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Chicago P.D- A Beautiful Friendship (1×15)



Was that finale everything I had hoped it would be? No. The death wasn’t shocking. It didn’t rattle my bones the way I hoped it would. Everything turned out ok, which was predictable. Nothing really had me craving answers. I must say I really enjoyed the part where Dick Wolf depicted the Chicago police in the most accurate way– fat, stuffing their faces, completely oblivious to the robbery that’s happening right in front of them. For once I felt like it wasn’t just something I mentioned every time I saw them parked up at Dunkin Donuts, but someone was actually realizing that this happened all too often. Thankfully, Burgess was not put in intelligence and was on the scene to protect our city the way a cop should!


Back to the important stuff! This week we were dealing with a huge pain in the butt named Charlie, who appeared randomly out of Linday’s past and clearly, didn’t change one bit. Last week Lindsay introduced Charlie to Travis, a son he didn’t know he had with Linday’s best friend Annie. Bringing him back into Annie’s life was obviously a huge mistake because Lindsay walked into a domestic abuse situation. Charlie wasted no time beating the crap out of Annie. But it was Lindsay who he was trying to get to.

While he was rotting in prison and exiled from the city, Annie was happily raising his son while Lindsay became a police officer. Clearly, not a fair trade. Charlie was back to do some dirty work and he needed Lindsay to get him what he wanted. If she didn’t, he would rat out the huge secret he had on her— back when Lindsay was 16, Annie killed a boy named Ricky Sandoval and she helped him remove and bury the body. If this got out it would literally ruin Lindsay and the career she’s worked so hard for.


Charlie’s return was eating away at Lindsay. But duty called and the unit got called to a crime scene where tons of water gel explosives had been stolen. I feel like Lindsay had an inkling that Charlie was behind it, but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she confided in Jin to find off-the-books access to the water city planning and zoning commission blueprints, which she planned to hand over to Charlie as part one of her duties to keep him from talking. She probably wouldn’t have confided in anyone, but Halstead got a little caught up with the man of the hour himself. He paid Mouse (his ears in the city) to get him a meeting with the guy who was looking for some goods. That guy turned out to be Charlie and he totally recognized Halstead. The confrontation between the two guys was uncomfortable, frightening and awkward. Halstead sensed something was up and asked Rozek to stall while he confronted Lindsay about it. She kept reassuring him that she had it handled, but let’s be serious, she was crumbling inside. She eventually confided in Voight. I didn’t really understand why she was so hesitant. Sure, the dirt that Charlie had on her was bad, but it’s not like Voight didn’t know about her past. He’s the one that saved her, gave her another chance. If anyone in this city could help her out, it would be Voight.

Watching her tell her father figure the truth was brutal mainly because she was so ashamed of her past. Lindsay and Charlie were once lovers. She was 16 and he was 25. Her father was in jail, her mother stopped coming around and she pretty much fell into Charlie’s hands. He was her savior and she owed him for putting hot food on the table. But that was then and this is now and now Lindsay is a completely different woman. A strong, honorable woman who had to deal face-to-face with her past. She had to finally face the consequences of her actions. The unit moved out to bust Charlie and his guys before they had time to rob the jewelry store. While Charlie was getting arrested, he screamed that he wanted to testify on the murder of Sandoval in 2002.


Back at the precinct, Voight wanted to lock Charlie up but first, Lindsay wanted to have a few words. Sure, he could give his statement about the murder of Sandoval but Lindsay would testify that she was the one that killed him. She wasn’t going to let her best friend get separated from her son. When he complained that she had this whole new life while he rotted in prison she finally admitted that she saved him from being drowned at the bottom of the lake (presumably by Voight). Instead, she pleaded for his life and made a deal that sent him out of town. The smart thing to do would be to give up Red (the guy he was working for), get one year in prison and than start over as a good man when he got out. Charlie took the bait and admitted that Red was hiding out in the BY. All the detectives were trying to figure out what the BY was when Nadiya recalled getting sent to work to an abandoned parking lot in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. Bingo!

