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Dynasty Review A Little Father-Daughter Chat Season 4 Episode 6 Dynasty Review A Little Father-Daughter Chat Season 4 Episode 6


Dynasty Review – A Little Father-Daughter Chat (4×06)

Dynasty -- "A Little Father-Daughter Chat" -- Image Number: DYN406a_0149r.jpg -- Pictured: Robert Christopher Riley as Michael Culhane, Alan Dale as Anders -- Photo: Wilford Harewood/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved



A Carrington face-off dominated much of the hour on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6. 

It’s never easy to go into business with your family, especially when that family member is a father who doesn’t take you seriously. 

Fallon wanted to prove she was a boss on Blake’s first day at Fallon Unlimited, and Blake wanted to prove that the company needed him. 

Naturally, both of them went about it the wrong way, which led to a clashing of the suits. 

Blake’s blindspot is that he still thinks that he’s a successful business owner. While it’s true that he built a very lucrative business, plenty of other aspects of his life suffered as a result and eventually, he lost that company and all of his millions. 

Why would Fallon ever want to repeat history?

Fallon is forging her own path, which also means she’s forging a new path for the Carrington dynasty. 

She’s keeping up with the times by wanting to build a positive workplace culture and providing fun benefits like yoga for group building, so it didn’t really mesh when Blake blew in there like a bulldozer and started firing everyone in order to make her recent purchase of a tech company profitable. 

A place that lays off employees wihtout showing any remorse doesn’t exactly boast too much confidence from the public. 

Fallon wanted real solutions, while Blake took the easy way out. 

And eventually, they came to blows with Fallon uttering the F-word: you’re fired!

Blake has had plenty of setbacks in his life, but this was the one that finally stuck. It definitely helped that Anders put things in perspective for Blake when he asked him if he truly had tunnel vision. 

Blake was stuck in how things used to be, but that’s no longer how things are. His choices were to assimiliate or find the door.

The realization hit Blake pretty hard as he realized he didn’t just have tunnel vision at work, he also had it in his relationship. 

His “way” cost him too much in life, and thus, he finally began making amends. 

Both Fallon and Cristal were ready to give him a second chance, but it’s going to work out much better for him with the former than the latter. 

Cristal is pregnant — she knows it, we know it, the Lord knows it. Oh, and Anders knows it too.

His loyalty has always been to Blake, but I wonder if he’ll keep Cristal’s secret until she’s ready to make a decision. 

If Blake finds out, it will undo any progress he’s made to become a better person. 

And it will be terrible for Father Caleb, who decided that he was going to give up his romance with her and prioritize his parioshioners.

A child is physical proof of the sins that he committed.

It’s so cliche when pregnancy’s are written in to cause drama, but it works on Dynasty because it has the potential to upend everything! 

I’m concerned about Fallon and Liam’s relationship. After his writer’s block got the best of him, Fallon’s suggestion that he write something meaningful inspired him to return to his investigative journalism roots. 

Liam wants to out the corruption in the world, which is ironic considering he’s married into one of the most corrupt family’s in Atlanta. 

Will his career path eventually force him to scoop his own family? After all, he already realized that Fallon was doing something illegal by reading her employee’s emails. 

I truly hope this doesn’t cause a rift in their romance, but now that they’re married, it seems like the series doesn’t really know what to do with Liam anymore. 

Dynasty Review A Little Father-Daughter Chat Season 4 Episode 6

Dynasty — “A Little Father-Daughter Chat” — Image Number: DYN406a_0039r.jpg — Pictured: Alan Dale as Anders, Grant Show as Blake Carrington — Photo: Wilford Harewood/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

I’m all for seeing him shirtless every episode, but the man deserves a storyline. 

I never thought I’d be the one to say that Adam is quite a hoot this season. 

The little jig he did when he successfully outed Dr. Bailey from the hospital with an assist from Kirby was hilarious. 

The two of them are slowly climbing the ranks of best couple on the series. 

Adam has big plans for the Chief of Staff role at the hospital, and it’s far from “common folk.”

