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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review: The Perfect End?




Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is taking its final bow when the fourth season premieres on Netflix on New Year’s Eve (December 31). 

Sabrina and friends embark on one final adventure to save Greendale from the Eldritch Terrors, though, if I’m being frank, both the coven and Sabrina’s mortal friends prove that they have enough steam to continue on for several more seasons.

And while the eight episodes are a testament to the fact that the cancellation was premature, one can also justify that they prove the very belief that sometimes it’s better to end when you’re in your prime. 

And praise heavens, Sabrina is in that prime as season 4 allows itself to fully exist in the madness and chaos that it has created over the years. 

After all, how much more danger and destruction could this small town suffer at the hands of the supernatural?

The Eldritch Terrors, which descend upon Greendale, aren’t just a threat to Greendale, however. The ancient entities that culminate with the arrival of the Void — the end of all things — pose a threat to the world and all the realms.

A race to stop the “end of all things” is admittedly quite a fitting and meta theme for the final season. 

Each episode, which is more like a mini jam-packed movie, finds Sabrina and team putting their heads together to fend off the terrors. Though they aren’t as fully prepared for what’s to come as Faustus Blackwood – who has been obsessing about the wicked things to come since season 3 (remember he snagged the Time Egg, the twins, and Agatha and did some ritual in which he declared that it would be “the beginning of the end of the Spellmans.”) – they do have one weapon in their arsenal that proves to be paramount: Ambrose. 

The show may revolve around Sabrina – she’s the titular character after all – but Ambrose has always been the brains behind the operations, now even more than ever. Chance Perdomo truly gets to shine this season as he leans on the vast knowledge his character has acquired over the centuries. Even when Ambrose isn’t exactly himself, he’s still Sabrina’s go-to, and it’s lovely to see him get the screen time he so very much deserves.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review


Sabrina’s relationships are in a state of turmoil at the kickstart of the season as she realizes that not having the world revolve around her is a pretty isolating feeling. And that’s because at her core, Sabrina thrives on being the heroine; it seems like that’s her true purpose in life.

After all, she declares that she’s “always responsible for what’s happening,” and she’s not wrong. Back in season 3, Sabrina (and Sabrina Morningstar) created a time paradox when they chose to exist simultaneously and facing those repercussions is par for the course. Kiernan Shipka gets to continue exploring both of these characters, and admittedly, Brina was onto something as two Sabrina’s are better than one. 

However, Sabrina needs her friends and family more than ever when the terrors arrive. The power of the coven has always been instrumental in taking down evil and that only intensifies this season as they even work along with their enemies from hell towards the common goal of survival.

By now, not only do the characters know themselves inside and out, but so do the actors portraying them. The deep understanding and comfort-level of these characters allows them to play with the roles in a few episodes where reality is distorted. It’s a blast to watch, and maybe this is me being biased, but I’m a sucker for scenes with alternate realities as they provide an even greater obstacle to overcome. 

Sure, it’s impressive to defeat a terror when everything is normal, but how do you go about it when the reality you’ve grown accustomed to is flipped upside down?

The episodes have a bit of a season 3 time-traveling vibe, but it’s less complex and much easier to follow. Kudos to the writers for realizing that they needed to simplify it for it to make any sense… even by supernatural standards. Through more cohesive storytelling, the audience is always up to speed as episodes flow seamlessly into each other. 

The fact that the characters are so established also allows for further character development, which is done best with Roz. She’s always been one of the most promising characters next to Sabrina, and in her final arc, she learns more about herself and her cunning.

The dynamics of freedom and power have always been toyed with since the first episode, but it’s nice to see it happen for someone other than Sabrina! 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review


Blackwood becomes the biggest obstacle as he’s obsessed with the terrors and continues to stand in the way moreso than Lucifer, who has taken a bit of a backseat and embraced a more comedic nature. Prudence was right in season 3 – they should have killed him when they had the chance. 

One of my biggest gripes with the series is the lack of character development for Judas and Judith; throughout the season’s, they barely serve a purpose and are only included as mute sidekicks for Blackwood. I would have liked them to be more than just placeholders. 

