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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review: The Perfect End?




Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is taking its final bow when the fourth season premieres on Netflix on New Year’s Eve (December 31). 

Sabrina and friends embark on one final adventure to save Greendale from the Eldritch Terrors, though, if I’m being frank, both the coven and Sabrina’s mortal friends prove that they have enough steam to continue on for several more seasons.

And while the eight episodes are a testament to the fact that the cancellation was premature, one can also justify that they prove the very belief that sometimes it’s better to end when you’re in your prime. 

And praise heavens, Sabrina is in that prime as season 4 allows itself to fully exist in the madness and chaos that it has created over the years. 

After all, how much more danger and destruction could this small town suffer at the hands of the supernatural?

The Eldritch Terrors, which descend upon Greendale, aren’t just a threat to Greendale, however. The ancient entities that culminate with the arrival of the Void — the end of all things — pose a threat to the world and all the realms.

A race to stop the “end of all things” is admittedly quite a fitting and meta theme for the final season. 

Each episode, which is more like a mini jam-packed movie, finds Sabrina and team putting their heads together to fend off the terrors. Though they aren’t as fully prepared for what’s to come as Faustus Blackwood – who has been obsessing about the wicked things to come since season 3 (remember he snagged the Time Egg, the twins, and Agatha and did some ritual in which he declared that it would be “the beginning of the end of the Spellmans.”) – they do have one weapon in their arsenal that proves to be paramount: Ambrose. 

The show may revolve around Sabrina – she’s the titular character after all – but Ambrose has always been the brains behind the operations, now even more than ever. Chance Perdomo truly gets to shine this season as he leans on the vast knowledge his character has acquired over the centuries. Even when Ambrose isn’t exactly himself, he’s still Sabrina’s go-to, and it’s lovely to see him get the screen time he so very much deserves.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review


Sabrina’s relationships are in a state of turmoil at the kickstart of the season as she realizes that not having the world revolve around her is a pretty isolating feeling. And that’s because at her core, Sabrina thrives on being the heroine; it seems like that’s her true purpose in life.

After all, she declares that she’s “always responsible for what’s happening,” and she’s not wrong. Back in season 3, Sabrina (and Sabrina Morningstar) created a time paradox when they chose to exist simultaneously and facing those repercussions is par for the course. Kiernan Shipka gets to continue exploring both of these characters, and admittedly, Brina was onto something as two Sabrina’s are better than one. 

However, Sabrina needs her friends and family more than ever when the terrors arrive. The power of the coven has always been instrumental in taking down evil and that only intensifies this season as they even work along with their enemies from hell towards the common goal of survival.

By now, not only do the characters know themselves inside and out, but so do the actors portraying them. The deep understanding and comfort-level of these characters allows them to play with the roles in a few episodes where reality is distorted. It’s a blast to watch, and maybe this is me being biased, but I’m a sucker for scenes with alternate realities as they provide an even greater obstacle to overcome. 

Sure, it’s impressive to defeat a terror when everything is normal, but how do you go about it when the reality you’ve grown accustomed to is flipped upside down?

The episodes have a bit of a season 3 time-traveling vibe, but it’s less complex and much easier to follow. Kudos to the writers for realizing that they needed to simplify it for it to make any sense… even by supernatural standards. Through more cohesive storytelling, the audience is always up to speed as episodes flow seamlessly into each other. 

The fact that the characters are so established also allows for further character development, which is done best with Roz. She’s always been one of the most promising characters next to Sabrina, and in her final arc, she learns more about herself and her cunning.

The dynamics of freedom and power have always been toyed with since the first episode, but it’s nice to see it happen for someone other than Sabrina! 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review


Blackwood becomes the biggest obstacle as he’s obsessed with the terrors and continues to stand in the way moreso than Lucifer, who has taken a bit of a backseat and embraced a more comedic nature. Prudence was right in season 3 – they should have killed him when they had the chance. 

One of my biggest gripes with the series is the lack of character development for Judas and Judith; throughout the season’s, they barely serve a purpose and are only included as mute sidekicks for Blackwood. I would have liked them to be more than just placeholders. 

Lilith undergoes quite a traumatic experience, but in true fashion, always comes out on top and better than ever thanks to Michelle Gomez’s acting chops – she impeccably pulls double duty portraying both Lilith and meek Mary Wardwell, who, well, I can’t even figure out what her deal is by the end of the season.  

