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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Recap Deus Ex Machina Season 4 Episode 5 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Recap Deus Ex Machina Season 4 Episode 5


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Recap – Deja Vu in the Cosmos (4×07)




The penultimate episode brings forth the arrival of The Void on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Episode 7. 

And it’s not at all what any of us expected or envisioned. 

The episode takes place in the parallel realm as Sabrina Morningstar steps through the mirror wormhole in an attempt to save the cosmos from imploding. 

It’s a nice surprise considering it seemed as though we had seen the last of her and her new aunties Zelda and Hilda, played by Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea from Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame.

Sabrina quickly realizes that’s she’s stuck in a TV show where they live and work on the sound stages. It’s the TV sitcom version of Groundhog Day.

The Aunties fill her in that her only goal and priority is knowing her lines and showing up prepared for work. Otherwise, it’s the the “green room,” a place that all the actors fear getting banned to.

When she asks her aunts if this is the work of an eldritch terror, they don’t seem to know what she’s talking about. Even worse – her magic doesn’t work here!

As Sabrina wanders around, she realizes that she’s basically trapped on the sound stages as each door leads to a dead end. And she won’t find her answers in any of the books because everything is a prop.

On her first day of filming, she learns that her real Aunt Hilda and Zelda are the “stand-ins” and well, Salem, who talks (though, what a miss by not getting  Sabrina the Teenage Witch actor Nick Bakay to voice Salem!), is the star of the show! That may have come as a surprise to Brina, but we’ve known that all along. 

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As Sabrina films her “scenes,” she’s surprised to learn that she’s still dating Harvey and Nick is simply his stand-in. They truly love playing with the fandoms!

When Harvey invites her to dinner, she hesitates to accept because she’s still Sabrina Morningstar who is married to Caliban. However, fake Aunt Hilda informs her that this her life now. The faster she accepts it, the easier it will be, which honestly, just sounds like something a cult would say to convince you to stay. 

Dinner at Harvey’s consists of tuna and milk, which will make sense eventually. (Or, if you’re like my clever husband, you already figured out that Salem is the eldritch terror known as the Endless.)

Sabrina, however, remains clueless for now, but she does get confirmation that this is the work of an eldritch terror when real Harvey’s drawings of the “terrors to come” pop up on fake Harvey’s wall during dinner. 

He doesn’t know anything about them and insists that they rehearse their lines for the next day instead, which is when Sabrina realizes she’s experiencing a sort of deja vu. Only hers isn’t a dissociative memory but an actual memory from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1. 

She asks Harvey for copies of the sitcom that she can watch when he puts on the pilot episode for her… it’s the pilot of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. How meta! 

Sabrina is creeped out by the fact that people were watching, spying, and recording her, but Harvey explains that it’s nothing to worry about, it was “just the crew.”

Realizing that she needs to do something and fast, she opens the forbidden red light door (a big no-no) and walks into the green room where she finds this cosmos’ Ambrose (he does exist!) chopping up people and grinding them into cat food. I know we’ve seen Ambrose work on cadavers before, but this is a new level of gross. 

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At this point, Ambrose admits he knows about the eldritch terror and confirms what my husband guessed early on… the terror is Salem Saberhagen. Also, how is Ambrose so smart and clued-in in every iteration?

Despite his knowledge, however, Ambrose refuses to help and channels the same energy as Hilda: “accept your new reality.”

The following day Sabrina realizes that whatever the writers write into the script actually happens after learning that Roz, who is going blind in the script, is going blind in real life. 

During lunch, she chats up the real Aunt Hilda and Zelda and learns that they used to play her aunties but were replaced by “new blood.”

The fact that they’re all stuck on a permanent TV show isn’t even the weirdest thing happening in this cosmos when you consider the stand-ins sleep under the man cast’s bed and Caliban is the head of construction.  The latter is a much more important development because it reveals that his latest project is building a vacuum aka a VOID for tomorrow’s script.

When Sabrina realizes the urgency, she asks for Harvey’s help fetching tomorrow’s script, but danger, in the form of Nick, is lurking right around the corner. 

Upon reading the script, Sabrina calls an emergency meeting of the minds to inform the rest of the cast that everything ends tomorrow. Everyone seems to take her warnings about the end of all things seriously except for fake Aunt Hilda and Zelda, who continue pushing back that “this always happens on shows.”

