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Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood (8X03)



Who says Robin Hood doesn’t exist in real life? Don’t you wish your favorite story book characters came to life? Well for the Doctor it’s about to get interesting. This episode begins when Clara insists that the Doctor takes her to meet Robin Hood, despite the Doctor’s claims that Robin Hood is only a legend. When the TARDIS lands in medieval England, they are met by a man that claims he is Robin Hood. The Doctor remains in disbelief even as Robin both of them to meet his band of Merry Men. Clara enjoys her time there and learns that Robin is still looking for his Maid Marian, but the Doctor is convinced there is something wrong, and becomes distrustful of Robin.

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Robin, his men, and the Doctor and Clara attend to an archery contest held by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin, disguised as Tom the Tinkerer, faces against the Sheriff in the final round to win the prize of a golden arrow. As legend states, Robin is able to best the Sheriff by splitting his arrow with his own shot. The Doctor suddenly appears and challenges the result, and readily splits Robin’s arrow with his own. The two begin to challenge the other with more arrows until the Sheriff orders the competition to end, and sends his knights – which turn out to be disguised robots – to capture them. The Doctor lets the knight robots capture the three so he can learn more about the Sheriff’s plans.

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The Doctor and Robin, in trying to come up with an escape plan, bicker to a point where Clara’s admonishments are seen to make her the leader by those watching, and she is taken to meet the Sheriff herself. Clara is able to goad the Sheriff into revealing his past – that he witnessed a spaceship crash and has been trying to repair it by collecting all the gold in the nearby land, so that he can use it to travel to London and take over the kingdom. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Robin manage to escape their confinements, and locate the spacecraft. The Doctor realizes that the craft had fallen back through time from Earth’s future on the way to the Promised Land. This was mentioned once before by the Half-Faced Man in (8X01: Deep Breath), and when it crashed to earth disguised itself as the castle, pumped the nearby atmosphere with chemicals to make it more like the Sherwood Forest setting of the Robin Hood myth, and created the robots to further the disguise. He also notes that the craft contains the myths and legends of Earth’s history, including Robin Hood, and is convinced Robin is also a robot created by the spacecraft. The Sheriff arrives with Clara in tow having been alerted to the Doctor’s presence. Clara manages to escape and she and Robin jump out of the castle into the water, while the Doctor is taken prisoner again.

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Robin and Clara reunite with his men, and Robin begins to doubt his own existence, but Clara assures him he can be the hero, telling him of what she knows of him. Meanwhile, the Doctor realises that there is not enough gold in the area to fully complete the repairs on the spacecraft, and if the Sheriff should try to use it, it will destroy “half the country.” He schemes with the other prisoners working the gold smelting areas to revolt against the knight robots, aided by the timely arrival of Robin, Clara, and his Men. Most of the robots are destroyed and the rest flee. The Sheriff appears and challenges Robin to a sword duel. Robin’s arm is injured in the fight, but he is able to knock the Sheriff into one of the gold vats with a move the Doctor taught him, killing him.

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The spaceship, controlled by the few remaining robots, takes off and tears apart the castle, the Doctor and Clara helping the surviving prisoners to escape. The Doctor realizes that if they can provide enough gold to the craft, it will exhibit a spurt of power to force it into Earth’s orbit and away from the surface. The Doctor, Clara, and Robin work together to fire the golden arrow from the archery contest into the ship, and the ship destroys itself harmlessly.

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As the Doctor and Clara prepare to leave, the Doctor admits to Robin that he accepts his story is real, and that the fact that he was real will be lost to history. Robin takes a moment to accept this, and then reminds the Doctor, based on the stories that Clara told him, that he is a hero of similar background as well. When the Doctor continues to deny this, Robin Hood suggests that their role is not to be heroes themselves, but to inspire others to take on that role. The Doctor and Clara depart, revealing that the Doctor has left Robin a gift – he has found Maid Marian and brought her here to reunite with Robin. See, there are happy endings both in your favorite stories and in real life, just like these two. But now the mystery deepens as “The Promised Land” is mentioned again. What is this place and what does it have to do with the Doctor? Here’s next week’s episode.

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Watch the ‘Doctor Who’ 2020 Holiday Special Trailer Now



Doctor Who Holiday Special 2020 Trailer

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays. 

And that can only mean one thing — a special holiday episode of Doctor Who

BBC America announced the episode “Revolution of the Daleks” will air at 8 p.m. ET on New Year’s Day.

The announcement was accompanied by a trailer that includes Chris Noth, John Barrowman, and Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord coming to you from behind a high-security alien prison.

Oh, there’s also flying Daleks. 


“We’ve crammed this year’s Doctor Who special with an explosion of extraordinary acting talent,” said showrunner Chris Chibnall in a statement. “Where else would you get British acting royalty, a globally renowned US screen star, an (inter)national treasure of stage and screen and one of Britain’s hottest young actors — just in the guest cast! Put those together with Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, and Tosin Cole (and Daleks! Did I mention Daleks!) — and you get a cast to be exterminated for. And things will explode. Promise.”

