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Chasing Life

Chasing Life- The Family That Lies Together (1×05)



Nothing good ever comes from lying. Especially lying to your family about cancer. April was getting all caught up in trying to pretend like nothing was wrong that her mother finally staged an intervention… just not for the right reasons.

Is it possible that someone is trying to tell you something from the grave? Cause that’s what it seemed was happening when April fainted during breakfast and dreamt about her father, who was giving her some advice on tackling life’s obstacles. When she awoke, everyone was really concerned about her health and her mother insisted she stay home from work and take it easy, but that’s not an option. Not when your a aspiring journalist.  News never stops. Not for anyone. Not for cancer. This made her wonder what her daughters been hiding and after snooping around in her room, she discovered a huge stash of pills hidden under the mattress.


As she waited for the results biopsy, she looked into Natalie Ortiz, her alleged sister that she met at the cemetary. The psychic told April that she should talk to her “sisters”, which made April curious as to how she could find Natalie. The “fun and silly” trip to the psychic actually helped Dominic and April open up a little more and reveal some secrets. Dominic admitted that his mom was in jail for aiding in embezzlement, while April told him that her father may or may not have had another child. They decided to go find Natalie’s address by visiting the car rental place where she rented her car a couple of weeks ago and pretending that she was Natalie and needed to get a receipt for reimbursement. April’s acting skills proved to be successful (she faked that she was pregnant and needed to money reimbursed for a doctor appointment). The address indicates that she lives on the same street where her father had his writing studio. But for more proof, they decided to through her fathers storage and look for clues that could confirm Natalie as his daughter. April finally found a picture of her father, uncle George and Natalie, which was like the golden egg because all the answers she needed were with her doctor.

In the meantime, her mother came down to her workplace to confront her about the drugs she’d found. April continued to deny that there was anything wrong with her, explaining that she used to pills for “energy”. Honestly, wouldn’t it be easier to just tell your mom the truth? Guess not. April then went to visit uncle George and confronted him about Natalie. He admitted that her father had a love child with another woman but never told anyone because he didn’t want to hurt his family. Some skeletons are better left in the closet. When April left, George was ambushed by her mother, who followed her to the hospital because she didn’t think April was telling the truth. She demanded George tell her why her daughter was visiting him, but you know doctors and their patient confidentially. George didn’t budge, but he did go along the idea of an intervention.


Worried about Brenna, April asked Beth to take the ropes and see if her sister needed someone to talk to. After all, she just found out her sister had leukemia. Beth did so, but obviously Brenna didn’t want to talk. So instead, the ladies and Kieran went to go watch Pretty in Pink at the park. They were joined by Greer, the lesbian tennis player who Brenna hustled last week, and the girls seem to getting along really well. I’m not sure where this storyline is going but even Beth picked up on the fact that Greer seemed to be into Brenna and maybe being with someone who makes her happy isn’t such a bad thing now; regardless if she’s straight and dating Kieran. It looked to me like Brenna was more into Greer then her own bf. After the movie, the two went to talk and Brenna admitted that she felt like a shitty sister. Initially, she was pleased seeing that April, the perfectionist was cracking, but after she found out it was because she had leukemia, she felt so bad.

When they arrived home, they walked right into April’s intervention, which shocked April who really had no way out of it. She had to finally fess up and tell her mother and grandmother what was going on. Sara thought that her daughter was addicted to drugs, which finally made April snap and confess that she had leukemia. Obviously, as expected, the waterworks were flowing, but the family moment didn’t last very long. George got a call that April has acute myeloid leukemia. It’s treatable and goes into remission about 75% of the time, but it’s serious. Sara wanted her to go into the hospital right away and start treatment, but being pushy, pushed April to run out of the house. She’s obviously scared and still in denial. No girl wants to be told at the age of 24 that she has leukemia. Her world is falling apart and while it’s understandable that her mother is worried and wants her to get treatment right away, she has to consult her daughter. Calmly talking it through and seeing how she feels and where she stands would have been a much better approach.


April obviously ran to Dominic and once again showed up at his door in tears. He’s still really clueless on April’s health issues so he assumed she just found out that her father had cheated on her mother and that Natalie was in fact her sister– which was semi-true. She did find that out, but it was trumped by the whole cancervention. Regardless, April’s life was going downhill fast and she doesn’t have much time to tell Dominic about her sickness. Just not tonight. April continued reading her fathers journal in hopes of finding some answers to what life was handing her right now.

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Chasing Life

Chasing Life Canceled After 2 Seasons!



April Carver just received the worst prognosis of all- Chasing Life has been cancelled by ABC Family after just two seasons.

