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Chicago Med Recap Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In Season 7 Episode 4 Chicago Med Recap Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In Season 7 Episode 4

Chicago Med

Chicago Med Review – Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In (7×04)

CHICAGO MED -- "Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In" Episode 704 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kristin Hager as Dr. Stevie Hammer, Asjha Cooper as Vanessa Taylor -- (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)



Speaking of status quo, the episode was a pretty straightforward installment of Chicago Med

Two storylines continued to be weaved through the cases of the week: Dr. Halstead’s involvement in Vas-COM and Crockett’s mentorship of Taylor. 

Dr. Halstead found himself almost crossing a line he couldn’t come back from when he considered sabotaging Dr. Neal Archer’s equipment in order to make a case for the Vas-COM. 

Thankfully, he put the patient first and stopped himself from doing something pretty terrible.

But in this case, I feel for Halstead. Goodwin has thrown him into a pretty messy situation, and she hasn’t given him any instructions as to how to proceed. 

Dr. Neal became an unexpected obstacle when Halstead couldn’t convince him to switch over to the Vas-COM. 

Neal’s response was expected, so I don’t know why Halstead ever thought he’d be able to change his mind. 

Also, Neal isn’t someone I would want to cross in this situation as he’s proven that he won’t hesitate to cause a scene or speak his mind. 

Episode after episode, I find myself muttering “he’s the worst” on several occasions. 

Chicago Med Recap Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In Season 7 Episode 4

CHICAGO MED — “Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In” Episode 704 — Pictured: (l-r) Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer, Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead — (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)

I don’t know how this is going to pan out, but I don’t see it ending well for Halstead. 

Halstead had a pretty interesting case involving a frat bro with a severe stomach ache who was suffering from a tear caused by an ice cube. 

A little warning for those who like to eat ice chips: watch out… one wrong move and you could end up in Halstead’s ED. 

Taylor did cross a line with Crockett when she mistook his kindness for something a little more. 

Who can blame Taylor? Crockett is charming as hell. He’s taken his position as an adviser to heart and wants to make sure that she doesn’t burn herself out. 

There’s nothing stopping this romance either, but I can see how Crockett wouldn’t want to put himself or Taylor in that position.

However, knowing Chicago Med, it’s only a matter of time before he reciprocates those feelings. 

I wish I could say that the little heart-to-heart between Taylor and Dr. Hammer was cute, but they don’t really have that relationship built up, so it was unexpected. 

I wouldn’t want her to use this against Taylor in any way. 

Hammer, Taylor, and Maggie teamed up to prove that a patient was misdiagnosed over 30 years ago and found that Ashley never had cancer in the first place. 

She’s been living with the reality that she had a malignant tumor when it was, in fact, benign. 

While it was comforting to see her finally find out the truth, it was heartbreaking to learn that she lived her whole life constantly thinking that she was going to die. 

She should be able to sue that cancer center for misdiagnosis! They stole so much from her!

The best team-up on the series continues to be between Dr. Scott and Dr. Charles. 

Neal suggested that there wasn’t a place for psychology in the ED, but time and time again, cases prove that it is so vital. 

In fact, more emphasis needs to be put on mental health.

Scott’s situation with Roland was the perfect example of how flawed the system is.

If he hadn’t arrived on the scene, the altercation with the CPD likely would’ve ended with Roland in the ground rather than seeking the proper treatment to learn that he was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia!

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, cops aren’t given resources to deal with mental health issues such as psychotic breaks.

They immediately reach for their weapon, and while sometimes, it’s necessary, in Roland’s case, he simply needed to be calmed down and treated like a human being.

Dr. Charles was eventually able to realize that Roland’s medication was hurting rather than helping him. Instead of schizophrenia, Roland had bipolar disorder, which explained the break. 

I love that the case ushered in a storyline where Scott and Charles will work alongside the CPD as resources to reform the current practices and teach de-escalation techniques. 

Simply, a better understanding of mental health could make a world of difference. 

And there’s no one better, more experienced, and kinder for the job than Dr. Charles. 

Finally —  and this is just a rogue criticism — what’s up with all these new doctors at Med stepping on toes?

There were two doctor’s that Crockett butted heads with about treatment that just felt so out of character for the series.

