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Chicago Fire Escape Route Review Chicago Fire Escape Route Review

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Review – Familiar Territory (9×08)

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How long has Chicago Fire been on its mini-break? Two weeks? A month? I don’t know, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen our favorite paramedics and firefighters. Tonight’s episode connects a house fire to Severide’s past, while Casey’s jealousy of Sylvie’s new relationship comes to a head.

Herrmann is taking a long-overdue vacation and his temporary replacement is none other than Grainger, the man who’s been flirting his way into Sylvie’s heart for weeks, leaving Casey a teeny bit jealous. These emotions show early at a house fire call where Casey and Grainger fight over who calls the shots. Severide tells Casey he knows the house that’s on fire. When they go in, they find a woman on fire and a kid named Dylan, who is about sixteen, cowering in his bedroom. Severide reveals that he used to live in the house that was on fire, so he helps the kid climb out the same window he used to sneak out of as a kid.

Boden recruits Severide to go with the police to investigate the fire since it’s similar to a case they worked on years ago where drug cartels were hiding drugs in homes and would purposefully start fires. While there, Dylan and his father return to the house and find a large supply of insulin, which was for Dylan.

Grainger tells Sylvie that he has a gut feeling that Casey is not a fan of him (hmm, I wonder why), and before Sylvie can answer, she and Mackey are sent off on a call where a man in an apartment building collapsed while moving furniture. With a giant wardrobe in the way, Sylvie and Mackey ax their way through the door, revive the man and safely bring him to the hospital.

Casey, in his weird jealous rage, tries to get Boden to transfer Grainger away from 51 for the week. It’s a week, Casey, put your feelings aside! Grainger confronts Sylvie about her and Casey’s past, and Sylvie answers honestly, after which they have a steamy evening.

Casey blames Grainger for missing a coupling doing some stock, and it launches into this huge argument about Sylvie, that she so happens to overhear. However, they have to put their differences aside when the firehouse is called out for a car accident which leaves a woman pinned against a wall. The two men have a masculine face-off that comes together as they safely remove the car and help the woman out.

Back at the firehouse, Sylvie calls out Casey for being so angry at Grainger and tells him that he needs to call his ex-wife Gabby Dawson so that he can get some closure in the matter. Honestly, good. Casey’s character hasn’t been great the last few episodes because he’s so caught up on Sylvie. Hopefully, he can get some closure in the coming weeks.

Severide heads to Med where he talks to April Sexton (mini-crossover) about finding a program for struggling families who need medication in hopes of helping Dylan.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Dylan’s father tells him that he hasn’t come back to the hospital and that his mom is about to be brought out of a coma. Upon arriving back at his house, Dylan has packed his bags and is going to run away because he feels responsible for his mom’s state. Severide assures him it isn’t his fault and tells him that he needs to be with his family because no matter what, family is what matters.

For the C plot of the episode, Cruz invites the rest of the Firehouse to a challenge: build a new tool for firefighters similar to how he invented the Slamigan. Cruz wants to expand his company and make money from it. What ensues is a Shark Tank-like montage of Mouch, Capp, Ritter, and Gallo listing off ideas so they can help Cruz make a profit. While overhearing Kidd and Sylvie complain about how the firemen’s uniforms and paperwork to get uniforms is biased towards men. Cruz decides that it might be the idea to make something that can work for women in the fire department. The mockups of the uniforms for women are incredibly sexist, so Kidd and Gianna tell him that he needs a woman’s touch on the project.

After a mini-hiatus, Fire returned hitting the ground running. They have established where the rest of the season is going to go now that Sylvie is starting to see Grainger, and Casey is moving forward knowing about his actions. I think the absence of Herrmann in this episode was definitely felt because the C plot didn’t have a lot of the wit that happens when Herrmann is involved, but we did get some good moments with Mouch and Cruz. The show is grounding itself well into a one overall story arc with smaller arcs that last only a couple of episodes like the storyline involving Severide, which I think really helped balance the episode’s many stories.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Leave a comment below.



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Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Season Finale Review – No Survivors (9×16)



Chicago Fire No Survivors Review

After a long, yet shortened season, Chicago Fire aired the final episode of season nine, and we have the full scoop on what happened in this emotional and jam-packed finale.

Everything seems to be leading to quite a lot of happiness in Firehouse 51: Severide and Kidd are engaged, Casey confessed his feelings for Sylvie, Cruz is going to be a father soon, and Mouch is a medal recipient. However, this is Chicago Fire, and nothing (and no one) is safe.

During a rescue mission where a seagull rammed into a motorcyclist, Sylvie is making it perfectly clear that she does not want to talk to Casey, even in a professional setting. This makes Casey a little worried that maybe he shouldn’t have said anything to her.

The deputy commissioner of the CFD calls Chief Boden and wants him to be a deputy district chief, meaning he would do less firefighting and more office work, something that he is not necessarily sure if he wants to take a step back from the action.

Violet opens up to Sylvie, saying that she and Casey are good together, and maybe she should just take a chance and hear him out. Sylvie gets a further sign to do it when she gets a call to creepy doll collector’s house, and she says her husband is the perfect person for her.

Inspired, she goes to Casey, professes her feelings, and they get to have a VERY steamy scene if you catch my drift.

A new neighbor moves next door to Boden and discovers that his young song Ezra wants to be a firefighter, and is inspired that his neighbor is a fire chief. Boden goes to the firehouse and makes a phone call to the deputy commissioner, leaving the viewers uncertain as to what the phone call entailed.

Gallo asks out Violet (again), and after being rejected (again), Ritter sticks up for his buddy, so maybe we’ll get some new romance floating around Firehouse 51 next season.

