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Debris I Am Icarus Review Season 1 Episode 10 Debris I Am Icarus Review Season 1 Episode 10


Debris Review – Can George Jones Save the World? (1×10)

DEBRIS -- "I Am Icarus" Episode: 110 -- Pictured: (l-r) Garfield Wilson as Gibson, Riann Steele as Finaola Jones -- (Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC)



The mystery of alternate realities deepened on Debris Season 1 Episode 10.

Debris Season 1 Episode 9 left off with Shelby using the debris to jump as Bryan chased him down, which meant that they both returned to another reality with their memories intact.

The piece of debris really did a number on Bryan as he began to brainstorm why their jump didn’t bring them back to their original realities. 

George Jones suggested that the debris was manifesting their subconscious desires, which could possibly explain why they weren’t getting back to their original timelines.

But that didn’t track since both of them really wanted to get back to their loved ones and yet, despite their best efforts, it didn’t work. 

Bryan figured he wasn’t being honest with himself about what he wanted, which was to get back to Finola, so on their next jump, he did his best to get back to her. 

And still, he kept finding himself with Grace as his partner. I don’t blame him for continuing to jump to get away from her — she was the worst. 

Unfortunately, each jump also caused a strain on the fabric of time and space and made the situation more critical as the timelines began to bleed into each other.

They were running out of time.

While this was definitely concerning, it was also helpful as Bryan jumped to a timeline where Shelby was missing and Kathleen was looking for him allowing us to see the other side of the search. 

And eventually, when Kathleen jumped again, she was surprised to see Finola instead of Bryan. 

Since each twin had an agent with them in their realities, they had a better shot of figuring out how to undo this massive mistake. 

They were also able to see each other through what looked like a looking glass, so Bryan was able to convince this version of Finola that she was on the cusp of figuring this whole thing out before they altered realities. 

Unfortunately, the word “bilateral deviation” didn’t mean much to this Finola, however, since they’re technically the same person, Bryan was confident that she’d get to the bottom of it.

And she did. With a little help from George Jones.

Although, it took a few jumps for her to arrive in a reality where her father was still alive. Hard to keep up on his death versus alive status, right?

With the degradation fully setting in, Finola realized that the only way to restore order in all the realities and timelines is for all of them to jump together at the exact same time. 

Essentially, this is what George kept alluding to from the very first jump as he kept telling Shelby that he had to jump at the precise moment that he and Shelby originally activated the debris. 

The only crucial part that was missing from his theory was that both Shelby and Kathleen had to make the jump simultaneously as they are the “same strands of the same reality.”

When they did that, everything reverted back to normal. 

It was great seeing Bryan and Finola partnered up again, though, I’m a little disappointed with how quickly the storyline was wrapped up. 

And how frustrating is it that neither of them remembered anything?

Why is that? It seems Shelby and Kathleen, who did remember their experience, clued them in, but having Bryan and Finola’s memories wiped seemingly sets back all the progress that the episodes made. 

While they were separated, they both made plenty of meaningful realizations. 

When Bryan admitted that he wasn’t honest about what he wanted, he seemed to realize just how much he cared about Finola. Even the notes he wrote her through the looking glass indicated that his feelings for her were deeper than he realized. 

This version of Finola didn’t remember Bryan, but she was surprised to learn that her father was alive and even asked him what he would say to her in his final moments. 

While George is still alive in her reality, it’s unfortunate she won’t remember that phone call. 

Sadly, all of this character development was for nothing as they came back without any recollection of it.

At the very least, they could’ve remembered all the terrible partners they endured and established a newfound appreciation for each other. 

While introducing time-traveling is consistent with a sci-fi series and showcases just how powerful and potent the debris is, it was hard to keep up with everything that was going on and even harder to distinguish which moments were significant as things kept changing. 

In one reality, George and Craig worked together and explained that Bryan was a war criminal, which seems to align with Ash’s vibe in “our” reality. 

Would Bryan have been part of Influx in that reality?

And will that come into play sometime in the future? Is there more to Bryan’s time in Afghanistan than meets the eye?

Once everything was restored to normal, it was evident that they all missed out on a chunk of time as Craig didn’t get the confirmation call about the dinner until it was too late. 

This means that he never had that raw and heartbreaking conversation with his wife about why she wanted to divorce him. Instead, he came home to find the divorce papers on the table, which caught him completely off guard. 

