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Chicago PD Pain Killer review Chicago PD Pain Killer review

Chicago P.D

Chicago PD – Pain Killer (6×17)



No one targets Hank Voight and gets away with it.

Well, at least you’d think.

But Hank almost let the guy get away with it on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 17.

Voight has to be the only person insane enough to extend help to the person who tried to assassinate him.

It may be a good quality to have, and definitely rare when it comes to police officers, but it’s also incredibly risky.

Voight and his team put their lives on the line every day, but this was different.

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD – Confession (6×21)



Chicago PD Confession Review

Would you sell your soul if it meant hurting the people you love?

That question — posed to Antonio on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 21 — sums up the entire hour.

The idea of guilt, and how much guilt you could live with, was a central theme as it applied to Antonio, Leo Hernandez and Carlos in differing capacities.

All three of them refused to confess their secrets and face the truth because they were protecting something or someone.

Carlos told Antonio that if he told the truth, no matter how good it felt in his soul, Alex Del Toro would kill his brother, Beto.

Leo Hernandez was running away and refusing to be the one to take Kelton down because he was protecting his family.

And Antonio was allowing Voight and Ruzek to look for alternative solutions to his serial killer predicament in order to protect them and his career.

But the thing about secrets and lies is that they have a way of catching up with you sooner or later.

Even when you think the dust has settled, it’ll sneak up on you.

In Carlos’ case, it didn’t matter if he told the cops the truth. Del Toro would come after Beto regardless since he was considered a loose end

Similarly, Antonio’s past finally caught up with him and bubbled to the surface.

Hey, at least we’re seeing some consistency from the writers.

The penultimate episode of Chicago PD was the beginning of the end for Antonio.

And it’s bittersweet given how much we care about the character.

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD – Sacrifice (6×20)



CHICAGO P.D. Sacrifice Review

Ruzek and Upton have called it quits on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 20.

I can just hear all the fans rejoicing in the distance.

And though I know this is an unpopular opinion, I’m a little heartbroken about it.

I’ve grown to appreciate the dynamic between Upton and Adam and found myself rooting for them through their many ups and downs.

But I’ll agree that breaking up may be for the best.

Ruzek and Upton are polar opposites and their clashing personalities interfered with their work relationship.

Neither of them knew how to separate their personal life from the professional one and thus, they couldn’t figure out how to work together and be together at the same time.

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They butted heads about the best course of action, worried about each other, and made decisions based on feelings and emotions.

There’s no place for that in the workplace, especially at a job where one wrong move could cost you or your partner your life.

Upton didn’t even want to acknowledge how deep her feelings were, but when she called in a patrol car to sabotage his dangerous buy, she was acting from a place of fear.

Ruzek also had some control issues.

He constantly worried about Upton and if she’d be able to handle herself when she’s a strong, independent woman who has the skills and wit to get out of nearly any situation.

But most importantly, they didn’t care about each other enough to fight for their relationship.

What it boils down to is that Upton and Ruzek weren’t in love, they were in lust.

Platt made it very clear that if Ruzek was the one, Upton should pursue the relationship with the caveat that one of them has to make a sacrifice and leave Intelligence.

Neither of them felt that the relationship was worth compromising their careers over so a break was the only natural step.

Upton and Ruzek aren’t the first working relationship, but I sure hope they’ll be the last.

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We’ve seen several relationships form between co-workers, and although I believe that they can work in the long run, they never seem to last.

The work that they do in Intelligence is too intense for a relationship to truly thrive.

Halstead and Lindsay crumbled as did Ruzek and Burgess.

There’s no way to avoid those feelings when you spend 24/7 with someone.

But I mean it, I’m done with inter-Intelligence relationships.

Plenty of people have been rooting for Upton and Ruzek to break up so that Ruzek and Burgess can get together.

If we’re to take away anything from this episode it’s that Ruzek needs to take a break from dating.

And he definitely needs to branch out beyond the workplace because his relationships never end well.

Also, how awkward would it be to start dating your ex while still working with your other ex?

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD – What Could Have Been (6×19)



Chicago PD What Could Have Been Review

The hiatus worked wonders for Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 19!

The series picked up with a gut-punching episode that thrust Burgess, and her relationship with Blair, into the spotlight.

Based on promos, we already knew Blair wasn’t going to survive the episode, but I can’t be the only one who was holding on when they said he had a pulse after Burgess found him with two gunshot wounds.

The Dark Side - Chicago PD

Sadly, Charles Michael Davis, the good looking man who brought Blair to life, succumbed to his injuries, probably because he has prior commitments on Younger.

I won’t hold it against him.

Knowing Blair wasn’t going to make it didn’t lessen the blow of Burgess finding him bleeding to death.

And while heartbreaking, Blair’s death took us on a winding mystery as Intelligence tried to figure out if he was the neatly dress political assistant we’ve come to know or if there was a darker, drug dealing side to him.

I know. Blair?! But hey, you never know.

We didn’t know enough about Blair’s background to know what he was capable of or what he was mixed up in.

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