When Sabrina wakes the next day, she notices that the calendar has run out of dates indicating that the end and the Void are near. 

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She learns Nick has been promoted to series regular since Harvey was sent to the Green Room. Fed up with everything, she demands to see the head writer, who she learns is none other than Salem. Of course, you can be the star of the show if you’re the one giving yourself the best lines!

She informs him that the Void means the end of all things, even the Endless, but Salem is in denial and explains that they’ve always co-existed. 

When she shows him that there’s no script past page 29, he begins to realize that she’s onto something. 

The two are summoned on set, and when Sabrina attempts to change the script, Hilda and Zelda reveal that they are servants of the Void. 

Salem, now on Team Sabrina, tells her where the magical mirror is. We should have known it was locked up in the prop department. 

As the duo outrun the monsters that fake Zelda and Hilda have turned into, they see their loved ones – Harvey, Ambrose, Theo, Roz, the real Aunt Hilda and Zelda – dead.

Salem makes writing changes on the fly, which hilariously manifests in real life and buys them sone time. And finally… Sabrina and Salem reach the mirror and jump through as it breaks into a million tiny pieces.

Do they make it out? Have they successfully stopped the Void, which seemed to be swallowing up the parallel cosmos?

And where will they end up?

The episode ends in a “to be continued…” as it leads into the very final installment of the series. 

Brace yourselves. 

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1. RIP to Those Who Didn’t Make It

Murder is the name of the game when it comes to Joe and Love. Their list of suspects this season included Natalia, who was the catalyst for all the disturbances in the town defined by tacky athleisure. But, let’s be honest, if it wasn’t her, it would’ve been someone else. Joe has a delusional obsession with finding “the one.”

While watching the season, there was no shortage of potential victims. Anytime the residents of Madre Lina were in a strange setting with Love or Joe, you found yourself wondering: “when are they going to die?”

Surprisingly, most of the victims belonged to Love, whose impulsiveness did no one any favors. After killing Natalie, she bludgeoned anti-vaxxer Gil and locked him up in the glass cage that they rebuilt in the bakery’s basement (also Natalie’s final resting place). While Gil technically killed himself after learning that his wife paid to get their delinquent son into university (looking at you, Lori Loughlin), Love and Joe used it as an opportunity to frame the poor guy for Natalie’s murder and made it seem like the result of a torrid love affair. Wow, they’re good at this. I shouldn’t be this surprised, right?

Joe’s only victim was Ryan Goodwin, Marienne’s narcissistic and druggie ex… but he kind of deserved it.

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2. Those Who (Surprisingly!) Survived

To survive a brush with Love and Joe at their worst is, well, an incredible feat. Not many can live to tell that story, but influencer Sherry, her buff husband, Cary, and Theo, an impressionable college student with a terrible relationship with his father, Matthew, also Natalie’s husband, all did. 

Sherry and Cary suggested that Love and Joe try to “hack their love life” by sleeping with them. Unfortunately, Love’s jealousy issues took over, and when she accidentally blurted out that she killed Natalie for Joe, Sherry and Cary didn’t stand a chance. It was touch-and-go-there for a bit as Cary accidentally shot and grazed Sherry’s ear, while she intentionally shot him in the leg. Eventually, she found a key and managed to get them out of the cage alive and well. And in true Sherry fashion, she and Cary ended up turning their story into a best-selling book. 

Theo was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. He found Sherry and Cary in the cage just as Love arrived at the bakery. He tried to convince her that he didn’t believe what they said about her, but she knocked him out and pushed him down the stairs. However, when Joe went to clean up her mess, he realized that Theo was still alive. Since he promised not to say a word, Joe drove him to a hospital and let the poor kid live. His only sin was falling in love with the wrong woman! 

Marienne also survived, but it was also touch-and-go for her. Love had it out for her, and the only reason she made it out of the Quinn-Goldberg household in one piece was because of her sweet daughter. Fly free, Marienne! 