Poor guy has no idea what’s going on. 

The final scene of the episode also showed Anson Ash grabbing one of the prison guards by the wrist, which somehow gave connected them and allowed Anson to see the code necessary to escape captivity.

How is that possible? Is he using a piece of debris? Or has he become one with a piece of debris?

My biggest gripe with the series — which I’m enjoying despite all the vagueness — is that the episodes are entertaining as standalone episodes, but the bigger picture simply isn’t coming together as quickly as it should be. 

We’re more aquatinted with Bryan and Finola and enjoy their partnership, but we still don’t know much more about the debris, Influx, or Craig/Ferris’ motivations than we did when the series premiered.

Did you enjoy the episode? What are your thoughts?

Do you want more answers? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Debris Review – Do You Know Icarus (1×09)



Debris Review Do You Know Icarus Season 1 Episode 9

Debris has officially tackled time travel!

Or, at the very least, travel between alternate dimensions. 

Debris Season 1 Episode 9 switched up the format by introducing a piece of debris used by a man named Shelby, who accidentally erased his sister and kept changing reality in hopes of bringing her back.

When Finola and Bryan showed up on the scene, Shelby already knew who they were, but they had absolutely no recollection of their previous interactions. 

Every time Shelby dived into the water and used the debris, he would essentially reset reality, which meant Bryan and Finola would restart their journey and arrive at his home looking for answers to the questions they’ve already asked several times before.

This put them at quite a disadvantage as Shelby was able to use the information he gathered previously from them without disclosing the truth.

He was able to play them each time. And by the time Finola caught on that he was lying to them about George Jones suggesting he keep jumping until he gets his sister back, Shelby was already halfway to the debris. 

Then, they’d wake up and do it all over again with absolutely no memory of what happened. 

Eventually, George’s warning came about the jumps degrading the fabric of the universe began to come true. 

With each jump, Bryan began showing up at Shelby’ss house with a series of new partners that weren’t Finola. Worst of all, in these news realities, George Jones was dead again, which meant that Shelby couldn’t get the answers he was looking for. 

This kickstarted a vicious circle of Shelby jumping over and over until the timeline was restored and Bryan returned with Finola again. 

His desire to get his sister Kathleen back was understandable, but Shelby was being pretty naive about the implications that his jumps were causing. 

Finally, George suggested that maybe Shelby subconsciously didn’t want to get his sister back and this piece of debris was acting on those desires. 

Shelby didn’t want to admit that was the truth, so again, he kept jumping in hopes of getting some answers for George that could reverse the damage he’d caused. 

I found it so interesting that in each iteration, Finola and George had nearly the same conversation with the latter denying that he’d ever tell Shelby to continue jumping and the former realizing that they were being duped right before it was too late. 

Even in different realities, Finola and George stay true to character. 

Bryan tried to stop Shelby during his last dive and grabbed him right when he reached the debris, which meant that when he woke up, his memory was intact. 

The writers had to come up with a way for Bryan or Finola to remember something from the previous timelines because as interesting as it was to see things get reset, it wasn’t going to change the outcome if they didn’t have any knowledge of what was happening. 

And now that Bryan remembered his timeline, he was desperate to find a way back not only to Finola, who was working for Mi6 in London in this reality.

Debris Review Do You Know Icarus Season 1 Episode 9

DEBRIS — “Do You Know Icarus” Episode: 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Keenan Tracey as Shelbby, Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi — (Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC)

Again, it’s comforting to know that regardless of the timeline, Bryan and Finola are drawn to each other. I’d say that her absence made him realize just how much he cares for her and needs her partnership to help him understand what’s going on. 

In order to get restore his reality, it meant that he needed to jump again (and possibly again), which Maddox advised his new “partner” to put an immediate stop to.

Will Bryan be able to accomplish it? Or is the reality he’s come to know gone forever?

And what do these glimpses into alternate realities truly mean for the series?

Debris is already pretty complex, so adding alternate dimensions and fractured time/space into the mix potentially adds a layer of confusion. 

It also makes me wonder how other’s realities have been affected by Shelby’s time jumps. 

Obviously, Finola has no recollection of being Bryan’s partner and believes her father died in an Influx raid. What does that mean for Maddox’s investigation into Influx and Anson Ash?

And for the hunt for pieces of debris?

What’s Maddox’s reality?