I, like so many Chasers am seriously upset by this news. What is ABC Family thinking? Why cancel a show that was so unapologetically real and has given viewers an insight into the ups and downs of what it’s like for a young person living with cancer, but shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians get renewed for 11 seasons? What kind of society do we live in?

I’ve read statements and comments that some just thought the show was too depressing but hey, that’s life. Not everything is about what kind of handbag you’re wearing. And most of the time, despite all the crap that was thrown at April, every episode left me with a positive feeling. No moment during the two seasons have been this upsetting- not even Leo’s untimely death. Chasing Life depicted cancer in a way no other drama has before. That has to count for something, right?

Anyways, the drama ended with only 486,000 viewers tuning it, which was a season low.

The showrunner, Patrick Sean Smith told THR  that there was still a lot to explore in season 3 like “April’s emotional state and her big decision to end treatment, there’s a lot to explore with Uncle George and the manuscript and the investigation that’s now in play, and then a lot to explore with Brenna and Finn now that Greer is moving back to town, and also what happens with Beth. I mean, everyone’s life is up in the air right now by the end of the second season.”

But, I guess we’re just supposed to be content knowing that April was content with dying in Italy because she lived more life than any other 25-year-old. Maybe she spent the rest of her days with Dominic? Maybe when she died, Beth had her baby and named it April. Who knows… we definitely won’t.

THR reports that the decision to cancel the show comes with ABC Family’s focus to rebrand and its focus on becoming “becomers.” They are adding a Nicki Minaj comedy and a new show, ShadowHunters.

There are a couple of petitions to “renew Chasing Life” circulating online already. Who knows if that will do anything, but we can hope.

Check it out HERE!


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Chasing Life

Chasing Life- La Dolce Vita (2×13)



Just when you think things are looking up for April, she gets hit with bombshell after bombshell until she finally surrenders. But this can’t be April’s “final chapter” can it? A lot of loose plot lines were tied up at the end of the hour, but of course, those raised new question… and brought a tear or two to the corner of my eye. Damn allergies.

Beth’s Baby- Beth spent most of her time freaking out about the pregnancy. She’s about 6 weeks in now, so thankfully, we can do the math and figure out Josh is the father! That doesn’t put her mind at ease however because now she actually has to tell him. She finally corners him in the bathroom after watering the fikus with about 5 beers. He’s definitely surprised, but tells her he will be by her side no matter what she decides. Gosh, he’s such a standup guy right? Beth eventually goes to Italy with April and makes her decision there- she’s going to keep the baby. It’s a nice juxtaposition; her best friend is dying but she’s bringing a new life into this world. Possibly a beautiful baby girl named April?

Dominic & April- Well, apparently these two are endgame but just because two people want something, doesn’t mean the timing is right. April is still not over Leo and that’s ok. She has every right to mourn her late husband. But she also has every right to move on. I’ll admit, the kiss didn’t do it for me and maybe because I felt April was doing it all out of fear of missing out. However, I’m perfectly content with them as just friends who love each other right now. We need Dominic to help April with whatever comes next.

Uncle George- He kind of put himself in a predicament by telling the Carver women the truth about their dad. He thought he could trust them and most of them he could… but not Olivia and Natalie. They were shopping around Thomas’s book to get “justice.” And if George wouldn’t give them the rights, Olivia threatened to expose him to the cops. Finally, Natalie made the sound choice and put her sisters before this petty family drama. We thought it was all over, until the cops showed up to question him. Did Olivia betray her daughter and screw George over anyways?

April’s cancer- Sad news, her clinical trial didn’t work. The doc tried to keep her positive by saying there were still plenty of options, but the truth is, April is dying. It sucks and it’s depressing, especially when you read an interview that says the original telenovela that CL is based on “Terminales,” has April’s character killed… albeit by bus after beating the cancer. Hopefully, we go a different route, but you have to be realistic- cancer kills people. And it won’t spare April.

April goes to Italy to complete her one last “wish” of traveling the world. That’s when she realizes, by 25, she’s done everything on her bucket list. When she gets the call that the only option left for her is to get the transplant and hope her death isn’t painful, she realizes this is the last chapter in her memoir. I mean, you only write a memoir if you know how it’s going to end, right? Beth begs Ape not to give up but she replies, “It’s not giving up because I’ve already won. I could die happy here.” With that, she looks out into the sunset, while Beth and Dom look at each other concerned. Would they really let April just die without putting up one last fight?

