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Doctor Who

Doctor Who: In The Forest of the Night (8X10)



So what starts out as a night at the museum turns into the most bizarre day across the world as Clara and Danny supervised a number of Coal Hill students at a London National History Museum. Only to wake up and find that London, as well as the rest of the globe, has suddenly been covered by forests in a matter of hours; the Doctor also learns of this when one of Clara’s students, Maebh, finds his TARDIS parked in the forest-covered Trafalgar Square and witnesses the change. The Doctor calls Clara to confirm their situation, to which Danny resents that Clara still keeps in communication with him. Clara and Danny lead the group to Trafalgar Square to reunite with the Doctor.

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As they talk about the trees, the Doctor suspects that the only way the trees could have grown was due to the influence of time. They all board the TARDIS and as the Doctor works with the controls, Danny finds Maebh’ notebooks filled with the same picture of an angry sun striking down on trees. Clara explains that Maebh’s sister Annebel had disappeared a year prior leaving Maebh traumatized, and has been on special medication that quieted voices in her head. The Doctor realises that Maebh is central to the appearance of the forest, the condition allowing her to tune to some other communication frequency. When they see Maebh is not with the rest of the children, the Doctor and Clara race out to find her.

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They find Maebh has dropped personal items along the path to allow her to be followed. They encounter a government service team trying to burn a path through the forest but the trees are able to control the oxygen nearby to prevent them from being burnt. As they continue along, the Doctor explains to Clara that Maebh’s drawings show a giant solar flare, similar to the one that destroyed the Bank of Karabraxos shown in “Time Heist”, that he confirmed is occurring presently and is due to strike the Earth that day. The Doctor is curious as to why Maebh knows this.

As they continue after her, they hear sounds of wild animals, which the Doctor believes are from the London Zoo, its cages tore asunder by the trees’ growth. They rescue Maebh from several wolves chasing her, realising too late that the wolves themselves were being chased by a tiger. Danny arrives with the rest of the students to help scare off the tiger. As they regroup, Maebh runs off, waving her hands wildly, which the other students say is a tic that she has had since her sister died. Catching up to her, Maebh explains that she thinks she created the forest from a dream she had after her sister’s death.

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The Doctor is able to interpret her ranting and motions, and adjusts the local gravity near her with his sonic screwdriver, revealing a number of glowing bug-like creatures. They speak through Maebh, explaining they have persisted throughout time, and were called to the present by Maebh and created the forest as they had done before, though they did not have Maebh seek out the Doctor. After he lets the beings go and Maebh collapses, the Doctor determines that the Earth is truly doomed by the solar flare, and Clara suggests they save the group of children with the TARDIS. However, when they get to the TARDIS, Clara insists the Doctor leave on his own, refusing to abandon Danny.

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The Doctor takes off in the TARDIS and monitors the solar flare, but inspiration hits him and he quickly returns to Earth and catches up with Clara and the others. He explains that the trees have actually saved the earth before in the Tunguska Event and the Curuçá impact by buffering the impacts, events the beings had referred to before. The sudden appearance of the forest now is to prevent damage to the planet from the flare. However, Danny reveals that they saw news that the government plans to use defoliating agents to strip the leaves from the trees to allow them to be burnt, which would affect their ability to stop the flare. The school children prepare a message that Maebh reads over the world’s cellular networks with the help of the Doctor to stop anyone from harming the trees, along with a message from Maebh to her sister Annebel.

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The Doctor offers the group to witness the solar flare’s impact from the TARDIS, but Danny says he’ll take the children back home; Clara joins him for part of the way during which Danny reveals he has figured Clara lied to him about traveling with the Doctor, but is willing to take her apology for it and continue their relationship. The Doctor and Clara watch the flare harmlessly strike the Earth as this is also watched by Missy. I swear I want to know who she really is. As the Doctor and Clara watch as the new trees disperse, and the Doctor explains that humanity will forget about this, just as they did after the previous events, but their lingering memory would become part of mankind’s fairy tales.

Maebh, having reunited with her mother who had been searching for her, returns home and as one of the bushes disperse, finds Annebel waiting for her there, and the family has a tearful reunion. What a brilliant episode! Well guys guess what we are down to the final two episodes of the season (minus the upcoming Christmas Special). Here’s a sneak peak at Part 1 of the two part season finale of Doctor Who.

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice (9X01)



This episode takes place after the events of Last Christmas. Plus if you need a refresher on who the players are involved then I suggest you re-watch Death In Heaven (8X12) and The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (4X12 & 13).