On tonight’s episode, the squad performed a rescue mission that had never been done in the show’s history: a boat rescue. A man is waiting for his brother-in-law to be rescued, but upon arrival of the boat, Severide, Cruz, Capp, and Tony can’t seem to find the body. Severide hears a tapping on a pipe in a separate hold of the boat, where they find the brother-in-law. However, the only way out gets blocked off, and breathing room becomes limited.

As producer Derek Haas teased, he did not disappoint. Ambulance 61 and Truck 81 can do nothing but watch and hope that their companions make it out. Squad 3 runs out of air in their tanks, and the water slowly covers them up, as the screen fades to black, and the season comes to a close.

This was a fantastic cliffhanger, coupled with the number of storylines that we should expect for season ten. I loved the way this season came to a close: it gave us as superfans of the show some closure on certain things while giving us something to agonize over as we wait all summer for next season. The uncertainty that one of these characters could possibly not survive is thrilling. It gives us the summer to theorize and speculate if any of them will emerge from underwater alive.

And what’s to come of Sylvie and Casey? The long-awaited couple is finally together, and it’s sure to show the ups and downs of this new relationship.

Finally, did Boden turn down his promotion, or did he accept the new position? Maybe the neighbor’s kid helped him discover that he wants to be promoted so he’s not in danger? Or maybe show that he can still do it all.

It’s going to be a long offseason before we find out what happens to Squad 3! What did you think of tonight’s stressful and exciting finale? Leave a comment below.

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Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Review – A White-Knuckle Panic (9×15)



Chicago Fire A White-Knuckle Panic Review

Tonight’s penultimate episode of Chicago Fire did not disappoint in the slightest. The show is setting itself up to have an explosive finale next week that I’m sure will leave us all on the edge of our seats. However, there were a lot of juicy things that happened in the episode that cannot go without being addressed.

The main story centered around Severide and Kidd. After Kidd passed the long-awaited lieutenant’s test, Severide expressed interest in possibly proposing to her, but was nervous because she has always said that married life isn’t really for her. Severide became even more nervous because there was no room in Firehouse 51 for another lieutenant, and she would have to be transferred to a firehouse where there was a position available.

While Severide and Casey worked to find a new home for Kidd, the trio of Gallo, Ritter, and Violet were tasked with organizing an event for Mouch, who was going to be awarded a medal of valor for saving that little girl a few episodes back. Teaming up with his wife, Trudy, they went to Soldier Field (where the Chicago Bears play) and lied to the director of field coordination saying that Mouch was actually dying and wanted to have the field as a dying wish in order to book the field. They hide this info from Mouch since he’s convinced that his celebrations will be a really big party.

Here’s When Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD Will Air Season Finales in 2021

On a call, Cruz rescued a man named Mark, who became infatuated with Cruz and his fireman tools side business. Mark, a venture capitalist, spent the entire episode trying to get Cruz to sell his business to him for a large sum of money. Mark bribed Cruz with gift baskets for his future child and threatened him with demeaning language about how Cruz knows nothing about business and how to succeed. Cruz later threatened Mark in his own way, turning him down and saying that he has the power of the CFD on his side.

Gabby Dawson appeared in the episode…not really, she called the firehouse a lot to stir the pot of Sylvie and Casey’s relationship. Turns out, Gabby knew about Mouch’s medal and wanted a video. Gabby and Casey have an offscreen conversation about their relationship, and Casey comes to the realization that he isn’t in love with her anymore and is in love with Sylvie. He confesses his feelings to her at Molly’s, which shocks Sylvie. While she didn’t say anything, I bet we’re going to get some sort of closure with those two in the season finale.

Due to scheduling, Mouch’s ceremony is moved to days earlier and everything seems peaceful. Boden gives a great speech, and Mouch gives a short, sweet message that Firehouse 51 is his forever home.

A call to a local restaurant provides the emotional meat of the episode. After rescuing a fry cook, Severide and Kidd find themselves trapped inside the restaurant. In a secluded room away from the fire, Severide spontaneously gets down on one knee and proposes, and Kidd says yes!! Looks like we’re getting a Firehouse 51 wedding very soon!

I, for one, really enjoyed the pacing of this episode. The storylines lined up together perfectly, and it’s all gearing up to a big finale.

The performances of all of our favorite medics and firefighters tonight were great, with special recognition to Taylor Kinney, who brought a great well-roundedness to Kelly Severide. If this was season 3 Severide who wanted to propose to a girl, I would’ve laughed in your face. His growth has been fantastic, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to make such a complex person grow more.

Things look pretty peaceful and happy during this episode, which most likely means that things might come crashing down during next week’s season finale. Creator of the show Derek Haas told several news outlets that he expects fans to be “angry” at him because of what happens in the finale. Will we see a major character die? Will we be left with a cliffhanger while we anxiously await season 10?

Only one episode left in season 9 of Chicago Fire! What did you think of tonight’s episode? What do you think will happen in next weeks finale? Leave a comment below!

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Chicago P.D

Here’s When Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD Will Air Season Finales in 2021



One Chicago promo ahead of November 11 premiere

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost finale time for the #OneChicago shows on NBC.

Due to production delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire got off to a late start in mid-November (instead of the usual mid-September premiere), but that pandemic hasn’t made a huge impact on the quality of the episodes. 

In fact, the shows have been delivering some of their strongest episodes to date! (You can check out Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD reviews now!)

However, with shorter seasons on tap, the schedule has been pretty wonky and consisted of several breaks in between, so we don’t blame you if you’re having trouble keeping up. That’s why we’re here to clue you in. 

NBC announced that the shows will officially conclude on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, which would align with their pre-COVID finales even if the episode count is a bit shorter than in the year prior. 

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