It’s not nearly as compelling when he gets into it with two doctors that don’t actually have a larger presence on the show. We’re obviously always going to root for Crockett! 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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Chicago Med

Chicago Med Review – Change Is a Tough Pill to Swallow (7×05)



Chicago Med Review Change is a Tough Pill to Swallow Season 7 Episode 5

Vanessa is headed down a dangerous path on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode. 

She’s an overachiever who arrives early to her internship at Gaffney and stays up all night studying for the boards, but eventually, that’s going to catch up with you. 

She made a few mistakes while taking on too many patients into her rotation, and even though it ended up being something that wasn’t entirely her fault, she was very hard on herself. 

Then, when she tried to help a young boy see his brother after surgery, it also backfired on her. 

You’d think that after all of this, Vanessa would call it quits, but she continued to push herself and popped an Adderall to stay awake to study. 

If she keeps this up, she’s going to end up in one of the hospital beds due to exhaustion. 

Dr. Crockett has been running into a little “red tape” this season when it comes to other physicians and surgeons. 

However, he proved that following your gut goes the extra mile. 

He’s always had really great instincts, so shame on Dr. Archer for making him doubt that, brushing him off, and suggesting that he play along with the hospital politics.

No doctor that has ever tapped into hospital politics in order to get ahead is someone that’s respected or well-known for his craft. 

Archer continues to prove just how unfit he is to run the ED. 

Crockett’s decision to take Avery down the OR went against what Dr. Blake wanted, but it was a sound decision and saved her daughter’s life. 

Dr. Blake took note and pulled him in to assist with another procedure. 

Also, did anyone pick up on the vibes between Avery and Crockett? Crockett has chemistry with everyone!

Dr. Charles assisted on a family case this week when a boy was brought in with head trauma. 

In a surprising twist, it was revealed that Alex, the injured kid, riled up Ryan so that he would hit him in hopes of getting some love and attention.

It was a sad realization that showed just how far some kids will go. 

Ryan was getting the brunt of his parent’s affection because of his ADHD, which Charles realized was yet another misdiagnosis. 

The poor kid was being pumped with Adderall, which was, in turn, making his anxiety disorder worse. 

This is yet another example of why psychology and psychiatry are important in the ED. 

The case resonated with Dylan, who took some time to thank his father for all the attention he put towards his medical career. 

It’s nice to see these doctors outside of the hospital. His father, a cop, never held his son’s decision to change careers against him. 

And it goes to show that even the smallest little gesture — like bringing Al’s beef — goes a long way.

Out of all the new additions this season, Dylan has been my favorite. And I truly enjoy all of his team-ups with Dr. Charles. 

Halstead quest to unmask the darkness behind the Vas-Com continues, though, it came through a more personal case involving a patient he was assisting Stevie with. 

There wasn’t a clear diagnosis for Eleanor, but her health was deteriorating. Clearly, Halstead didn’t trust the Vas-Com so he pulled it without consulting her. 

Stevie doesn’t mince words, so she immediately called him out for overstepping and wanting to prove that his way was correct. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t know what she didn’t know — that Halstead and Goodwin are putting together a case about the dangers of Vas-Com. 

Halstead couldn’t be upfront about it, so he apologized. I think it was genuine, however, as he seems to realize just how much he steps on everyone’s toes. 

Eventually, the two of them were able to correctly diagnose Eleanor with a rare disease.

Halstead was able to play off why he removed the Vas-Com to Cooper, who informed him that he put it back to monitor vital. 

I may be misinterpreting this, but I think the issue is with the fact that Vas-Com kept pointing at all of Eleanor’s vitals being just fine when her health was declining quickly, right? 

If so, that’s obviously a glaring issue that needs to be addressed. 

Halstead is successfully getting in deeper with Cooper, who invited him to a conference to mingle with the higher-ups. 

This is either going to be really great for Halstead or it’ll blow up in his face. Thankfully, he always Goodwin’s support. 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments! 

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Chicago Med

Chicago Med Review – Be The Change You Want to See (7×03)



Chicago Med Review Be The Change You Want To See Season 7 Episode 3

Dr. Halstead keeps on keepin’ on. 

On Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 3, he successfully baited Dr. Cooper into becoming a rep for Vas-COM and reaping the rewards. 

