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Chicago Med – Intervention (1×11)

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Dr. Halstead has become a royal pain in the butt at Chicago Med. With each week, Goodwin’s frustration with him grows as he tries to do the best patients that sometimes don’t really want the best for themselves.

Not only is he getting sued for going against a dying patients wishes, which to be honest is a little cruel of the patient, he’s also giving parents who don’t vaccinate their children a piece of his mind. Understandably so. Two parents end up in the ER with their daughter who is complaining of headaches and fevers. Initially, Manning and Halstead believe she’s got meningitis, but lab results show its actually some kind of rare virus that could have been prevented by vaccinations. Of course the parents believe vaccinations are the devil so now everyone their daughter came in contact with, including her siblings and classmates, are at risk of infection. As Halstead and Manning are giving out vaccination shots at the girls school, her teacher falls in with the infection and begins choking. Desperate for a solution, Manning gives her mouth to mouth, thus infecting herself. Obviously, Halstead is pretty peeved, especially considering she has a toddler at home. Sometimes, doctors just don’t know when to stop helping others and help themselves.

The only good thing that came out of Halstead’s explosive blowouts at patients – Manning finally addressed the kiss and didn’t dismiss him. Instead, she said “pause” because she’s just not ready to pursue the relationship after loosing her fiancee. I definitely like these two together.

A couple I don’t like together – Sam and Dr. Rhodes. I was okay with the fact that they were sleeping together but lately she’s become more annoying than Halstead with her jealousy over the fact that Downey chose Rhodes to be his protege over her. Eventually, she got so fed up that she revealed that she’s accepting a lead position in Boston. Bye bye Sam!

Rhodes was faced with some tough choices after a patient asked him to remove a heart pump that was keeping him alive. The pump was only causing him pain and suffering so its understandable that he was just over it all, especially knowing that he wasn’t even near the top of the list for a heart transplant. Rhodes initially refused to assist in the suicide, but a quick talk with Downey changed that. In short, if there is a slim chance of survival and the patient is really ok with it, it is ethical and even encouraged. Dr. Choi didn’t agree but it didn’t matter – the procedure was done and the patient died shortly after.

As for Reese, she was tasked with exposing a doctor of malpractice. Chicago Med accepted yet another patient that was misdiagnosed by Dr. Unger, a good friend of Dr. Charles. Reese realized that the problem was something she had to deal with and Goodwin hesitantly agreed, removing his hospital credentials after launching an investigation. It’s not enough to just be a doctor, you have to be a good doctor.

That’s what April realized this week and after seeing her brother flirt up with nurses all day long, she wrote him up for providing the wrong drug, a drug a child was allergic to, to a patient. As much as it pained her, she knew the only way he would learn is by getting in trouble for his mistake.

What did you think of Chicago Med? Are you liking the season so far?

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Chicago Med

Is ‘Chicago Med’ New Tonight? What We Know About Season 9 Episode 5



One Chicago fans are likely itching for new episodes of their favorite dramas, but unfortunately, you’ll have to wait quite a bit for them to arrive.

The franchise is taking a brief hiatus and skipping a week (already, I know, doesn’t it feel like season 9 just started?). There will be no new episode on February 14, 2024, likely because the network figured that with Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, they would lose out on a good chunk of audience. Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 5 will return the following week on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. In place of a new episode, NBC will be airing a rerun of the season 9 premiere

Those looking forward to even more drama in the ED can check out the synopsis for the upcoming episode, titled “I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You”—Goodwin recruits Charles to evaluate her ex-husband’s memory; Archer treats one of Sean’s peers from the rehab centre; Asher treats a woman from a rural clinic whose miscarriage was improperly treated.

You can also check out a promo for the episode to keep you hanging in until next week! 


In the meantime, check out our gallery of One Chicago stars who have left the series

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Chicago Med

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4 Review – These are Not the Droids You are Looking For



Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4 Review - These are Not the Droids You are Looking For

On Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4, the ED doctors were presented with two cases that left them a little stumped, plus the new resident continued with her renegade antics, to which Dr. Archer immediately put a stop to. 

