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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 3 Recap Winning the Battle, but Still Loosing the Wa Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 3 Recap Winning the Battle, but Still Loosing the Wa

Chicago Med

Chicago Med Review – Winning the Battle, but Still Losing the War (803)

CHICAGO MED -- "Winning the Battle, but Still Loosing the War" Episode 803 -- Pictured: Brian Tee as Ethan Choi -- (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)



Welcome to the Wild, Wild West… er, sorry, Gaffney Medical. 

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 3 connected back to a patient introduced earlier this season, and I’m so glad that it did because, in my previous review, I mentioned being disappointed that the series just left us hanging when it came to David’s care.

The young man, who Charles diagnosed with schizophrenia in the season 8 premiere episode, was rushed to the ED after running naked into traffic. During his evaluation, Charles and Cuevas informed David’s mother that he was suffering from delusion persecution, which is common in untreated patients. Of course, if you remember, David’s parents had a pretty dramatic reaction to his diagnosis when it was first revealed, which caused them to bolt out of the hospital, something the mother apologizes for. It’s clear now that David’s episodes are only intensifying and this isn’t something they can just turn a blind eye to. David needs real help from professionals—the reality is that he’s dealing with a mental health issue that’s not going to go away anytime soon.

All the stress caused David’s father to collapse, and honestly, if you’re going to have any kind of medical emergency, there’s no better place than the ED. While it seemed as though he had a heart attack, it was actually a tear near his heart that required open heart surgery. The poor mom was just trying to manage everything and navigate this new world for her family, but thankfully, the procedure went off without a hitch. 

The tension between Charles and Cuevas came to a head when they disagreed on how to treat David. Cuevas then bypassed Charles and gave him a high dose of meds to calm him down, which upset Charles as it diminished any progress of building trust that they previously made. Cuevas, however, stood by her decision because it was the “standard care of treatment,” which honestly, infuriated Charles even more. She may not be a trainee, but it’s a rookie mistake as she looked at the patient with a one lens fits all rather than as a human being that has individual needs. She also scoffed at Charles’ approach of giving into David’s delusions because “the literature” warned against it, but Charles, who has been doing this for most of his life, knows what works in actuality better than anyone. 

While Cuevas certainly rubbed me the wrong way, I was really happy to see her come around. There’s no argument that there’s a benefit to updating old and outdated processes, but sometimes, those are the ones that work best. Instead of overriding Dr. Charles, she should’ve been learning from him, asking questions, following his cues, and just absorbing the in-real-life knowledge. That’s why there are mentors and attendees and all that fun stuff. 

But that’s a lesson that needs to be extended to literally most of the residents this season, including Crockett’s resident Kai. Crockett apologized to him, but you could tell that Kai didn’t learn from his mistake and still thought he knew better. I can’t wait for this to come up in future episodes.

Unfortunately, Crockett didn’t exactly make the best decisions this week, as he gave a patient steroids in order to “con” a surgery that Sam refused to do because of the risky outcomes. When Sam pieced it together, he was livid, but when he took it out on Vanessa, she was completely confused. Crockett, who was supposed to be her partner, left her in the dark completely. And when she confronted him about it, his excuse was that his status at the hospital offered him more protection so he was just keeping her out of it. It’s admirable when a doctor wants to go above and beyond for their patient, but some rules simply aren’t worth breaking. And Sam was already weary of Crockett’s judgment after what transpired with Pamela Blake. Now, it seems Crockett has two enemies in the ED…. and the list just keeps growing. 

Halstead also made a poor decision when treating his patient who had a confirmed case of MRSA. Supply chain issues hit Gaffney, so a system was put in place that prevented some medications that were in demand and in short supply from being prescribed, including the antibiotic necessary for Halstead’s patient. Sharon wouldn’t budge on it either, giving him a workaround that didn’t exactly sound appealing to him. So what did Halstead do? He prescribed a medication that his patient was clearly allergic to and then promised to try to mitigate the reaction as part of some exposure procedure. It worked, but it was definitely risky, and Goodwin knew that if something had gone wrong, Halstead’s decision wouldn’t have been upheld in court. Of course, Halstead is known for making rogue decisions and getting away with it so I don’t expect this to be any different.

