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Chicago PD Review The Radical Truth Season 8 Episode 10 Chicago PD Review The Radical Truth Season 8 Episode 10

Chicago P.D

Chicago PD Review – The Radical Truth (8×10)

CHICAGO P.D. -- "The Radical Truth" Episode 810 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek -- (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)



Disco Bob made quite a mess for himself on Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 10.

The Ruzek-focused episode was a nice welcome back following a brief hiatus. And it let our boy Patrick Flueger shine. But that’s not really surprising, is it?

Bob Ruzek’s 30-year career with the CPD has been a bit strained, as has his relationship with his son, Adam.


The two haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but that’s the thing about parents and kids — there’s always a level of love there no matter what happens.

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD Review – In the Dark (9×04)



Chicago PD recap In the Dark Season 9 Episode 4

Every once in a while, Chicago PD delivers a disturbing and gruesome episode. 

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 4 was exactly that. 

A pedophile serial killer was on the loose and abusing an innocent child in the torture chamber of the “death house,” an urban legend known in the neighborhood. 

While the case was tough to begin with, it was made even more difficult by Upton’s declining mental health. 

After killing Roy and assisting Voight in covering it up, she’s been having a hard time coping.

She hasn’t been able to sleep, which isn’t good for any cop, but especially a cop working such demanding cases. 

Her sleep wasn’t just affecting her personal life with Jay — she totally wasn’t in control in the interrogation room. 

When John, the man who has access to the property, sliced his wrists, she was dazed, confused, and overall, a complete mess. 

It became especially concerning when she didn’t even remember checking him with Trudy downstairs. 

At this point, Upton should’ve been removed from the case and forced to take a break. 

And if not then, she definitely should’ve been after her panic attack where she basically confessed to Roy’s murder to Jay. 

But still, Voight let her not only carry on but take charge. 

I understand not wanting to raise any flags, but when someone on your team is visibly struggling, it’s on him to make the right call. 

Who cares about Upton babbling when she could’ve put her colleagues at risk with her poor state of mind. 

Thankfully, she didn’t. Upton got it together and, after a brief tussle with Bradley, the suspect/John’s brother, she shot him in self-defense. How despicable do you have to be to know what your brother is doing and ignore it and/or lie for him?

Since Upton was reeling from the fact that she shot Roy in cold blood, it probably didn’t help that she killed yet another person regardless of whether or not it was a justified shot. 

I love that we never actually saw Bradley’s face. I don’t know if that was intentional or not, but demons like that don’t deserve to have their face show, ever. 

I don’t necessarily hate Upton’s character, but I hate how she isn’t owning up to her part in all of this. She’s acting as though she was forced into a situation that was of her own making.

I hated how things went down between Voight and Halstead. 

Halstead needs to pick his battles. This was not it. 

Chicago PD recap In the Dark Season 9 Episode 4

CHICAGO P.D. — “In The Dark” Episode 904 — Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess, Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

His beef wasn’t with Voight, it was with Upton, who has lied to him at every turn. 

When confronted, Voight told the truth and nothing but the truth. Upton saved his life. 

Upton insisted that she wanted to be a part of this, just like she insisted that she could handle it. Now, after everything is said and done, she’s struggling to make peace? 

Voight gave her a choice, and she chose to be all in. She wanted to play with the big dogs, but she couldn’t actually handle the pressure or what needed to be done.

Halstead needs to take a step back and reassess the situation because Voight’s right in that he has no idea about the woman that he’s sleeping next to every night. 

The statement triggered him because he knows that, on some level, Voight is right. 

Halstead literally looked like a fool defending her honor and going to bat with Voight. It’s like fighting with a dog and being mad at it for its natural instincts. 

Voight is not a by-the-book kind of guy; he never was. And in a situation where someone hurt two people he loves, it’s naive to think that he would stand by idly and not do anything about it. Also, why was Voight’s GPS so easy to track down? You would think that after the lengths they went through to cover this up, he would have taken care of the GPS trail!

As I said when she first proposed, the relationship likely won’t last because it’s based solely on lies piled with more lies.

