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Chicago Fire

‘Chicago Fire,’ ‘Chicago P.D’ and ‘Chicago Med’ Renewed, ‘Chicago Justice’ On the Fence

Chicago PD/ NBC



NBC said yes to Chicago, specifically three major Chicago shows.

Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D and Chicago Med will all be returning for the 2017-18 season.

No decision has been made about the fourth and most recent addition to the franchise, Chicago Justice.

It isn’t surprising considering that out of the shows, Justice seems to have the lowest draw, starting out slow when it premiered in March during a three-show crossover.

Also not yet renewed is Wolf’s Law & Order: SVU, despite being the second-highest-rated drama on the network with over 10 million viewers weekly.

P.D is another top performer while Med’s ratings are solid, even after a move to Thursday night.

If Justice and SVU get the boot, Wolf won’t be too concerned as he’s adding yet another drama this year – Law & Order: True Crime — The Menendez Murders.

Dick Wolf. Unstoppable.

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Chicago Fire

Chicago PD: Tracy Spiridakos Teases Fire/PD Crossover, ‘Upzek’’s’ Future, and Relationship with Halstead



Tracy Spiridakos Chicago PD Chicago Fire crossover

Chicago PD and Chicago Fire are teaming up for yet another exciting crossover!

On Wednesday, Feb. 20th, Intelligence and Firehouse 51 will work together after a string of robberies lead to a building fire.

However, Tracy Spiridakos, who plays Hailey Upton, revealed that the situation might get more personal when Voight suspects a firefighter may be involved.

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Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire – Deathtrap (5×15)



Chicago Fire Deathtrap

Welcome to part one of the #OneChicago 3 hour, 4 show crossover event. There was a lot of Chicago on television tonight!

Things kicked off with Dick Wolf’s first series, Chicago Fire. The firefighters were responding to a fire at a warehouse in the city with multiple teens inside. Despite their best efforts, Chief Bowden had to pull his men from the fire because it was too big of a risk.

That’s when Olinsky from Chicago PD’s Intelligence Unit ran up frantically exclaiming that his daughter Lexi was inside. Last we saw Lexi, Olinsky called her into the precinct not to ask her to move back in, but to tell her he loved her after dealing with a case where parents lost their young girl. Now he was being faced with that same fate.

Bowden did his friend the favor and went back inside to try to find Lexi. When they brought her to Med, Halstead declared more than 60% of her body had been burned. Her chances of making it were slim but he promised to do everything in his power to save her life.

As the death toll kept rising – we left off at 38 – Bowden and his team were determined to find out the cause of the fire. That’s when they brought in Intelligence and a special unit, who found that it wasn’t an accident, it was actually caused by a lightbulb and some cat litter. Seriously – something so simple you can find online killed so many innocent children.

They initially looked at the owner of the warehouse – a man who claimed to offer kids with little to no money a safe place to stay. When he was further questioned, he shot himself in the bathroom stall at the fire house. Not the best way to end a horrible day.

At that point, the investigation is turned over to Intelligence and knowing that Lexi was a victim propels them to work even harder to find the suspect.

It’s a devastating blow and the whole city comes together to get some justice…. the perfect lead in to Chicago Justice’s very first episode. (But that’s for later.)

Other Important Moments

  • Severide calls Anna to tell her misses her after a brutal night. She shows up at the firehouse to tell him she accepted a job as a pediatric at Med and he couldn’t be happier. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in future episodes.
  • Mouch is injured in the fire when a balcony falls on him when he’s trying to save the victims. His heroism shines through as he tells the staff at Med to let him be and focus efforts on those who need help. He then helps a woman cope with the trauma of the fire and knowing she may have hurt someone in order to save herself. Deep.

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Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire – “Some Make it Some Don’t” (5×09) & Chicago PD – “Don’t Bury This Case” (4×09)



Chicago PD Chicago Fire #ONeChicago crossover

Chicago Fire and Chicago PD returned from hiatus with another epic crossover that put Severide in the front and center of a hit and run investigation.

The series tackled on Severide’s darkest moments and when many were ready to give up hope on his, his ex Erin stayed trued to her character and fought for him until she proved his innocence.

Severide falls for a woman named Anna, who is dying of cancer. They call each other their “perfect match” and it turns out, in more ways than one – he’s a bone marrow match for her. Unfortunately, the transplant never happens because of the damage the chemo does on her immune system.

To drown his sorrows, Severide heads to the bar, where he has a little too much to drink. That wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that his car is involved in a hit and run collision that injures a mother and her 10-year-old daughter. He becomes a prime suspect although he is nowhere to be found and doesn’t recall any of the night because he “blacked out.”

Clearly this doesn’t look good for him but he swears up and down that it wasn’t him. The evidence isn’t coming in his favor either – he was seen at the bar, he was seen leaving the bar in his car, he has a bruised eye that could have been from the accident. Voight’s team does everything to defend Severide but with limited time, things aren’t looking up.

As they dig further Intelligence discovers a carjacking ring that is linked to the valet at the bar that Severide was at. They track down the valet guy who is installing GPS on the high-class vehicles, track down a man who helps them with import the cars and through a fake abduction of the suspect’s mother, trick him and clear Severide’s name. Thank god.

And I guess this might just be the wakeup call Severide needs. He knew he’d never run away from the scene of a crime he committed since he’s always dedicated his life to saving people but he did use bad judgement and get into a car while intoxicated. Who knows what could have happened in those 2 blocks? The realization that anything can change in an instance and that he has so many people that care for him might just be a good thing.

Other Thoughts From The Episodes

  • Burgess started her first day at Intelligence but just can’t catch a break. Despite earning her spot with Voight and working her way in, Olinksy is just “not a fan.” At first I thought it was because he didn’t want a kind-hearted person like Kim to get hurt by the job but later kind of called her a slut for sleeping with Adam and Rozek. I blurted “excuse me” to the TV when he said that and then sat there wondering – when the HELL did Olinksy become such a judgmental jerk. I need that to change, real quick.
  • Is it safe to say Rozek and Burgess might get back together again?
  • So much YAAAS to Erin and Halstead making out in the car. Sure it was their undercover gig but seeing them get all into it while HE drove the car for once was pretty hot. I ship ’em hard.
  • Erin found out who her real father is after Bunny told her he’s getting out of jail and wants to see her. Apparently, Voight knew the guy and reveals he’s know her mother since way before she was born. Will this change their dynamic? Will her father be a shady guy that Voight isn’t fond of?
  • I feel for Gabby and Casey and I’m sure most parents do – losing a kid you have bonded with and tried to adopt for so long is hard. But it’s sweet of them to allow his veteran father who just found out about that he had a son, visit him. Why didn’t he show up for a meeting though? If his son was so important, what happened?
  • Does anyone else miss Antonio in Intelligence?

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