It didn’t take much convincing on his part either; all he had to do was play the “I’m poor” card, and Cooper at it all up. 

Halstead’s goal will be to prove that Cooper is getting plenty of kickbacks for up-charging the device.

Leave it to Will to be the do-gooder of the hospital. 

Sometimes, it’s fine, but most of the time, it backfires as it did with his patient, Candace. 

Candace was an influential blogger who ended up in the ER and admitted to crying wolf about her lupus diagnosis. She claimed she was having active flair-ups when the reality was that she was in remission for years. 

Halstead immediately got on his holier than thou soap box to judge her in a condescending tone. He even suggested she was taking donations and stealing them from real charities. 

While the writers never cleared that up, it didn’t seem like Candace was lying to get money out of people. She simply liked the sense of community that the diagnosis offered her. 

And had Halstead treated her like a human and gave her some time to explain, he would have known that. 

Or, at the very least, understood where she was coming from. 

Dr. Scott did that, which allowed him to provide some rational and sound advice that convinced Candace to be transparent with her followers. 

Scott is really growing on me, I’ll be honest. 

I love that this is the second time in a week where one of the “newbies” has called Will out on the actions that he continuously repeats (and gets away with!). 

Unfortunately, by the end of the hour, Halstead had to deliver the news that Candace’s lupus was actually active again. 

Dr. Scott also saved a young boy after he was shot while playing pretend with a real gun. 

Chicago Med Review Be The Change You Want To See Season 7 Episode 3

CHICAGO MED — “Be The Change You Want To See” Episode 703 — Pictured: (l-r) Asjha Cooper as Vanessa Taylor, Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

While he really tried to hone in on the “guns are not toys” message, the storyline was worrisome because a child that age should know better. However, it never hurts to have a little reminder! 

Thankfully, Michael was rushed to the hospital in time and was on his way to making a full recovery. 

The shooting took place while Dr. Scott was playing basketball with his sister — a cop — and Atwater. If this means more crossovers with Atwater, I’m on board. 

Also, could this potentially be a new love interest for Atwater? He’s long overdue. 

Dr. Hammer and Maggie spent the episode tending to one of the hospital’s biggest donors, but the storyline took a dangerous turn when the man, Jim, made an unwanted move on Hammer. 

Despite her pleas for him to stop, Jim didn’t let up, and she eventually pushed him off, which caused him to take a tumble.

The hospital’s lawyer questioned Stevie’s accounts of the incident suggesting that a man touching her on the arm wasn’t inappropriate, but thank goodness Goodwin stepped up and emphasized that “no means no.”

Let’s start believing women!

Jim owned up to his actions only after Stevie realized that his actions were being caused by a tumor. 

I’d say Jim is probably feeling like he just got his money’s worth from his donations. 

Elsewhere, Crockett allowed Taylor to shadow him as he attempted to convince a young patient to get immediate surgery on a large tumor in her neck. 

There’s definitely a romance brewing between Crockett and Taylor — which was confirmed by the teaser for the upcoming episode — though, I’m not sure if the feelings are one-sided. 

How much older is Crockett anyway?

You know this isn’t going to sit well with Maggie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she lets it slip that she’s Taylor’s biological mother while trying to keep Crockett at bay. 

Bottom line — Maggie is going to meddle in some way that won’t sit right with Taylor. 

Dr. Charles better gear up for his battle with Dr. Archer, who seems hellbent on getting rid of psychology in the E.D.  According to him, it doesn’t belong in emergency treatment. 

He must not realize how many cases require a consult from Dr. Charles. It would obviously be a mistake on Archer’s part, but he’s never been too fond of therapy or psychology, so this isn’t surprising at all. 

Even something as simple as getting surgery on a tumor required some persuading from Dr. Charles. 

A Chief of the ED that leads with emotion and personal bias isn’t going to last long at all.

The fact that he extended an incentive to the people who are able to have the highest turnover of patients is ridiculous. 

Having more patients does not mean saving more lives, but it does mean carelessness. I wonder if Goodwin signed off on that. 

What did everyone think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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Chicago Med

Chicago Med Review – To Lean In Or To Let Go (7×02)



Chicago Med Review To Lean In Or To Let Go Season 7 Episode 2

Chicago Med isn’t wasting any time kicking the drama between doctors into high gear. 

