to talk. If he does, he’ll screw over both Billy and Wick and Cody will realize she was right about Billy’s involvement all along. There’s one person who def thinks he’s guilty; the Sheriff!

I also can’t help but feel bad for Cody. As much as I want Billy to be a good husband because he def has potential, he’s just not. Sure, he’ll do anything for her, but all he did this episode was lie about the Gary thing and about where he was. He never even mentioned that he was trying to get into business with Hap’s wife. That’s pretty shady, especially after all Cody’s been through. I really see her walking away soon!

As for Ada and Kess, they’re hopefully moving back to Nigeria. Cody saw Kess dealing drugs from the food truck and knew Ada’s suspicions of his gambling problem were definitely true. She encouraged him to take his wife and go back home away from Rock Springs, where temptation lies. I swear, it’s a place that just ruins good people. Something tells me, Finn won’t be too keen on letting them leave. After all, he basically looses his whole business and the woman he’s totally in love with. And I def see him telling Kess about his “affair” with Ada in order to break up their marriage. Oh trouble.


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Blood and Oil

Blood and Oil- Convergence (1×06)



I’m going to jump right into this review because things were super messy this week… in the best way possible because Blood and Oil may have delivered one of it’s strongest episodes as each character pretty much made their bed. Friends, enemies and lovers united as Cody was hospitalized after the brutal attack at the pharmacy.

The good news- Cody is alive and recovering.

The bad news- she lost the baby. Sad definitely, but unavoidable after such an attack.

Cody was in surgery being operated on by some of the best surgeons in the world all thanks to Hap. Surprised? So was Billy. But we have Jules to thank for that. Like Hap said, he might be an ass in business, but family is everything to him. That statement will most likely play a huge role later on when it’s revealed that Wick was the one who attacked him at the oil rig and pointed a gun in his face. But for now, its Haps way of earning Billy’s trust and asking him to work for him- something Emma advises against. She has a good point, the devil makes you offers you can’t resist when your down, but what else is Billy to do? His loved one is basically in this mess because of him.

And speaking of the Briggs family, Billy is pretty much Wick’s new brother. These two need each other now more than ever because of course, they decided to pursue Gary and kill him. That lead to a chase through the forest and Gary was impaled on a tree stump. Wick being the clever guy that he is suggested they leave him there to die. Wick’s problem is solved and Billy gets his revenge. But it’s never that easy…. and the police find Gary alive. Will these two new bros rat each other out? Or will they take their secret to the grave?

If I had to, I’d advise never listening to Wick because secrets have a way of getting out… that’s a lesson everyone needs to learn. Jules stumbled upon Wick’s mask and realized he was behind the attack on Hap. That’s when she decided to pursue the right guy for her- Hap. Yes, even after Carla came by and told Jules to leave her husband alone. So much drama. Of course, a man like Hap is only turned on by the fact that these two young women are fighting over him and that Jules is still offering to be the other women. Seriously, get a grip girl. Wick might have screwed up but that doesn’t justify sleeping with his dad who is also a married man.

Then we’ve got drama on the Lacey Briggs front. She’s in love with A.J, but won’t be with him because he used her to steal top secret information from her dad. Of course, he did all of that to keep his son safe. Hap found out and made him become a double-cross spy, so now he’s forging reports to give over to his other employer so that they let him see his son. Obviously Hap doesn’t want anyone know about his next biggest and most lucrative business move, so the report says he’s digging for natural gas instead of oil. Home boy is really just in a pretty crappy predicament.

Clifton remains in the hospital after his heart attack and realizes he’s way too old and fragile to go into business with Billy and take on Hap calls in reinforcements- Hap’s old wife. Whoa. I guess if there’s anyone that despises you more than the people you screwed over in business it’s the woman you screwed over in romance. But will Billy bite? Or will he work for Hap and try to stay on his good side? After all, his loyalties are now linked to Wick… and from what I’ve seen, Wick might not be the best guy to get into bed with.


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