Fallon shrugged off choosing which researcher would get the grant money, but Adam knows that there’s so much money to be made in finding cures. 

And whatever the hospital is working on could make him a billionaire. 

He’s always had his sights set on becoming successful, and while the Carrington name does work to his advantage, Adam is actually a talented doctor. 

I’m interested to see this storyline pan out because for once, it doesn’t involve Adam being a complete psycho. 

Sure, he had to play a little dirty, but sabotaging a woman’s power point slide so that she would get fired is nothing compared to dunking his mother’s face in the fire. He truly has come a long way. 

Sammy is struggling to navigate his relationship with Ryan who, contrary to what Sammy initially believed, doesn’t want his money.

And when money became an obstacle for law school, Sam took it upon himself to create a fake scholarship to get Ryan to stay in Atlanta.

It’s never good to base a relationship on lies, but it’s even worse to keep throwing money at it to “fix” things.

That should’ve been a lesson Sam learned from Blake. 

It’s not surprising that Ryan didn’t want Sam to fund his life and pay for law school because then he would be indebted to him. 

He wanted to still have his freedom. 

If Sam had just been honest with Ryan and told him he wanted him to move to Atlanta, Ryan would’ve considered it from the getgo. 

I’m glad that the two of them are having open conversations and navigating the relationship instead of just calling it quits. It’s not only healthy, it’s mature! 

The writers truly have no idea what to do with Culhane, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. 

Culhane sold Atlantix and is rolling in dough. 

And as he navigated being rich, he decided to give Ryan a loan for law school while also buying James Bond’s Aston Martin. 

Now, that’s what you call a boss move!

There was no purpose to Culhane’s storyline, but I enjoyed it for what it was. 

And you definitely won’t hear me complain about the lack of screentime for Alexis and Dominique. It was so peaceful without them!

What did you think of the episode?

Will Cristal keep the baby? Will Fallon and Blake find their groove once again? Will Liam find himself torn between his career and his marriage?

Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Dynasty Review – I Hate to Spoil Your Memories (4×10)



Dynasty Review I Hate to Spoil Your Memories Season 4 Episode 10

The past had a way of catching up with everyone on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 10. 

Ahead of her IPO launch for Fallon Unlimited, Fallon Carrington realized that she was the target of a cyberattack that stole important company information including customer’s financial information and emails. 

From there, she collaborated with Jeff Colby in Operation: How to Catch a Hacker, which took them down a walk through memory lane. 

Colby confronted Fallon about her bullying and manipulation throughout the years, though it was a bit forced. Is this the first time he’s ever dealt with Fallon? Terrifying her employees is her MO. It’s hardly a surprise that those are the tactics that have led her to become a successful businesswoman who always gets what she wants.

However, it did cause Fallon to take a step back and reassess how her behavior affected Colby back in the day. She came through with apologies, which, again, felt forced, but I’m glad we’re getting back to the roots of their relationship. 

Plus, it seems as though Colby is getting back to his techie ways, which may finally give him a storyline. 

Though he doesn’t seem to want to get involved in Fallon’s business, I have a feeling he’ll have no choice when it comes down to saving Liam. 

While Colby thought he thwarted the hack on Fallon Unlimited (which I just realized is abbreviated to FU — clever) and chalked it up to never figuring out who was behind it, the final moments revealed Fallon’s emails were only targeted to get to Liam. 

The person responsible is spying on Liam in hopes of stopping him from getting to the truth about his father’s murder. 

Does this mean that in three months, Fallon is attending Liam’s funeral? 

Who Will Die on Dynasty Season 4?

The episode once again kicked off with a flash-forward to a funeral. This time, we saw Sammy join Adam and Fallon, so he’s also crossed off the list of potential victims. 

Sammy consoled Fallon, which leads me to believe the death involves Liam, however, since Adam is sitting next to Fallon in the front row, signs may also point to Kirby, who is headed down quite a destructive path. 

Adam and Fallon are the closest people to Kirby, aside from Anders, of course. 

Option three is that the funeral is for Steven, though, I would think Sammy would be more torn up about his ex-husband’s death if that was the case. 