Rozek went to check it out and was immediately spotted as an introducer. Gee, could it be the red checkered shirt your wearing bro? The intelligence unit came right as they started shooting at him and Lindsay and Voight went on a speed chase after the van. Long story short, they shot the tires, the van flipped over, Halstead almost got shot if it wasn’t for Lindsay who saved his life by shooting their target. It was a comforting moment for the partners, knowing that no matter what they had each others back. At the headquarters, Lindsay thanked Halstead for being there for her and helping her out. “That’s why you have backup,” he told her grinning. Charlie was right. Halstead has this fiery look in his eyes when it comes to Lindsay. Without words, without admittance he loves her unconditionally and I cannot wait until the writers get to explore that. Especially, with the whole ‘no dating co-workers’ rule in place.


Meanwhile, Antonio was fully recovered from his gunshot wound (what a speedy recovery) and was more than eager to get back to work. Thank god Voight laid down the law that all he would be doing was manning the desk for a couple of days to make sure he was better. After the season he’s had, its not surprising that his wife doesn’t want him to work for the unit anymore. Any wife would become scared that she might never see her husband again. But, you also can’t take someones passion away from them. Antonio lives and dies for this unit so her nagging him about taking it easy and not stressing was doing just that to him. Saying he was snappy was putting it lightly, especially when he was tasked with mundane jobs like picking up Nadiya from rehab because Lindsay was so swamped with work. Although this task was one with a happy end. Just like Voight had once given Lindsay a second chance, she was giving one to Nadiya and this time she promised she wouldn’t blow it. I actually feel like after today, she might become very useful to the unit given her street smarts and ins with the thugs of the city. Seeing their friendship blossom was truly inspiring and really proved Lindsay’s character. Unfortunately, Antonio’s day wasn’t so good. He survived without getting shot, but his heart was broken upon arriving home and reading a note that most likely explained why his wife packed up the kids and left. When season 2 premieres I’m sure we’ll find out that she gave him an ultimatum. Either he choses her or the job. It’s going to be a sticky situation for him as he loves both probably equally.


Atwater was having a pretty tough first day at intelligence. First off, Olinsky made sure he knew that he didn’t deserve the spot as much as Burgess did. Than got shit for not taking orders and than when he finally got his source to let him talk to one of the big players in the explosives robbery, Halstead blew it by revealing their cover. Atwater might be good police, but he’s not as clever as he should be for intelligence. I have a feeling that Voight might be disappointed in his choice pretty soon. Burgess also wasn’t having a good day with her new, lazy partner (mentioned previously). She also gave Rozek a hard time when she ran into him thanking him for not letting her move up to intelligence. Yet the tension between these two never disappeared. After her long shift, Rozek came by her apartment to say sorry along with ‘I like you and I miss you’. That was enough to seal the deal as she passionately kissed him and than they worked their way down to the bedroom. If she can’t have intelligence, she might as well have the boy right? There goes any and all hope that he will ever get back with his fiancee. But it was a good moment for Burzek shippers!! What happens if another spot frees up at intelligence though? Will Voight finally see that everyone in his unit is falling in love and just let it be?


Nah, probably not. Voight may be loving but his trust was broken this week after he found out that Jin was snooping around on his computer, before finding him at a secret meeting with Stillwell. He allowed Jin to explain, but wasn’t impressed even when he admitted that Stillwell was threatening his father who was busted at an underground gambling casino and owed him a lot of money. Before the episode finished ending the first season of the hit drama, Jin called his father to leave Chicago before downloading all of his computer files, saving them to a hard drive and sending them to someone. Stillwell perhaps? Did he know lying was going to get him killed? It sure seems like thats what he was getting ready for. The next morning he was found dead. Stillwell called Voight to the scene of the crime asking if this was one of his men. Voight did what he does best. He looked Stillwell right in the eye and said yes, it is. Not even shocked that Jin was dead. Why? Because he killed him. We were told the ending was going to reveal something disturbing about Voight and it did. If you crossed him. If you betrayed him, he would get rid of you just like any other joe shmo. It did not matter if you once worked for him. If Jin had been honest, Voight would have probably been able to offer his father much better protection than Stillwell. But he chose to be faithful to the enemy– the one who wants to do everything in his power to bring Voight down. Voight played his cards right as always. He made good with Stillwell giving him what he wanted- a cut from the money he takes of the streets. He got rid of Stillwell’s informant and the traitor in his unit and the one man who could ever testify against Lindsay as he was the one who stole the blueprints for her. While Jin’s death was sad, I see why Voight felt it was necessary and it didn’t have this impact that it was suppose to have. Jin never felt like an integral part of the intelligence unit. He won’t be missed, but his skills definitely will be.