Lilith undergoes quite a traumatic experience, but in true fashion, always comes out on top and better than ever thanks to Michelle Gomez’s acting chops – she impeccably pulls double duty portraying both Lilith and meek Mary Wardwell, who, well, I can’t even figure out what her deal is by the end of the season.  

Fans have mentioned that one of the biggest problems with the series is the lack of permanent deaths or any true threat. Of course, in previous seasons, that was harder to accomplish than in the final season where anything goes. 

The thinning of the fabric between life or death is much more prevalent in the final season for that reason; the stakes are raised and so are concerns about whether your favorites will manage to stop the evils from descending and save humankind.

Romance is definitely front-and-center, next to the terrors, of course, as Nick informs Sabrina that they are endgame (as seen in the season 4 trailer). Will he manage to prove it to her? Strap in, Nick Scratch fans. There’s also some sweet moments for Hilda and Dr.C, but sadly, not everyone gets their happily ever after by the curtain close, and that’s just a bullet we’re going to have to bite. 

Best of all, the show never takes itself too seriously despite its dark nature. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina merges with Sabrina the Teenage Witch and welcomes Caroline Rhea, Beth Broderick


As previously revealed, Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick, who played the iconic roles of Aunt Hilda and Zelda on The WB’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, guest star in an episode that toys with the idea of reality. 

The two appear as Sabrina is fighting “The Endless” terror and finds herself stuck in a “diabolical sitcom that never stops filming.” The episode even features a laugh track and a talking Salem, a nod to the original sitcom that ran from 1996-2003. Its moments like these that allow the series to shine and pay tribute to what came before it. The only miss is that they didn’t cast Nick Bakay as the voice of Salem! 

There are several other easter eggs throughout the episode, along with a few winks to Riverdale, and the attention to detail will be much appreciated by longtime fans. 

Over the course of four seasons (which is really only a year by the show’s standards as Brina turns 17 in the series finale), Sabrina has grown from a girl who wanted to have it all to a woman that was secure in being a half-mortal and half-witch.

Her ambitions know no bounds, she never takes no for an answer, and she understands the depths and limitations of her powers next to her male counterparts, who are always looking to knock her down.

While season 4 puts the most at risk with the fate of the world solely in Sabrina’s hands, it doesn’t offer as many cheap thrills mostly because it doesn’t need to. The series has already built up a loyal fan base that eagerly suspends disbelief to get lost in the non-sensical magic. But don’t worry, there’s still a good amount of gore and blood, which makes up for the lack of jump-out-of-your-seat moments.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Review


In addition to offering sensational storytelling, the series also offers up closure. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina took a handful of household characters and made them darker, better, and more memorable. It’s what Riverdale always strived to be but never could – a show that reveled in its darkness and mystery. 

Just remember… every ending is sad, but it’s no reason not to enjoy the journey. And the final installment is one hell of a wild ride through every realm!


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13 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on ‘Good Girls’



12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

When Good Girls season 1 premiered in 2018, a relationship between Beth and Rio wasn’t even on our radar. 

However, over time, the chemistry between Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana was too hard to ignore. 

Rio could make your heart skip a beat simply by the way he looked at Beth. Their connection and bond strengthened until it culminated in one of the hottest hook-up scenes on prime-time television. 

Since then, the writers have struggled to keep that passion alive even as fans clamor for more #Brio moments – anything to prove that the spark is still alive between them. 

We’re taking a walk down memory lane ahead of the new season to remember just how steamy and sensual things between these two used to be!


1.When They Became Equal Partners

That was one intense scene, especially as Rio tried to throw Beth off of her game by saying “you look good behind that desk, but you’d look so much better on top of it.” Did anyone else fully expect her to throw herself at him?

12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

Credit: NBC


2. When Rio believed in her

During a 10 a.m. bar meetup, Rio informed Beth that he was giving her the keys to the kingdom. When she questioned his motives, he informed her: “I think you could be something.” Rio may have had ulterior motives, but it was one of the first times that someone actually saw and acknowledged Beth’s potential as a woman, something Dean hadn’t done in years. 

