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Debris Review In Universe Season 1 Episode 4 Debris Review In Universe Season 1 Episode 4


Debris Review – A Change in the Atmosphere (1×04)

DEBRIS -- "In Universe" Episode 104 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi, Riann Steele as Finola Jones -- (Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC)



Another week, another mysterious case of debris brings Finola and Bryan’s reality to a halt.

On Debris Season 1 Episode 4, the ship wreckage is contained to a small area plagued by a torrential downpour, which they soon discover is responsible for causing an atmospheric change.

The people within the radius who have come in contact with the debris have turned into chlorine breathing organisms rather than oxygen-breathing ones, which is why when they leave the area, they die of asphyxiation. 

While it’s certainly an intriguing case that made for a good episode, it’s frustrating that once again, Finola and Bryan successfully found a solution within the hour that resulted in almost no casualties. 

Finola’s desire to save the people by any means necessary says a lot about her character, but it is questionable that she was able to successfully find a solution to a problem that she’s never encountered so quickly.

The agents were chosen for these cases because of their particular set of skills, but even so, it’s hard to believe that anyone would be that lucky while having such limited knowledge of the debris.

Over the course of four episodes, the cases have shown us several different abilities of the debris, which is great, yet no two episodes seem to connect to each other, and we never get more information about the piece of debris that has been found.  

Finola and Bryan’s approach has become formulaic — they’re made aware of debris acting up, they arrive on the scene, they investigate, they search for the debris, they form a bond with some of the humans involved (which fittingly relates back to their personal lives), and they solve the case within the hour.

The moment the case is wrapped up, they forget about what happened and move on to the next hot spot.

But how is that helpful for the audience? It’s not as it just leaves us wondering: “what’s the point?”

It would be different if we actually saw Craig, the CIA, and Mi6 researching the debris and making connections/discoveries, but that hasn’t happened either.

We don’t even know when the pieces got to this specific location or why they’re acting up at this given time. Did they all fall at once? Do they activate at different times?

And what’s going to happen to the migrants that Finola saved using a previous piece of debris? They were seemingly preserved in time as scientists work to find a way to reverse the side-effects they’ve experienced as a result of coming in contact with a piece of the ship, but are they just going to be left there? Do they go where the piece of debris goes?

Will we ever come in contact with this specific piece of debris again follow up on this again? What does the debris actually want with humans? 

Everything remains so vague, which makes me fear that like with many other sci-fi shows, we won’t get concrete answers and the premise of the series will remain abstract.

We dug a little deeper into Finola’s personality, which was nice as the duo has been very surface-level up until this point.

While Bryan seems to have a more methodical and practical approach to the debris, Finola wears her heart on her sleeve. It’s a necessary balance that keeps them both in check. You need someone on the team who cares just as much about saving the people as they do about the science behind it. 

In fact, this is the second time Finola has stood her ground and championed for the humans rather than the scientific discoveries — on Debris Season 1 Episode 3, she convinced them to use the debris to rescue the people trapped inside some parallel universe. 

Debris Review In Universe Season 1 Episode 4

DEBRIS — “In Universe” Episode 104 — Pictured: (l-r) Calix Migiego as Arturo Munoz, Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi — (Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC)

This time, however, Bryan was almost successful in convincing her that the right thing to do is shut down the debris before it spreads to the county. On some level, he’s right as you want to save as many people as you can even if there’s collateral, but on the other hand, it didn’t even seem like he attempted to try to save the other people. 

Why not give them a chance?

Beck clearly triggered something in Bryan when he mentioned his former partner Julian aka Jules. Not much is known about the man that came before Finola, but apparently, the duo has a similar approach to the cases. 

Since leading with his heart got Julian killed, it may explain why Bryan was hesitant to go the extra mile to save this handful of people.

Finola and Bryan seem to care about each other, but their dynamic isn’t exactly flying off the screen either. As I mentioned, the characters remain very surface level, and though we know a bit more about Finola’s past and how it shapes her personality and approach to the work, we don’t know all that much about Bryan, which doesn’t help in terms of establishing a vibe for their partnership.

And before they’ve even been given a chance to explore it, it’s been fractured by a huge lie and a betrayal of trust. We knew it was coming as Finola was bound to find out the truth about her father, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. 