Upton may have felt like she didn’t have a choice, but that’s the beauty of a relationship — you always have a choice. She could’ve confided in Jay this whole time, but she simply didn’t trust him to keep her secret or not look at her the way he did at the end after he found out the truth. 

How will this pan out moving forward? Is Halstead going to keep his mouth shut? Will this become a secret amongst the three of them?

How will he bounce back from disrespecting Voight? And what will happen to Halstead and Upton’s relationship?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD Review – The One Next to Me (9×03)



Chicago PD Review The One Next to Me Season 9 Episode 3

There was never any question about how Halstead would react to Upton’s choice to shoot and kill Roy and then lie about it, but now we know for certain that he wouldn’t accept it. 

Furthermore, he wouldn’t keep quiet about it either. 

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 3 tapped into Halstead’s past in Afghanistan, which is something he rarely talks about. 

Intelligence was pursuing a robbery crew making sticky bombs. The specific formula tipped Jay off to the fact that it had to be Elliot Knox, one of the men he served alongside.

Halstead had a clear hatred for Knox, though, it wasn’t entirely clear why considering Knox basically sang Halstead’s praises at the veteran’s meeting.

It was an interesting approach to an episode because it forced us to trust Jay’s word despite not really knowing all the information. 

Obviously, Knox was selling sticky bombs used in deadly robberies, so he wasn’t exactly on the right track, but he wasn’t exactly wrong about being put in a situation where the right call was wrong and the wrong call was right. 

It’s fitting that as Jay tried to move on and make the next step in his future with Hailey, he got sucked right back into confronting his past. 

It was a little concerning that I (and I’m assuming the audience) sided with Jay more than Hailey did. She questioned him at every turn despite knowing that he didn’t ever want to get into what happened while he was over there. 

The comments about Jay’s reaction being “harsh” and the fact that she tried to use his nickname “Ricky” in a funny way kind of showed how out of touch Upton is sometimes. 

Jay obviously had a history with this guy, so he knew what he was capable of.

It also underlined the fact that she doesn’t actually know Jay as well as she thinks she does. 

Jay’s always been quiet about his time serving, but it’s a whole side to him that she didn’t know. 

Eventually, Knox showed his true colors by going rogue and killing the men running the heists before the cops could nab them. 

Chicago PD Review The One Next to Me Season 9 Episode 3

CHICAGO P.D. — “The One Next to Me” Episode 903 — Pictured: (l-r) Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey, Jason Beghe as Hank Voight — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

It was a brutal execution also, which shows that Knox wasn’t in the right frame of mind after returning from war. 

Jay and Hailey finally moved in, which is when he explained that this isn’t the first time Knox went rogue and murder a ton of people in the name of revenge. He also did that in Afghanistan after the Taliban used a child to kill a soldier who always passed out candy to local children. 

It’s clear that Jay stands on the side of the law, regardless of whether death might be warranted. 

He seemed genuinely upset with himself for helping Knox get away with it for so long, as well.

“Murder and lies,” he said of the moment that broke his friendship with Knox, which sums up what Hailey’s been doing ever since killing Roy. 

Jay would never fully understand what happened nor would he support Hailey. 

I know he loves her, but he’s a man of principles, and I don’t think he’d let go of those so easily for her. 

We’ve seen him check Voight on several occasions when he believes the Sarge has stepped out of line. 

It can’t be a comforting feeling for Hailey as she now has confirmation of what she feared all along — Jay wouldn’t agree to marry if he knew the truth. 

While it’s in her and Voight’s best interest to keep it under wraps, this storyline is far from over as the FBI continues their search for Roy by tracking down any leads they get about his whereabouts.

Spoiler alert: they’re never going to find him alive. 

However, it is concerning that the teaser for the upcoming episode shows Voight telling Halstead that he doesn’t know the woman he’s sleeping next to at night. 

Why would Voight decide to tell Halstead the truth? Is it because Hailey can’t handle the heat after talking a big game and wanting to ride with the big guys?

Seeing how distraught she is in the teaser, maybe Hailey has to confess in order to make peace with herself, even if it costs her the relationship she’s always wanted. 

Maybe seeing Halstead’s guilt for not coming clean about Afghanistan convinces her to confess?