Last we saw, he caught his wife meeting up with a divorce lawyer because she couldn’t deal with the pressure of the accident that injured their child. 

Has that changed in this new reality? 

Or will Maddox try to change it now that they’ve found this piece of debris.

Bryan also needs George Jones back as he’s the only one who really knows these pieces of debris and has the capability to understand them.

He’s already proven to be very useful, but if Bryan restores reality, how long can they manage to keep him off the grid and hidden from Maddox?

The episode even deviated from the procedural format as altered as it didn’t war up within the hour but will continue into Debris Season 1 Episode 10.

How will Bryan fix the situation now that everyone thinks he’s lost it?

Will they be able to restore order and save Kathleen?

What’s with the mirrors that show a glimpse into this alternate reality?

Did the episode make matters more confusing?

Will Bryan realize that he cares deeply for Finola?

As with Manifest, I’m finding that I have an influx of questions (pun intended) and a shortage of answers.

We’re ten episodes in and yet there hasn’t been much insight into the debris or the purpose of the debris. We know that it’s capable of outer-worldly things, but there’s no bigger picture — Finola and Bryan are just chasing down these individual pieces and solving the cases as they trudge along.

Will it ever connect?

Let us know what you think of the episode and the series in the comments below!

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Debris Review – Operation Save George Jones (1×08)



Debris Spaceman Review Season 1 Episode 8

Finola and Bryan went rogue on Debris Season 1 Episode 8 to save her father George Jones. 

Maddox provided the intel to Influx’s secret location, but things didn’t sit well with Bryan when he was told to keep Finola out of the building because they weren’t going to allow George to walk out of there alive. 

Since the partners previously established that no one can be trusted and that they need to be honest with each other, he brought the information to Finola, who then informed him that Ferris secured her and George a flight back to London. 

Truthfully, none of it made sense. 

Ferris isn’t being honest with Finola and tried to manipulate her into coming back home by informing her that her sister went on a drug binge. However, Dee Dee called and proved that wasn’t necessarily the case and that she was being forced by Ferris to bring her sister home. 

Similarly, Maddox has never been honest with Bryan, and now he simply expects him to fall in line and follow orders. 

Why would Maddox want George dead? Why would Ferris want him in London?

After rescuing George, he revealed that Influx reanimated him with a piece of debris so that he could build a gadget to help them locate a very powerful piece. 

Unfortunately, his memory isn’t all that in-tact, so he can’t quite remember what the piece does. 

Or he doesn’t want to tell them. 

George’s return definitely provided some answers, but there’s plenty that’s still hazy. 

We know his motivations with the debris were always to help save mankind, but that’s obviously not the case when it’s in the wrong hands. 

And at this point, it seems like any and all hands are the wrong hands. 

George seemed to be honest with Finola and Bryan, but I wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing with the aluminum foil. Is he trying to escape? Is he trying to locate other pieces? 

Does he know more than he’s letting on?

The convoy came into contact with a woman that Influx was experimenting on. The group injected her with a piece of debris, which made her invisible and caused memory loss. 

It was a brief part of the episode, so it’s unclear what happened to the woman, but we’ll likely see more on that front as the same thing seems to be happening to Brill. 

Or maybe not? I’m not sure. What we know for certain is that something is happening to Brill. Was the clone the original agent or was it an Influx agent working to infiltrate Mi6?

Why did he need to put his face on?

As I said, George Jones may have provided some answers, but there are still plenty more questions about everyone’s motivations and the purpose of the debris. 

Finola’s reunion with her father wasn’t as heartwarming as I expected it to be, but it did give her a chance to get everything off of her chest and confront him for his actions. 

The best part of the episode was the way Finola and Bryan worked together. In a world where everything is uncertain, it’s comforting that they can count on each other. 

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Debris Review – Anti-Aging (1×06)



Debris Review Supernova Season 1 Episode 6

We know the rules — there are no rules.

We know that’s something Anson Ash said about the arrival of the debris while he was being interrogated by Maddox, but it could also sum up the series thus far. 

Debris isn’t playing by any rules, and the only thing encouraging about that is that it means anything can happen; there’s no limit to the shock-value. 

It’s also kind of encouraging that Finola and Bryan are both just as confused as the viewers are. 

Typically, either audiences or the characters know a bit more about what’s at stake, but Finola and Bryan are in the thick of it with us. 

