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The Bold Type Snow Day review The Bold Type Snow Day review

The Bold Type

The Bold Type Review – The Truth Comes Out in a Blizzard (4×12)

Credit: The Bold Type/ Freeform



Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and it causes everyone to face the truths they were running from on The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 12.

First off, some silly things I’ve got to get off my chest. The Bold Type isn’t the first show to use a blizzard to help everyone come to a much-needed realization, but it’s the first show to dress their characters properly for the frigid weather.

As someone who grew up in Chicago and has experienced severe winter advisories and polar vortexes, it’s frustrating to see characters without proper winter attire. It’s such a minor detail, but there’s absolutely no way you’re going to get away with throwing on some fashionable jacket and high boots like they did when during a blizzard on Katy Keene

Thankfully, on “Snow Day,” everyone looked ready! Richard had a turtleneck under his shirt, Sutton rocked her winter boots, and the jackets were snug and comfy, just like you’d see during a real-life winter event. Even Jacquline’s hat was warm and fashionable. It’s the little things that make me happy. 

However, all of that went to waste when the blizzard cleared up immediately after a few hours and somehow, Jane and Sutton made it over to The Belle to share a drink with Kat. The effects of a blizzard would be felt for at least the rest of the night, and let’s be honest, no one would have the energy to try to get anywhere in New York City after an evening that eventful.

But those are small inconveniences following a rather jam-packed episode that allowed our three leading ladies to settle into their new-normal… at least for now. 

Things change for Jane, Sutton, and Kat faster than a look goes out of style (seriously, the promo for next week’s episode reveals just how quickly everything can change), but at the moment, the lessons were learned. 

Sutton found that there was no healthy way to balance taking care of a pregnancy, her career, and Richard. It wasn’t possible, and it wasn’t something she could do on her own. It took her one evening to learn what it takes working moms years to learn — you will never be able to do it all. 

Her new reality would require a team effort, and Richard was more than ready and eager, even with his twisted knee. Those slippery floors be damned. 

I’m enjoying seeing this new side of Sutton and this new part of her and Richard’s relationship, which is why I’m concerned about the promo for next week which shows Sutton and Richard at the first doctor’s appointment followed by Sutton apologizing to Richard while breaking down crying.

Does she lose the baby?

While I hope that isn’t the case, I know the series will handle the subject with proper care and attention as they do with everything else. 

Jane was learning the ropes of being a boss and found that while Jacqueline makes it seem easy, it’s far from it. 

Jane is a perfectionist, so she didn’t want anything to ruin the launch of her vertical, Failing Feminist, but at the same time, she needed to trust her gut when Scott’s piece didn’t feel right. She is the boss after all, and she needs to act like it even if it feels foreign to her. 

Still, there’s a difference between changing a piece because it’s boring and loaded too heavily in facts and changing it because you don’t agree with the point-of-view. And it’s never okay to rewrite an author’s piece and take away their voice. 

Jane was being a control-freak, but thankfully, she was able to remedy her mistake and own up to her flaws of being a newbie boss before any permanent damage was done. 

Jane and Sutton’s storylines crossed in a subtle yet meaningful way — Scott’s article encouraged women to ask for help, which is a reminder both Jane and Sutton needed. 

There’s no denying the chemistry between Jane and Scott, especially as they bonded over the loss of a parent. Jane is single now and needs to fill the void left by Pinstripes, but Scotty Too Hotty is no rebound!

From the audience’s perspective, we’re rooting for it because Jane deserves a man that makes her happy, but from a realistic standpoint, it’s too messy for Jane to date her employees, especially if she’s not looking to get serious or settle down. 

This screams “bad idea” from miles away. And yet, you know it’s going to happen. 

Kat hit a few bumps during her second day working as a bartender at The Belle, and it wasn’t just that her Bloody Mary needed work. 

Her storyline came full-circle when AJ Safford’s daughter, Ava Rhodes, walked into The Belle just before the blizzard hit and snowed everyone in. 

The members-only club made it impossible for Kat to avoid her, and despite promising to bite her tongue, Kat couldn’t help but criticize Ava for her job and beliefs. 

In general, Kat often comes off too privileged and seemingly takes everything for granted, including her recently snagged job, which she wouldn’t of had if it wasn’t for Ava.

