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The Bold Type The End of the Beginning The Bold Type The End of the Beginning

The Bold Type

The Bold Type – The End of the Beginning (1×08)

The Bold Type/ Freeform



What would you do if you were laid off from your dream job? The job that provided you with health care, a steady albeit measly income as far as New York City goes, but made up for it with fashion perks galore.  Would you shrug it off and accept the adventure? Do something crazy that you perhaps always wanted to do? Or would you be devastated and let this one setback affect you forever?

The ladies of The Bold Type were faced with that dilemma this week as rumors of layoffs hit Scarlet. And whenever I hear the word layoffs, I’m filled to the brim with anxiety, as were these employees. Being in the magazine industry, you’re programmed to expect them at any given moment due to budget cuts, underperforming publications and a hit on the print side. No matter how well you do your job, layoffs are inevitable, but that didn’t mean they were going down without a fight.

After being clued in by Richard, a trusted board member, Jacqueline immediately notified the directors, which included Kat, the social media guru of the company. But letting Kat in on such privileged information put her in an awkward position when it came to her best friends. How was she going to keep this from them knowing that they could get blindsided at any minute while her job was safe? It definitely drove a wedge between the girls, who felt like Kat should tell them what she knows since she’s their “best friend.” Although, I don’t think the BFF excuse works when your detailing personal company information and breaking protocol.

Still, it didn’t take long for the rumors to spread like wildfire and instead the weekly Kat, Sutton and Jane meet-up in the fashion closet, Jane, Sutton and Alex were problem-solving in the lobby. Would they go gently into the dark night? Alex knew the company was in trouble after getting to go-ahead from Jacqueline to accept an interview with rival publication, Incite. His professional “I’ve been through layoffs before” advice was to put out feelers, interview for new jobs to have a “back up” in case the worst were to happen.

Jane’s a fighter through and through so giving up her dream job wasn’t exactly an option. After finding out that her numbers and shares were down, she offered to steer away from the political vertical and write some “sticky” stuff that was sure to get the much-needed clicks. She literally went from writing about the Congresswoman use of fashion to distract voters during major decisions to writing about butt facials. And hey, I’m not one to discredit any type of journalism but you know Jane, despite saying that Scarlet is her “dream job”, she’s always wanted to write the more hard-hitting pieces. So when Incite called, she answered and quietly took a meeting. And that meeting intrigued her enough that even when she found out her Scarlet job was secure, she contemplated accepting their offer. that she was also hired at Incite, she was at a crossroads. Play it safe or take the plunge into a modern and forward thinking company?

To play it safe or take the plunge into a modern and forward thinking company? That was the question that not only Jane, but Kat was also faced with. Her job was “safe” but she liked to think about the “what ifs.” What if she could be bold? Would that change how she approached this “friendship” with Adena? Of course it would because she obviously had feelings for her and we saw her deal with repressing them on this weeks episode of Keeping up with Kat. Adena felt it too since she was calling twice a day despite being in Paris to fix things with GF Coco. Eventually, after Kat got promoted in the layoff frenzy because she’s a social media director at a major magazine in New York at the age of 26 and digital is not going anywhere, Adena decided to make the bold move back to NY to give this relationship another go-around. Sorry Coco.

Last hired first fired proved not to be true for Sutton because Scarlet and Oliver could not bare to lose her. These are trying times for fashion and finding an assistant that’s dedicated and good at her job are slim. She proved her worth by jumping at the opportunity to help Cassie with a major fashion photoshoot after Oliver got stuck out of town. As the pressure of the layoffs got to Cassie, she skipped the shoot leaving Sutton to take charge and call all the shots and she did so eagelry, channeling her inner Olivia Pope and handling it. Seriously, Sutton was MADE for this – it all came to her so naturally and she was so confident in it all, she knew she had it. But her confidence wavered when Cassie took all the credit for it in front of Jacqueline. How could she not speak up for herself? In a predictable yet necessary twist, the photographer praised Sutton to Jacqueline scolded her for not speaking up about her contribution to the shoot’s success. And after that, you know she’ll be speaking up from here on out. It’s an important lesson to ladies hustling in the workplace – work hard, get the recognition and speak your truth, especially when someone tries to take from you what you worked so hard to achieve. If we don’t fight for ourselves, who will?! Especially when your job is on the line!