They have the necessary knowledge to deal with the debris, but it’s the behind-the-scenes conspiracy that’s tripping them up a bit. 

While no answers were provided on Debris Season 1 Episode 6, Finola and Bryan finally broke through the trust wall. 

They were both tip-toeing around each other with Ferris and Maddox using them as pawns in some larger game, but not knowing the full picture of what their bosses wanted from them is what led them to finally confess the truth. 

Bryan couldn’t stand lying to Finola anymore, especially as she made her stories about her father so heartfelt and compelling, so he told her that George Jones is alive. 

Finola, on the other hand, wanted to see if Bryan would finally come clean. She gave him a chance to right his wrongs, and when he did, she informed him that she already knew the truth.

So, now, they’re both on the same page. 

Finola then realized neither Ferris nor Maddox could be trusted. Ferris was laying just enough breadcrumbs for Maddox to figure something out, but it’s unclear what she knows or wants him to know about George Jones. 

And apparently, Maddox can’t be trusted because Mi6 believes he’s reportedly working for the Chinese government? We know he’s up to something, but if he’s betraying his own country, well, that’s ugly. 

We saw him meet with Tarkolov again, which seems to be happening off-the-books, and his interest is solely focused on a piece of debris that has the ability to suspend objects in mid-air.

Again, it’s unclear why he wants that piece specifically, and when Irina asks him that question directly, it’s even stranger since she notes he has debris pieces in his possession that are far more powerful. Is she simply not aware of the pieces abilities?

At this point in time, no one’s motivations are clear and the vagueness surrounding these characters is becoming increasingly frustrating.

Debris Review Supernova Season 1 Episode 6

Credit: NBC/ Debris

We don’t know any more about the debris (where it came from, why it’s her, what it wants to do, etc.), Ferris and Maddox, Influx, or George Jones’ miraculous resurrection than we did after watching the pilot!

All that’s really evident is that Finola and Bryan are probably best off sticking together and playing the game if they want to learn the truth. 

There were a few theories being thrown around about George Jones that may highlight just how powerful the debris properties are.

Could he be a clone? Bryan and the CIA seem to think that’s likely, but considering that Influx seems to be using him to get more information about the debris, I think the idea that he was brought back to life using a powerful piece is much more likely and fun to play with. 

When the time comes for George and Finola to finally come fact-t0-face, having the real George Jones back in the flesh will be more meaningful. And you know it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

Plus, clones, which we’ve already seen before, just feel like the easy way out. 

Maddox’s questioning of Anson Ash revealed that according to him, Influx believes that the pieces are meant to “free the world.”

However, it’s hard to justify opening up wormholes in Manhattan as a “good” act for the world.

There’s no doubt that there are aspects of the debris that one could consider to be a “miracle,” but in this situation, I think the bad outweighs the good. 

The general public likely wouldn’t be able to handle the power that comes with the pieces. I mean, look at what it did to Kurt and Clara. Kurt’s motivations seemed murky at first and it was heartbreaking to see him prey on the elderly. Once it was revealed that he simply wanted to give everyone a second chance by reversing the aging process while buying himself more time with his wife of 50-years who was suffering from dementia, you could argue that there were “good” aspects about the debris.

Yet, he still killed three innocent people in the process, which proves that while the debris can some incredible things, there’s too much that’s unknown about it.

At the end of the day, they have no idea what they’re dealing with. And it’s unclear if there are long-term side-effects to the debris.

Not to mention, it’s completely unnatural. As Clara said, they had their moment in time and they needed to accept that it was over. 

I’ll admit, I did get pretty emotional when the couple decided to give back the piece and die together on their own terms. Even in a sci-fi series, I’m a sucker for romance!

So, in the hands of the general public, it’s dangerous, especially when used with the wrong intentions in mind, which seems to be the case for Influx even if Anson believes otherwise. 

Then again, with so much shadiness surrounding Maddox, he might very well be on the “dark side” masquerading as a good guy. 

The only people who are truly in it for the right reasons are Bryan and Finola. They have nothing to benefit from it and are actually helping people who have been affected by the debris and trying to minimize the casualties at every turn. 

What did you think about the episode? Did you like that the personal case was anchored to romance?

Are you glad Finola and Bryan are finally on the same page and up to speed about “trust no one”?

What do you think Maddox is involved in? Is he a traitor? Are you still sticking around with the series or is it just too vague for you?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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