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Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire: A Rocket Blasting Off (2X16)



This week’s episode tackled more adversity and more drama but doesn’t shy away from the business at hand. This is your full recap.

Severide arrives at the police department for questioning about the mysterious disappearance of Keeler, only Det. Lindsay informs him that she won’t be in the room. Seconds later, he sits down with Sgt. Voight and tensions rise fast between the two of them. Voight makes his prediction clear that Severide’s he’s a suspect. Otis was brought in next and he told them he admited to driving by Keeler’s place the night he disappeared and to sitting by the lake afterwards. In short, his alibi leaves Lindsay less than enthusiastic. Voight insists she investigate him.

Chicago Fire

Back at Firehouse 51, Herrmann floats out the perfect surprise anniversary gift for his wife which was a vasectomy for him. Best part? He’s holding it at Molly’s on Saturday which is news to Dawson, who already booked Molly’s for a tapas night with her family. Herrmann suggests they combine the two parties, an idea Dawson shoots down with a vengeance. Although Herrmann’s persistence breaks her, she dreads the upcoming party combo.

Chicago Fire

The Jones transition continues to be a work in progress. Misinterpreting a recommendation from Mills, she attempts to lighten the mood by buying a custom-made cake in honor of Herrmann’s pending procedure. Reactions vary and Jones soon learns someone issued a formal complaint. Boden writes her up and this time Mills doles out clear advice saying that she should apologize and swear you’ll never do it again. After playing a key, fearless role in a rescue, Jones approaches Boden and apologizes.

Unfortunately for her, that gesture may not satisfy the one person she still needs to impress which include her father. He pulls in Boden and Casey for a meeting to explain his plans to send Rebecca to Headquarters in three weeks. In other words, he needs Boden and Casey to disqualify her from 51. Chief Jones doesn’t want his daughter to become a firefighter. Talk about downright terrible espesially the face she was hanging on for dear life in a call that suspended her on a rope saving someone. Death defying if I can say that.

Chicago Fire

Later, Dawson straps on some courage and demands another opportunity to pass the firefighter physical.  Thankfully with some strings pulled by Casey she is able to join the next class. She was oblivious to the idea that she did it behind her back but hey it was for love…I think. That or something went right for once.

Chicago Fire

Severide’s father, Benny, joins his son and Shay for dinner and the conversation takes on a new tone once Severide mentions Otis’ interview with CPD. Benny’s eyes grow distant and Severide reads it loud and clear… but says nothing. The silence does the talking for them: Benny took care of Keeler. No doubt remains about the culprit when Benny meets up with Voight in private to confess. Voight instructs him to go home to Winnetka. And stay out of Chicago for a while.

Chicago Fire

That night at Molly’s, Herrmann surprises his wife with the big announcement, and to the shock of almost everyone in attendance, she loves it and makes her laugh. Which I will never understand. Otis talks with Severide to let him know CPD cleared his alibi. Otis worries about Keeler’s true location, but Severide cuts him off saying that he is never coming back (cue dramatic music). Well at this point the Keller saga continues but to what end? In the mean time here’s a sneak peak of next week’s all new episode.


Also…are you in need of health insurance? Some guys at Chicago Fire are willing to help. Here’s the video.

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Coffee Table News

NBC Gives Three Season Renewal to One Chicago Shows ‘Chicago PD,’ ‘Chicago Fire,’ and ‘Chicago Med’



Chicago PD, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire renewed for three seasons

And that’s what we call a triple sweep!

Your favorite ER docs, firefighters, and detectives aren’t going anywhere anytime soon because NBC just gave the #OneChicago universe a massive pick-up.

All three series in Dick Wolf’s “Chicago” franchise will be returning for an additional three more seasons.

That brings Chicago Fire through season 11, Chicago PD through season 10, and Chicago Med through season 8.

According to Deadline, the renewals are part of a new deal between Wolf and Universal Studios.

“Dick Wolf has proven time and time again that he makes shows audiences love,” said Paul Telegdy, Chairman, NBC Entertainment. “We are delighted, excited and proud that as part of this epic deal with Wolf Entertainment, NBC’s loyal audience will know that their favorite shows have a certain future for the next three years.”

His other highly-rated and highly-performing drama, Law & Order SVU, also snagged three more seasons.

While nabbing three seasons at one time is surely a feat to be proud of, it isn’t unheard of at NBC, a network that loves to reward shows that simultaneously perform well live, in DVR viewing, and can also be syndicated. And if they have large, dedicated followings — which all 4 Wolf shows do — it only works in their favor.