And finally, Dr. Choi treated a pregnant patient who refused to be treated by Hannah Asher because of her addiction. Choi didn’t fight the patient on it or question it, but when Asher found out, she was not pleased, thinking that it meant that Choi didn’t think she was qualified. That is until Liza became very sick and Asher immediately recognized her. Liza was going through withdrawals, but since she found out she was pregnant, she didn’t want them to drug test her and take away her baby. It was a heartbreaking scene, especially as Liza acknowledges her past mistakes and vowed to do better for her unborn child. And, as Choi pointed out, no one would’ve been able to connect with her the way Dr. Asher did since no one else had ever battled addiction before. I was, however, pleasantly surprised that Choi agreed to turn the other way rather than reporting Liza for using while pregnant. He’s making progress! 

Asher made a comment about not wanting to be plagued by her past, but sometimes, your past really comes in handy and allows you to learn and grow while still acknowledging the road traveled. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Brian Tee’s ‘Chicago Med’ Exit Explained



Brian Tee's 'Chicago Med' Exit Explained

We’re just a few weeks away from Brian Tee’s final Chicago Med episode. 

The actor will depart the series on the Dec 7 episode, which will also feature his wedding to longtime love and fiancee, April (Yaya DaCosta).

People exclusively revealed photos from the couple’s big day, and now, we’re getting some more insight as to how Ethan Choi will be written off. 

Co-showrunner Andrew Schneider explained that after the wedding, Ethan and April will start a “mobile clinic so that together they can take first-rate medical care to underserved neighborhoods in Chicago.”

We absolutely love this idea as it stays true to his character, and it falls in line with April’s professional aspirations.

Schneider emphasized that the couple will be staying in the Windy City despite leaving Gaffney, which means that there is a chance for both Tee and DaCosta to return for a guest appearance in the near future if they choose. Tee has already been announced as a director of the upcoming 16th episode.

In the previous episode, Choi’s co-workers at the hospital were all surprised to get an invitation to the wedding considering the couple was broken up for quite some time. And while it may seem abrupt and haste, Choi told Charles that losing his father put a lot of things in perspective for him, and he’s finally ready to be the man that April always knew he could be. 

We can’t wait to see their beautiful wedding pan out on the fall finale of Chicago Med!

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When and Why Is Brian Tee Leaving ‘Chicago Med’?



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Brian Tee, who plays Ethan Choi on Chicago Med since season 1 of Chicago Med, has announced his departure.

Tee previously told Deadline that his final appearance will be on episode 9 titled “Could Be The Start Of Something New” airing December 7.

The outlet notes that following the end of his six-year contract, Tee decided not to renew, choosing to spend time with his wife and daughter, who was only 5 weeks when he signed on for the series.

The actor will also be pursuing other projects and experiences within the field, and fans will be glad to know that he will return to the One Chicago franchise in no time to direct episode 16 of the season.

It’ll surely be hard to say goodbye to one of the OGs, but there’s comfort in knowing that the character may finally follow where his heart leads him as he has seemingly rekindled a relationship with on-again, off-again love interest April, played by Yaya DaCosta, who has appeared as a guest star on a few episodes this season.

“Playing Dr. Ethan Choi on Chicago Med has been such a gift and a blessing. I am forever grateful to our fans and my colleagues both in front of and behind the camera as I embark on a new journey. I am forever indebted to Dick Wolf, NBC, and Universal Television for choosing me,” he noted in the interview with the outlet at the time, adding, “What we’ve been planning for Dr. Choi’s sendoff is fitting, and it’s beautiful. I think the fans are going to absolutely love it. It’s going to bring a little bit of the new Ethan and a little bit of the old. Know that episode 9 is going to be an amazing one.”

We’ll miss you, Choi!

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Is Colin Donnell interested in making his way back to Gaffney? Dr. Connor Rhodes exited the series three seasons ago, but he remains a fan-favorite to this day.

Is there a chance fans might see him again on Chicago Med? In a recent interview, Donnell explained that it’s always a possibility. 

“I loved my time on Chicago Med, and I loved Andy and Diane,” the actor told TVLine, adding, “I loved our crew so much, the cast was so wonderful, and I know they’ve had a lot of comings and goings since I’ve left myself. But yeah, why ever close a door?”

As for show runners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, they are also open to Rhodes’ return if Donnell would be interested, explaining, “I don’t think you can ever rule that out.”

They continued: “Colin was a guy we loved working with. He was a very strong member of the cast for a long time, and we would welcome to see him again.”

Okay, then it’s settled—at some point, Donnell needs to grace Gaffney with his presence, especially as the series has lost so many actors this year already with Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) on his way out in the upcoming December episode.

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