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The Bold Type

The Bold Type – Carry the Weight (1×10)

THE BOLD TYPE - "Carry The Weight" - Jane gets an eye opening experience when she is tasked with writing a piece about a performance artist/activist who is speaking out about sexual assault. Kat is distracted by thoughts of Adena while trying to throw a memorable NY Fashion Week party for Scarlet. And Sutton gets into an awkward situation with Richard. This episode of "The Bold Type" airs Tuesday, September 5 (9:01 - 10:02 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Eric Liebowitz) MEGHANN FAHY, AISHA DEE, KATIE STEVENS



When the first pumpkin spice latte appears at Starbucks, it doesn’t just mark the start of fall, it marks the end of our summer TV shows. And that includes fan favorite, The Bold Type. 

Fashion week is usually a mixture of couture outfits, skinny models and anyone that’s everyone sitting in the front row of these shows. On the season finale episode, it was a mixture of uncertainty, carrying your weight and proving your worth.

Sutton, Kat and Jane all had their sights set on goals. Kat was aiming for that 2 million mark on Scarlett’s Twitter, Sutton wanted to make fashion week her B to prove to Oliver that she’s not your average assistant and Jane wanted to write a profound piece and impress Jacqueline one last time. As always, life got in the way.

Sutton found herself in quite an HR mess. Amidst running errands and picking up designer clothes, she finally gave her relationship with Alex the green light. And 30 seconds into it, she was caught making out with him in the fire-escape, which prompted a very serious meeting with the big wigs. One of those big wigs being Richard, her ex. Awkward right? I mean, can you imagine confessing to having “sexual relations” with a co-worker in front of your ex?  This definitely put a damper on the allure of an office romance and proved how dangerous her relationship with Richard really was. If a co-worker was SUCH a big deal, imagine a board member!

With all that being said, Sutton soon realized honesty was the best policy and she owed it to Alex, since she really did care for him, just not in that way. They could never be anything more because he’d always be second best. No matter how hard she tried to fight it, she was in love with Richard and it didn’t help that he believed their break up was a bad decision and he should have fought harder for her instead of his job. The last scene shows them smiling each other in the elevator, which comes right after she proved herself to Oliver and was allowed to cover a fashion show by herself. Winning!

Kat found herself obsessing about her Twitter metrics in lieu of the Fashion Week party she was throwing for the company. But it quickly became apparent that her obsession with reaching a social media milestone was to keep her mind off of Adena, specifically all the fun she was having on her spontaneous, adventurous life. It was kind of eye-opening to watch Kat get everything she THOUGHT she always wanted when it came to defining success from her job and realizing that it was empty. I feel like we, millennials especially, get caught up in this idea that reaching our career goal will somehow fulfill us. When Kat realized that there is more to life than climbing the corporate ladder one escalator step at a time, she found the courage to do the unexpected and booked a ticket to Peru, I’m guessing. Chasing the adventure, chasing the relationship, chasing the real meaning of life. Really, I couldn’t be more proud.

Both Kat and Sutton found their happiness and their balance but it was Jane’s story arc that carried all the weight. And Jacquelines, quite literally. After trying and failing to tell her boss that she accepted a job at Incite, Jane was assigned a powerful story, the kind she’d been hoping to write since the minute she was offered a writing position. Jacqueline admitted that at the time, she wasn’t sure Jane was mature and experienced enough to write a story about a sexual assault survivor but she was willing to give her a chance, under her guidance of course. And that meant, Jacqueline got a little brash about the whole experience, which left Jane conflicted and feeling like she wasn’t meeting expectations.

Even after the girls organized a live stream of the survivor’s art display in New York through Scarlett’s Twitter, Jacqueline still wasn’t pleased. She wanted more, she wanted to story to have an impact, to relay how important the message was. Finally, Jane decided to just be upfront with Jacqueline that she was leaving the magazine, which understandably took her by surprise. It seems like Jacqueline considered Jane sort of her protege but it was Jane’s bravery that helped her really own her truth.

