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‘Chicago PD’ Season 5 Premiere – 5 Major Moment’s

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Reform" Episode 501 -- Pictured: Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)



1. Goodbye to You Lindsay

Chicago PD wasted no time dressing Linday’s departure but aside from a tearful trip down memory lane, which included some of her most badass moments, fans didn’t get much closure. It’s as if they knew that we were aware she left the show and kept trying to convince us via Voight that this was “the right move for her.” Had she really outgrown Intelligence? Heck no. Was she really so far gone, she couldn’t get a second chance? Definitely not. She was dubbed the new Olivia Benson for crying out loud. She had a promising career!

I’m shocked that Lindsay didn’t even make an appearance in the episode to tell Halstead that she’s leaving face to face. We see him standing in their empty apartment at one point holding a picture of the two of them during better times. It seems like he got absolutely no closure from the woman he was going to PROPOSE TO. She up and left and isn’t picking up his calls because she’s probably “too busy on a new case.” Okay. It kind of feels like Sophia’s left on bad terms, not leaving the door open for any future guest appearance as many fans have hoped.


2. With Lindsay Gone, Others Get More Screen Time

I loved Lindsay but she was kind of a screen hog. Not that it was her fault or anything, she was just the biggest star on the show. Many of the storylines surrounded her, her relationship with Voight, her romance with Lindsay and the fallout between her and Bunny. Without her in the picture, the rest of the cast members were allowed to shine. Halstead was thrust into the spotlight, probably the worst kind, as everyone began dragging him on social media for accidentally shooting a black girl at a daycare. The sad reality that there is such a thing as illegally run daycares in the worst neighborhood’s in Chicago. Atwater really felt the weight of being a black cop, especially when Ruzek got super threatening towards an African American man who he just “assumed” was the suspect. It’s a clear example of racial profiling and totally out of character for the usual chill cop. But nothing got more attention last night than Ruzek’s eyeliner… can someone PLEASE explain what was going on there?


3. Antonio is Back Baby

Since Chicago Justice got cancelled, it was obvious that Dick Wolf and friends would bring Antonio back to Intelligence. To be quite honest, he never fit in at the State’s Attorney’s Office much. In my mind, Dawson is the type of guy who wants to get his hands dirty and bring the bad guys down through any means necessary. So of course, they brought him in on an undercover cop assignment, which led to Voight offering him a full time position back upstairs. A spot did clear out after all.


4. No Trust Leads To More Supervision

There’s a bit of a “trust” issue in the unit with the Feds closing in on Voight to make sure he isn’t using illegal tactics to get his suspects to confess. While I don’t necessarily agree with his methods sometimes, I do believe that it should be legal to rough up these dudes sometimes to get them to talk. I mean, they aren’t dealing with innocent civilians. For the most part, it’s all gang bangers, criminals, killers, and thugs. With the added video cameras and authority figures, Voight challenge will be bringing justice and abiding by the law. And let’s be honest, he’s still going to do things that aren’t exactly “legal” because that’s what makes him stand out from all the other cops!


5. The Role Reversal

If you tune into the news, you’re usually hearing stories of white cops shooting African Americans. Chicago PD took a rather unique angle this week, showcasing Alderman Price, a man of power ready to defend his district and all of the “law abiding citizens” in it. Except the law abiding citizens he was referring to were actually the men behind the gun deal. He also blatantly admitted that the city needed someone to blame for all these murders and there was no one better than a white, young, handsome police officer. I’m not saying this is always the case because I’m sure there are some terrible and racist cops out there, but it was interesting to see someone of power trying to frame a white man because it fit his narrative and allowed the bad guys to keep funding his campaign. Thankfully, Halstead was able to clear his name, apologize to the late girls mother and try to somehow make peace with the reality that he lives every single day.


What did you think of the season 5 premiere of Chicago PD?

As much as I hope the focus of the season isn’t going to be racial tensions, these are real situations that we’re facing in Chicago right now and they have to be talked about.


Episode Emoji Rating –  😩😩😩

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD Review – Trouble Dolls (8×13)



Chicago PD Review Trouble Dolls Season 8 Episode 13

It’s been a rough season for Kim Burgess, but after Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 13, it seems like things are finally starting to look up for her.

Any time an episode focuses on Burgess, you know it’s going to be good. 

Marina Squerciati continues to deliver outstanding performances on both a personal and professional level for Burgess.

The episode had it all: it touched upon Burgess’s work-life balance, addressed Makayla’s struggles with adjusting to her new life, and dealt Burgess and Ruzek’s falling out following the fight on Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 10.

It’s almost as if the writers read our concerns and addressed the storylines we’ve been wanting to see. 

It also shows that the series can juggle storylines that tackle both the personal and professional aspects of a character’s life in one episode. 

Now, let’s give everyone a life outside of work because it allows for stronger storylines all around. 

Initially, Burgess and Makayla’s home life seemed pretty great (how cute was that little at-home play?), but soon, it became clear that Makayla was suffering trauma as a result of what happened in her life. 

Chicago Fire Review – Don’t Hang Up (9×13)

I’m so glad the series didn’t just gloss over that part because it would’ve been unrealistic.

Makayla watched her whole family get murdered by the father that also hunted her down. That’s not something you just get over.

She may not fully comprehend the weight of what happened, but she’ll feel the effects of that loss for the rest of her life.

And while it’s great that she has someone in her corner like Burgess who wants to protect her and make her feel safe and loved, there’s no denying that Burgess’s job is dangerous.

As the therapist pointed out, Burgess may leave her work life at the door, but Makayla has seen her with a gun.

To some extent, she knows that if something were to happen to Burgess, she’s all alone once again.  

