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Covet Affairs

Covert Affairs: Into The White (4X03)



By: Joachim Jocson

Due to the amount of episodes allowed on Hulu, I am only able to give you my review of the latest episode as it becomes available. For that I give my sincerest apologies.

A Brief Recap of what happened in the previous episode “Dig for Fire.”

The episode starts off After a somewhat revealing conversation with Arthur, Annie meets with Henry and then follows him to the offices of an oil company whose operations in Colombia have been a target of Teo’s group. Auggie and Annie determine that Seth, Joan’s old flame and recovery acquaintance, was part of a phone conversation with Henry and the oil people. Seth is also attempting to romance Joan, who has just learned that she is pregnant. Arthur admits to Annie and Auggie that the alleged affair is a ruse to protect Joan from involvement in Arthur’s problems, but Auggie knows more about this than he is yet telling Annie. Annie breaks into Seth’s apartment when he is on a date with Joan, but when Joan cuts the date short Seth returns and finds her. In the resulting fight Seth falls off a bridge and apparently drowns. Joan confronts Arthur with both her pregnancy and her conclusion that the affair never happened. Annie meets again with Henry, who asks her to return to Colombia and kill Teo before he again attacks “American interests”.

Covert Affairs - Season 4

Now on to last week’s episode:

Arthur meets with Annie to discuss the latest issue concerning his son Teo and a bomb plot. This information was given to Annie by Henry Wilcox. Of course Annie had to inform Joan on the situation and had her tag along for the assignment as well. Unfortuantly with both of them being in the same room also brings along a lot of hurt for Joan as she is trying to have a baby while not even speaking to Arthur about the incident. Arthur informs Annie that Teo’s cover in Columbia will be blown if things get out of hand and reveals that the money he’s been sending to him is all in part of the operation he is currently working on.

Annie travels back to Columbia to meet with Lorena who sends a package to an unknown accomplice…probably Teo, I don’t know but we’ll find out later.

Back in Washington, Joan is in a Senate hearing to detail all the events of Season 3 leading up to the scandal of Arthur Campbell. The original intent was to get the position of head of DCS, a position once held by her husband. After the hearing Auggie meets with Joan to inform her of not only Henry Wilcox’s insiders but of one she was particularly close to, Seth. In the previous episode Seth fell into the Potomac River and was never seen from again. Joan wants to make sure it was him so she plans on going over to his place. Back in Columbia Annie drops off yet another secret package before being pursued by Teo himself.

Covert Affairs - Season 4

Teo asks Annie about the recent package that was dropped on his door and tells her to leave and not get involved. However she finds a way to get involved by being a part of the operation he is taking part in. Meanwhile in Washington Joan infiltrates Seth’s place to clean up the evidence from Annie’s fight. But not only does she stumble upon some interesting evidence but also some secret files on some very important people.

With Teo, now being tracked by Annie and Auggie back in D.C. she calls on the help of Agent Calder Michaels. He accepts under the conditions that she is telling him the truth about Teo and that he is not a terrorist.

With Annie now in the lion’s den with the ALC and Teo, Auggie he confronts Arthur on the fact that she is in grave danger being in enemy territory. However, by the sound of things between the two of the, Auggie’s emotions may be getting the best of him.  Back in Columbia, Calder and Annie set up a raid operation on the ACS with the intent of finding out what their plan was and keeping Teo alive. When they raid the camp Teo was being beaten by Calder.

Back in a CIA Black Site, Calder and Annie interrogate Teo on the latest bomb threat. Unfortunatly for Calder, his method doesn’t seem to attract attention to Teo. So Annie gets Calder out to try and talk to him one on one. That was until he hits her to the ground and spits and says kill me or get out. With his unresponsiveness Annie calls Joan to update her on the situation. She suggests to use whatever extreme needs are necessary to get any information out of Teo. Of course that would also lead to Joan talking to Arthur about his own son.  Just before she goes to what looks like a clue to a location for the new bomb Teo escapes CIA custody.

Covert Affairs - Season 4

With Calder packing up the gear, Annie wasn’t finished yet. She knows where the next target is. It’s a hotel with an upcoming conference. However he does not trust her, but gives her the team she sorely needs.  With Annie and Calder executing the mission to stop Teo, they split up. Annie finds Teo and attempts to stop him from killing someone. As Teo lines up his shot he fires at one of the ALC’s top agents in an attempt to stop him from killing executives on the ground.  In the end, Annie lets him run in exchange for information on other intel the CIA needs.

So, with Arthur’s son on the run and giving the CIA one step up it’s hard to tell what side Teo’s really on. Also with Henry Wilcox’s plan advancing Joan is already getting worried about her role in the scheme of things now that she is head of DCS inside CIA. Finally with Auggie and Annie’s relationship steaming up, things are about to get a little complicated in the office. Where will this put us in the coming weeks? God only know what things will be set in motion especially with the hidden motives of Calder Michaels.

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Covet Affairs

Covert Affairs: Vamos (4X01)



You guessed it, another covert operation show based solely on the CIA’s best and brightest. Here’s your quick Covert Affairs 101 for anyone who doesn’t watch the show.

Piper Perabo plays Anne Catherine “Annie” Walker: a CIA trainee who is suddenly promoted to field operative in order to help capture her ex-boyfriend, but the cause of her promotion is unknown to her. In addition to English, she speaks seven languages fluently—Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Persian, and Portuguese, which she says is her favorite. She also speaks several other languages with varied skill levels, including Hebrew, Estonian, Chinese, Sinhalese, and Swedish.