What did you think of the finale of Chicago P.D? Were you impressed? Are you excited for season 2?

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD Season Finale Review – The Other Side (8×16)



Chicago PD Season Finale Review he Other Side Season 8 Episode 16

This may have been one of the best Chicago PD finales ever.  

Emotions were running high on Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 16 as Intelligence raced against the clock to find Burgess, who was kidnapped by a dangerous crime ring. 

And they found themselves a unit divided. 

Reform has been a major topic this season as Intelligence navigated a world where they were forced to follow rules and do things by the book, and it was a point of contention when it came down to rescuing Burgess. 

Ruzek and Voight were down to do whatever was necessary to bring her home, but that attitude didn’t sit well with Atwater and Halstead.

Ruzek threw caution to the wind as his only mission was to save his girl and bring her back home to her daughter, Makayla. 

He called out “gun” when there was none, he pointed a gun at an innocent man’s head simply to get him to talk, he and disregarded warrants at every turn. 

It was a bit reckless, but understandable considering the circumstance. 

And yet, he should’ve never been allowed on the case in the first place as he was too emotionally invested and had too much on the line. 

Despite their on-again-off-again relationship, Burgess is the love of his life. He would move mountains for her. And there’s not a doubt in my mind that he would kill for her. 

Atwater tried to level with him, but Ruzek was filled with blind rage and fear.

Instead of getting through to him, he provoked Ruzek even more, and in turn, he said some pretty hurtful things to him in the heat of the moment.

It was unfair of Ruzek to call out Atwater for not doing everything in his power to save Burgess. 

Atwater and Burgess are best friends, so her kidnapping affected him just as much as it affected Ruzek. 
He understood how dire the situation was, but he also knew they weren’t going to get anywhere by leading with emotions and breaking the rules. 
Eventually, Hailey stepped in as Switzerland and the voice of reason. 
She understood what Ruzek was feeling but appealed to his sensible side by reminding him that he couldn’t cross a line for Makayla’s sake. 
If anything were to happen to Burgess, he promised to be her guardian, and he needed to step up for her now more than ever. 
Chicago PD Season Finale Review he Other Side Season 8 Episode 16

CHICAGO P.D. — “The Other Side” Episode 816 — Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Considering Ruzek and Upton’s previous relationship, I love that she was the one who reminded him to be the better person rather than encouraging him to stoop down to Kent and Roy’s level. 
Reminding him about Makayla and that Burgess would’ve wanted him to take care of her was the only thing that got through to him. 
I found myself straddling the line between Team Ruzek and Voight and Team Atwater and Halstead. 

Ruzek’s decision to go all in to find Burgess made sense for so many reasons but mostly because the Superintendent just lost her son because they waited too long and followed the rules.

He wanted to avoid the same fate for Burgess. 

Time was definitely of the essence considering how ruthless Kent and Roy were. 

Personally, if it was my loved one’s life was on the line, I’d probably take the same approach as Ruzek. 

In my review of Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 15, I advocated for bending the rules in situations when it was necessary like when someone’s life was on the line, but this episode changed my mind a bit. 

Yes, you can get answers if you break the rules and threaten people, but they didn’t even try to exhaust their by-the-book options first. 

Ruzek and Voight were too quick to gravitate towards doing whatever was necessary when, in the end, Jay and Atwater’s plan yielded the best and quickest results.

It took them less time to locate the Buick via foot grid than it did for Voight to beat the location out of Roy. 