As the girls met up in the park to join the sexual assault movement, Jacqueline left the Fashion Week party and offered to take the Lady Justice weights from the survivor, revealing that she too was a survivor. It was such a powerful scene. If you were at all in tune with Jacqueline’s usual demeanor, you could have figured this out by her involvement and sensitivity to the assignment but it was a statement. Such a powerful woman accepting that she was a “victim.” Jacqueline’s vulnerability allowed Jane to see her in a new light and eventually, she came forward with her story, owning it so that it could help another woman in the future. The moment that really sent chills down my spine was when she said that you never really go back to feeling normal after being abused, you just find a new normal that feels so real and don’t even realize how heavy this secret is becoming.

I guess you could say, Jane’s last piece for Scarlett was her best work yet but it does feel premature considering she just got this job and bonded deeply with her boss. Hopefully, she continues being a mentor in the future. Those wanting answers on Sloane’s love life, particularly when it comes to Pinstripes, have to wait until season 2 unfortunately.

So what life lessons can we take away from some of the boldest women? Love trumps career but it’s nice if you can balance since both are equally important. Seek adventure. Be wild. Speak your truth. Sleep with the wrong people… and the right people. And always follow your heart.

I’ll surely miss these ladies over the fall season but I hope we catch up with them in a few months. There’s no official word from Freeform on whether or not the series is getting a second season but a show that’s creating buzz as being modern-day Sex and the City while being socially conscious and tackling important issues like the BRCA gene, sexual assault and immigration is a show I’d like more of. Don’t let us down, our society, our women need this empowerment.

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Coffee Table News

‘The Bold Type’ Announces Season 4 Return in June with New Teaser



THE BOLD TYPE - The New Normal Review

You won’t have to wait long to catch up with the ladies of The Bold Type

The Freeform series is set to return for the back half of season 4 in June, which is less than four months since the first half of season 4 ended! It’s like Christmas came early. 

The fashion closet meeting will officially be held on Thursday, June 11 at 10/9c. 

Our girls made the announcement in a cute video that played off the social distancing Tik Tok “Don’t Rush” challenge. 

Meghann Fahy kicked it off by pouring a glass and handing it to Aisha Dee, who was off-camera. As the camera switched to Aisha’s, she grabbed the glass before giving it to Katie Stevens. The screen switched and she accepted it. 

The ladies are currently at-home as a part of the mandatory quarantine. 

In the finale of The Bold Type, Sutton married Richard in an adorable ceremony just after she made it clear she needed to accept the job of stylist, which meant she wouldn’t be moving to San Francisco with him and their relationship would remain long-distance. 

Jane realized that Ryan’s cheating was more than just an innocent kiss — he slept with another woman and never told her claiming it “meant nothing.” She realized she wasn’t okay with it and was holding on because it was safe and comfortable, so she broke up with him right before getting a double mastectomy. 

As for Kat, she was fired from Scarlet Magazine after exposing RJ, the head of the magazine, for supporting a man who advocates for gay conversion therapy. RJ was fired, and a war is definitely brewing between Kat and his daughter, a cutthroat lawyer. 

Basically, we’re strapping in for a wild ride as The Bold Type continues on its path of tearing down the patriarchy one stiletto and wine glass at a time. 

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type Season Finale – Did Sutton and Richard Tie the Knot? (4×10)



The Bold Type Some Kind of Wonderful Review

Sutton Brady and Richard Hunter have tied the knot on The Bold Type! 

The wedding day didn’t go off without a glitch, and it was their first “test” as a married couple, which they passed with flying colors thanks to the truth and a little help from their friends.

“Some Kind of Wonderful” emphasized the importance of being honest — with yourself, with your partner, with the world.

heSutton was sure of only two things in her entire life: that she wanted to marry Richard and that she wanted to be a “Scarlett” stylist.

While initially, the two didn’t go hand-in-hand, by the end of the episode, it was evident that Sutton was the luckiest girl in all of New York City.

After Oliver offered her the job with adorable business cards that read: “Sutton Brady-Hunter/ stylist,” she rejected the position because she and Richard agreed to move to San Francisco and start a new life together.

But turning down the position was consuming her and taking away the joys of what should have been the happiest day of her life.