Fans have mentioned that one of the biggest problems with the series is the lack of permanent deaths or any true threat. Of course, in previous seasons, that was harder to accomplish than in the final season where anything goes. 

The thinning of the fabric between life or death is much more prevalent in the final season for that reason; the stakes are raised and so are concerns about whether your favorites will manage to stop the evils from descending and save humankind.

Romance is definitely front-and-center, next to the terrors, of course, as Nick informs Sabrina that they are endgame (as seen in the season 4 trailer). Will he manage to prove it to her? Strap in, Nick Scratch fans. There’s also some sweet moments for Hilda and Dr.C, but sadly, not everyone gets their happily ever after by the curtain close, and that’s just a bullet we’re going to have to bite. 

Best of all, the show never takes itself too seriously despite its dark nature. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina merges with Sabrina the Teenage Witch and welcomes Caroline Rhea, Beth Broderick


As previously revealed, Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick, who played the iconic roles of Aunt Hilda and Zelda on The WB’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, guest star in an episode that toys with the idea of reality. 

The two appear as Sabrina is fighting “The Endless” terror and finds herself stuck in a “diabolical sitcom that never stops filming.” The episode even features a laugh track and a talking Salem, a nod to the original sitcom that ran from 1996-2003. Its moments like these that allow the series to shine and pay tribute to what came before it. The only miss is that they didn’t cast Nick Bakay as the voice of Salem! 

There are several other easter eggs throughout the episode, along with a few winks to Riverdale, and the attention to detail will be much appreciated by longtime fans. 

Over the course of four seasons (which is really only a year by the show’s standards as Brina turns 17 in the series finale), Sabrina has grown from a girl who wanted to have it all to a woman that was secure in being a half-mortal and half-witch.

Her ambitions know no bounds, she never takes no for an answer, and she understands the depths and limitations of her powers next to her male counterparts, who are always looking to knock her down.

While season 4 puts the most at risk with the fate of the world solely in Sabrina’s hands, it doesn’t offer as many cheap thrills mostly because it doesn’t need to. The series has already built up a loyal fan base that eagerly suspends disbelief to get lost in the non-sensical magic. But don’t worry, there’s still a good amount of gore and blood, which makes up for the lack of jump-out-of-your-seat moments.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review


In addition to offering sensational storytelling, the series also offers up closure. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina took a handful of household characters and made them darker, better, and more memorable. It’s what Riverdale always strived to be but never could – a show that reveled in its darkness and mystery. 

Just remember… every ending is sad, but it’s no reason not to enjoy the journey. And the final installment is one hell of a wild ride through every realm!


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    Lord of the Rings – Amazon Prime

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    12 Reasons Why Ace is the Best Character on ‘Nancy Drew’



    Nancy Drew is a brilliant teen detective. That’s how they’ve marketed her for years, so we have no choice but to love her. 

    The CW’s version, portrayed by Kennedy McMann, is a modern-take on the character who is driven and determined, yet impressively aware of her flaws and imperfections. She owns them like a badge while going after what she wants wholeheartedly and using her particular set of skills to solve mysteries — both human and supernatural in nature — along the way. 

    Since Nancy carries the series, it’s hard not to paint her as the best of the best. 

    But we’re lucky that in The CW version of the series, the Drew Crew has no shortage of incredible characters in addition to Nancy.

    However, there’s no denying that one character stands out amongst the others for being equally as developed… and that’s Ace (played by Alex Saxon). 

    Puppy dog eyes aside (don’t you just want to give him a hug), Ace started off as a one-dimensional character that was around for quick laugh, but he quickly evolved into the heart of the series thanks to a plethora of great qualities, including serving as the backbone of the Scooby squad. 

    We’re breaking down some of the other reasons that we love Ace below:

    Nancy Drew Review The Demon of Piper Beach Season 3 Episode 4

    Nancy Drew — “The Demon of Piper Beach” — Image Number: NCD304a_0251r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Alex Saxon as Ace and Leah Lewis as George — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    He’s Always There for His Friends

    Ace’s theme song should be Toy Story’s “You Got a Friend In Me” because Ace is the teddy bear you can call up whenever you’re having a bad day and need a hug, a piece of advice, or a reality check. 

    There has never been a time where Ace left a friend in need. Whenever anyone from the Drew Crew needs him, Ace is right there to offer assistance and support. He’s provided a shoulder to cry on for Nick, he assisted Nancy no matter how dangerous the situation, and he’s even been a “get out of a bad date” call for Bess. Ace is there when you need him most, whether you know it or not. 