As previously mentioned, Kirby is in trouble. She’s getting way too close to “Ollie,” her ex from Australia. 

While I can understand wanting so desperately to find your purpose that you go into a situation blindly, I’m disappointed in Kirby for making the same mistakes she previously made. Especially because Kirby is usually the bright one. 

Kirby should realize that she’s feeding into old habits, but since she won’t, hopefully, Anders and Adam put aside their differences to save her from herself… and Oliver. 

I love that Anders figured Oliver out without even lifting a finger. He even knew that Alexis was the woman paying him a hefty amount of money to woo Kirby. 

Anders is a bloodhound; don’t mess with him, particularly when it comes to his daughter.

But how did Anders recognize Oliver if he was never present in Kirby’s life since he’s been working for the Carrington family all this time? Seems like a bit of an error on the writer’s part! 

Adam also noticed the signs of drug abuse and called Kirby out on it. His approach may not have been all that great as it came off as jealousy, but at least he’s aware as to what’s going on. 

Let’s not forget what Adam is capable of! 

Also, since when is Kirby so passionate about modeling?

Blake and Cristal spent the episode making new memories by going racing and jetting off to Paris for a midnight dinner at the Louvre. Oh, to have money. 

Sadly, having money can’t buy you a cure from a deadly tumor. 

At first, Cristal decided she didn’t want to have surgery or undergo chemo if the risks were too high, but living her life to the fullest resulted in her and Blake renewing their vows. 

It was a sweet way to start over in their relationship and put all the negative experiences behind them, but it was also the best time for Cristal to tell him the truth. 

It’s a bit concerning that she won’t be transparent with her husband about her illness. 

Instead, she asked Adam to find her a clinical to give her a fighting chance. 

Despite the stage 4 diagnosis, I don’t think that Cristal is the one who will die at the end of the season. It seems too obvious, especially since she’s interested in fighting for her marriage and her health. 

Sammy’s relationship crumbled after his cheating was revealed. 

His relationship was never going to survive the”hot love triangle” with Fletcher. To be honest, he and Ryan were doomed from the start as they were never on the same page. 

Things were always chaotic between them, so it’s probably for the best that they called it quits before things got even more serious. 

It’s unfortunate because I did like Ryan for Sammy, though, the fact that he cheated so easily means he’s not ready to get into a serious relationship. 

I am glad Fletcher is out of the picture. I never got good vibes from him. 

Sammy’s love life has always been a bit spotty, and to be quite honest, I like Sammy’s business escapades more anyway. 

His friendship with Culhane is sweet, and I’m excited to see what they accomplish when they go into business together. 

Culhane took the idea of a silent partner literally, but it showed that these two are actually on the same page.

Build that multi-million dollar empire, boys!

And, again, this will finally give Culhane a storyline!

Also, how did Sammy not figure out that Ryan would be the stripper when they went to a strip club? Part of me thought that Ryan and Fletcher were in cahoots and trying to put Sammy on blast, but I’m glad that wasn’t the case! 

What did you think of the episode?

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Who Will Die on Dynasty Season 4?



Who Will Die on Dynasty Season 4?

Dynasty kicked off the season with a flash-forward that revealed a funeral is on the horizon. 

But who isn’t going to make it out of the fourth season alive?

We know that Fallon and Adam are both alive. In the premiere episode, we saw Fallon sitting by a coffin, which led fans to believe it was Adam’s funeral. In a subsequent episode, Adam joined her indicating that it may be someone that means a great deal to both of them. 

Obviously, fans have been trying to figure out the overarching mystery of the season.

There have been a few close calls with Kirby getting stabbed on Fallon’s wedding day and Alexis and Dominique getting trapped in the mines under the manor. 

We likely won’t get an answer until the final episode of the season, but Dynasty Season 4 Episode 9 dropped little hints here and there that are allowing us to narrow down the victim’s list. 

There are a handful of people who could potentially be in the line of fire — here’s who we suspect. 