The thing is, she wasn’t being honest with herself, Oliver, or Richard about wanting the job.

She realized she couldn’t go through with it when her mother commended her on being brave, true to herself, and always going after what she wants no matter the obstacle. Sutton told Richard, which led to him questioning whether or not he should marry Sutton.

Here’s the thing that they both failed to realize — they’ve been fighting obstacles since day one. Nothing about their relationship has been conventional not then, and not now.

Their relationship was forbidden because Richard was on the board and she was an assistant, then she fought another woman to win back his love, then they finally came clean about their relationship, which threatened Richard’s position, and now, they’ve been making this long-distance thing work.

It was never easy, but it was always worth it.

No one wants to be long-distance. It’s not an ideal set-up, but the sacrifice is worth it for this relationship.

Richard never intended on not marrying Sutton, but he did have his concerns about how it would all pan out.

It was perfect that Jacqueline was the one to talk him off the ledge and assure him that there was nothing difficult about a woman telling him exactly what she wanted. Jacqueline would know as she’s a woman whose marriage suffered because of repressed emotions and resentment.

My biggest qualm with Richard’s claim that “Sutton always changes her mind” was that it isn’t true in the slightest.

Sutton has always wanted to be a stylist, and she has worked diligently to earn her place within the fashion industry. The only reason she suggested to move to San Francisco is that she realized her career hit a bit of a snag. Oliver told her that there was no opportunity for a promotion and she missed her man, who moved out there to pursue a career he wanted.

It wasn’t a fair statement as she came clean to him immediately after realizing that she couldn’t pass up this opportunity no matter how much of a strain it put on their relationship.

Once they both realized that their foundation was based on truths and honesty and could weather any storm, they were ready to walk down the aisle.

Or, at least, Richard was. There’s nothing old-school about their relationship, so it was a fitting swap.

The moment may have been silly, but there was nothing silly about their very real vows that also forced Kat and Jane to look inward and figure out what they had to do in order to be honest with themselves.

Kat released RJ’s, the head of Scarlett, tax records that proved without a doubt that he supported a Senator that funded conversion therapy.

The decision wasn’t made lightly as Kat seemed to understand the very real consequences of exposing that truth to the world.

RJ stepped down from his position, but doing the right thing also cost Kat her job at Scarlett. It wasn’t something Jacqueline couldn’t protect her from anymore, but she didn’t seem upset. The board is a bunch of dinosaurs that she’s been dealing with for years now, she was probably grateful.

While I’m not glad that Kat is out of Scarlett, I am glad the show stuck to the realities of exposing a man in power. Realistically, Kat would not get away with it, especially since she obtained the tax records illegally. Kat, Jane, and Sutton have gotten away with some bold things on this series, but this wasn’t one of those moments.

Now, if losing her job is the worst thing that happens to Kat from this then she’ll be coming out on top, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Ava, RJ’s cutthroat lawyer of a daughter, threatened to come after blood if they pursued this, and I’m betting she’s going to keep that promise.

That could mean that Kat could be blacklisted from other publications or even jail time, though, she does have a solid case to stand on because RJ’s beliefs are not shared wildly by a progressive city like New York. Who knows, maybe Ava will be glad someone finally put her father in his place. If Kat’s lucky.

Jane, on the other hand, pulled the trigger and ended things with Ryan. Honestly, it was for her own sanity.

If Jane stuck around and excused his behavior, she’d only be setting a precedent of how she would be allowed to be treated.

Ryan messed up and you could tell he was sorry, but just like Kat, he needed to face the repercussions of his actions.

He chose to cheat, and it cost him an amazing girl and life partner.

Jane has never been one to tolerate cheating and as someone who prides herself as being a feminist, it went against everything she believed in to excuse that kind of behavior.

She was done lying to herself and if she stayed in the relationship, it would only be because she was too scared and afraid of facing a future alone and facing her double mastectomy.

But she’s not going to have to do it alone. The show may prioritize relationships, but at its core, it’s a show about friendship. Jane may not have Ryan, but she will always have Sutton and Kat in her corner. They’ll be with her every step of the way.

What did you think of The Bold Type finale?