In fact, Roy never gave it up. All it did was work Voight up and force Upton to cross a line. 

In this case, violence was not the answer. 

Read the full review at TV Fanatic now.

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Chicago P.D

Chicago Med Season Finale Review – Dr. Choi Gets Shot (6×16)



Chicago Med Season Finale Review I Will Come To Save You Season 6 Episode 16

The stakes were at an all-time high on the Chicago Med Season 6 finale.

Dr. Choi’s life hung in the balance after he was shot in the chest by Neil, a delusional patient that Dr. Dean Asher treated against his will on Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 14. 

For those who need a refresher, Asher removed Neil’s appendix when he became unconscious, which Neil said meant that he was forced to live in a simulation forever.

The man is clearly delusional and likely should’ve been given help before being discharged after his procedure. 

But since he didn’t, he ended up shooting the Chief of the ED. 

Since Dean felt personally responsible for the shooting, he took it upon himself to treat Dr. Choi even if it meant clashing with all of the hospital staff. 

Seriously, is there a doctor that Dean hasn’t butted heads with? 

His intense course of treatment didn’t sit well with Will, April, or Sam Abrams, and they were sure to let him know.

It’s one thing for a doctor to be confident in his treatment methods. In fact, it’s awesome when every doctor has a different approach and they all talk about the best course of action.

But it’s completely offputting when a doctor allows his egotistical side to take flight and doesn’t listen to anyone else’s advice, even an expert in his field.

And that’s exactly what Dean did.

He didn’t mince words or care about anyone else’s opinion. And though he ended up making the right call, there were definitely better ways of going about it. 

In fact, Dean kept gaslighting every single doctor and nurse, including Choi, who was only in the parking lot because he was concerned about Dean’s questionable behavior towards patients. When he brought it up, Dean turned it on Choi and suggested he was only coming after him to “knock him down a peg.”

Dean is literally unable to take responsibility for his own actions, so it makes it that much more concerning that Goodwin enlisted him as the interim Chief of the ED. That is definitely not going to sit well with anyone.

That is if there’s anyone left for Dean to manage. 

April got her acceptance letter to the nursing program, so it’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing her walking the ED halls. 

And since Yaya DaCosta isn’t returning next season, I was surprised that the series chose to reintroduce her romance with Choi. Maybe she just wanted to express her feelings for him after seeing him almost die, but if they aren’t going to get back together then what’s the point?

Torrey DeVitto is also leaving the series, but the way her storyline ended made sense. 

After Halstead took the fall for stealing the Kender trial drugs and giving them to an unauthorized patient, Goodwin fired him. She explained that it was yet another incident of reckless behavior, and she wasn’t completely wrong. Halstead has a pretty messy track record that has put the hospital at risk multiple times. 

This time, he broke Goodwin’s trust, lost Gaffney profits, and hurt many patients who could’ve benefitted from the trial. 

When Nat found out that Will took the fall for her, she ran to Goodwin and came clean. 

However, does it really matter?

Nat may have taken the drugs initially, but when Will found out, he didn’t report her. Instead, he stole more drugs to help her mother. His actions were just as inappropriate as hers, so I’d argue that Goodwin was right in her decision to fire him. 

In fact, they should both be fired as this isn’t either of their first times stepping out of line. 

However, you know Goodwin will reinstate Halstead and fire Natalie, which will naturally lead to her exit from the series. 

On the plus side, they found a viable heart donor for Natalie’s mother. And although the heart wasn’t perfect, it still gave her another shot at life. There were a few moments where things seemed dicey, but everything turned out great in the end.

Some might even say everything Natalie did, including putting her job in jeopardy, was worth it. 

Natalie and Crockett’s relationship may be over, sadly, but it helped Crockett break out of his shell. He was forced to open up, trust, and give love another chance. He’ll forever be grateful to Natalie for giving him that. 

My least favorite storyline included Dr. Charles and the Russian patient, who assaulted his landlord after a rat infestation. 

The writers introduced another Russian doctor, Micah, to help with translations, who ended up being an alcoholic, I think? It was all confusing and random.