In order to drive a wedge between Kirby and Adam, Alexis called Kirby’s former Australian lover, Oliver, who has quite a colorful past. I don’t think that Kirby ever truly got over him but rather left him because his lifestyle and drug addiction were too dangerous. Oliver easily capitalized on the fact that Kirby was bored with her life and felt like she wasn’t pursuing a fulfilling career.

When he offered her a smidge of fun, she took it without hesitation. Kirby ignored all the red signs including his suggestion to do a “bump of energy” in the bathroom. Oliver is going to lead her down a bad road, which could result in her death. 

This would explain why Fallon and Adam were the only two at the funeral for now as she was closest with the both of them! 



Cristal has been diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor that Adam (who I still can’t take seriously as a doctor) diagnosed as “inoperable.” In short — she’s dying, so it wouldn’t be surprising if everyone was attending her funeral. Though, I feel like that might be a little too obvious. 



Liam’s quest for the truth is taking him on a risky journey. After learning that his father’s death might not have been an accident, Liam decided to dust off his title of investigative journalist and seek out the truth.

Corinne, the SEC reviewer, informed him that his father was caught up in a powerful insider trading ring and wanted to expose it but, as she noted, she didn’t pursue it because “things got scary.”

If what she’s saying is true, Liam will obviously be crossing some very dangerous people. If he doesn’t play his cards right, it could very well be him in the casket, which would explain why Fallon was the first one at the funeral.

Fallon was understandably concerned with his decision, and it would be pretty disappointing if the writers killed him off as #Falliam, the strongest couple on the series with the biggest fandom, didn’t even get a proper goodbye! 



This was my initial guess as it would tie up the story that’s been left without any closure. Adam has become a permanent fixture on the series — I’ve even grown to like him somewhat — and yet no one has any idea what he did to poor Steven back in Europe. Steven is barely even mentioned. The best thing for everyone would be to just end his storyline, and the only way to do that permanently is with his death. 



Blake’s the patriarch of the series, so it’s hard to imagine it without him, but there’s a chance that he wasn’t being completely honest when he told Adam that he forgives him for playing a role in the refinery explosion that led to Alexis’s attack on CA, which he said was “key” in destroying his life. 

What if Blake was just telling Adam what he wanted to hear because Cristal was listening in on the conversation and he wants to show her he’s a changed man? What if he really wants to punish Adam, and Adam, who has wanted nothing more than his father’s approval, figures it out and turns on him? We know that he’s not above murder. 


Amanda Carrington

When Alexis thought she was going to die trapped in the mines, she confessed to Dominique that she had a fling with a yoga instructor and got pregnant. She jetted off to Europe to have the baby and gave her to a distant relative to raise on her own. “I have a second cousin who I barely know who is actually my daughter,” Alexis noted. In the original, we know that Blake and Alexis had a daughter named Amanda, so it’s likely that she’ll be making an appearance in the near future. 

What if her arrival is short-lived as getting to know her family proves to be deadly? I don’t think Adam and Fallon would ever enjoy sharing the spotlight. 


No One 

The Carrington family has been known for doing some pretty ridiculous things. What if they faked a death for their own benefit? Maybe it was to keep Liam safe or to restore the Carrington dynasty to all of its glory?


Whose funeral do you think they’re attending? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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Dynasty Review – Your Sick and Self-Serving Vendetta (4×08)



Dynasty Review Your Sick and Self-Serving Vendetta Season 4 Episode 8

You can’t out-Carrington the Carringtons!

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 8 found Fallon and Blake outmaneuvering their opponents in a way only they know how. 

Fallon realized that her dreams of taking Fallon Unlimited globally were being hindered by the Scotland Heritage Foundation, which was being led by Colin McNaughton, a former classmate who wanted to get revenge on Fallon for getting him kicked out for cheating.

Colin played a hard game, and for a minute, it even seemed like Fallon was going to fold rather than bleed out her company over some petty rift, but she never backs down and she never walks away. 

One way or another, Fallon always gets her way, though it was surprising that she took the high road when it would’ve been so simple and much more cost-effective to blackmail Colin using the photos of him cheating on his wife with his assistant. 

