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Chicago Fire

Chicago P.D.- 8:30PM (1×12)



“Chicago will bounce back. She always does.”

Don’t you love it that Voight refers to Chicago as she. Like she’s the love of his life, little ole’ Chicago. And when she’s in danger, you can bet your ass he will do everything and anything to protect her. Even if it means not taking orders from command in higher places than him! Here’s our review of part 2 of #OneChicago, the crossover episode between Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D.

We start off right where we left off last week. Shay has collapsed from her wound and is taken into the operating room ASAP. Meanwhile, Amanda Righetti’s character (and I don’t know her name) is frantically panicking around the E.R after her nine-year-old sister suffered major brain swelling. Burgess’ is in the room next door, troubled with her niece’s inability to recover after losing her liver in the explosion and suffering from major internal bleeding. Let’s just say thing’s are not looking to good.

The intelligence unit is obviously trying to find the monster that’s capable of committing such a crime.  While the rest of the officers are looking into a possible lead– a group of diplomats from Syria who are suspicious because they were transporting fertilizer, the I.U is interviewing hospital patients for a possible lead. After scanning prints from the earlier bomb they’re lead to their first suspect Ted Powell. After finding him in their directory, they realize there was about four others involved in Powell’s huge plan. Soon Powell releases a video on some anti-government websites, which declares war on the Chicago Fire and the Chicago P.D as a result of an attack on his household ten years go, which put his father in prison for life and killed both his mother and father. The bombing was a revenge mission.


What’s even worse? The initial bomb wasn’t suppose to go off at 8 a.m, it was suppose to go off at 8 p.m! The bomb that Mills diffused was actually set to go off at 8:30 p.m. These times indicate that they were aimed at the police and fire department gala. Looking through pictures of the other four suspects, Olinsky recognizes one of them as a patient he spoke to earlier. They find him checking out and politely ask him to step aside so they can ask a few more questions. He swiftly pulls out a knife and hold it up to Lindsay’s neck, threatening to kill her if anyone comes close to him. What does he have to lose, he asks? Thankfully, Mills is standing behind him and is able to knock him over the head so Lindsay gets free and they put him in handcuffs. No one has time to play at this point especially not Voight, who takes him into a secluded room in the hospital and uses his tactics of beating the information right out of the criminal.

Meanwhile, Dawson visits the suspects father in prison to see if he can get any leads on Powell’s plans. Unfortunately the trip is unsuccessful as his father might be even more disgusting and deranged than his son. Obviously, he’s locked up for a reason. These people all have pretty big issues! The father admits that he’s proud of his son’s actions and begins explaining how the police force went to the dogs when they started letting minorities in. Clearly, the guy is a complete racist and he’s directing his comments at the hispanic officer trying to make a deal with him for information. At this point I thought ‘man, I could never be a cop, I’d probably beat the crap out of this guy,’ but than Dawson did just that, so I guess I have a shot.

chipd3The I.U goes off to Powell’s warehouse in hope of finding some new clues to help them put a rest to this horribly sad day in Chicago. Upon arrival they find that all the doors have bombs ready to explode behind them. Their only way in is through the roof. Halstead and Rozek volunteer to risk their lives and go inside, where they find their next big clue. There’s actually a third bomb that was set up in a white van. Logically thinking, this bomb would probably detonate at 8:30 p.m as well, since their original plan had gone haywire. If Powell was in fact targeting to police and firefighters, where would he place the third bomb? Most of them wouldn’t be attending the gala that evening as they were all busy working on trying to fix this mess. They’d all be at the headquarters. The gang speeds through the streets of Chicago in an attempt to find the white van, alerting the bomb squad that their services will be needed ASAP.

Rozek and Olinsky spot the van, but it isn’t white.. it’s been painted blue. This Powell guy really tried to cover his bases. Halstead spots someone on the rooftop of an adjacent building, and he and Lindsay rush over, running up the stairs to the rooftop to catch him. A shooting spree ensues before Voight literally walks in and shoots Powell in the chest. Voight does not play! Powell has some disturbing things to say about how today was a successful day which makes Voight hang him off the building, before the bomb squad sends the okay that the bomb was detonated. Powell is arrested and the case is closed!