Every time Beth questioned her abilities, he promised to “teach her” how to be like him and supported her every step of the way.

12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

Credit: NBC


3. When He Called Beth Beautiful

Rio has a way with words, but when he subtly complimented Beth, we were swooning!


4. When They Hooked Up in the Bathroom

Beth was always intrigued by Rio and she gave into temptation; she allowed herself to give into her deepest desires and embrace a wild side. Rio gave her the freedom that Dean never did. We see how fed up she is with Dean as he assumes everything about her and doesn’t actually value her. Not to mention he cheated on her so she wanted revenge.

However, what makes this scene so hot is that Rio takes her lead and lets her control the narrative and what happens. They both wanted it, but Beth had the power. 

12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

Credit: NBC


5. When He Told Beth to Tell the FBI They Were Making Love

We were all just as flustered as Beth when Rio suggested she tell the FBI the reason they were hanging out is cause they were making love. “Make me sound good, yeah?” Rio added as Beth couldn’t help but blush at the thought.

12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

Credit: NBC


6. When Their Hands Touched While Exchanging the Money

Rio and Beth embraced any chance to tease each other. He hand gently caressed her hand under the table as Annie echoed what we were all thinking: “oh my god.”

12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

Credit: NBC


7. When Rio Gave Her Some Solid Advice

To calm Beth’s nerves, Rio suggested that she “picture everybody naked.” And we all know what he meant by that. In the scene, they also talked about not labeling their relationship, and while they were talking about their professional relationship on the surface, we all know the subtext was about something a bit more intimate.


8. When Beth Got Jealous

While we never got an explanation as to who this woman was, Beth was green with envy seeing Rio feeling up on some other woman.


9. When They Made Love 

A quickie hookup in the bathroom is one thing, but when she invited hin over to have sex in her bedroom, it became a lot more intimate.

Beth needed to get it out of her system as a way of saying “goodbye” as she planned to get out of the drug dealing business. She knew the optics weren’t in their favor — he’s a drug dealer, she’s a suburban housewife who needs to prioritize her family — but she couldn’t shake the attraction. The scene didn’t show much aside from their kiss, but that was enough to give audiences chills.

These two aren’t always in-sync when it comes to the business, but they are so in-sync non-verbally.

12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

Credit: NBC


10. Anytime He Pushed the Hair Out of Her Face

He may be a dangerous criminal, but brushing her hair out of her face and stroking her cheek is such a gentl and personal act. And he usually does it when she’s at her most vulnerable with him. 

12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

Credit: NBC


11. Whenever He Calls Her Elizabeth

No one else calls her by her full name, but when he does it, it just flows off the tongue. He demands her attention and shows her that no one else sees her in the way that he does.

12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

Credit: NBC


12. Whenever Beth Challenges Him

It takes a lot of bravado to challenge a drug dealer who is all too comfortable with putting a gun to your head, but Beth does it several times to keep Rio in check. By allowing it, he’s clearly telling her that he respects and values her opinion. Not everyone would be able to get away with it. And while their relationship is toxic and dysfunctional on many levels, they’ve both taught each other some pretty valuable lessons.

12 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on 'Good Girls'

Credit: NBC


13. When Rio Listens to Beth

This goes hand-in-hand with #12, but in Good Girls Season 3, Beth has the ability to stop Rio in his tracks. As she hands over Boomer, she says “stop,” and you can hear Rio’s screech as he comes to a halt. Rio may have the upperhand, but Beth has her fair share of power over him.

Will Rio Kill Boomer on Good Girls

Credit: Good Girls/ NBC


The cat-and-mouse game between these two continues into Good Girls Season 4, but as Beth hires a hitman to kill Rio, they’re not exactly on the same page anymore. Will they find their way back?

Will the respect and tension once again resurface? A bond this intense doesn’t just fizzle out no matter how many times they’ve betrayed each other! 

All the Thirsty Tweets and Memes About Rio on ‘Good Girls’

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