So, mark your calendar’s and check out the trailer below:

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice (9X01)



This episode takes place after the events of Last Christmas. Plus if you need a refresher on who the players are involved then I suggest you re-watch Death In Heaven (8X12) and The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (4X12 & 13).

The episode begins on an extra-terrestrial battle ground where a boy is trapped by “hand mines”, creatures which are hands with eyes, and kill by dragging the victim underground. The Doctor arrives and tries to save the boy, but after the boy says that his name is Davros, the Doctor, shocked, abandons him.

On present day Earth, Clara was in the middle of teaching class when she notices a plane frozen in the sky. She is then summoned to the Tower of London by UNIT to help them contact the Doctor. UNIT reveal that every plane that is currently airborne has frozen and no-one knows why. While trying to work out who it is freezing the planes and what their motive is, UNIT receive a message on a channel specifically created by UNIT for the Doctor should he ever need to contact. The sender of this message is revealed to be Missy, who confirms that she was the one that froze the planes and she needs Clara’s help in finding the Doctor. Missy also reveals that the Doctor’s confession dial, or ‘Last Will and Testament’, has been presented to her, meaning that the Doctor believes he only has one more day to live.

Also looking for the Doctor is Colony Sarff, who has been appointed by an elderly, dying Davros. Clara and Missy track the Doctor down to Essex in the year 1138, where the Doctor has spent three weeks “partying” introducing a number of anachronistic items. The three’s reunion is quickly cut short as Sarff takes them to what appears to be a space station. The Doctor is taken to Davros, who tells the Doctor that he remembers what he did when he was a little boy and reveals that he intends to destroy everything the Doctor loves before finally killing him. In the meantime, Missy notices that the space station’s gravity does not feel artificial, as would be expected on a space station. She opens the air lock and steps out into what looks like space, before realising that they are actually standing on a planet. The planet becomes visible and, much to Missy’s horror, is revealed to be Skaro, the homeworld of the Daleks. The two are then captured by the Daleks who, while the Doctor watches, exterminate both Clara and Missy and destroy the TARDIS, which they had procured from Essex earlier, leaving the Doctor alone and powerless.

The Doctor returns to the hand mine field. Davros asks if the Doctor’s come to save him, but the Doctor, pointing a Dalek gun at Davros, says he’s going to save his friends, and shouts ‘exterminate!’.

Cut to black…TO BE CONTINUED!!!!

This episode marks the return of Davros, the creator of the Dalek’s. His last appearance was with the 10th Doctor in Season 4. This episode also marks the return of Kate Stewart head of UNIT after a short stint in last season’s finale. Also Missy returns after her demise in the season finale but this time helping the Doctor instead of harming him. What will become of the Doctor with everything now taken away from him? What has become of Missy and Clara?

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who: 10 Years Since the Return



It’s been 10 years to the day since the return of the Time Lord with the blue box time machine the TARDIS. So many fantastic memories that make us want to jump in and say Alons’y or Geronimo! I have my top 10 favorite episode of the last 10 years.

10. The Wedding of River Song: Starting off the list is the finale from season 6 where the time dimensions hold at a specific time. April 22, 2011 at 5:02 PM is the time of death of the Doctor…or is it?

Video Credit: BBC/Doctor Who

9. Rose: This is the episode that brought the show back. As a newly regenerated Doctor emerges from the Time War to help a new companion Rose Tyler stop the Auton’s from invading London.

Video Credit: BBC/Doctor Who

8. The Shakespeare Code: In season 3 following the events of a stolen hospital, the Doctor and a new companion Martha Jones take to the time of Shakespeare and uncover dark magic.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

7. The Eleventh Hour: Following the 2009 Christmas/New Year special a new face takes on the role of the Time Lord as Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor joins Amy Pond in a race to stop Prisoner Zero from invading Earth.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

6. The Power of Three: In season 7 the Doctor gets a first hand account of life on Earth for a long period of time when an invasion of cube like creatures make an impact on daily life.

Video Credit: Doctor Who/BBC

5. Journey’s End: The Season 4 finale brings all the Doctors’s companions since the 2005 return as the Dalek’s take 27 planets from around the universe including Earth.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

4. The Big Bang: The Season 5 finale takes us to a time where the stars go out and the Pandorica opens with the ultimate enemy of of the universe.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

3. The End of Time: The 2009 Christmas/New Years brought the end of David Tennant’s 10th Doctor as the Time Lord’s return and an enemy grows more insane taking over every human on Earth.

Video Credit: BBC Worldwide

2. The Day of the Doctor: The 50th Anniversary Special brings the Doctor’s together as the Zygons take offer the planet. But it comes during a time when even Gallifrey can’t hold on in the final days of the Time War.

1. World War Three: This was the first episode I got exposed to. In Season 1 the Slitheen have taken over London and plan to take over the Earth, but not without igniting World War Three.

You can grab your copies of the last 8 seasons or watch on Hulu and Netflix. Catch the return this fall on BBC America.

Video Credit: VG934


Featured Photo Credit: BBC/Doctor Who

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