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Chicago PD Recap Season 8 Episode 5 Yup, This is The World We Live In Chicago PD Recap Season 8 Episode 5 Yup, This is The World We Live In

Chicago Med

Chicago Med Review – Yup, This is The World We Live In (805)

CHICAGO MED -- "Yup, This is The World We Live In" Episode 805 -- Pictured: (l-r) Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton, Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood -- (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC/Universal)



Another day, another supply shortage that made treating patients much more difficult for the doctors of Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 5.

Will and Vanessa’s rogue plan of relying on a drug dealer to get the necessary meds for their patients last week landed them in hot water when said drug dealer, Devon, was rushed to the ED after overdosing.

Devon’s arrival was next level as whatever drugs he took made him overly aggressive, turning him into the Incredible Hulk. Lots of things were broken in his violent rage, including Dr. Archer’s ribs. His jaw was also dislocated, which made for a pretty painful day for him in the ED. Since he wouldn’t allow an intern to treat him, Dr. Asher stepped in to reduce his jaw, but when she didn’t prescribe him enough painkillers, he freaked out on her in a verbally abusive manner. Asher was apologetic, but honestly, it was uncalled for. He eventually apologized for his outburst caused by the pain, but Asher was understanding as her own experience with painkillers clouded her judgment. The series keeps pushing these two closer and closer together, and I’m wondering if it’s going to end up in a romantic relationship. 

 After the cops were called in to question Devon, Will and Vanessa’s involvement came to light. Maggie, who has noticed that the two have been whispering in corners lately—Doris even thought they were a couple—was shocked and upset, but the hospital board didn’t press charges. And surprisingly. Sharon Goodwin was mostly upset that she was left in the dark. She acknowledged that the shortages were limiting their ability to treat patients and since they are doctors who care a lot about patients, she understood that they’ve been forced to get creative with their approach. And honestly, while relying on a street dealer was a risky move, they had the best intentions. Thankfully, their patient, Rose, didn’t suffer any symptoms as a result and was grateful that they went above and beyond to save her life. 

Maggie immediately blamed Halstead for “dragging” Vanessa down, and she wouldn’t hear otherwise even though we all know that it was Vanessa who went behind his back and got the drugs. Maybe it’s best if Maggie doesn’t know. 

The patient that Crockett saved after the derailed train was brought to Med after his lungs collapsed as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals from the train battery. He was in dire need of a lung transplant, and his boss, and billionaire founder, Dayton, was willing to do anything to make it happen. Unfortunately, they were faced with another tubing shortage that prevented them from putting the patient on ECMO until the lungs were ready. And that’s when another creative idea came into the mix as Dayton and his engineering team agreed to construct a chamber to help prep the lungs. The surgery ended up being a massive success, and Crockett was now two-for-two incredible saves on the same patient. Fame was coming his way as Dayton was updating his millions of online fans in real-time, but as we’ve seen from any other situation where a doctor has gotten into the spotlight for their good deeds, it isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

Charles and Nellie dealt with an influx of psych patients, but they struggled to find the room to take care of all of them. Nellie began to doubt the psych field, thinking she was simply shuffling patients around rather than helping them. The doubts were placed there by her parents, who didn’t take her field or status as a doctor seriously, but through all of it, she actually scored a huge win after she connected with a patient, Harris, and even discovered that his fear of the dangerous outdoors likely stemmed from a recent mass shooting outside his apartment that triggered some buried fear. I love seeing Nellie find her footing, especially with Charles’ help as he acknowledged that the system is broken but they try their best regardless. The work they do is important but not always visible in the way that a surgeon’s work is, yet it doesn’t make it less important. The brain is a powerful organ, so in many cases, the careful work they do is almost more important than anything else because there’s no simple fix. 

We were graced with another April appearance as she returned to Med with a patient from her clinic, Brock, who they were struggling to diagnose. I initially thought she didn’t want Choi to treat Brock because I assumed he was April’s new boyfriend and she thought it would be awkward, but in reality, April was just there as a supportive nurse looking for a cure. After running all the labs, Choi determined that Brock had MIS, an infection triggered after COVID that typically presents in children. He did, however, figure out that Brock went AWOL from active duty, which is why April didn’t want Choi to treat him in the first place. She was scared that Choi would figure it out and turn Brock in, but boy, we’re seeing a new side of Choi these days. Instead of passing judgment, he gave April the name of a military lawyer that could help Brock when he returned to Savannah.

April also asked Maggie to hit up the club so that they could catch up, but in the final moments of the episode, April ran into Choi on the dance floor instead. The scene definitely made me chuckle because they looked so out of place, but also, good on them for letting loose after such a chaotic day. And it’s safe to say that April and Choi are going to get back together, and since Choi is leaving the show, I can accept that they’re finally going to get their happily ever after. Some people are just meant to be, especially after they’ve spent time apart and grown as individuals. 

What did you think of the episode, Cravers? 

