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Chicago PD Review In Your Care Season 8 Episode 5 Chicago PD Review In Your Care Season 8 Episode 5

Chicago P.D

Chicago PD Review – Burgess Makes a Big Decision (8×05)

CHICAGO P.D. -- "In Your Care" Episode 805 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek, Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)



Burgess started off the hour getting drunk and hooking up with Ruzek, but by the end of Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 5, she was driving home as a foster mom. 

As they say, a lot can change in the span of 24 hours! 

Burgess-centric episodes are always top-notch; they’re right up there next to Atwater-centric episodes. And the powers that be even blessed us with a Burgess and Atwater scene, which has become all too scarce these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Burgess and Ruzek team-up, but as this episode proves, it’s nice — and even enlightening — when other members of Intelligence interact with each other. They don’t have to be siloed to their romantic partners all the time. 

Burgess and Atwater had such a close relationship in the early seasons of the series that it makes sense that he would be her go-to for advice. It was nice to see that acknowledged again. 

While Burgess seemed to have her mind mostly made up about wanting to foster Makayla, running it by Atwater, who could remain impartial (unlike Ruzek) and had some personal experience with raising kids, helped solidify her decision. 

Burgess obviously understands the hardships of fostering a child, especially a child that has undergone trauma, but with everything going on in the world, it was important that she also factored in race and her career into her decision.

After having considered every angle, Burgess determined she was up for the challenge. My only hope is that the series specifically addresses how she’s going to juggle being a foster mom with her demanding career. Will she take on less while she navigates motherhood? 

It was also important for Ruzek to weigh in on her decision, and I’m glad she ran it by him because it’s an acknowledgment that it will affect their relationship as well.

Prior to her decision to foster, #Burzek spent the night together. He even suggested that they start seeing each other on a regular basis. Admittedly, I get way too giddy whenever Burgess and Ruzek are together; they fit so well and their chemistry is palpable. 

If you keep going back to the same person over and over again, you’re either crazy or in love. In this case, I think they’re crazy in love but choosing to remain cautious. 

When Burgess mentioned that she wanted the whole “mess” of a boyfriend, a wedding in a banquet hall, and babies, she may have been trying to scare Ruzek away, but it wasn’t working because he wants all of that too. 

Adding Makayla into the equation obviously shakes things up, but I think Ruzek will step up to the plate and be a huge source of support for them.

And hopefully, Burgess will accept the help and stop pushing him away. It’s about time that they just admit that they have feelings for each other and that they’re better off together than apart.

Either way, we know Ruzek is going to be involved in this child’s life in some shape or form because, romantic relationship or not, he’s always going to be in Burgess’s life. 

Whereas Atwater came from a place of acknowledging that the journey is tough but rewarding, Ruzek wanted to make sure that Burgess wasn’t trying to replace what they lost when she miscarried.

It was a valid concern.

The thought that Burgess was just trying to fill a void crossed my mind, but you can tell Burgess cares about Makayla and feels genuinely connected to her. 

They’ve both gone through trauma, so maybe together they can start the healing process. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t turn into a ball of mushy goo when Burgess looked into her rearview mirror and saw Makayla smiling back at her. It’s the first time we’ve seen that precious little girl smile, which means that Makayla feels comfortable and trusts Burgess. 

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Mike Blaine, a cop that Voight knew very well, was murdered. Intelligence played it by the book, which wasn’t surprising at all since they’ve been doing that a lot of these days.

A handful of suspects were introduced: Marco Perez, a shot caller for the Latin Joker’s who borrowed Blaine money, Zach, a man who Blaine arrested at a protect so he made threats against him online and stalked him, and Maria, a domestic abuse survivor. 

And none of them were responsible as the final twist revealed Maria’s ex-boyfriend, Jose, pulled the trigger. 

It was definitely unexpected, but if the writers hadn’t anchored the case to Upton’s storyline about her abusive father, it wouldn’t have made as big of an impact. 

Having the case parallel Upton’s was really the only reason I remained invested. And it provided some solid arguments about who deserves forgiveness. 

Blaine’s integrity was questioned throughout the case as he did some questionable things. 

Zach had his beef with Blaine, and it was truly annoying to see Upton and Halstead try to tell him how she should feel about the situation.

Zach’s experience was just that — his experience. If he thought Blaine was a bad cop, that was his prerogative.

Also, I get that Upton and Halstead are hooking up now, but really, do they have to be so inseparable? Would it kill them to work/interact with anyone else?

It would be nice if the series allowed couples to have different partners at work to shake things up a bit. 

Blaine was far from perfect as he took money from an ex-con and failed to report a domestic abuse incident, which if you think about it, would have likely saved his life. 

But Voight hit the right note when he said that in this situation, you have to weigh the good against the bad. 

Ultimately, Blaine’s motivations were pure; he went out of his way to save a young woman from a terrible and dangerous situation. 

In other words, he was far from perfect, but he was a good man. 

It’s nice to see that Miller isn’t out to get Intelligence and is open to teamwork.

She may have disagreed with Voight initially, but she listened to him and her press conference about Blaine’s death echoed what Voight said about Blaine being a hero. 

Is anyone else sensing some serious chemistry between these two? Raise your hand if you want Voight to have a love interest! 

Upton connected with Maria having been exposed to abuse throughout her childhood.

We haven’t really dug into Upton’s backstory too much, but it’s nice that the narrative circled back to the little we have learned about her previously. 

You could tell the decision of whether or not to visit her dad at the hospital weighed heavily on her.

Read the full review at TV Fanatic now! 

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