Then again, why wouldn’t Mi6 have the same access to the intel about George Jones as the Americans?

Finola’s personal life related back to the case-of-the-week, which allowed her to process her emotions in real-time.

After realizing that she wasn’t being told the truth about her family, she was inspired to tell Arturo what was happening with the people he loved, while also giving him a chance to make a decision about how he wanted to proceed.

She didn’t like being lied to by someone she trusted, and she didn’t want to lie to someone whose trust she wanted to earn either. 

Instead of confronting Bryan immediately, Finola remained mum about the fact that she was aware of his description. I don’t expect it’ll last long, however, as it’s bound to drive a wedge between them and affect their partnership moving forward. 

If you think about it, Finola doesn’t feel like she can trust the one person who she’s supposed to feel safe trusting with her life. There’s really no bouncing back from that. 

However, fingers-crossed that Finola finding out about her father might finally give us some concrete answers about his role with the debris, the big bad Influx (which we think are holding George captive), and everything in between. 

There’s also a lot of gray area surrounding Craig. His alliances were thrown into question in the previous episode, and now it seems like maybe his wife is cheating on him.

And I’ll bet any money that he’ll be able to cure his son’s illness with debris at some point. 

My working theory about the affair storyline (because that’s what I’m assuming is happening with the whole wife gets mad that he picked up her phone call from a stranger situation) is that she’s somehow working with Influx. 

There’s a way to keep the suspense and mystery without making the series one-dimensional, and Debris needs to break that barrier and get there sooner rather than later. 

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below, Cravers! 

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Debris Review – Anti-Aging (1×06)



Debris Review Supernova Season 1 Episode 6

We know the rules — there are no rules.

We know that’s something Anson Ash said about the arrival of the debris while he was being interrogated by Maddox, but it could also sum up the series thus far. 

Debris isn’t playing by any rules, and the only thing encouraging about that is that it means anything can happen; there’s no limit to the shock-value. 

It’s also kind of encouraging that Finola and Bryan are both just as confused as the viewers are. 

Typically, either audiences or the characters know a bit more about what’s at stake, but Finola and Bryan are in the thick of it with us. 

They have the necessary knowledge to deal with the debris, but it’s the behind-the-scenes conspiracy that’s tripping them up a bit. 

While no answers were provided on Debris Season 1 Episode 6, Finola and Bryan finally broke through the trust wall. 

They were both tip-toeing around each other with Ferris and Maddox using them as pawns in some larger game, but not knowing the full picture of what their bosses wanted from them is what led them to finally confess the truth. 

Bryan couldn’t stand lying to Finola anymore, especially as she made her stories about her father so heartfelt and compelling, so he told her that George Jones is alive. 

Finola, on the other hand, wanted to see if Bryan would finally come clean. She gave him a chance to right his wrongs, and when he did, she informed him that she already knew the truth.

So, now, they’re both on the same page. 

Finola then realized neither Ferris nor Maddox could be trusted. Ferris was laying just enough breadcrumbs for Maddox to figure something out, but it’s unclear what she knows or wants him to know about George Jones. 

And apparently, Maddox can’t be trusted because Mi6 believes he’s reportedly working for the Chinese government? We know he’s up to something, but if he’s betraying his own country, well, that’s ugly. 

We saw him meet with Tarkolov again, which seems to be happening off-the-books, and his interest is solely focused on a piece of debris that has the ability to suspend objects in mid-air.

Again, it’s unclear why he wants that piece specifically, and when Irina asks him that question directly, it’s even stranger since she notes he has debris pieces in his possession that are far more powerful. Is she simply not aware of the pieces abilities?

At this point in time, no one’s motivations are clear and the vagueness surrounding these characters is becoming increasingly frustrating.

Debris Review Supernova Season 1 Episode 6

Credit: NBC/ Debris

We don’t know any more about the debris (where it came from, why it’s her, what it wants to do, etc.), Ferris and Maddox, Influx, or George Jones’ miraculous resurrection than we did after watching the pilot!

All that’s really evident is that Finola and Bryan are probably best off sticking together and playing the game if they want to learn the truth. 