The I.U had a long day for sure trying to track this guy down, but its the firefighters and doctors who worked tirelessly to clean up the mess– pulling people from the debris and healing their wounds. Dr. Arrata breaks the news to the parents of the little girl, that while the brain swelling has gone down, she’s on life support and has zero chance of surviving. While they’re heartbroken, he explains that her blood type matches that of the other little girl (her friend) who needs a kidney donation to save her life. They agree because that’s what their daughter would have wanted. It’s really such a tough scene to watch because you know what the right thing to do is in this situation, but how can it ever be right? He performs the procedure which goes well and Burgess breathes a sigh of relief with all of her colleagues surrounding her.


The ending scene is really the only lighthearted one this week. Severide knocks on Lindsay’s door after a hard day and the two embrace each other passionately, before Lindsay makes one request; he has to stay the night. After today, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Just another day in Chicago. For a crossover episode, I was pleasantly surprised, holding my breathe in anticipation and nervousness the entire time! Well done Dick Wolf & co., well done!

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Chicago Fire

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On Wednesday, Feb. 20th, Intelligence and Firehouse 51 will work together after a string of robberies lead to a building fire.

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NBC said yes to Chicago, specifically three major Chicago shows.

Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D and Chicago Med will all be returning for the 2017-18 season.

No decision has been made about the fourth and most recent addition to the franchise, Chicago Justice.

It isn’t surprising considering that out of the shows, Justice seems to have the lowest draw, starting out slow when it premiered in March during a three-show crossover.

Also not yet renewed is Wolf’s Law & Order: SVU, despite being the second-highest-rated drama on the network with over 10 million viewers weekly.

P.D is another top performer while Med’s ratings are solid, even after a move to Thursday night.

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Chicago Fire – Deathtrap (5×15)



Chicago Fire Deathtrap

Welcome to part one of the #OneChicago 3 hour, 4 show crossover event. There was a lot of Chicago on television tonight!

Things kicked off with Dick Wolf’s first series, Chicago Fire. The firefighters were responding to a fire at a warehouse in the city with multiple teens inside. Despite their best efforts, Chief Bowden had to pull his men from the fire because it was too big of a risk.

That’s when Olinsky from Chicago PD’s Intelligence Unit ran up frantically exclaiming that his daughter Lexi was inside. Last we saw Lexi, Olinsky called her into the precinct not to ask her to move back in, but to tell her he loved her after dealing with a case where parents lost their young girl. Now he was being faced with that same fate.

Bowden did his friend the favor and went back inside to try to find Lexi. When they brought her to Med, Halstead declared more than 60% of her body had been burned. Her chances of making it were slim but he promised to do everything in his power to save her life.

As the death toll kept rising – we left off at 38 – Bowden and his team were determined to find out the cause of the fire. That’s when they brought in Intelligence and a special unit, who found that it wasn’t an accident, it was actually caused by a lightbulb and some cat litter. Seriously – something so simple you can find online killed so many innocent children.

They initially looked at the owner of the warehouse – a man who claimed to offer kids with little to no money a safe place to stay. When he was further questioned, he shot himself in the bathroom stall at the fire house. Not the best way to end a horrible day.

At that point, the investigation is turned over to Intelligence and knowing that Lexi was a victim propels them to work even harder to find the suspect.

It’s a devastating blow and the whole city comes together to get some justice…. the perfect lead in to Chicago Justice’s very first episode. (But that’s for later.)

Other Important Moments

  • Severide calls Anna to tell her misses her after a brutal night. She shows up at the firehouse to tell him she accepted a job as a pediatric at Med and he couldn’t be happier. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in future episodes.
  • Mouch is injured in the fire when a balcony falls on him when he’s trying to save the victims. His heroism shines through as he tells the staff at Med to let him be and focus efforts on those who need help. He then helps a woman cope with the trauma of the fire and knowing she may have hurt someone in order to save herself. Deep.

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