While I don’t fully trust Ava or her intentions, I do think it helped Kat see a different side of the conservative lawyer. 

They may disagree on some fundamental beliefs, but Ava seems open-minded, and they might both challenge each other’s beliefs. 

Who knows, maybe they’ll even end up together — the chemistry was undeniable. Unless Ava is still planning on coming after Kat for what she did to AJ. 

Though, truthfully, a part of me really wanted Kat to inform Ava that the reason she ruined her father’s career is that he deserved it for supporting conversion therapy. 

We finally met Oliver’s ex and Carly’s dad, Jasper, though, he’s not what any of us pictured because we see him in recovery trying to make amends. Not only is the story arc giving us a look at how to co-parent while separated, but it’s also touching upon addiction and how a family that has been destroyed by addiction can pick up the pieces and move forward. There’s healing, and it’s beautiful, even if it will take some time. 

I love that Oliver stuck to reason and knew Jasper was his weakness. He put Carly first, while also acknowledging she deserved to see her other father. I’m intrigued by this storyline and can’t wait to watch it unfold, even though it does seem like a reunion between Oliver and Jasper is inevitable. 

Other Musings

  • Sutton found an adorable way to tell her besties she’s expecting. I love how supportive they were even making sure that it was a “good thing.”
  • It drove me insane the way Sutton and Richard walked into Safford and stood in the entryway as employees scanning their ID’s walked around them. That would never fly in the real world. Do you know how many people would chew you out?
  • Jane and Oliver’s bonding in the fashion closet was everything. We won’t tell Sutton if you don’t. 

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type Series Finale – A Bold Goodbye (5×06)



The Bold Type Series Finale

The moment we’ve all not been waiting for has finally come. We were forced to say a tearful farewell to our favorite Scarlet women in The Bold Type series finale. The good thing is we can say a bold goodbye knowing they’re all in good hands and in good places.

There were so many parallels and full circle moments in this episode, I could tell the writers were trying to make it feel finished despite the extremely limited final season.

After an evening of fun, Kat, Sutton, and Jane reunited at the apartment. This special moment was an ode to their first Scarlet gala–even the colors they wore if you remember the red, blue, and gold–when they left to scream in the subway. Except for this time they didn’t need the noise of the subway to cover up their screams. They walked up to the curb for all of New York to hear.

They’ve all come into their own, and it’s crystal clear in this final episode.

The Bold Type Series Finale

Sutton and Richard on The Bold Type Series Finale. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

When we first met Sutton she was a hardworking assistant to a difficult boss. Her career seemed to plateau and she felt stuck in her assistantship while her real dream was to be a stylist.

And then she met Richard. Their relationship, although fast, was wholesome and real. However, having them end up together was unrealistic, and should not have happened. The difference in desire to have children is a common issue among couples, but it’s always a breaking point.

Richard might say in a heartfelt speech that Sutton is enough, but in the end, it’s never enough. It’s a fundamental difference and the writers should have kept it that way.

But alas, the two lovebirds are un-divorced.

Kat and Adena

Kat and Adena hold hands, The Bold Type Series Finale. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Oh Kat, her real character development revolved around her sexual identity journey and her ability to finally commit to “her person.”

With a few hiccups here and there in her career trajectory, there was absolutely no doubt she was going to do great things. And considering she’s now the editor-in-chief of Scarlett, I’d say she’s peaked.

After Jane turned down the opportunity, Kat was the second choice. With her management skills, she should’ve been the first choice. Also with her unwavering determination to fight the good fight, Scarlet’s in good hands.

While her career path was back on track, her relationship with Adena went through a few ups and downs. Initially, it seemed like Adena was going to stick to her, no, but it didn’t take long for Kat to use her persuasiveness to win her back.

Kat learned that in the past she’d used her non-committal tendencies as a barrier to real connection. But, as she came to realize, no matter how hard she tried to brush it off, Adena was always going to be the one she could never let go of. And when you find that person you don’t run away.


Jane on The Bold Type Series Finale. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Jane’s surprise run-in to Pinstripe guy, aka Ryan, her first big relationship was nostalgic and slightly out of place. That was until his words made her rethink the future as editor-in-chief. She had to be reminded of her real passion, and taking the position would leave no opportunity for her to do what she loves–write.

