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Dynasty Miserably Ungrateful Men Dynasty Miserably Ungrateful Men


Dynasty – Miserably Ungrateful Men (2×16)



Adam Carrington is getting what he believes he deserves on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 16.

I have to say, I cannot wait for Jeff Colby to expose him, take him down, kill him. Basically, whatever he has to do to get rid of him.

Did anyone realize that Adam is now part of the opening sequence as a series regular? Why?

As it stands, Colby is Alexis’ only hope at getting away from maniacal son.

The rest of her family is either blinded by the promise of second chances or too consumed with themselves to really care about her.

Blake welcomed Adam with open arms because he’s guilty over Adam’s terrible childhood.

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Fallon is not only weirded out by Adam, but she’s also too obsessed with trying to prove that she’s still a boss babe and simultaneously jealous of all the attention Adam is getting from Blake.

The attention that she believed she’s earned.

Sure, I chuckled when both Blake and Fallon believed that their mother got drunk and face planted into the fireplace like it was a normal occurrence, but it also proved that her family is going to be worthless in getting her any justice.

Which leaves Colby as our only hope.

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Dynasty – Thicker Than Money (2×21)



Dynasty -- "Thicker Than Money" Review

We’re gearing up for yet another battle between the Carringtons and the Colbys, but this one just seems uninspired.

We’ve known that Blake is a shady snake, but on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21 he proved he’ll do anything to save his own ass.

At least he’s found a partner in crime in Cristal.

If anyone was played by Cristal, it was me.

I wanted to believe that she was gearing up to leave Blake to save her family, and admittedly, felt a pang of disappointment when I realized she willingly turned on Culhane to protect her husband.

Blake deserves everything that’s happening to him but with his rich male mentality, he thinks he’s above all of it.

With Cristal’s help, he swiftly sold Culhane out to the FBI and made them believe Culhane was playing them the whole time.

Blake Carrington playing the victim card, hysterical.

But Culhane also had it coming because he never seems to learn his lesson.

He should have known that getting involved with the Carringtons was a bad idea, that trying to take Blake down was a losing battle, and that moving out of Atlanta was the better choice.

Once the FBI arrests him, his only fighting chance will be Jeff Colby and Dominique.

Colby’s hungry to give Blake a taste of his own medicine but thus far, his efforts haven’t been successful.

Colby and his estranged mom don’t have what it takes to bring him down.

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Dynasty – New Lady in Town (2×20)



Dynasty New Lady in Town Review

Damn, who would have thought that Culhane’s solo efforts to take down Blake Carrington would be successful.

Culhane was able to achieve something he’s probably dreamt of doing for years on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 20; he outsmarted Blake himself.

Considering it was a do or die situation, Culhane was motivated to succeed, but given how many times Blake’s been one step ahead of everyone, I pegged this as a lost cause.

However, Culhane proved that he’s learned a thing or two while working for the Carringtons.

Cristal fell right into his trap and warned Blake of the FBI’s involvement which pushed him to threaten the Senator who was wearing a wire.

The plan was well executed, and it was oddly satisfying to see Blake get walked out of his own event in cuffs.

Unfortunately, we’d be naive to think that Blake is going to stay incarcerated.

A man with that much money and a plethora of connections will surely find a way out of this somehow.

He can pay off anyone to look the other way.

And when he does, it’s not going to be pretty for Culhane.

Culhane and Blake always had a rough relationship but even so, Blake always offered a helping hand whenever things got tough.

After this, Culhane just ensured himself a spot on the top of Blake’s shit list.

And the feds surely won’t be able to protect Culhane from Adam’s wrath.

Adam has plenty of unresolved mommy and daddy issues; as Fallon figured out, his weak spots are Blake and Alexis.

He’ll protect them at all costs even if that means going after the people who do them wrong.

He’s a ticking time bomb. If you push the wrong button, he’s going to erupt.

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Dynasty – This Illness of Mine (2×19)



Dynasty This Illness of Mine Review

Is there anything Adam won’t do?

Who won’t he manipulate?

By now, we should expect the worst from Adam.

After all, he pushed his own mother into a blazing fire and ordered the doctors to reconstruct her face to resemble Fallon’s.

But all those things seem minuscule compared to the stunts he pulled on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 19.

Adam is a real threat to everyone in the family — he’ll do anything to destroy them.

For now, the only person that’s been spared from his psychopathic wrath is Blake, though I’m sure that’ll change the moment they no longer see eye-to-eye.

My biggest qualm with the series is that no one is sharing their creepy Adam experiences with each other allowing him to get away with everything he’s done.

Imagine if everyone who has been a target told each other how Adam manipulated them.

They could get him kicked out of the house in no time.

Alexis kickstarted it by telling Fallon that her brother was a real danger, which I thought was evident the moment he shoved her face into the fire.

Why did she leave that part out when telling Fallon about her facial surgery? Why did she try to rationalize Adam’s actions?

Alexis’ admissions only added on to Adam’s creepy factor.

Fallon also found out that Adam was responsible for leaking the photo of her and Liam kissing at the masquerade ball to TMZ.

In addition, she also realized he was hooking up with Liam’s mother.

Gross, right?

I was perplexed watching that scene.

I probably should have seen it coming, but I didn’t.

Fallon is skilled at enacting revenge, but Alexis is right, she’s going to need to play this one very carefully.

It seems she’s taking the “keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” approach, which is smart, but also dangerous.

I’m interested in seeing this play out, but I’m hoping it ends with Fallon sending Adam with his bags packed.

I know the character is meant to be hated but man, I cannot stand him.

His antics aren’t entertaining because they are completely unnecessary and are poorly executed.

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