3. Joe and Love’s lovers

Joe and Love may have been on the same team, but they were simply trying to make a failed marriage work. Love’s insecurities got the best of her, and when she found out about Joe’s brief rendezvous with Natalie, she felt “wanted” by college kid Theo. She loved that he saw her and craved that attention, which she wasn’t getting from Joe. It was a disturbing relationship, and one she tried to put an end to many times, before convincing Joe that she needed to seduce Theo in order to find out what evidence Matthew had against them. 

Meanwhile, Joe developed an obsession with Marienne, a whip-smart library manager who gave him a job and slowly began to fall for him. He saw a light in Marienne, who, as a Black woman, was failed by the system multiple times, and wanted to get custody of her daughter from her abusive ex and local news anchor, Ryan Goodwin. While Marienne’s feelings towards Joe were reciprocated, they were a byproduct of his manipulative charm. Joe knows how to prey on a vulnerable woman to get what he wants. 

Thankfully, as mentioned above, both of Theo and Marienne survived, which is a new one for romantic partners in the series. Though, the season did end with Joe going to the depths of the Earth to find Marienne, so maybe she isn’t in the clear after all! 

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4. Survival of the Fittest

One could argue that Joe and Love were each other’s victims. Their relationship was toxic for the get-go, and no amount of marriage counseling was going to fix it. If Love hadn’t announced her pregnancy at the end of season 2, Joe would’ve killed her on the spot. They were both alive because of Henry, and thus, thought that staying together for the child was going to somehow make all of their problems disappear. 

But it didn’t. Their resentment for each other grew as they lied and manipulated each other. They never trusted each other, and the relationship was solely codependency. I do think Love wanted to make a marriage with Joe work, but Joe, despite being a murderer himself, couldn’t see Love as anything more than a monster.

Thus, he looked for any out that he could find. When he set his sights on Marienne, he envisioned a brand new family with her and attempted to “protect her” from Love. In doing so, he was also protected himself. It definitely seemed as though Love’s murder attempt blindsided him. She admitted that she killed her first husband, James, with the same aconite used to poison Joe. 

However, Joe was always one step ahead of her because he took an adrenaline pill right before, which counteracted the poison. And he should breathe a sigh of relief because if he hadn’t, Love would’ve killed him with a butcher’s knife. 

Their relationship was survival of the fittest — be or be killed. And when she approached him, he stabbed her with a syringe full of the poison he made previously as he anticipated this very moment. 

After the poison stopped her heart, Joe cut off two of his toes (the worst part of the season, I’ll admit) and wrote a letter detailing Love’s murder-suicide. No one ever “found” Joe’s body, but since they found the toes, they assumed he died in the fire set by Quinn prior to killing herself. He made her out to be the true villain and escaped from Madre Linda unharmed… well, minus two toes. 


5. Goodbye, for now, Henry

What about baby Henry? Well, he no longer has to pay for the crimes of his parents. While the fact that Joe killed Love and framed her for a murder-suicide was messed up, out of the two of them, he was clearly the more stable one. Throughout the season, Joe prioritized being a good father because he didn’t want baby Henry to end up like him. Everything he did, in a twisted way, was to secure the child’s future. 

He knew that Love would never change and needed to be stopped because she would take them both down, which would ensure that Henry would end up in the system. Since he was placed in the system after his mother abandoned him, it was Joe’s biggest fear, and a future he did not want for his son. Therefore, his choice to give up Henry to Dante and Lansing, a good couple who were trying to adopt, was the most selfless thing he’s ever done. 

Sure, it was also a bit selfish because he wanted to pursue Marienne, but still, he made the best choice for baby Henry and ensured that he would have the possibility of a good future. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. 


In the End… 

After putting an end to Love — “she must be stopped” — and giving away baby Henry to Dante and Lansing, Joe threw on his invisibility cap, said adios Madre Linda, and bonjour Paris. 

Will he say “hello you” to Marienne once again? And even if he does, how will he explain all that went down? He’s good at talking his way out of things, but they also found his toes at the scene of the crime. Marienne may think she attracts toxic men, but she’s levelheaded; she knew when to get out, so she’d never fall for  or believe anything he said. 

With a fourth season of YOU secured at Netflix already, we know that Joe will keep on keepin’ on and feeding into his delusions. Until his thirst is satiated, he’ll scour the world for Marienne. Or maybe he’ll give up and find a new obsession. 

Unfortunately, the world will never be safe if Joe is around. 

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