There were a few theories being thrown around about George Jones that may highlight just how powerful the debris properties are.

Could he be a clone? Bryan and the CIA seem to think that’s likely, but considering that Influx seems to be using him to get more information about the debris, I think the idea that he was brought back to life using a powerful piece is much more likely and fun to play with. 

When the time comes for George and Finola to finally come fact-t0-face, having the real George Jones back in the flesh will be more meaningful. And you know it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

Plus, clones, which we’ve already seen before, just feel like the easy way out. 

Maddox’s questioning of Anson Ash revealed that according to him, Influx believes that the pieces are meant to “free the world.”

However, it’s hard to justify opening up wormholes in Manhattan as a “good” act for the world.

There’s no doubt that there are aspects of the debris that one could consider to be a “miracle,” but in this situation, I think the bad outweighs the good. 

The general public likely wouldn’t be able to handle the power that comes with the pieces. I mean, look at what it did to Kurt and Clara. Kurt’s motivations seemed murky at first and it was heartbreaking to see him prey on the elderly. Once it was revealed that he simply wanted to give everyone a second chance by reversing the aging process while buying himself more time with his wife of 50-years who was suffering from dementia, you could argue that there were “good” aspects about the debris.

Yet, he still killed three innocent people in the process, which proves that while the debris can some incredible things, there’s too much that’s unknown about it.

At the end of the day, they have no idea what they’re dealing with. And it’s unclear if there are long-term side-effects to the debris.

Not to mention, it’s completely unnatural. As Clara said, they had their moment in time and they needed to accept that it was over. 

I’ll admit, I did get pretty emotional when the couple decided to give back the piece and die together on their own terms. Even in a sci-fi series, I’m a sucker for romance!

So, in the hands of the general public, it’s dangerous, especially when used with the wrong intentions in mind, which seems to be the case for Influx even if Anson believes otherwise. 

Then again, with so much shadiness surrounding Maddox, he might very well be on the “dark side” masquerading as a good guy. 

The only people who are truly in it for the right reasons are Bryan and Finola. They have nothing to benefit from it and are actually helping people who have been affected by the debris and trying to minimize the casualties at every turn. 

What did you think about the episode? Did you like that the personal case was anchored to romance?

Are you glad Finola and Bryan are finally on the same page and up to speed about “trust no one”?

What do you think Maddox is involved in? Is he a traitor? Are you still sticking around with the series or is it just too vague for you?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Debris Review – Wormhole (1×05)



Debris Earthshine Review Season 1 Episode 5

A week after I noted that Debris is following a formula when it comes to investigating cases, they switched things up on Debris Season 1 Episode 5 and brought the action from a small, remote town to the heart of New York City. 

But was it beneficial? I guess that depends on what you’re looking to gain from the series. 

If you want answers, you came to the wrong place. But, on the plus side, the episode did prime audiences for possible answers pertaining to the debris and Influx in the near future.

It was like a tease without any resolution within the hour. 

In this one-off situation, the debris wasn’t being caused naturally. Instead, it was being manipulated by Influx for reasons unknown. 

Upon finding a bus that traveled through a purposeful wormhole, Finola and Bryan mused that maybe Influx was testing to see what happens to people that travel through a wormhole. But why?

Are they planning world domination? Are they trying to sell these pieces of debris?

What are they stealing all these pieces for?

And how are they so much more advanced at manipulating the debris? They seem to wield a huge amount of knowledge about the pieces — knowledge that the Americans, the Brits, and well, the rest of the world’s government agencies don’t seem to have. 

Is their secret weapon Finola’s father, George Jones? Everyone is painting him to be this brilliant man and a victim of Influx, but I’m leaning towards the possibility that he’s gone rogue and is the leader of Influx instead. 

None of the other men, including Anson Ash, seem to have what it takes to pull this off. Influx is skilled, well-funded, and highly organized. It’s actually impressive.

The members are also very dedicated to the cause and willing to die for it (and it seems that there’s an abundance of them), so that has to mean something, though it’s still unclear what exactly. 

Stopping the significantly larger wormhole in New York City took a bit more manpower than just Finola and Bryan. It was interesting to see everyone working towards a common goal while still holding onto their secrets. 

