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Chicago Med Extreme Measures Chicago Med Extreme Measures

Chicago Med

Chicago Med – Extreme Measures (2×05)

CHICAGO MED -- "Extreme Measures" Episode 205 -- Pictured: (l-r) Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead, Colin Donnell as Connor Rhodes, Roland Buck III as Noah Sexton -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)



If you are in Chicago right now, it is definitely not approaching 105 degrees… but you probably wish it was considering how chilly it’s getting as we creep into fall.

But this week’s episode of Chicago Med took us back to the summer as the Chicago Marathon took over the downtown area. Med doctors are on hand to deal with the scorching hot weather, which is clearly not ideal for runners, but surprisingly, they didn’t deal with any fatigued patients. Instead, they were tasked with trying to save a runner who was hit by a car.

With limited supplies and really no “doctor” on hand, April and Noah can’t do much as the patients lung starts collapsing. Goodwin tells them to wait for Will to run over, since he’s the closest thing they’ve got but Noah begins the procedure himself when saving the man’s life becomes a race against time. This is his first time ever actually “operating” on a patient and literally, my mind just kept churning the word “liability.” That clearly doesn’t matter to them though because as doctors and doctors in training, the mindset it “save lives first, deal with consequences later.”

In this case though, the consequences were grave. Will and Nina arrive to assist but things get messy as the patient begins bleeding out, losing functionality and running out of time. They stabilize him and rush him over to Med as quickly as possibly, but was it good enough?

Dr. Rhodes takes the patient in for surgery and Halstead is praying for a miracle, knowing that this could have killed the patient and implicated him. Did he make the right call, he wonders. When the patient doesn’t wake up from his surgical coma, Halstead is convinced his patient is brain dead because of him. Thankfully, Rhodes received his training from Downey, an expert surgeon, and the patient pulls through, cognitive responses and all.

Dr. Choi’s patient is a 74-year-old woman who was brought in initially from exhaustion but the situation takes a weird turns.  The patient overdoses on medication that should have been working correctly with her other prescriptions and Choi realizes she hasn’t been taking her meds. The labs reveal that she’s malnourished. A brief consult with Dr. Charles determines that she has been slanging her prescription pills on the street for cash and eating cat food to survive. Yikes. And the reason? Keeping up appearances with her neighbor got too expensive and she was sacrificing her health and her meals to afford to hottest and most luxurious purses, not knowing her neighbors son was the one was buying her all these lavish things. People will go so far just to look good to others, it’s unbelievable.

Dr. Manning has the hardest case this week, as always, because she deals with innocent kids. A mother brings her young daughter to the Med because she’s all of a sudden having trouble hearing. The CT scans reveal something very scary – the young girl has had multiple skull fractures. When Dr. Charles and Manning accuse the mom of child abuse, she explains that her ex was abusive, which is why she pretended that he was dead and kidnapped her daughter.

She begs the doctors not to report it to the police but under law, they are required to. Dr. Manning runs a few more tests after seeing that the young girl is having trouble coloring in the lines and realizes that the girl has a genetic condition which causes bones and muscles to become weak and bruise easily. The mother begins freaking out realizing she made a huge mistake and broke the law for no reason. PD’s Olinsky comes to arrest the mother and Sarah wonders what’s the use in doing the right thing when it feels so terrible. A woman tried to do everything to protect her child and lost everything in the process. Sometimes, the system is set up for failure and we can’t do a damn thing about it.

And on top of all of that, Goodwin finally filed her legal separation from her husband. It was a hard and bittersweet moment but thankfully she didn’t have to dwell on it too much because Dr. Rhodes came to the rescue with some tiki drinks on the river. There is nothing tiki drinks cannot solve, even a hard day as doctor in Chicago.

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Brian Tee’s ‘Chicago Med’ Exit Explained



Brian Tee's 'Chicago Med' Exit Explained

We’re just a few weeks away from Brian Tee’s final Chicago Med episode. 