Zola teamed up with Maggie to treat a patient named Floyd who had abdominal pain and nausea. But like with most of the patients that she’s encountered during her short tenure, Floyd’s insurance declined to cover the cost of some of the many tests he needed to help them come up with a treatment plan. While Maggie immediately shut down the option of “fraud,”—and bold of Zola to even suggest it—she did run some bloodwork off-site, though it didn’t reveal anything helpful. Zola then took it upon herself to ask a tech in CT to run a scan off-books, but that also came up short, so they didn’t have much of a choice but to discharge him. But Floyd was back soon after he left with persistent vomiting, and at that point, it was considered a medical emergency so his insurance had to cover the cost of surgery. While the initial suspicion was that his gallbladder was acting up, Crockett found a piece of wire from a barbecue brush lodged in his abdominal wall—a reminder that you shouldn’t use those wired brushes to clean your grill! 

Zola’s behavior was reprimanded by Archer, but to go along with his new grateful outlook on life, he signed her up for ethics classes for a 10-week period rather than firing her, which is honestly, probably something beneficial. Zola doesn’t like to see people turned away from the care that they need because of red tape, which she explained stems from the loss of her neighbor when she was 16 after she didn’t see a doctor in time to fight lung cancer because of the holdups with insurance. It’s a sound reason–and her fight is admirable, which makes it hard to disagree with her at times—but rules are there for a reason. Oftentimes, there are workarounds or ways to bend them in your favor, but you can’t cross the line completely or it could cost you and the hospital.

Archer took issue with Zola, but Hannah Asher seemed to have her back, recalling how long it took him to warm up to her. Asher’s love life has been a hot topic, mostly because the series is trying to push her and Ripley together, but it was hilarious to see her navigate her first D pic, especially because it revealed that the caveman-like suitor Wyatt had some kind of lesion that looked like it might be syphilis.

She played her cards right, getting him to agree to meet her in the ED before she sent in Ripley to get him a medical diagnosis. The look on his face was priceless. 

While it ended up not being an STI, it was partially the reason for her decision to cancel their dinner later that night. This was not the beginning of their love story! And, in general, D pics are a major red flag for most women, sorry, Wyatt. 

It’s nice to see Asher, Nellie and Zola form a little girl group where they can chat about things like dating—hospital gossip is the best kind. 

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4 Review - These are Not the Droids You are Looking For

CHICAGO MED — “These Are Not the Droids You are Looking For” Episode 9004 — Pictured: (l-r) S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin, Nicolette Robinson as Tara Goodwin — (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)

Dr. Johnson is in the building, and I’m hoping for our sake—and Maggie’s—that he sticks around. Med needs some fresh blood, and Johnson is the perfect fit. And while I loved Maggie and Ben, it definitely seems like that ship has sailed and there’s a bit of interest from Johnson, so I’m rooting for them.

Sharon’s family drama also took center stage when her ex-husband Bert and her nephew Isaiah were brought into the ED after the former fell on the latter. While it seemed like just a mere accident (and thankfully no one was seriously injured), Isaiah’s mother (and Sharon’s daughter) Tara was convinced something else was up with her dad, which Sharon dismissed initially. But when Tara provided proof of Bert opening up a closet door and forgetting where he was on Isaiah’s toddler camera, Sharon could no longer deny it, even if she wanted everything to turn out okay. Bert’s cognitive health might be declining, which will likely put a strain on her new relationship. She and Bert may no longer be together, but they remain on good terms and she cares about him a lot, so she’ll be there for the father of her children. 

What did you think of the episode? 

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Chicago Med

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 3 Review – What Happens in the Dark Always Comes to Light



Things got a little messy in the ED on Chicago Med Season 10 Episode 3. Think delivering your first date’s wife’s baby messy.