Brenna & Finn… and now Greer- Finn gets super sick because cancer is a bitch and ends up in the hospital. That’s when he breaks up with Brenna and breaks her heart. He has to be focused on getting healthy and she’s kind of doing the opposite. “Maybe it isn’t meant to be,” he wonders, but alas, I think it is. And so does Brenna when she puts two and two together and finds out that she’s Finn’s donor! What are the odds? That kind of puts Greer’s return on the back burner, although Bren was really excited to see her ex, who surprise, is moving back to town! Can’t wait to see that traingle.

Chasing Life hasn’t been renewed for a 3rd season, but I’m seriously hoping this wasn’t actually April’s last chapter. I need to know what happens- the good or the bad. Does George get arrested? Do the Carver’s disown Natalie? Will April fight another day? Will she live out her end in Italy after publishing her memoir? How will Beth’s fashion line go? Will she embrace the pregnancy? Will April & Dominic get together again? Will Brenna and Greer? Will Finn be healthy? Will he find out Brenna is his donor. Listen to me ABC Family- renew this show right now!

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Chasing Life

Chasing Life- Ready Or Not (2×12)



Cancer, marriage, babies, high school hook ups- it’s all part of chasing life and it’s quite a beautiful thing. No matter what happens, you can expect this journey of ours never to be boring. I know April can vouch for that.

Since we met April, she’s gone through some drastic transformations. That presented itself this week when she met up with her friend Ellie, who I immediately knew was going to be trouble. Really? Skin cancer scare? Give me a break… I know people are desperate but to stoop THAT low and actually steal someones heart-wrenching diseases. Gross. Of course, instead of getting mad and even, April let nature take its course… well sort of.

April seems to have this stupid luck- when she realizes her book agent, who is really just starting out, hasn’t gotten her a secured deal with BookSmart, she takes matters into her own hands and fakes a seizure to get into a party to meet with the publisher. There she just so happens to run into Raquel, who just so happens to be buddy-buddy with the manager of the whole company. Cha-Ching! When April chats her up, turns out she’s really been invested in Ellie’s book and how she compared “cancer” to “herpes.”

Soon after, April’s chapter of the book leaks to The Post and she’s convinced that Raquel did it to sabotage her. But- she’s wrong! The positive comments on the chapter actually convinced the editor to publish April’s book! Rejoice everyone; April is now a published author! We did it!

And in other April news, she’s finally realizing that she still has feelings for Dominic. I can’t be mad about this though I hoped the writers weren’t going to throw her back into this relationship. Realistically, these two were together and broke up while they still had feelings. Those feelings were never resolved, she just fell deeply in love with Leo. But now that he’s gone, how long can April really mourn? How long can she be single? Be Leo’s widow? Maybe moving on is really the healthiest thing she can do. She isn’t forgetting, but she’s living. She’s chasing life.

Brenna finally succumbed to the cheesiness of milestone moments and asked Finn to go on a date to junior prom. Honestly, how adorable are these two together? After the dance, things get a little awkward when they end up in a room together. Kissing without a mask is dangerous because of Finn’s cancer, but he just wants to feel normal for a night. He wants to feel the high without the lows and who could blame him? So… he goes for it with Brenna. I believe the outcome will be dangerous, but watching them together was magical. Also, we’re getting closer to them finding out that Brenna is actually his donor! Both of them think cilantro tastes like soap. Absurd! Will that bring them closer together?

As for Beth, she’s been sick and emotional… and pregnant! I definitely didn’t see this storyline coming, but I am so excited. There have been little storylines aside from April’s cancer, but none as big as a pregnant best friend. They always say as one life begins, another ends. That’s really true in this case. Unfortunately, as fun as babies are, not knowing who the dad is becomes quite a problem. Especially cause it’s either her ex Grahm who she had a one night stand with or Josh, the dude she’s really falling in love with. I’m secretly hoping it’s Josh’s.

Everyone is chasing life in their own way, even Olivia Ortiz- Natalie’s mom and Thomas’s secret baby momma. Last week, she revealed that she had both parts of her ex’s spy novel and now the agent told April that she was shopping around his father’s book. Does Natalie know? I would think probably not, but her mother is spiteful and she’s definitely going after the money Thomas didn’t leave her, which is really unfortunate for the kids. And also- this is potentially scary for Uncle George, who revealed he pretty much assisted Thomas with his own death. You know, I really liked Natalie and this is pretty upsetting. But can you blame her? She’s the black sheep of the family, was never loved by her dad and her sister stole her BF…. not fun.

Next week is the fall finale. What do you think will be the most explosive part? Are you ready for a Dom and April relationship to heat back up? Will Finn get sick after hooking up with Brenna? Will Greer return?

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