Yet another week has gone by with the ladies taking a grim situation and turning it into a learning experience that not only grows their careers, but also their personal lives. And hey, they did it all while being single and not running back to any exes… although both Jane and Sutton had their weak moments! Shoutout to Pinstripe guy and Richard – we’re excited to see you again next week but it’s always nice to reiterate, these girls are no damsels in distress.

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Kat is still trying to get over her problematic hook-up with Ava, while her ex, Adeena, is back in her life. 

After a disagreement about children, Sutton and Richard ended their brief marriage. But it seems that all is not lost as the teaser shows them having trouble letting go (and still hooking up).

I have faith that Sutton and Richard will figure it out because they’ve always been #relationshipgoals. 

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Mandatory meeting in the fashion closet. 

The Bold Type previously announced that its fifth season will be its last, and now, we have a premiere date!

Freeform announced the series will return on Wednesday, May 26! 

Per the synopsis, Kat, Jane, and Sutton are “on the brink of defining who they really are and how best to leave their mark on the world.”

Season 4 ended prematurely on July 16, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

As a refresher, the season ended with Sutton and Richard splitting, Kat hooking up with Eva despite the two sharing significantly different political views and then calling things off, and Jane challenging Jacqueline on a controversial story that involved her husband while also possibly crushing on one of her writers. 

The upcoming final season will be miniature in size as it will only feature six episodes. 

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‘The Bold Type’ Gets Renewed for Mini Fifth and Final Season



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This calls for one final meeting in the fashion closet!

Freeform hit fans of the workplace drama with a mix of good news followed by immediate bad news. The ladies of The Bold Type are getting one more season, which will serve as a proper goodbye.

The network renewed the series for a fifth (yay!) and final (boo!) season on Wednesday, January 27. 

The Bold Type has been a gift that has truly changed my life,” executive producer Wendy Straker Hauser said in her own statement. “I spent my twenties in New York City working in magazines, so in many ways the show feels very personal to my experiences. I have truly loved writing this show and living in this world. I will miss it terribly, but I am so grateful for the opportunity and glad to know it’s been a comfort to so many people out there.”

According to the network, the final season will see the “trio is on the brink of defining who they really are and how best to leave their mark on the world. Their futures are bright, and their love and support for each other will never change.”

The final season will consist of 6 episodes, which doesn’t seem like nearly enough to wrap up all the cliffhangers of season 4. We’ve spent so much time with these girls — getting to know them, going through the ups and downs, growing and crying with them — that 6 episodes feels like a disservice to fans. 

Even though the fourth season was cut short due to the pandemic, Kat, Sutton, and Jane still had a lot going on

Sutton’s (Meghann Fahy) marriage to Richard was falling apart after the two had a disagreement about children. In a moment of recklessness, she slept with her married high school boyfriend. Jane  (Katie Stevens) was developing feelings for one of her employees and pursuing a controversial piece about an inappropriate workplace romance that Jacqueline told her to shut down. Meanwhile, Kat (Aisha Dee) slept with Ava, the conservative daughter of the former Scarlet president who she exposed for funding gay conversion therapy. 

‘The Bold Type’s Aisha Dee Calls For More Diversity, Scrutinizes Ava Storyline Ahead of Season 4 Finale

See… many storylines that need to be wrapped up. Hopefully, The Bold Type finds the right way to say goodbye to these fearless, bold, and inspiring women who we’ve come to call our best friends over the years. 

No word on when the final season will premiere. 

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