    He Never Turned His Back on Carson Drew

    Speaking of friends and being there for them… Ace has an unmatched level of loyalty.  When the whole town painted Carson Drew as the villain, Ace made it a point to visit him and make sure he was okay. Throughout the seasons, he’s always had Carson’s back even when it would’e been easier to side with Nancy and let him be. It’s yet another point that re-affirms that Ace is “ride or die” friend. 

    Nancy Drew Season 2: A New Mystery

    Credit: The CW/ Nancy Drew

    He Does the Right Thing No Matter How Difficult It Is

    Ace has really great judgment, especially in social situations. He tried to befriend Bertram Bobbsey simply because he believed that everybody deserves a second chance and because he wanted to do right by his girlfriend, Amanda Bobbsey. But the minute he realized something sketchy was going on, he took a step back. And when Carson informed him that they needed to find Bertram otherwise he would go down as an accomplice for a crime, he followed Amanda and ensured that her father was put away behind bars where he couldn’t hurt anyone else (including Amanda) again. While it was a difficult decision on his part, Amanda made it clear that her priority was her father, and Ace knew that he had to do the right thing no matter how much it hurt her or ended their relationship. 


    His Advice

    Part of what makes Ace such a great friend is that he’s able to foresee everyone’s needs often before they even know what they need themselves. This allows him to dish out incredible advice (see reason #1) that makes him appear wise beyond his years. 

    Nancy Drew Review - The Legend of the Murder Hotel Season 2 Episode 7

    Nancy Drew — “The Legend of the Murder Hotel” — Image Number: NCD207a_0520r.jpg — Pictured: Aadila Dosani as Amanda Bobbsey and Alex Saxon as Ace — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    He’s a Hard Worker

    When he’s not assisting Nancy and the crew with solving supernatural mysteries, he’s putting in the hours at the Claw. For a little, it seemed as though he was the only employee who actually worked any kind of shift at all. 


    He Knows How To Be Vulnerable

    Not only is he vulnerable, but he is empathetic and intuitive, which are all very desirable characteristics for a man that’s in-tune with himself and his feelings. He’s a genuinely good human, and that genuineness trickles down to everyone he comes in contact with. His most vulnerable was hunting down his step-brother and getting to know him while also protecting his father’s secret and his mother from being hurt by the truth. 

    Nancy Drew — “The Mark of the Poisoner’s Pearl” — Image Number: NCD110a_0114b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Anthony Natale as Thom and Alex Saxon as Ace — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    His Relationship with His Dad Is One to Be Admired

    Despite a few hiccups here and there, Ace has a pretty sweet relationship with his father. He’s a caring son that always prioritizes his father’s needs. Plus, it’s awesome to see ASL portrayed on television and naturally weaved into a storyline. 


    He’s An Accomplished Hacker

    Mr. Robot doesn’t have anything on Ace. He’s been able to assist in many supernatural mysteries simply by being the tech-guru that can crack any code and decipher any message. His skills have come in handy on many occasions! Unfortunately, most recently, they also got him caught up in a pretty uncanny situation — a parallel universe

    QUIZ: Which ‘Nancy Drew’ Character Are You?

    His Stroke of Comedic Genius

    Ace has some of the best one-liners, and he delivers them without missing a beat, usually in the most serious and significant situations. The unexpected nature of his commentary typically catches everyone off-guard, which also allows for some really hilarious reactions that Ace is usually oblivious to. The only other person who rivals Ace with this witty quips and comedic-timing is Bess, but we have enough room in our hearts to stan them both. 


    He Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously 

    With everything that’s going on around him and almost dying on several accounts, Ace is incredibly chill. It’s impressive that he can manage to keep things so low-key and zen when the ghostly spirits have set their sights on Horseshoe Bay, and usually, him and his friends.  See the previous point about being trapped in a parallel universe, which would be cause for concern for anyone. 


    He Has Pretty Eyes

    This one is pretty self-explanatory… and it leads into… 

    The Love Interest

    Of course, there’s no denying that Ace is beloved by many because he’s a love interest for Nancy. While she’s had her fair share of romances throughout the seasons, Ace is a constant in her life. He loves her for her wins and her flaws, he’s her biggest supporter, and as time progresses, Nancy has come to realize just how much she values Ace’s presence in her life. While many argue that they have a great friendship dynamic that shouldn’t be messed with, their romance is a slow burn. Admittedly, that’s working wonders for the show as it is keeping audiences on their toes and will make the moment so much better when they do finally give into those feelings that have been bubbling up riiiiight under the surface. Both Nancy and Ace haven’t had luck in the romance department, so maybe they’ll both finally find someone that’s worthy of their love and affection. 