When Dr. Charles confronted Micah, he elaborated that back in the Soviet Union days, political dissidents were diagnosed with “sluggish schizophrenia, which allowed them to be sent to psychiatric institutes. 

But instead of offering help, psychiatry was weaponized. Those who defied the government were essentially tortured in these establishes, which is why Micah freaked out when he woke up and saw that he was admitted. He was suffering from PTSD. It’s definitely a heartbreaking situation, but it was random, and though they tried to connect it to Neil’s delusions, it fell flat.

And finally, Maggie’s secret is out in the open. I’m glad she didn’t tell Vanessa the truth because she knew she needed to respect her boundaries, but Vanessa figured it all out on her own.

I feel like the writers kind of glossed over this storyline a bit and rushed it. They definitely could’ve replaced the Russian storyline with more on the Maggie and Vanessa front.

We didn’t know much about Vanessa or if she knew she was adopted, but when she confronted Maggie, she revealed that she knew and never wanted to seek out her birth mother. 

And despite mentioning that she found it strange that Maggie was so drawn to her, we don’t really know how Vanessa figured out that Maggie was her birth mother or even felt the need to do some research into Maggie. 

However, now that they’re both on the same page, they can move forward. Vanessa informed Maggie that she didn’t want anyone to know the truth because she didn’t want them to think that she only got the job because of her connections. Maggie respected that, though, she probably should’ve told her that Goodwin already knows.

Now, the ball is in Vanessa’s court, so we’ll see where this relationship goes from here. At least Vanessa called Maggie out and let her know that what she did wasn’t right and a total breach of trust!

Alright, I’m turning it over to you! What did you think of the Chicago Med finale?

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD Review – The Right Thing (8×15)



Chicago PD The Right Thing Season 8 Episode 15

The penultimate episode of Chicago PD gave us an action-packed hour that tapped into Superintendent Miller’s personal life for the first time ever. 

Voight was introduced to Miller’s son, Darrell, on Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 15 and got way more than he bargained for following the meeting. 

Darrell sought Voight out because he needed his help. 

When Intelligence took on Darrell’s case, they thought it was going to be a quick case to help out a friend who was in way over his head with a local drug dealer, but instead, they unearthed something much more sinister. 

Darrell didn’t survive the hour, but it wasn’t because Intelligence didn’t do their best to save him; it was because Miller was adamant that Voight and his team do things “by the book.”

There are times when doing things by the book pays off, and other times when it’s required to bend the rules a little to ensure that a life is spared. 

In this case, it was an ugly lesson for Miller that sometimes, the law doesn’t always work in your favor. 

Voight may be too eager to bend the rules on occasion, and admittedly, some of his methods and approaches may be unconventional, but he’s also the best at his job. 

It’s why he runs Intelligence, and it’s why he has one of the best teams on the force.

Intelligence knows what they’re doing, so why not let them do their job?

Chicago PD The Right Thing Season 8 Episode 15

CHICAGO P.D. — “The Right Thing” Episode 815 — Pictured: Jason Beghe as Hank Voight — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Asking for forgiveness later would’ve been much better than living the rest of your life feeling guilty that you contributed to your child’s death.

Darrell made some pretty terrible choices, there’s no denying that. 

It seems that making bad choices and getting into trouble has been a recurring theme throughout most of his life. 

And it didn’t help that no one seemed to take Darrell seriously. From Atwater to his mom to Kent, Darrell kept being told that he was essentially a privileged screw-up.

It’s not surprising that he was so determined to make things right and prove everyone wrong.  

I think that constantly being told how messed up he was likely also prevented Darrell from being upfront with Voight, Atwater, Ruzek, and the team. 

It’s obvious that Darrell knew more than he was letting on about what was happening inside the strip club.

Sure, he wanted to pay off his debt, but he also knew that Kent and Roy were trafficking underage girls and wanted to help them.

When Atwater and Ruzek told him to lay low, he didn’t listen because he wanted to save Sasha.

Read the full review at TV Fanatic now. 

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