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Chicago Med – The Parent Trap (3×17)

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Parents, everyone has them, but everyone’s relationships with them is vastly different. Some people have a more loving thing going with their folks while others don’t see eye-to-eye.

It was a pretty rough day at Chicago Med between Sarah dad’s worsening condition, Rhodes and Bekker’s romantic turmoil, Choi’s homeless patient and Halstead and Manning’s emotional troubles bleeding into their case.

We’ll start with Bob’s who is on the brink of death and still displaying clear sociopathic tendencies. It’s tough to watch Sarah grapple with how she should handle the situation. On one hand, this is her dying father, on the other hand, he was willingly estranged from her for most of her life.

“My father has clearly stated that doesn’t want me to be a part of his life, so whatever regrets I may have, I just don’t think any of them will be resolved by me talking to him,” Sarah told Charles who encouraged her to at least say goodbye.

Eventually, Noah’s patient changed Sarah’s mind when her father passed away after suffering from dementia. But her visit isn’t a blissful heart-to-heart like she hoped for. Instead, his social skills were off completely and he was very standoffish making Sarah actually regret her decision.

And in a case of terrible timing, Connor delivered the news that her father would be getting his second chance and getting a heart.

After a successful surgery, Sarah is left processing her father’s behavior with Charles and wondering what’s next. It’s a difficult situation since most people would want some kind of relationship, however, Bob is just unable to deliver or meet her expectations.

Knowing Sarah and her big, ole’ heart, she’ll likely give him one last chance even if it is to tell him she forgives him.

Connor’s competitiveness with his father continues but this time, the prize is Dr. Bekker, which is really frustrating because a woman should never be a prize nor the point of some established duel between father and son.

It was evident that Cornelious was coming onto her a few episodes back but she was oblivious to his tactics.

However, Bekker did have some fun with it withholding the truth in order to make Rhodes sweat and believe that she was actually seeing his father. There was so much jealousy exuding from him and finally, he told her that it wasn’t just because she was dating his dad, it’s because he’d prefer she didn’t date anyone.

Bekker then finally cleared it up because obviously, if she’s going to date anyone, it’s the brilliant and attractive surgeon that she has a lot of sexual tension with.

Hey writers, this is one relationship we’re actually fine with exploring.
Who knew that Dr. Manning and Dr. Halstead could get more annoying now that they’ve broken up? In TV logic, if a couple is on the outs, that probably means they’ll work really well together when it comes to treating a patient. Come on, Maggie. I thought you were better than this.
Will and Nat do not see eye-to-eye about treating their younger patient. While they both acknowledge that he doesn’t have PANDAS and that the parents are actually causing him more harm than good by relying on an opportunistic doctor, Will wants to confront and order them around while Nat wants to give them what they want and slowly change their narrative.
This leads to an unnecessary outburst from Will about how Nat is always right. And while I agree, she does always seem to have control of this situation, her approach was more seamless. She found a way to convince the mother that the boy’s tics weren’t caused by a bacterial infection but rather, a genetic condition known as OCD.
Speaking of always being right and in control, there’s definitely a reason for Natalie’s behavior. She’s a single mother who has relied solely on herself to raise a child, pay the bills, etc. In her world, what she says goes and it’s difficult to change that kind of mentality.
Did she overreact about Will’s bar hook-up when they were on a break? Possibly. But there’s also no right or wrong way to be hurt. Maybe it didn’t mean anything to Will but if she was phased by it, she needed to get over it on her own terms.
The anger Will directed at her just proved his immaturity. I’d say his whining and complaining when things don’t go his way are far worse than whatever Natalie brings to the table.
And lastly, we have Choi’s homeless patient who was diagnosed with leukemia but didn’t want to go to the hospital for more testing because, like we’ve seen before, homeless kids don’t want to be returned to their families.
Seeing Choi’s sister Em assert herself in the situation was annoying. Even after she made it clear that being homeless now gave her a different perspective, I still couldn’t get over how she just inserted herself into Choi’s dialogue with a patient and questioned everything he said. It was overbearing and my biggest pet peeve has to be a person speaking when they have no idea on the subject matter or shouldn’t really have a say. She’s not even a doctor!
And then she helped a patient that’s severly sick run away from the hospital! I don’t know Choi stayed so calm.
The only good part is that Dr. Charles was able to diagnose the patient with attachment issues so it made sense that he didn’t want to be seperated from the pup. Since his parents let him keep the dog, things will likely turn out in his favor, and yes, Em did help facilitate that, but I also think Choi would have been just fine on his own.
Sadly, that boy will never be able to actually love or bond with his adoptive parents and seeing him wince every time they tried to be affectionate was heartbreaking.
I hope they don’t make Em stick around because Choi’s comment stating “we could use you around here,” really has me worried.
As for Sharon, they’ve been setting up a conflict between her and the board for quite some time now. Given as her number one priority is patient safety and the board’s is making money, her time at Med is limited.
Although, how could a hospital board not take a fentanyl threat seriously? There were people in hazmats suits scrubbing the whole place down!
Will the staff stick up for Goodwin if need be? Will they stand by her side?
Thoughts on this week’s Chicago Med? Do Nat and Will deserve a second chance? Should she sleep with his brother to balance out the scales? Will Connor and Ava get together permanently? Will Sarah find a way to fix her relationship with her father?