The shows join the previously renewed medical drama New Amsterdam and the emotional family drama This Is Us, which was scored a three-season renewal.

Following the exciting news, the shows will have to renegotiate contracts with talent. Since three-years is a pretty massive chunk of time, it’s possible that not all of your favorites will stick around for the full-term.

Wolf has found success in both keeping his lead around for the entire duration of a series like Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU or swapping out the full cast entirely to offer a different perspective and reinvent the wheel. Either way,  it’s bound to be successful and lucrative.

Are you excited about the renewals?

Which show is your favorite?

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Coffee Table News

The First ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago PD’ Crossover of 2020 Is Coming – Watch the Promo



Chicago Fire and Chicago PD crossover Off the Grid 2020

Fans of Chicago PD, Chicago Med, and Chicago Fire will have to wait an additional week for new episodes.

The One Chicago universe is taking a break this Wednesday (February 19) as it gears up for the first crossover of 2020.

The two-part crossover excludes Chicago Med, though the series will kick off the hour with an intense episode of its own, and instead, finds PD and Fire teaming up to respond to a national epidemic.

It even brings back a beloved PD character, although, it’s not in a way that you’d expect and might not be all that great for Roman (guest star Brian Geraghty).

Chicago Fire and Chicago PD crossover Off the Grid 2020

CHICAGO P.D. — “Burden of Truth” Episode 716 — Pictured: Brian Geraghty as Sean Roman — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Here’s what to expect from the crossover airing Wednesday, February 26!

Chicago Fire

In a two-show crossover event with “Chicago P.D.,” a series of teen opioid overdoses sees Severide partner with Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty), but begins to suspect there’s more to the story than his old friend is telling him. Casey tries to be there for Brett as she considers her birth mother’s offer to meet.
Chicago PD
Part 2 of Crossover with Chicago Fire; Intelligence searches for the dealer who caused multiple overdoses and is connected to Roman’s missing sister. The case becomes a homicide investigation when they find the dealer’s dead body. Guest star: Brian Geraghty.
See the promo below!

Previously on Chicago Med, Will Halstead made a questionable decision when he possibly pursued a relationship with Hannah, an addict he met at the clinic. PD found Burgess recovering from her miscarriage following a violent beating from a suspect responsible for sex-trafficking innocent women.

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Coffee Table News

Chicago PD: Tracy Spiridakos Teases Fire/PD Crossover, ‘Upzek’’s’ Future, and Relationship with Halstead



Tracy Spiridakos Chicago PD Chicago Fire crossover

Chicago PD and Chicago Fire are teaming up for yet another exciting crossover!

On Wednesday, Feb. 20th, Intelligence and Firehouse 51 will work together after a string of robberies lead to a building fire.

However, Tracy Spiridakos, who plays Hailey Upton, revealed that the situation might get more personal when Voight suspects a firefighter may be involved.

But aside from dosing out justice and catching bad guys, Upton’s had a pretty tough season; she’s dealt with personal childhood trauma, falling hard for a co-worker, and getting abducted.

When we spoke to Spiridakos, she not only dished about the upcoming crossover, but also elaborated more about the brewing love triangle, the state of her relationship with Burgess, and even gave us some insight about Upton’s unique relationship with Halstead.

She also addressed the #Burzek fandom who have shown a bit of animosity towards her character.

Detective Hailey Upton - Chicago PD

And most importantly, she told us about her love for deep dish pizza.

Check out the interview below — you won’t regret it.

We have to address Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 14. Upton and Burgess were abducted, and it was one of a few times where the two ladies shared a really powerful scene together. Tell me about that. How did that feel?

It was great. We got to do some stuff in Season 5, the one where we’re PIs both of us approached, but this one was especially intense due to not only being abducted but also Burgess finding out about Ruzek at the beginning of the episode and the tension that came with that.

But I really like how at the end, they’re bonded beyond anything they’ve ever been and they’re stronger together which is really cool!

Save Yourself - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 14

Yeah, I love how Burgess and Upton handled their “guy drama.” Rarely do shows allow two grown women to handle something in such a mature fashion. Why was that so important for Chicago PD and specifically, for these two characters?

I think it’s important to just show exactly what you just said that two women can have a conversation about something that’s going on like that and can walk away from that and just be like “things happen, and I understand where you’re coming from and thanks for talking to me about it and we’re good.”

After what they went through as characters in being abducted and not knowing when Burgess walks in and sees Upton tied up and bleeding and not knowing what happened to her and if she was going to survive or what was going on, I think you get sort of stronger bonded going through something like that.

Read the full interview HERE!

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