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    Chicago Med

    Is ‘Chicago Med’ New Tonight? What We Know About Season 8 Episode 16



    One Chicago fans are likely itching for new episodes of their favorite dramas, but unfortunately, you’ll have to wait just a smidge longer. 

    It’s going to be a bit until we catch up with our friends at Gaffney Medical. The last Chicago Med episode aired on March 1, and Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 16 won’t be back on the air until Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

    However, it will be worth the wait as the episode, which is currently untitled, finds the 2.0 causing quite a bit of trouble in the ED. 

    As evidenced by the teaser trailer, the hospital spearheads a “rescue situation” after a patient is pinned against the machine with a pair of scissors lodged in his neck.

    “The magnet is holding everything in place,” Hannah Asher can be heard saying, adding that “when gravity takes over, we’ll have 20 seconds until he bleeds out.” 

    As the tense situation unfolds, the patient looks rather concerned, asking Neil Archer if he’s going to die. 

    Can Gaffney’s finest pull this off and save him in time?

    You can watch the gut-wrenching promo below:

    In the meantime, check out our gallery of One Chicago stars who have left the series

    Is ‘Chicago PD’ New Tonight? Everything We Know About Season 10 Episode 13

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    Chicago Med

    Chicago Med Review – Those Times You Have Crossed The Line (815)



    Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 15 Recap Those Times You Have Crossed The Line

    A janitor’s strike made for quite a mess at Gaffney on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 15. 

    The strike has been a few episodes in the making, with this installment resulting in a direct impact on patient care.

    All of the nurses on staff were forced to pitch in and help out with cleaning the rooms to pick up the slack from the scabs, and even then they couldn’t prevent a full-on bed bug outbreak. And honestly, it was gross. 

    No patient deserves to walk into an ER seeking help only to end up getting a rash. I’m not surprised that Will’s patient Walter was upset with the service he received. And it’s actually quite embarrassing for a respected hospital like Gaffney. The place has a 2.0 AI machine to help with surgeries yet they can’t pay their janitorial staff a livable wage. I understand not wanting to cave in and set a precedent for all the other unions, but as evidenced, the janitors are essential to the hospital as without clean rooms they are unable to deliver the standard of care that’s necessary. 

    Someone like Jack Dayton should honestly understand that better than anyone. 

    Eventually, the board and the union were able to come to an agreement, but it did come at the expense of some longtime patients who once believed Med was a good and reliable hospital. 

    Crockett was once again caught up with 2.0, though this time, he embraced his skills and knowledge rather than following the AI blindly. While treating his patient, an 11-year-old whose leg was brutally injured by a machine on her family farm, 2.0 suggested that the blood flow to the leg was only 7% which would warrant an amputation. It pained Crockett to perform this procedure, and right before going through with it, he realized that the foot was getting its color back. When he re-ran the tests, 2.0 agreed that the leg was likely salvageable. It’s nice to see him using the machine in the way it’s intended—as an aid rather than as an end all be all. 

    Crockett’s one misstep, however, was calling in DCFS for the situation that was far from abuse. While he might not agree with children working on a family farm, it’s simply the reality for too many people. It’s a good thing Maggie stepped in and talked some sense into him because DCFS is permanent and can do a lot of damage. And in this case, Crockett was too blinded by his anger to get the full picture—Abby’s father warned her not to get too close to the machine but she didn’t listen because she wanted to help. It was all her fault, and Crockett almost made it worse for everyone involved. I love how much he cares about his patients, but sometimes, you have to take a step back. 

    Dr. Johnson was a good addition and seems like he’d be a great fit at Med. I mean, why else would they even introduce Abby’s personal doctor if he wasn’t going to stick around? The series could use some fresh blood. 

    Dr. Charles was on the front lines of the protest supporting Liliana, which was sweet. It’s been a tough situation to manage as he wanted to be supportive of his girlfriend while also supporting Sharon Goodwin, who is siding with the hospital. I thought things there’d be more tension between them, but that wasn’t the case as Goodwin understood why Charles needed to extend his support. Instead, Goodwin fought to convince the board to do the right thing by the janitors, while Charles was called in to assist with a case involving a former patient, David. 

    CHICAGO MED — “Some Problems Require a Shock to the System” Episode 815 — Pictured: (l-r) Karin Anglin as Patty Sullivan, Madison Durks as Eric Sullivan, John Henry Ward as David Sullivan, Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles — (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)

    In a prior episode, David was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, and despite taking his meds, his parents brought him in because they were concerned that their son was convinced he was dead. Worst of all—he thought Dr. Cuevas was the reason he died because she gave him medication. It seems as though he was simply not jiving with the drugs, but Charles had another solution—electroshock therapy. We’ve never seen him suggest this type of treatment to anyone, but in David’s case, it was their only option that seemed to have the desired effect. David was a little more receptive after being treated, he had a more emotional reaction to his parents, and he no longer heard voices. A psychiatrist’s shift is never really over, and it’s a good thing because Charles knows what he’s doing. 