Christopher Gorham plays August “Auggie” Anderson: a CIA military intelligence/special ops officer who was blinded while on a mission in Iraq where he served in an Army Special Forces unit. Even though he is still grieving about his injury, he frequently lightens the mood by cracking jokes about his disability. He guides Annie through the paces of her new job. Auggie is an exceptional athlete, winning two high school state championships in wrestling. He has four older brothers and is an Eagle Scout.

Peter Gallagher plays Arthur Campbell :CIA Director of the National Clandestine Service (D/NCS). Joan Campbell’s husband. Graduate of Annapolis.

Kari Matchett plays Joan Campbell: a senior officer who heads the Domestic Protection Division (DPD); Annie’s supervisor and Arthur Campbell’s wife, a skilled spymaster who was quite talented in her field days. In the first few episodes of the series, she suspects Arthur is cheating. She also has difficulty separating work from her personal life as shown in the couple’s therapy sessions. She attended Pennsylvania State University, and her cover is that she works for the World Bank.

So that’s the who’s who in this portion but a quick recap of what transpired leading up to this season. A former CIA operative Jai Wilcox was killed in a car bomb in Washington D.C. and the search was on to find the killer. However his father a former CIA operative and disgraced as well had other plans than to grieve for his own son. His objective was to take down Joan and Arthur Campbell from the CIA. So he asks for the help of Annie to spy on them. In the meantime Auggie who after one of Annie’s missions where she was caught and captured but somehow was revived and saved expresses his feeling for Annie, thus their relationship gets even hotter. So there’s your quick Covert Affairs Season 3 in a nutshell. Now to the Season Premiere.

The Episode opens up with Annie in an elevator heading up in what looks like a hotel room. She calls Auggie and he is worried about her. That the events leading up to what she is doing was the fault of Jai Wilcox and not her. She is trying to protect Auggie but at the same time breaking his heart. The scene ends with a shootout between an unknown man and Annie. Bringing the way back machine to ten weeks prior to this event and we see Annie and Auggie having sex. When it was all over Annie tells Auggie of the meeting that took place just at the end of Season 3. He warns her not to go follow the trail which would lead to the Campbell’s departure from the department but for Auggie as well. Later that morning Auggie’s equipment was seized by the department as part of an investigation. Leading Annie to do what she set out to do and go to Columbia to follow the money trail. Little did she know that when she’d arrive she was being followed.

Annie meets with Mr. Sanchez (man in one of the earlier photos), to discuss with a bank statement. Although he refuses she tries to blackmail him with information about his wife and many mistresses. Unless he gives her the information regarding Arthur Campbell’s account. He tells her to meet at a specific location and she agrees to it. Annie gets a phone call from none other than Auggie himself. Little did she know that he followed her to Columbia. Later Auggie goes with Annie to meet with Mr. Sanchez. They follow him until they find him dead and followed. The guy following him gets shot by the same unknown man from earlier in the episode. He tells both of them to follow him, so they did.

So mystery solved on the unknown man from earlier. His name is Calder Michaels, a CIA station chief. He questions them on their intent in Columbia. Annie is trying to turn the other cheek without revealing too much. In the end he pardoned with Auggie and Annie but now are under suspicion that they are being watched.

Back in D.C. Arthur is informed of Annie’s situation in Columbia. While Joan is just hearing about the news herself along with another piece of good news. She is pregnant! Auggie and Annie commence with the bank operation to find their courier. They follow him until he pulls out a gun and shoots them. Auggie gets shot in the shoulder and is injured while Annie tries to put pressure on his wounds. Trying to get out they get captured by a group of mercenaries.

Auggie and Annie are taken to a little house and are integrated by Teo Oraga. His account was the one they were sent to infiltrate. Annie assures him that they are on the same side. Teo doesn’t agree but tells both of them to leave Columbia. Joan & Arthur have that dinner that they promised. But after a little bit Arthur gets a phone call and excuses himself. Joan then gets a drink from “the man at the bar.” Which happens to be Henry Wilcox. He tells her that today would have been Jai’s birthday. Back at the hotel Annie attempts to bandage Auggie’s wounds, he brings up the idea to Annie that they have completed their mission and that they should go home. She agrees to it but not before Agent Michaels had something to say about it.

Annie however finds a way to slip out and go to the meeting place. When she gets there, she gets ambushed. During the fire fight Teo tells Annie that his partnership with Arthur Campbell is over now that he burned the account. Confused and unsure she asks how he came to know Arthur. Auggie and Michaels meet with Annie and tells both of them to kill their operations and get out of Columbia.

Back in D.C. Arthur meets with his “mistress” in a parking lot to tell her to end this arrangement. On the plane ride heading back, Annie finds out from Auggie that Teo is Arthur Campbell’s son.

When Auggie and Annie get back to D.C. they are called to a special meeting that everyone is invited to. Arthur reveals to the agency that he has been in an affair and will resign from the CIA effective immediately.

I’m not sure if this episode is in connection with everything going on in Washington these days but it almost mirrors it. I like what the writers were able to do with this one and it shows real heart as to what goes on in the agency. Hopefully I can fill you all in on what else you need to know but of course it’s classified and on a strictly need to know basis. Let me know if you are interested.

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