While going through old mementos, she found an old photo of her mother traveling in Paris, igniting a new passion to expand her failing feminist column.

It’s the first time we’ve seen her mother and the first time Jane, the rule follower, broke her own rules. No longer does she need to stay in the confines of her safety net and the first real job she’s had, but she’s ready to spread her wings and let her talents take her wherever they may.

And maybe that means she’ll travel around with Zach! Either way, I’m happy they chose to make her love life ambiguous. Or at least kept her open-minded to the idea of finally dating again without the pressure to find the perfect guy.

Jane’s electric all on her own and she’s ready to continue learning more about herself.

The End
The Bold Type Series Finale

Kat, Sutton, and Jane hug one last time on The Bold Type Series Finale. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Although unrealistic at times, The Bold Type shared the truth about female empowerment, friendship, and family. It provided realistic and relatable challenges that women of all ages could relate to.

Without being too cheesy, we watched the friendship between the three women grow deep. The real relationship winner of the show was easily this threesome.

And we’ll certainly miss them without fail. But, who knows, maybe in a few years there will be a reunion or reboot order. Until then, we’ll cheers with our nonalcoholic champaign (in solidarity with Sutton) wiping away our puddles of tears.

Final Musings:
  • Jane’s handcuff necklace was a statement! It felt more like a necklace Kat would wear, but nonetheless a cool find.
  • Yikes, you don’t realize the glow-up of each character until there’s a cringey slideshow to prove it. Sorry Jacqueline, but what did they do to your hair in Season 1?
  • Whose fighting speech was the winner? Richard’s or Kat’s? We’re going to go with Kat!
  • Jacqueline was #StyledBySutton, and should’ve been this whole time. Talk about not aging!

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type Review- Big Wins For All (5×05)



Jacqueline and Jane on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

The penultimate episode of The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5 left big wins for all, some personal and some professional. Yet successful all the same.

Jane’s left to run Scarlett by herself as Jacqueline enjoys the vacation time she most certainly deserves. She’s put her entire life into building up an incredibly successful company and now she gets to watch her star employee take control.

Although a difficult decision, Jacqueline’s ready to begin writing the next chapter in her life: retirement. No matter how unrealistic Jane’s promotion to editor-in-chief after only four years at the company is, it’s also empowering.

The show’s focus on female leadership is a breath of fresh air and important in mainstream media to portray women at the top. Especially in media, where it’s totally overrun by men, young women need to see themselves represented on screen.

Jacqueline and Jane on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

Jacqueline and Jane on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Of course, with its flaws. Jane’s rudely awoken to the reality of the number of meetings the editor-in-chief is required to sit through. But, she’s aspired to uphold Jacqueline’s legacy for so long, so she welcomes the challenge with open arms.

Meanwhile, Sutton started therapy and admits that the reason she drinks is to numb the pain.

Just as she’s making a breakthrough, the one and only Richard calls asking to meet to sign the divorce papers.

First of all, a fancy meal to sign divorce papers? Ouch.

Initially, seeing Richard made me angry for Sutton. All the pain he’s put her through, and then he has the audacity to casually sit across her smiling like nothing’s hurting him.

Richard on The Bold Type

Richard on the phone on The Bold Type. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

But, once he opens up about his choice to adopt as a single man, the anger went away. Just like that, Sutton’s reminded of the biggest reason they didn’t work out and it looks like she’ll be able to walk away from him knowing that she means just as much to him as he means to her.

I’m happy they finalized the divorce on paper before they enjoyed one last rendezvous together. It was good to see Richard because it would’ve been a cheap blow for them not to bring him back one last time.

While Richard and Sutton are hopefully not getting back together, Kat and Adena very much looked like they’re going to get back together!!

Yes, I squealed. But how could I not! Even Jacqueline said she was happy to see them back together. They had the proper break required for exes to forge their own path separately and to mature apart.

Kat and Adena on The Bold Type (5x05)

Kat and Adena stand together in the lobby on The Bold Type. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

The way Adena looked so longingly at Kat every time they were together was true love. And I agree Kat’s a better version of herself when she’s with Adena. She just needed some time apart to realize that.

Also, a round of applause for Kat’s new venture. She’s rehired! It wouldn’t feel right for Kat to not work her way back to Scarlet. It’s true, the trio will one day run the company.  However, for now, Kat will run her very own mini-company.