    Cuevas assisted Archer with his patient, a woman who came into the ED after experiencing debilitating stomach pain that ended up being a result of her compulsion to eat hair otherwise known as trichophagia. After Archer removed a huge hairball from her stomach, she initially denied it, but when her daughter, who was undergoing chemo for breast cancer, came to visit, she finally admitted that she was eating her daughter’s hair as it was falling out because it made her feel better and numbed the pain. It was quite a surprising twist, but I’m just glad they got to the bottom of it and were able to get her help. 

    Archer also had a big moment with his son Sean, who was making amends with his father as part of his recovery program. Archer dismissed Sean’s apology initially because he felt so bad for not being there for him and his mother when they needed him the most and for pushing them away. It was truly heartbreaking to see, but it’s also nice that Archer is finally breaking down those walls, admitting his faults, and opening up in a way that makes his character more dimensional. 

    What did you think of the episode? 

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    Chicago Med

    Chicago Med Review – On Days Like Today… Silver Linings Become Lifelines (814)



    Chicago Med Recap Season 8 Episode 14 n Days Like Today… Silver Linings Become Lifelines

    Things are bustling at Gaffney Medical on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 14.

    While there was no winter storm to keep anyone down this time, the characters dealt with some complex cases that tested their moral and ethical responsibilities. 

    Asher rushed to the hospital to check on her patient, Liza, a former friend who was pregnant and struggling with an addiction. Asher promised to be a source of unwavering support, and she did not let Liza down, championing her every step of the way through pre-birth, birth, and her relapse shortly after. 

    It was a heartbreaking storyline but one that reminded audiences just how far Asher has come and how committed she is to helping others who walk the same path. Liza wanted to be a good mom, but she had vices that were just too strong. When Asher found her overdosing in the bathroom, she didn’t judge her or immediately rush to call DCFS despite Archer’s suggestion. Instead, she stood firmly in Liza’s corner, asking to buy some time so she could figure out a solution that didn’t strip Liza of her motherly agency. 

    While it wasn’t safe to send the baby—who Liza later named Hannah—home with her mother, they did find a temporary solution that would get Liza the help she needed while ensuring that her daughter was taken care of, with the eventual goal of reuniting them both. 

    Asher is a true ride-or-die, and the more we get to know her, the more she’s becoming one of my favorite characters. 

    Halstead actually did the right thing—on his own—for what may be the first time ever. While it was tempting to look the other way on Isaac’s results, Halstead knew that he had to order additional testing to rule out anything serious before they allowed him to go through with his kidney transplant. 

    Unfortunately, the MRI revealed that Isaac had cancer, which destroyed his only shot at getting a new kidney—and that’s not the news anyone wanted, especially Isaac.

    While it was a tough call to make, and Nellie seemingly wanted Halstead to just turn a blind eye, it was the right one. Isaac’s body could never handle chemo and kidney treatment. The poor man walked into the ED hoping for a clean break and was dealt an even worse set of cards, but that’s the reality of life sometimes, and there’s nothing we can do about it. 

    Crockett, who has become 2.0’s biggest champion, found himself a little let down by the AI, but it was a good reminder that putting all your faith into a computerized robot isn’t what makes anyone a good doctor. Crockett has stopped relying on his skills and instincts, which is never good as that’s what made him the best of the best. 2.0 should be a guiding tool, but it should never do the work for you! 

    Audiences also got to see Crockett attach a severed hand to a leg to keep it alive longer before reattachment. I’m not exactly sure if this is possible in real life, but it was a seriously impressive and out-of-the-box solution. 

    Dr. Charles found himself walking a thin line between his personal and professional life. Liliana came to him about a custodial strike taking place at Gaffney, and naturally, he wanted to do everything in his power to help her. 

    However, he may have crossed a line when questioning why the hospital wouldn’t give the workers a 6% raise. While everyone deserves it, Sharon Goodwin was right that it would set a bad precedent for all the other union negotiations. And at the end of the day, her job is to cut costs and keep them down. It’s hospital politics. Charles should know that, so it was clear that he overstepped, letting his personal feelings for Liliana get in the way. 

    Liliana was also out of line for asking Charles to go on the record against the hospital. He’s good friends with Goodwin, so it’s in bad taste, plus, he doesn’t have a stake in the game. He already advocated for her and pushed some buttons, which she didn’t seem too grateful for. I’m not digging this relationship at all. 

    Of course, the promo for the upcoming episode reveals that a hospital strike is going to happen—and it won’t be pretty for those working the ED. 

    Speaking of relationships, Goodwin agreed to have lunch with a potential new board member, Dr. Thomas, at the request of Jack Dayton, and despite dreading the afternoon, it turned out to be a great meeting. She hit it off Thomas immediately, as he revealed some deep roots to the hospital—he was born there!

    He seems like a decent guy who actually cares about the hospital and improving the patient experience, so I think she should endorse him for the board so that she has someone on her side. And I’m definitely not against the chemistry either. Goodwin deserves some love and happiness, and though she may have turned down Thomas’ offer for drinks, she was seriously considering it. Maybe next time she’ll take the leap? I almost feel like Dayton meant to set them up.

    What did you think of the episode?

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