Burgess is her person.

Burgess was in denial by thinking that she didn’t need to assign a custodial guardian for Makayla.

Deep down inside, she wanted to pretend that everything would be okay, but she was ignoring the fact that she has a high-risk job. 

Every time that she responds to a call — in uniform or not — she’s putting her life at risk.  

I love that the emotionally heartbreaking case helped Burgess make the right decision.

Chicago Med Review – What a Tangled Web We Weave (6×13)

She had a close call with a suspect after a bullet gently grazed her jacket, but it was a brutal reminder that the situation could’ve been much worse. 

Intelligence deals with the toughest cases and pursues the worst criminals, and Burgess’s life is always on the line.

After everything that Makayla has been through, she deserves a backup.

And there’s no one more fitting than Ruzek.

We knew he would be Burgess’s go-to — after all, he was going to be the father of her child — but it still allowed for a tender moment between the two and what seemed like the beginning of a reconciliation. 

Even though Burgess questioned Ruzek’s character, which strained the foundation of their relationship, we knew he would say yes. 

He’s always there for Burgess because they have an unbreakable bond.

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Chicago PD Review – Due Process (8×12)



Chicago PD Due Process Review Season 8 Episode 12

Finally, an episode dedicated entirely to Voight!

First thing’s first, Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 12 was a brutal reminder to always make sure you’re getting into the correct rideshare. 

Always check the license plate and share your location with friends! You can never be too careful.  

The case-heavy episode found Intelligence pursuing a serial rapist and killer that was recently released from jail. 

And it gave us Voight at his best. 

Despite every bone in his body telling him to throw Caleb Hoff into a cage and mess him up, Voight remained calm (for the most part) and level-headed, which allowed him to put the guy away for good. 

Kenny’s car can’t say the same, but it’s better if Voight unloads his frustration out on an object rather than a person in this case. 

Intelligence had to be very careful with how they handled the case because Hoff recently won a lawsuit against the city for police misconduct. 

The detective working his case, Lisa Martinez, used force on his roommate to search his room and get evidence, which obviously meant that his case was thrown out. 

Police brutality is never encouraged, but this was an example of a situation where the monster walked free because of a technicality. 

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD Review & Interview – Tracy Spiridakos on Big #Upstead Moment (8×11)



Chicago PD Signs of Violence Review Season 8 Episode 11

Upton’s childhood trauma bubbled up to the surface on Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 11.

This isn’t the first time the series has touched upon Upton’s past, but audiences were able to get a better grasp at the hell she went through while growing up in a household of domestic abuse.

Up until now, she never fully confronted how it affected her into adulthood.

On Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 3, Upton couldn’t even bring herself to visit her father after he suffered a heart attack. 

The truth is, she’s been running from her past for her whole life, but the trauma has finally caught up with her and it’s significantly affecting every aspect of her life including her career and her promising, new relationship.

And she’s beginning to realize that if she lets this bruised part of herself continue to get in the way, it could jeopardize everything she’s ever cared about.

The case was solid with or without an anchor to Upton’s personal life as the outcome wasn’t obvious. Also, how gruesome was that scene of the mother with her teeth pulled out and her fingertips burnt off?

Upton responded to a call that involved a young child who has endured a lifetime of emotional and physical abuse. 

She immediately felt drawn to the little girl, Becca, as she saw herself in her pained yet hopeful face.

And Upton went to great lengths to help her. On one hand, her determination played a key role in solving the case, but on the other hand, it was dangerous because she was willing to break the rules and go against Voight’s orders. 

Since she was fueled by emotion, she wasn’t thinking clearly, which made it easy for her to misstep and cross a line.

Throughout the episode, I wanted to shake Upton and tell her to snap out of it, but she was so focused. It almost felt like she thought she could save herself by saving Becca.

Coming from a dysfunctional family gives Upton good instincts. Her personal involvement in the case is largely the reason Intelligence found Becca in time.

However, it also forced her to reassess her approach. 

After her heart-to-heart with Voight, Upton realized that she couldn’t go on like this and pretend that her past wasn’t seeping into her present. 

A childhood fueled by control, manipulation, betrayal, and abuse also made it hard for Upton to form a real connection with another person.

Even before she took on the case, Upton bolted right after Halstead said the L-word.

While it’s a huge moment in their relationship, for Upton, it was a trigger because she’s only ever known a dysfunctional level of love.

Chicago PD Signs of Violence Review Season 8 Episode 11

CHICAGO P.D. — “Signs Of Violence” Episode 811 — Pictured: (l-r) Jason Beghe as Hank Voight, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton — (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

Whenever someone would say “I love you,” there was always a catch. So, when Halstead said it, she was waiting for the other foot to drop.

Instead of allowing herself to get hurt, she wanted to beat him to the punch and run the other way.

That’s why her eventual decision to open up to Halstead and be vulnerable and transparent about her fears and insecurities was a huge step. 

I love that Halstead didn’t try to “fix” Upton; He simply listened to what she needed while promising to be patient and stay by her side. 

I wasn’t completely sold on #TeamUpstead prior to this episode because I’m used to the relationships on this series crumbling for one reason or another, but I’m digging the direction that this is going in. 

Not every relationship starts in the honeymoon phase, and it’s clear Halstead cares enough about her to support her and help her get to a good point. 

Hopefully, the series continues with the storyline and doesn’t drop Upton’s emotional turmoil.

We don’t need a whole episode dedicated to her working through her issues, but it would be nice to see some continuity whenever #Upstead’s relationship gets future screen time.

We got to chat with Tracy Spiridakos, who plays Hailey Upton, about the game-changing episode! 

Check out our post-mortem interview at TV Fanatic Now! 

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