With the women set up for success, this episode set the groundwork for next week’s final episode. I’m not ready. Please don’t make me! I’ll just be crying in the corner. So, why don’t you leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Stray Musings:

  • Can I just say, the classic slow pull away that Kat and Adena exhibited really showed the chemistry between Nikohl and Aisha. That’s one thing I’d like to give props to this show for, its chemistry. The three leads have a beautiful friendship on-screen, it’d be hard to believe it wasn’t the same off-screen.
  • Jacqueline’s hair this episode–flawless, not a single strand was out of place. Whoever does her hair and costuming, please come to my house?
  • Poor Andrew, left in the dust. His jealousy of Jane is so apparent. Maybe he’ll get promoted, Jane already relies on him as much as Jacqueline does!
  • Richard’s aged beautifully, there I said it. He’s a silver fox, giving me soft Grey’s Anatomy McSteamy vibes.

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type Review – Microdosing for Clarity? (5×04)



The Bold Type 5x03

With the girls wound up and stressed about their current situation in life on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 4, Kat has the perfect solution for them–microdosing. Now, they’re not necessarily advocating for psychedelics being the answer, but they’re not really saying they’re not, right?

This hour was a much-needed laugh. It was like standing up and shaking everything off.

As Jane is struggling to be the boss Addison needs, she finds herself reading way too many self-help books on how to be a good manager.

Jacqueline sees the wear on Jane and sends her home as any good boss should. Jacqueline is the boss everybody needs to take notes from, seriously!

Initially, Jane comes off as that teacher who’s trying too hard to be cool and accessible. But, while Jane learns that her solution doesn’t totally lie in loosening up, aka her shroom trip didn’t go so well, she does learn later that what she needs is to just give Addison attention.

The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 3

Jane and Jacqueline on The Bold Type. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

While Jane puts Jacqueline on a pedestal, as one should, the best way for Jane to be a good mentor is to get down on Addison’s level and to be vulnerable. There’s nothing she’s going to say that will be perfect and God-like. That trait’s reserved for Jacqueline.

Meanwhile, Kat the “shroompa loompa” is reveling in her success from her recent #DontTurnAway campaign. However, her boss isn’t quite as impressed. I love Kat and her tenacity to fight the good fight, but I don’t think she always goes about it the best way.

She’s always taking things into her own hands and assuming that as long as it has good results, she’s in the right. Although, she did get The Bell to change their policy on hiring the previously incarcerated, so good job, Kat.

Unfortunately, Kat’s back to the unemployed life, by choice this time. And she’s found her spark again. With her killer skills in marketing and her mission, she’s finding her way.

The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 4

Kat on The Bold Type. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Adena’s absence was sorely missed, and I’m still holding onto hope that their relationship is rekindled in the last two episodes. It was good to see the girls focusing solely on themselves and their careers rather than on boys and girls.

Albeit, Sutton’s boy problems have escalated. In previous episodes, Sutton has been staying strong through the divorce with a little too much help from alcohol. And as we know, addiction runs in her family.

As she’s been trying to throw herself entirely into her work, she hasn’t faced her problems head-on. She continues to brush them off and hasn’t given them the proper focus, putting her job at risk.

Oliver gives her a real talk and tells her that he’s worried about her substance abuse. Surprisingly, Sutton takes the news well and later agrees with Kat that therapy is the right choice.

The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 4

Sutton sitting in the fashion closet on The Bold Type. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Things are starting to wrap up nicely on The Bold Type. The trio is on their way to embodying this title fully, and it makes me really sad knowing that the ending is just around the corner. So, for now, let’s just enjoy the time we have!

What did you think of this latest installment? Leave your comments down below!

Stray Musings:

  • The animations and graphics team must have had a blast. The fun animations with the sparkles and the colorful psychedelics really made you feel like you were tripping too.
  • Andrew’s face was priceless when Kat was unloading the truth onto him. It’s okay Andrew, we’d all be suck-ups to Jacqueline too.
  • Can we just take a moment and talk about Jane’s marker mishap? The scene in and of itself was hilarious, but the cuts between each take definitely showed the marker drawn on with varying intensity and that made it even funnier.

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