You know what they say, once a cheater always a cheater. That’s definitely some great leverage to have over one of the most wealthiest and powerful family’s, so I’m not opposed to seeing Colin make an appearance again somewhere down the line.

He was one of Fallon’s worthiest opponents.

Admittedly, it was enjoyable to see Fallon stick it to Colin in an unexpected way. He thought he could foresee her every move, but he never imagined she’d take a loss simply to spite him. With Fallon, you always have to expect the unexpected. 

It was also thrilling to see her team up with Liam on a stakeout. Fallon never does anything halfway, so even this situation called for a Catwoman-like suit! 

Liam is usually the voice of reason in the relationship, so it was also surprising that he wasn’t the one to urge Fallon to take the high road. He was all for her using the photos as leverage! 

Blake continued to be in cahoots with Dominique to pull a fast one on Alexis. I can’t say that she didn’t have it coming after the scheming she did to get the Manor from Blake. She’ll do anything to spite him, so he was justified in his actions. 

Together with Dom, they wanted to make Alexis bleed out all of her money by making the Manor appear like it wasn’t sitting on a solid foundation. 

Eventually, Alexis caved and agreed to give Blake back his home as long as he would drop the lawsuit against Dom to secure half of her mineral rights. 

Of course, the joke was on her two-fold because Blake and Dom already knew there were no diamonds in the dirt. 

Blake not only got revenge, but he also got his home back, while Dom finally got closure and a piece of the Carrington empire, which was a birthright that was taken from her. 

I never thought I’d say this but Dom and Blake do make a great team. 

She then decided to bury the photo of Thomas Carrington as a sign that she was no longer risking her personal relationships to seek his acceptance, but she was ambushed by Alexis, who was understandably upset by her betrayal. 

The two got into a tussle, and you know those unstable mines just collapsed and trapped them inside. 

Since no one knew they were down there, I’m eager to see how they plan on getting free. 

I imagine there will be plenty of witty one-liners as they are forced to enjoy each other’s company. 

Sam had a blast from the past when Fletcher, the married man with who he once had a torrid love affair, came into Le Mirage with a new potential business partner. 

Coincidences exist, but that wasn’t the case here as Fletcher admitted that he joined the team so that he could get a second chance with Sam now that his divorce was finalized. 

Sam found himself conflicted as Fletcher was always “the one that got away.” It didn’t help that Ryan wasn’t responding to any of his texts either. 

One thing led to another and Sam found himself in bed with his past. And I’m really upset with him. He had a good thing going with Ryan, who’s a good guy and genuinely likes Sam. Why did he have to go and mess it up?

I can’t see Ryan forgiving Sam, especially if Fletcher is going to be working with him directly. 

And if Sam wants to save his relationship with Ryan, he’s going to have to let this business deal pass on by. 

Also, yeah, I’m pretty sure that was Corbin Bleu!

Culhane and Colby have an adorable bromance, and I was impressed that they were both so chill about liking the same girl. 

How mature of them to talk it out like men and put their friendship above everything else.

Culhane even did the noble thing and promised to step aside to allow Colby and Mia to work things out. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep that promise as he got swept up in the emotions and kissed Mia.

Mia’s desire to date both of them gave this otherwise predictable love triangle some spice. 

Will Culhane and Colby agree to date the same woman? Will they be comfortable in a thrupple? Or will their jealousies get the best of them?

I personally can’t see either of them being cool with this no matter how much they like her! 

Cristal was relieved when she had a negative pregnancy test, but the news was much more concerning when the tests revealed she had a brain tumor. 

Is this the show’s attempt at getting rid of yet another Cristal?

And does this mean they’re all attending her funeral in the flash-forward?

Blake’s definitely going to have a hard time accepting the news. 

As for Adam, he’s riding the wave as he got the Chief of Staff position and is planning on proposing to Kirby, and well, Alexis might be opposed, but I surely am not. Somehow, the two of them make sense. 

What did you think of the episode? Were you proud of Fallon for being the bigger person? Are you disappointed in Sam? How will Culhane and Colby figure out things with Mia?

Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts! 

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