Two things were evident (but not surprising) on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 2: Will never learns, and no one likes Dr. Archer. 

Let’s start with Will first because boy, oh, boy, it’s hard to believe Goodwin is still thinking of him as a golden boy after he continues to make the same mistakes in the ED. 

Even worse — he defends those mistakes every single time. 

Will crossed a line by “advising” his patient, Brandon, that he could get emancipated in order to avoid a clinical trial. 

He knew what he was doing was wrong, yet he did it anyway.

Will never stopped to consider that maybe there was another healthier approach to convincing the mother against forcing her son into the trial. 

Stevie, however, was able to reason with her and suggest that letting go might be the best option to salvage her relationship with her son. 

Sometimes, you just have to be human. 

Will’s heart was in the right place, but the execution of his plan was so flawed. 

Stevie hasn’t been at Gaffney for that long, but she already knew that Will was leaning into his old ways and called him out on the behavior. 

Tell him, Stevie! 

Will likely didn’t learn his lesson in the slightest, but he was encouraged to take a different approach when it came to busting Dr. Cooper on potentially getting kickbacks from boosting the Vas-COM. 

Instead of going in headfirst and accusing him, Will decided to make himself bait by crying poor, which is another thing he’s always doing. 

Stevie wasn’t wrong, once again. How many times has Will talked about not being able to pay his rent despite his position?

The plan is pretty solid, however, as it will allow him to easily catch Cooper by pretending that he’ll do anything to make money, even if it’s illegal. 

Maggie was making progress with Taylor, who didn’t even seem bothered that she got her a cupcake for her birthday and suggested getting a celebratory drink. 

Chicago Med Review To Lean In Or To Let Go Season 7 Episode 2

CHICAGO MED — “To Lean In Or To Let Go” Episode 702 — Pictured: Asjha Cooper as Vanessa Taylor — (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)

Yet, when Maggie butted into Taylor’s business at the hospital once again, Taylor pushed her away. 

Maggie’s intentions were good, but she’s clearly not good at staying in her own lane. 

Taylor is a grown woman who can take care of herself. 

She’s a good doctor with good intuition, and while it’s always a mother’s instinct to help their child, Taylor didn’t need it. 

Dr. Marcel gave her solid advice, even if it does put her in the crosshairs of the Chief of E.D. 

Archer might not be too pleased with the pushback, but I think it’ll make him respect her more. 

And thanks to Taylor advocating for her course of treatment, they were able to save the patient’s arm! 

There wasn’t nearly enough Dr. Marcel in the episode, though, he’ll make a great mentor to Taylor. 

The medical drama is shaking up the partnerships in such a thrilling way. Even Scott’s scenes with Charles were superb. 

No one seems to vibe with the way Archer runs his E.D., and I bet they can’t wait for Ethan Choi to return from therapy. 

Scott found himself irritated when Archer suggested that they send Krista, a patient who sought treatment after eating too many sleeping pills, to a state hospital. 

The system is obviously broken, which doesn’t sit with Scott. 

The former cop-turned-doctor revealed that he left the force because he felt like he was betraying the very people he was supposed to be protecting. 

After a lot of persistence, Krista finally agreed to seek in-patient psych treatment because she trusted Dr. Charles and Scott, but when they took her to the state hospital, she felt as though she was lied to. 

It was a heartbreaking scene to watch. 

Obviously, this was for the best as it wasn’t the first time she attempted to self-harm, but the fact that there were no other beds means that she’s unlikely to trust doctors in the future. 

Krista deserved better than to be treated like a criminal. 

But I am really glad Scott stood up to Archer’s “drive-thru” approach to patients. I get that a hospital isn’t a charity and needs to turn a profit, but could he be a little more subtle about it? It’s hard to believe he ever has a patient’s best interests in mind. 

Dr. Goodwin isn’t faring too well, and I’m afraid that she might become a patient at her own hospital sometime this season if she doesn’t prioritize her health!

Spikes in blood pressure can be dangerous, and the gig comes with its fair share of stress. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you tired of Will making the same mistakes over and over?

Is Archer you’re least favorite character ever?

Do you like Scott and Stevie?

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