Hannah learned the hard way that things can go very wrong on dating apps—and people aren’t always who they say they are. She thought she had a really great first date—aside from having to peel off to help revive two bargoers overdosing on cocaine laced with fentanyl—with Kyle, but the next day, she was ambushed at work by Kyle’s (real name Nick) very pregnant wife.

Of course, Hannah didn’t know her date had a wife, let alone a pregnant one, so it came as quite a shocker, but even as she was being accused of being a homewrecker, she put her patient first, and when the woman went into labor, she promised to help her deliver the baby safely.

Thankfully, it was just one date, so Hannah dodged a bullet (Nick didn’t even show all that much remorse aside from offering lame excuses), but it wasn’t a huge loss as even during the date, there was an exchange of chemistry between Hannah and the new doc Ripley. They make a cute pair, so I’m rooting for them, but I’m also a bit wary considering Dr. Charles’ concerns over his impulsive behavior, including the anger from his teenage years. He seems to have gotten a hold on it, but we’ll see what happens as the season progresses. 

It was also the first time that Hannah worked with someone other than Archer, who is recovering from his kidney transplant with his son Sean, but it was a nice way to mix things up on the ED floor.

It was hard not to feel for Tessa, who was blindsided by her husband’s cheating, but I wish women would place less blame on other women and hold their husbands more accountable. Instead of tracking down Hannah at the hospital to call her out in front of all of her colleagues, she should’ve spoken with Nick first. More often than not, the other woman doesn’t know the full truth—and it takes two to tango. 

Crockett and Ahmad were paired up once again, and she was, as per usual, up to her rogue shenanigans. Her intentions are always good with her patients in mind, but her execution could use a little work, especially when she blasted Crockett’s name on a viral social media post attacking the insurance company.

Crockett likely has a lot of opinions about how things work in the medical industry, but there’s a way of making change without poking the bear. Sometimes, it’s necessary, but you don’t always want to burn your bridges. Ahmad’s impulsivity is her weakness—and she should heed Crockett’s advice and use the people in those rooms to her advantage to make a real impact. Having Sharon Goodwin on your side is much more beneficial than making an enemy out of her. Ahmad’s unconventional approach did, however, ensure that the insurance pushed through her patient’s surgery, likely saving his life, but it was also Crockett’s speech about insurance companies crossing into doctors’ lane and the need to fight back against their prior authorization that convinced the hospital to pay out of pocket for the surgery. He’s also going to be spearheading the negotiations, which will hopefully work in the patients’ favor moving forward. It’s nice to have doctors who care. 

Those two are going to be a force to be reckoned with if Ahmad learns to hit the brakes a little. She adds an interesting dynamic to the ED floor (she’s definitely a Halstead in her own right), and while I mostly like her, there’s something about her that’s just a little off. She’s too chipper, it’s bound to rub people the wrong way. You can see that this thing between them is going to turn romantic, but I wish she was a little less subtle in her eagerness to make a good impression on him. 

Dr. Charles helped a patient whose wife was scared that he was depressed and going to hurt himself. She went through hoops to trick him into coming to the ED by faking a wrist sprain, but it was well worth it in the end as Charles identified his symptoms as early pancreatic cancer. But the way he thanked his wife? Asking her for a divorce! It all hit Maggie right in the feels as she’s going through a heartbreaking divorce of her own and coming to terms with the fact that Ben will no longer be her support system. I wish these two would work it out because I’m still rooting for them! 

As for Sharon Goodwin, she’s finally found happiness with Dr. Washington, the head of oncology. Goodwin has always been a private person who doesn’t mix her personal life with her professional one, but she can no longer deny her feelings for him nor does she want to. By the end of the hour, she tells her beau that she’s ready for everyone to know about their blossoming romance—and no one deserves it more! 

What did you think of the episode? Are you enjoying the addition of Dr. Ripley and Ahmad? Are you missing the old doctors? Share your thoughts! 

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