The episode begins on an extra-terrestrial battle ground where a boy is trapped by “hand mines”, creatures which are hands with eyes, and kill by dragging the victim underground. The Doctor arrives and tries to save the boy, but after the boy says that his name is Davros, the Doctor, shocked, abandons him.

On present day Earth, Clara was in the middle of teaching class when she notices a plane frozen in the sky. She is then summoned to the Tower of London by UNIT to help them contact the Doctor. UNIT reveal that every plane that is currently airborne has frozen and no-one knows why. While trying to work out who it is freezing the planes and what their motive is, UNIT receive a message on a channel specifically created by UNIT for the Doctor should he ever need to contact. The sender of this message is revealed to be Missy, who confirms that she was the one that froze the planes and she needs Clara’s help in finding the Doctor. Missy also reveals that the Doctor’s confession dial, or ‘Last Will and Testament’, has been presented to her, meaning that the Doctor believes he only has one more day to live.

Also looking for the Doctor is Colony Sarff, who has been appointed by an elderly, dying Davros. Clara and Missy track the Doctor down to Essex in the year 1138, where the Doctor has spent three weeks “partying” introducing a number of anachronistic items. The three’s reunion is quickly cut short as Sarff takes them to what appears to be a space station. The Doctor is taken to Davros, who tells the Doctor that he remembers what he did when he was a little boy and reveals that he intends to destroy everything the Doctor loves before finally killing him. In the meantime, Missy notices that the space station’s gravity does not feel artificial, as would be expected on a space station. She opens the air lock and steps out into what looks like space, before realising that they are actually standing on a planet. The planet becomes visible and, much to Missy’s horror, is revealed to be Skaro, the homeworld of the Daleks. The two are then captured by the Daleks who, while the Doctor watches, exterminate both Clara and Missy and destroy the TARDIS, which they had procured from Essex earlier, leaving the Doctor alone and powerless.

The Doctor returns to the hand mine field. Davros asks if the Doctor’s come to save him, but the Doctor, pointing a Dalek gun at Davros, says he’s going to save his friends, and shouts ‘exterminate!’.

Cut to black…TO BE CONTINUED!!!!

This episode marks the return of Davros, the creator of the Dalek’s. His last appearance was with the 10th Doctor in Season 4. This episode also marks the return of Kate Stewart head of UNIT after a short stint in last season’s finale. Also Missy returns after her demise in the season finale but this time helping the Doctor instead of harming him. What will become of the Doctor with everything now taken away from him? What has become of Missy and Clara?

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who: 10 Years Since the Return



It’s been 10 years to the day since the return of the Time Lord with the blue box time machine the TARDIS. So many fantastic memories that make us want to jump in and say Alons’y or Geronimo! I have my top 10 favorite episode of the last 10 years.

10. The Wedding of River Song: Starting off the list is the finale from season 6 where the time dimensions hold at a specific time. April 22, 2011 at 5:02 PM is the time of death of the Doctor…or is it?

Video Credit: BBC/Doctor Who

9. Rose: This is the episode that brought the show back. As a newly regenerated Doctor emerges from the Time War to help a new companion Rose Tyler stop the Auton’s from invading London.

Video Credit: BBC/Doctor Who

8. The Shakespeare Code: In season 3 following the events of a stolen hospital, the Doctor and a new companion Martha Jones take to the time of Shakespeare and uncover dark magic.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

7. The Eleventh Hour: Following the 2009 Christmas/New Year special a new face takes on the role of the Time Lord as Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor joins Amy Pond in a race to stop Prisoner Zero from invading Earth.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

6. The Power of Three: In season 7 the Doctor gets a first hand account of life on Earth for a long period of time when an invasion of cube like creatures make an impact on daily life.

Video Credit: Doctor Who/BBC

5. Journey’s End: The Season 4 finale brings all the Doctors’s companions since the 2005 return as the Dalek’s take 27 planets from around the universe including Earth.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

4. The Big Bang: The Season 5 finale takes us to a time where the stars go out and the Pandorica opens with the ultimate enemy of of the universe.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

3. The End of Time: The 2009 Christmas/New Years brought the end of David Tennant’s 10th Doctor as the Time Lord’s return and an enemy grows more insane taking over every human on Earth.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

2. The Day of the Doctor: The 50th Anniversary Special brings the Doctor’s together as the Zygons take offer the planet. But it comes during a time when even Gallifrey can’t hold on in the final days of the Time War.

1. World War Three: This was the first episode I got exposed to. In Season 1 the Slitheen have taken over London and plan to take over the Earth, but not without igniting World War Three.