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Chicago Med

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 5 Review – I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You



Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 5 Review - I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You

It was a rough shift for everyone on Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 5. The episode focused on plenty of heartbreaking cases, which naturally take a toll on the doctors who do their best for the patients who walk through their doors. 

One of the newest members of the team, Dr. Ripley, responded to help an elderly man suffering from hypothermia, who seemed disoriented and kept calling out for someone named “Betty.” While Alzheimer’s and dementia came to mind, especially due to Jimmy’s elderly age, a CT scan revealed something much more horrific: the patient was the victim of a lobotomy conducted at Med roughly 60 years ago. Ripley and Charles surmised that Jimmy was a problem child, so they took care of it by messing with his brain, not giving him a chance at a full life. Jimmy ventured to the hospital hoping to help his sister and caretaker, who took a fall at home, but by the time PD got an address, they were too late and she passed away due to natural causes. Ripley had to break the news to Jimmy, who, in his regressed state of mind, couldn’t understand what was happening—and it was gutwrenching to watch. Ripley felt so bad when he called social services, in fact, that he promised to visit Jimmy so that they could talk about Betty, knowing that the man had no one else looking out for him and was let down by his loved ones for so many years. 

The case also hit close to home for Ripley, who had disciplinary issues as a teen and who felt abandoned by those who should’ve helped him, something Dr. Charles apologized for when he was his psychologist. The nature of the relationship between these two remains one of the most compelling storylines this season.

Another newbie, Dr. Zola, tapped in Dr. Marcel when Alex’s parents brought him in with concerns over his very high heart rate. He ended up needing appendix surgery, but during the procedure, they found cancer before running into some trouble with one of the drugs they used to wake him up from his anesthesia, nearly killing the 14-year-old. Zola insisted that Med pull the medication immediately, but Crocket knew that it wasn’t that easy, and after he brought it up in one of the meetings, the board decided to keep it in rotation and make a case to the FDA. When Zola said she’d pursue it further, Crockett advised her to drop it, and with all the hot water she’s gotten herself in during her short time at Med, she should probably heed his advice for now—though I do anticipate we’ll see this storyline pop up down the line with everyone eventually agreeing that Zola’s instincts were right. 

Dr. Charles’ tough day also included getting his longtime friend, Bert, checked out at Sharon Goodwin’s request. Ever since Bert came into the ED after falling while watching his grandson, there have been concerns about cognitive decline, particularly since his family has a history of dementia. And since Bert is the kind of person who refuses to see a doctor, Goodwin had to get creative, though when they finally sat him down to have a chat about their concerns, he felt ambushed and bolted out. It’s scary to be told that there may be something happening with your memory, but the signs are all there and it’s important to get ahead of it. Eventually, he came around to the idea, agreeing to get further tests if it gets Sharon off of his back.

Dr. Asher took on a patient brought in by Dr. Johsnon (you know I’m happy to see him coming around more often). The couple’s dream pregnancy turned into a nightmare when the woman’s water broke at 15 weeks and the doctors refused to do a D&C for fear of legal repercussions. Instead, they sent her away and kept telling the husband that the situation wasn’t an emergency as she carried a dead fetus and developed an infection. Eventually, he trekked from his rural home to Chicago to seek out help before it was too late—and by that point, the woman had gone into septic shock. It was touch and go there as Asher tried to save the woman’s uterus while also preventing her from hemorrhaging out during the operation. Everything ended up just fine, all things considered, with the couple candidly exploring future options for their family that they were both comfortable with. Without fully touching upon the complexities of the current laws surrounding pregnancies and miscarriages, Chicago Med showed the dangers of laws that work against women, their choices, and their safety.

And finally, Dr. Archer was unable to save a patient that his son brought into the ED who was having shortness of breath. Sean, who is a counselor at a rehab facility, put all of his faith in his father, but sometimes, things are simply out of everyone’s control, which was hard for him to accept as he was full of hope and positivity, trying to help people with their second chance at life. While it’s unclear what caused Damon’s fluid in the lungs, it may have been caused by persistent drug use, which led to heart failure, and meant he was too far gone to be saved. I’m just hoping that Damon’s death doesn’t send Sean off the deep end or make him second-guess his career path—it’s just a reminder that life doesn’t always work out the way you want or expect it too. 

Maggie assisted Dr. Johnson throughout his visit, all while getting her divorce papers officially notarized. When the moment finally came, it was nice to see her get the support of Asher and Zola, while also acknowledging that she has an interest in Johnson… when she’s finally ready to get back out there again. 