At this point, you can’t take anything that anyone says at face value. 

Finola was cold and brash towards Bryan because she found out he lied about her father, but since then, she’s learned how to play the game and is keeping plenty close to home as well. 

Her conversation with Maddox towards the end of the episode was hilarious since they were both saying one thing but doing the exact opposite; Maddox promises transparency, but he doesn’t actually mean it. 

Then again, Ferris reminded Finola that her agency is also keeping secrets from the Americans, which is important to remember. 

But all these secrets and questionable motivations are likely working against them all in the long run. Instead of focusing on solving the mystery of the debris and Influx, they are all exerting so much energy on keeping their lies straight. 

Again, Influx is so much further ahead of both MI6 and the CIA in terms of what they know about the debris that these agencies should really prioritize keeping up and getting one step ahead. 

They may have captured Anson Ash, which could give them some insight, but what if he’s not willing to talk?

We already saw one guy die for the cause (and suggest that there was plenty more willing to take his spot to fulfill the mission). Plus, based on Anson’s creepy smile when he confronted Finola, I doubt he’ll be all that forthcoming.

Also, what about him humming that Spanish song at the end that Finola and Dee Dee used to dance and sing when they were younger? That’s a gamechanger because it reveals that he’s more connected to Finola than we previously thought. 

Is he her long-lost brother? What’s his connection to George? We all heard that offhand comment he made about Finola “having his eyes,” which indicates that the duo knows each other very well. 

Debris Earthshine Review Season 1 Episode 5

DEBRIS — “Earthshine” Episode: 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Riann Steele as Finola Jones, Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi — (Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC)

I’ve had my reservations about Maddox previously as we’ve seen him meet with some shady people and lie to his agency about it, but now, we’re also being forced to have reservations about Ferris. 

Finola has been very trusting of Ferris up until this point, but her little brief encounter with Brill might make her reconsider the alliance. Brill will most definitely play a key role in this little mystery otherwise the series wouldn’t have cast Sebastian Roche (hey, Klaus Mikealson’s dad) in the role. 

But what does Brill know? And why did he want Finola to keep her guard up?

Personally, I think Finola and Bryan both need to acknowledge that their teams aren’t being completely honest with them. The only way they’ll get anywhere is by trusting each other, which obviously calls for open communication. Bryan tried to talk things through with Finola, but she wasn’t ready just yet. 

Finola is a great agent, but she’s stubborn. She has a complex where she believes that she’s always on the side of good and whoever disagrees with her isn’t. However, she’s not the best at confronting her emotions and seeing the other side of the coin either.

People keep secrets for a reason. Calling Bryan out on it could’ve resolved plenty of their issues. When it’s just the two of them in the field, they need to be able to rely on each other, so I think they’re long overdue for an honest conversation where they lay it all out on the table and acknowledge that maybe they need to have each other’s backs because no one else truly has theirs. 

As for the “debris-of-the-week,” since Bryan and Finola figured out how Influx was powering the wormhole, they were able to stop it in time, which meant we never actually found out what they were planning on doing with it. Nor did we find out why Anson kept saying “it needed to be done.”

To be honest, we didn’t find out much of anything.

We already knew no one could be trusted, we knew Influx was snagging debris on the black market, and we knew they have George Jones. The episode didn’t reveal anything new aside from the fact that the debris can be used for nefarious reasons, so it’s vital that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands again.

With each passing week, I’m hoping the series gives us something more to work with so that audiences don’t lose all interest. But as of now, it’s still just as vague as the day it premiered.

What did you think? Where will the debris take them next? Will Anson give Finola (and us) more insight into what’s happening?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Debris Review – Solar Winds (1×03)



Debris Review Solar Winds Season 1 Episode 3

Debris continues down a path of making the impossible possible. 

The episode defies time and space by introducing a square-like force field filled with people trapped inside. 

Though there seem to be several people trapped inside of it, none of them can see each other and appear to be on different wavelengths. 

After being alerted to the object, Finola and Bryan arrive on the scene and make a connection with Nicole, a young woman who disappeared in 2019 from a grocery store parking lot. 