You can grab your copies of the last 8 seasons or watch on Hulu and Netflix. Catch the return this fall on BBC America.

Video Credit: VG934


Featured Photo Credit: BBC/Doctor Who

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Last Christmas (2014 Christmas Special)



So remember how Santa just happen to show up in the last few minute of the season finale? I knew something was off after this episode. Well, it begins on Christmas Eve, when Clara is woken up by the sound of something crashing on her rooftop. Investigating nearby voices, she is astonished to find Santa Claus, two elves, a sleigh and flying reindeer stranded on her roof. Not long after, The Doctor arrives to take Clara away.

At the North Pole, a group of scientists attempt to save their fellow base personnel, who have been taken over by crab-like creatures. Their effort is interrupted as the Doctor and Clara arrive on the scene. While introductions are being made, however, they come under attack from the crabs, only to be rescued by Santa, who also provides a specimen of one of the creatures. The Doctor identifies the creatures as Dream Crabs whoa induce pleasant, euphoric dreams on their intended victims as a distraction whilst the crabs devour their brains. The first time I heard it I thought Capaldi was saying Dream (insert four letter bad word) but it gave me a few tries to get it. So both the Doctor and Clara reveal that they had lied to each other during their last meeting. Clara lied about her dead boyfriend, Danny Pink, having returned from the Nethersphere, while the Doctor falsely claimed to have found Gallifrey. While investigating the Dream Crabs, the Doctor sends Clara to recover Santa’s specimen, only for him to remember that they use telepathic connections to their intended victims to see their surroundings, but only when they are being thought about. This causes the specimen in the lab to come alive and attack Clara.

She is sent into a dream world where she is reunited with Danny, but also discovers chalkboards with messages warning her that she is dying. However, Clara deliberately ignores them, continuing to focus on Danny. The Doctor willingly falls victim to another Dream Crab in order to enter her dream world and confront her. She still resists willing herself to wake up, until Danny tells her to move on with her life. As Clara accepts the reality of his death, she and the Doctor both wake up, discovering that the creatures die and turn into dust if removed from a host prematurely.

Upon waking up back in the research station, however, the Doctor realizes that they haven’t truly woken up as they are simply in a different layer of a multi-faceted dream and have been since the initial attack when they arrived. In reality, none of them actually escaped it. The Doctor proves this by having the scientists individually read copies of the base’s manual that each had been issued. They find that the first word of any chosen page is different for each of them, rather than identical as it should be. The Doctor further deduces that the Dream Crabs could not stop their subconscious from fighting back, which came in the form of Santa Claus. Santa explains the entire situation to the group and aids them in waking up.

Photo Credit: BBC/Doctor Who

As the Doctor prepares to abandon the base, Clara reminds him that they met Santa before arriving, proving that the entire scenario thus far has also been a dream. The reality is, all of the scientists are strangers from different times and places whose dreams are linked with the Doctor and Clara through the Dream Crabs. One of the scientists soon falls victim to the infected personnel, revealed to be manifestations of the “crew’s” minds that have already surrendered to their fate. Infected visages of the Doctor and Clara also emerge from the TARDIS, and the group find themselves surrounded. Facing defeat, the Doctor reminds everyone that Santa helped them survive the previous attack and has them dream of Santa, who arrives just in time on his sleigh and flies them to safety. The scientists soon realize that they are, in fact, ordinary people: Fiona is a wheelchair-bound grandmother, Ashley only an account manager for a perfumer, and Shona just a lonely shop girl. They and the Doctor soon wake up to their real lives, one by one, until only Clara is left.

The Doctor, wakes up and traces the psychic signal linking their dreams back to Clara and is able to pull the crab off, only to learn that Clara is now an elderly woman. 62 years have apparently elapsed since they last met. As they become reacquainted, Clara tells the Doctor she’s received lots of marriage proposals but declined them all, as no one could ever measure up to Danny, or the Doctor. The Doctor regrets not coming back for her sooner. Their reunion is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Santa, who bids the Doctor to act on his regret before it’s too late. The Doctor, realizing he’s still dreaming, wakes up for real and rushes to the real Clara, waking her and finding, to their mutual relief, that she is still a young adult. Wanting no regrets and offering her all of time and space, the Doctor implores Clara to join him again. Clara happily accepts. As the pair depart, they are unaware of a tangerine having been left on Clara’s windowsill.

So call it an inception Doctor Who episode. So many dreams within dreams it just makes thing amazing. Not a bad Christmas episode for Capadi’s first. However Whovians will have to wait to see a new season till later this year. In the meantime, you can catch up on season 8 now on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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