What did you think of the episode? Did it pull on your heartstrings?

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Chicago Med

Is ‘Chicago Med’ New Tonight? What We Know About Season 9 Episode 5



Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 5 Review - I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You

One Chicago fans are likely itching for new episodes of their favorite dramas, but unfortunately, you’ll have to wait quite a bit for them to arrive.

The franchise is taking a brief hiatus and skipping a week (already, I know, doesn’t it feel like season 9 just started?). There will be no new episode on February 14, 2024, likely because the network figured that with Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, they would lose out on a good chunk of audience. Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 5 will return the following week on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. In place of a new episode, NBC will be airing a rerun of the season 9 premiere

Those looking forward to even more drama in the ED can check out the synopsis for the upcoming episode, titled “I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You”—Goodwin recruits Charles to evaluate her ex-husband’s memory; Archer treats one of Sean’s peers from the rehab centre; Asher treats a woman from a rural clinic whose miscarriage was improperly treated.

You can also check out a promo for the episode to keep you hanging in until next week! 


In the meantime, check out our gallery of One Chicago stars who have left the series

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Chicago Med

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4 Review – These are Not the Droids You are Looking For



Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4 Review - These are Not the Droids You are Looking For

On Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4, the ED doctors were presented with two cases that left them a little stumped, plus the new resident continued with her renegade antics, to which Dr. Archer immediately put a stop to. 

Zola teamed up with Maggie to treat a patient named Floyd who had abdominal pain and nausea. But like with most of the patients that she’s encountered during her short tenure, Floyd’s insurance declined to cover the cost of some of the many tests he needed to help them come up with a treatment plan. While Maggie immediately shut down the option of “fraud,”—and bold of Zola to even suggest it—she did run some bloodwork off-site, though it didn’t reveal anything helpful. Zola then took it upon herself to ask a tech in CT to run a scan off-books, but that also came up short, so they didn’t have much of a choice but to discharge him. But Floyd was back soon after he left with persistent vomiting, and at that point, it was considered a medical emergency so his insurance had to cover the cost of surgery. While the initial suspicion was that his gallbladder was acting up, Crockett found a piece of wire from a barbecue brush lodged in his abdominal wall—a reminder that you shouldn’t use those wired brushes to clean your grill! 

Zola’s behavior was reprimanded by Archer, but to go along with his new grateful outlook on life, he signed her up for ethics classes for a 10-week period rather than firing her, which is honestly, probably something beneficial. Zola doesn’t like to see people turned away from the care that they need because of red tape, which she explained stems from the loss of her neighbor when she was 16 after she didn’t see a doctor in time to fight lung cancer because of the holdups with insurance. It’s a sound reason–and her fight is admirable, which makes it hard to disagree with her at times—but rules are there for a reason. Oftentimes, there are workarounds or ways to bend them in your favor, but you can’t cross the line completely or it could cost you and the hospital.

Archer took issue with Zola, but Hannah Asher seemed to have her back, recalling how long it took him to warm up to her. Asher’s love life has been a hot topic, mostly because the series is trying to push her and Ripley together, but it was hilarious to see her navigate her first D pic, especially because it revealed that the caveman-like suitor Wyatt had some kind of lesion that looked like it might be syphilis.

She played her cards right, getting him to agree to meet her in the ED before she sent in Ripley to get him a medical diagnosis. The look on his face was priceless. 

While it ended up not being an STI, it was partially the reason for her decision to cancel their dinner later that night. This was not the beginning of their love story! And, in general, D pics are a major red flag for most women, sorry, Wyatt. 

It’s nice to see Asher, Nellie and Zola form a little girl group where they can chat about things like dating—hospital gossip is the best kind. 

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4 Review - These are Not the Droids You are Looking For

CHICAGO MED — “These Are Not the Droids You are Looking For” Episode 9004 — Pictured: (l-r) S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin, Nicolette Robinson as Tara Goodwin — (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)

Dr. Johnson is in the building, and I’m hoping for our sake—and Maggie’s—that he sticks around. Med needs some fresh blood, and Johnson is the perfect fit. And while I loved Maggie and Ben, it definitely seems like that ship has sailed and there’s a bit of interest from Johnson, so I’m rooting for them.

Sharon’s family drama also took center stage when her ex-husband Bert and her nephew Isaiah were brought into the ED after the former fell on the latter. While it seemed like just a mere accident (and thankfully no one was seriously injured), Isaiah’s mother (and Sharon’s daughter) Tara was convinced something else was up with her dad, which Sharon dismissed initially. But when Tara provided proof of Bert opening up a closet door and forgetting where he was on Isaiah’s toddler camera, Sharon could no longer deny it, even if she wanted everything to turn out okay. Bert’s cognitive health might be declining, which will likely put a strain on her new relationship. She and Bert may no longer be together, but they remain on good terms and she cares about him a lot, so she’ll be there for the father of her children. 

What did you think of the episode? 

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