The actor will depart the series on the Dec 7 episode, which will also feature his wedding to longtime love and fiancee, April (Yaya DaCosta).

People exclusively revealed photos from the couple’s big day, and now, we’re getting some more insight as to how Ethan Choi will be written off. 

Co-showrunner Andrew Schneider explained that after the wedding, Ethan and April will start a “mobile clinic so that together they can take first-rate medical care to underserved neighborhoods in Chicago.”

We absolutely love this idea as it stays true to his character, and it falls in line with April’s professional aspirations.

Schneider emphasized that the couple will be staying in the Windy City despite leaving Gaffney, which means that there is a chance for both Tee and DaCosta to return for a guest appearance in the near future if they choose. Tee has already been announced as a director of the upcoming 16th episode.

In the previous episode, Choi’s co-workers at the hospital were all surprised to get an invitation to the wedding considering the couple was broken up for quite some time. And while it may seem abrupt and haste, Choi told Charles that losing his father put a lot of things in perspective for him, and he’s finally ready to be the man that April always knew he could be. 

We can’t wait to see their beautiful wedding pan out on the fall finale of Chicago Med!

When and Why Is Brian Tee Leaving ‘Chicago Med’?

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Chicago Med

When and Why Is Brian Tee Leaving ‘Chicago Med’?



Chicago Med Review Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes Season 7 Episode 19

Brian Tee, who plays Ethan Choi on Chicago Med since season 1 of Chicago Med, has announced his departure.

Tee previously told Deadline that his final appearance will be on episode 9 titled “Could Be The Start Of Something New” airing December 7.

The outlet notes that following the end of his six-year contract, Tee decided not to renew, choosing to spend time with his wife and daughter, who was only 5 weeks when he signed on for the series.

The actor will also be pursuing other projects and experiences within the field, and fans will be glad to know that he will return to the One Chicago franchise in no time to direct episode 16 of the season.

It’ll surely be hard to say goodbye to one of the OGs, but there’s comfort in knowing that the character may finally follow where his heart leads him as he has seemingly rekindled a relationship with on-again, off-again love interest April, played by Yaya DaCosta, who has appeared as a guest star on a few episodes this season.

“Playing Dr. Ethan Choi on Chicago Med has been such a gift and a blessing. I am forever grateful to our fans and my colleagues both in front of and behind the camera as I embark on a new journey. I am forever indebted to Dick Wolf, NBC, and Universal Television for choosing me,” he noted in the interview with the outlet at the time, adding, “What we’ve been planning for Dr. Choi’s sendoff is fitting, and it’s beautiful. I think the fans are going to absolutely love it. It’s going to bring a little bit of the new Ethan and a little bit of the old. Know that episode 9 is going to be an amazing one.”

We’ll miss you, Choi!

Season 8 of Chicago Med has undergone a lot of character rotations—you can see all the cast exits in 2022 right here!

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Colin Donnell Reveals If He Would Return to ‘Chicago Med’



Chicago Med Over Troubled Water

Is Colin Donnell interested in making his way back to Gaffney? Dr. Connor Rhodes exited the series three seasons ago, but he remains a fan-favorite to this day.

Is there a chance fans might see him again on Chicago Med? In a recent interview, Donnell explained that it’s always a possibility. 

“I loved my time on Chicago Med, and I loved Andy and Diane,” the actor told TVLine, adding, “I loved our crew so much, the cast was so wonderful, and I know they’ve had a lot of comings and goings since I’ve left myself. But yeah, why ever close a door?”

As for show runners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, they are also open to Rhodes’ return if Donnell would be interested, explaining, “I don’t think you can ever rule that out.”

They continued: “Colin was a guy we loved working with. He was a very strong member of the cast for a long time, and we would welcome to see him again.”

Okay, then it’s settled—at some point, Donnell needs to grace Gaffney with his presence, especially as the series has lost so many actors this year already with Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) on his way out in the upcoming December episode.

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