How do you think this will pan out?

The episode started with the whole squad ragging on Halstead and Upton about keeping their relationship a secret when everyone knows they’re dating and moving in together, but the mood didn’t keep up and took a somber turn instead. 

What did you think of the episode? Sound off below! 

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD Review – Burgess Is Back on the Job (9×02)



Chicago PD Review Rage Season 9 Episode 2

After a near-death experience, Burgess rejoined Intelligence on Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 2. 

But it wasn’t without a little push from Voight, Ruzek, and the rest of the team.

Based on the timeline provided, it’s been about a week since Burgess was discharged from the hospital, which doesn’t sound like nearly enough time to get back into the swing of things. 

Physical injuries aside, the whole ordeal took quite an emotional toll on her. When Voight paid her a visit, the poor girl was going through it as her PTSD got the best of her. 

That clearly wasn’t someone that should’ve been cleared to return to work. 

I would expect her to sit out at least a few episodes. We could’ve seen her contemplating her return to work, working through it with a therapist, honestly, anything. 

Heck, I would’ve preferred to see a scene between Trudy and Burgess. Why didn’t she pay her a visit after Ruzek suggested she might be looking into desk duty? They had the time to film a scene between Trudy and Voight talking it over, but they couldn’t have Trudy reach out and give Burgess a moment to talk her emotions out?

When will they stop underutilizing Trudy?

The series never allows characters to process what has happened. That kind of rushed storytelling might make sense on a sitcom, but it just feels silly on a semi-serialized procedural. 

The girl quite literally just told Ruzek she might never be ready to return, and then she turns around and pretty much works the whole case. 

Not to mention that she pursued a lead on her own. Why doesn’t she learn from the last few times that things went sideways?

There are two very recent and specific times that ended very badly for Burgess when she tracked down a lead solo.

I do appreciate that Voight wanted Burgess to be sure of her decision; it wouldn’t be a choice if she was making it from a place of fear. 

And there’s no better person for a storyline about violence against women. 

In this particular case, Burgess was roped into a case involving the rape of three women, two of which didn’t survive, and one who got away with gruesome injuries. 

Burgess connected with the only living victim, Sara, on a different level as she understood what she was going through having been in the situation herself not too long ago. 

Sara’s story about feeling powerless was like a rehash of exactly what Burgess went through. 

Since she wasn’t able to catch Roy, the man who nearly killed her, the next best thing was getting Gary Franklin off the streets. 

And yes, the fact that Burgess is still living in fear of when Roy might turn up next while Upton is willingly keeping what she did a secret to spare herself wasn’t lost on anyone. 

How does Upton look at herself in the mirror every morning?

Chicago PD’s strong suit isn’t story continuity, but it almost seemed as though Upton forgot all about what happened with her, Roy, and Voight. 

Does she feel any remorse?

Chicago PD Review Rage Season 9 Episode 2

CHICAGO P.D. — “Rage” Episode 902 — Pictured: Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Anyway, the fact that the parole officer was responsible wasn’t a huge twist. Someone abusing their power and position — shocker!

Gary was suspicious the moment Ruzek and Atwater paid him a visit and he indicated that Ava was working with the cops and getting cash. 

When Burgess wasn’t able to convince Sara to wear a wire and incriminate Gary, she took it upon herself to get it done. 

You would think the others would have been able to figure out that the common denominator for all three women was Gary, but I guess it was supposed to underscore that the case would’ve fallen flat without Burgess’s perceptive nature. 

And by actively pursuing him and trying to catch him in the act, she proved that she still had the instincts to do the job. 

In fact, when he attacked her, she shot him point black without hesitation.

Burgess may have been shaken by her experience, but as terrible as it was, it made her a stronger cop.

It also proves that she can handle so much more than she ever knew possible.

I’m hoping that after this ordeal, the writers will just give her a break. Let her enjoy being a mother to Makayla for a little. Maybe let her figure things out with Ruzek?

Burgess can’t handle any more dark storylines thrown her way!

What did you think of the episode? Was Burgess’s return, albeit badass, a bit too premature?

Sound off in the comments below! 

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