    What’s your favorite thing about Ace on Nancy Drew?

    Is he your favorite character? If not, who is? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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    9 TV Shows We’re Sad to Leave Behind in 2021



    11 TV Shows We're Sad to Say Goodbye to in 2021

    2021 was a strange year in TV. The production of so many shows was sidetracked by the pandemic, but we still somehow made it to the finale. So with the end of the year coming up in a couple of weeks, it seems only fitting to give a proper send-off to 9 TV shows that we’re sad to leave behind in 2021. Some ended too early, while others ended at the perfect time, but all will be greatly missed.

    1. Younger (Paramount+)

    This past summer we said a tearful goodbye to the cast of Younger. Originally, its producer, Darren Star had unofficially ideated Season 7 as its final season, and then it came true. Thankfully, it’s available to stream, so you can repeatedly enjoy this show in its full glory. Younger is about Liza Miller, a 40-year-old woman who resorts to lying about her age in order to return to the workforce after raising her daughter. It’s an entertaining rom-com that highlights ageism and sexism in the workplace, while also beautifully capturing the importance of friendship.

    2. Insecure (HBO Max)

    Insecure is a dramedy that focuses on the Black narrative, particularly Black women and the unrealistic expectation of confidence. Issa Dee’s just trying to survive and thrive in her personal and professional life. However, in order to get there, she must learn to overcome her insecurities and flaws. With the help of her best friend Molly, the two take on life in Los Angeles together all while overcoming a period of liminality.

    3. Dickinson (Apple TV+)

    A fantastic comedy that puts a modern twist on the mid-1800s, Dickinson, is not what you’d expect. Hailee Steinfeld leads the series as the outspoken feminist Emily Dickinson, as she strives to become the infamous poet we know and praise today. You don’t have to be an English major to enjoy this one. As long as you love a good romance, fight against the patriarchy, and maybe a little Wiz Kalifa, you’re sure to find this 3 season show, delightful.

    4. Feel Good (Netflix)

    Mae Martin’s original comedy, Feel Good on Netflix is a much-needed LGBTQ+ representative show. The show is a short two seasons but they sure pack quite the punch. It centers on Mae, a standup comedian who swaps her drug addiction for love. During her time in England, Mae meets and falls in love with George, a baby queer. The show dissects the qualms of their relationship, all of course, with a healthy dose of humor.

    5. Shrill (Hulu)

    A young journalist struggles to jumpstart her career until she begins to write about her greatest insecurity–weight. Shrill shares the life of Annie Eaton as she learns to find confidence in being unapologetically herself. Navigating the world of romance and privilege, she runs into problems and makes countless mistakes. Its three-season run feels short, but once you make it to the end, you’ll feel appreciative of the journey.

    6. Kim’s Convenience (Netflix)

    Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian show about a Korean-Canadian family and their acclimation to both the Canadian culture and the evolving generation. An endearing comedy about the pressures and tension between the children of immigrants and their parents. Its five-season run was the perfect length, but we will surely miss this cast.

    7. The Bold Type (Freeform)

    The Bold Type is a show about three fearless friends who bond over their careers at Scarlet Magazine. It has hints of Sex and the City, but with a more diverse and feminist perspective. It’s a bit more drama than comedy and includes the typical search for love, self-identity, and everything in between. The show’s fluidity was affected by the pandemic but still managed to end on a sweet note in its fifth season.

    8. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (NBC)

    This NBC show was cut way too short, but thankfully Roku picked it up for a movie to tie up some loose ends. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist centers on a unique premise. Following a CT scan, Zoey starts hearing people’s inner song-alogues. The power initially seems useless and annoying, but she later learns to use it for the better.

    9. Atypical (Netflix)

    Atypical is a sweet family comedy about Sam, a teenager who falls on the autism spectrum. The show follows his quest to find independence, love, and the meaning of life. And while his family plays a large role in his life, his newfound autonomy especially puts his mother on a new life journey–one without the constant supervision of her son. It’s a family affair, and you’ll be sure to invest in every character and the family dynamic by the end.

    7 Shows to Inspire You In the New Year

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