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Love is Blind

Sexy and Steamy TV Shows to Watch During ‘The Bachelor’ Hiatus



Shows to Watch During The Bachelor Hiatus

With The Bachelor taking a hiatus (well, until their spinoff Listen to Your Heart premieres in April), you need to fill that reality TV dating void in your heart with some shows that are equally as hot and steamy.

While there are plenty of choices to make from the Bachelor franchise, if you’re looking to shake things up the same way Peter Weber did on his season, we suggest these shows!



Young scientist Lisa is strapped for cash and needs it to fund a life-changing project when Anne Montgomery (Oscar-winner Renée Zelwegger) approaches her with an offer she can’t refuse: one night alone with her husband. The only condition: she cannot ask what happened.

Grand Hotel

The telenovela lasted only one season before ABC canceled it, but it was a sizzlin’ drama focused on a forbidden love story and a who-dun-it murder mystery. Two of our favorite things.


Liza, a 40-year-old single-mom struggles to re-enter the working world. But when she meets a 26-year-old guy who believes she’s his age, it all becomes so clear as she fakes her age, gets a publishing job, and gets a second shot at her crazy 20s… that is until people start figuring out her secret that she’s trying desperately to protect.


The Bold Type

Fashion meets sex on The Bold Type. Three besties — Kat, Sutton, and Jane — are living their best lives in New York City and working for a fashion magazine, Scarlett. As they “push the envelope” in their career, they’re also doing it in their daily life as they find themselves, have plenty of sexual experiences, and learn how to be comfortable in their own bodies while feeling as lost as most millennials do.

Good Girls

Sisters Beth and Annie and best friend Ruby get fed up with playing by the rules and constantly losing, so they get a crazy idea to rob a grocery store. One illegal decision suddenly lands them in hot water and starts a dangerous life of crime and even a crime of passion with one sexy “gang friend.”

The Affair

The series explores the emotional and psychological effects of two affairs. Newlyweds Alison and Cole are experiencing problems in their marriage and she finds solace in the arms of Noah, a teacher vacationing at his in-laws’ Hamptons estate with his family. What starts off as a summer affair quickly becomes much more complicated.

True Blood

Described as the “adult Twilight” and the more intense version of  The Vampire Diaries when it first came out, Sookie Stackhouse, an oddball at school who can read minds, falls for a 173-year-old vampire named Bill Compton. Bill and his vamp clique have joined the land of the living after a new synthetic blood allows vampires to survive without human blood. Sex, lust, and bloodlust all fuel this HBO series.


A private school in Spain becomes the scene of a murder brought on by a clash between the rich and the poor. The murder mystery begins as no one knows who’s responsible, and there’s a lot of sexual tension between the good looking students that leads the storyline.

Reality TV Shows

Love Island

In the same vein as many other dating reality shows, Love Island brings together a cast of hot singles ready for love and romance that’s fueled on by warm weather on the island and a grand prize of £50,00o.


Married at First Sight

The title of the series is pretty self-explanatory, but in the case that it needs to be explained, a group of strangers looking for love get married to a complete stranger the first time they lay eyes on him/her. They’re paired up with the help of a spiritualist, a relationship coach, and a sociologist who use “scientific matchmaking methods.” The remainder of the season documents their honeymoon and life after marriage. Following several weeks, the couple gets the option of staying together or splitting up. 


Are You The One?

The tagline of this series is my favorite: if your perfect match was standing in front of you, would you know? A group of singles tries to find their soulmate using a dating algorithm that processes a ton of information including a compatibility test. It then pairs the couples it thinks have the highest chance of success, but it’s kept from the participants who instead mingle for weeks and try to find their ideal significant other. If they choose the wrong person, they start over, if they don’t, well, love and money are involved.

Love is Blind

The Netflix series is a new kind of dating experiment that finds strangers meeting via cubes and falling in love without ever seeing each other. The whole idea is to remove looks from the equation and find your soulmate based on connection alone. If finding someone you vibe with is successful in the pods, the couples get engaged, have a honeymoon in Mexico, and walk down the aisle a few weeks later. Who will say yes? And who will walk away?

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