They realize that she likely stumbled upon an access point that sucked her into the portal, which scientists have determined operates in a different dimension. 

In lament terms, they describe it to Nicole’s concerned father as a phenomenon similar to the Bermuda Triangle.

And it’s a phenomenon that George Jones, Finola’s father, once talked about in a lecture. 

It’s becoming increasingly more obvious that Jones is the key to figuring out much of this debris. 

The team in the field comes to a moral quandary: Finola wants to use the debris to try to save Nicole and the others, while the scientist believes they need to preserve the debris’s limited powers to study and investigate it.

Eventually, they agree on a compromise by bringing the debris closer to the portal so that they can strengthen the signal. 

And, somehow, it works. They’re able to see Nicole and the others deep inside, but it’s still not enough to break them out. 

That’s when Finola suggests throwing parts of the debris into the portal, which proves to be effective and frees all the prisoners. Finola definitely has her father’s brains. 

While the reunion with Nicole and her father is sweet, the rest of the portal’s prisoners intrigued me more, and I wish we spent more time unpacking that storyline. 

Many of them were still stuck in the years of their disappearance meaning some believed it was 1976 or 1989. Clearly, time moved at a much different pace inside the portal, which, if you think about it, is nice since they didn’t feel the loneliness of being trapped for 30 years and more, but it has to be a shock to the system. 

It’s also concerning because, as Bryan pointed out at the beginning of the episode, the debris only started falling 6 months ago. This means the portals to alternate dimensions had to exist long before the spaceship crash. 

While the episodes are intriguing and the sci-fi element draws you in like those metal chairs clinging to the debris, I’m a little concerned that Finola and Bryan don’t dig deeper into these cases. The episodes seem set-up as a one-and-done without offering much explanation as to how the hell all of this is happening. 

Let’s hope the cases somehow fit into the bigger picture, but it seems like a tall order to ask audiences to call-back to previous episodes and cases in the future to make sense of what’s really going on.

The George Jones mystery continues to intensify. Upon exhuming his body, they learned that the body in the grave is not Jones, which likely isn’t a surprise to anyone considering there’s footage of him making his way through the airport with Influx a few weeks ago. 

But it does open up a whole new can of worms. Why did George fake his own death?

Why is he working with Influx? What do they want with the debris? Anyone who is buying pieces from the Black Market is up to no good. 

Who is funding them? And how are they always one step ahead of Finola and Bryan’s team? They arrived on the scene of the debris before the actual scientists were even able to locate it! 

Debris Review Solar Winds Season 1 Episode 3

DEBRIS — “Solar Winds” Episode: 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi, Riann Steele as Finola Jones — (Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC)

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Craig at the moment either as he’s simply been keeping way too many secrets to be deemed trustworthy. He asked Bryan to lie to Finola about her father, he didn’t tell MI6’s Priya about George Jones, and he’s conducting secret meetings with a man named Tarkolov. 

You would think that meeting Tarkolov about certain pieces of the debris (that the Chinese apparently have) would be something he’d be open about with his agency, but when he was informed Tarkolov was in the U.S., he feigned stupid. 

What’s he really up to?

And is there more to it than just a tight arms-race between the countries wanting to figure out the debris potential?

There’s a lot working in the show’s favor — there are overarching mysteries, the specific cases with the debris are interesting in their own regard, and Finola and Bryan’s partnership is a joy to watch. 

However, it’s heartbreaking to see him keep her in the dark about her father while she’s opening up to him about his final moments because it’s such a betrayal of trust. Bryan doesn’t feel comfortable harboring this big secret, but he doesn’t have much of a choice at this point since it’s safer if she doesn’t know. 

Finola was so affected by her father’s death that she wouldn’t take it well and allow them to get answers before jumping to conclusions. It would definitely affect her ability to do the work, which is the last thing they need right now.

What did you think of the episode? Where do you think the debris will take them next? 

And what are your overall thoughts on the show?

They always say it takes about four episodes for a series to find its footing and an audience to determine if they’re going to stick around or not, but as it stands, I’m pretty much invested and hope NBC doesn’t pull the rug from under us before we get to find out more about the debris, what it does, and why it’s here. 

This is one of the most compelling pieces of sci-fi on television right now! 

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