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Dynasty Review But I Don't Need Therapy Season 4 Episode 14 Dynasty Review But I Don't Need Therapy Season 4 Episode 14


Dynasty Review – But I Don’t Need Therapy (4×14)

Dynasty -- "But I Don’t Need Therapy" -- Image Number: DYN414a_000171r.jpg -- Pictured: Michael Michele as Dominique Deveraux -- Photo: Wilford Harewood/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved



Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14 picked up with the aftermath of Anders’s death.

It was two weeks, in fact, which meant that Kirby was about to get released from the hospital after her drug overdose. 

The worst part is that she was in such a fragile state that neither Fallon nor Sammy had the heart to break it to her out of fear that she would relapse. 

It was an honest concern, but by keeping Kirby out of the loop, Fallon was making it easier for herself to remain in denial.

And when Kirby did finally find out the truth, she was in denial herself.

Everyone grieves in different ways, but I definitely expected a different reaction from Kirby. Denial is common, but Kirby’s character is just all over the place, especially after this whole unnecessary Oliver storyline. 

What was the point?

Kirby before Oliver was a solidly developed character who would have never reacted to her father’s death the way that she did. 

She may have lost her way, but this behavior didn’t track and felt all too random. 

It did feel like the writers finally got her character back on track once she snapped out of it and went to pay her respects at Ander’s grave. 

I was particularly fond of the scene where she had a chat with ghost Anders because it allowed the audience to say goodbye to him right along with Kirby. 

One of my biggest qualms about his death — other than the fact that he’s the show’s anchor next to Fallon, who is the backbone — is that we never got a proper goodbye, We saw him crash and then it immediately went to the funeral. 

It was nice to see Anders one last time imparting some of his genuine wisdom. 

And his words, which echoed from beyond the grave, were a reality check for Kirby, who finally admitted she had a problem and needed rehab. 

Quite frankly, the whole episode was a testament to why many of these characters do need therapy. Therapy is good. Therapy shouldn’t come with a stigma. Therapy can help you work through problems, insecurities, and grief. 

With a title like “But I Don’t Need Therapy,” I wish the writers found a way to make a better argument for seeking it out. Kirby’s decision to go to rehab was a good start, however. 

Sammy had a lot on his mind as he balanced trying to help Kirby while also trying to navigate this Leo problem. 

More specifically, the bags of cocaine he found. 

Dumping the drugs into a competing hotel’s dumpster didn’t strike me as a good idea because, you know, fingerprints, so I’m glad Sammy came to his senses, even if it did mean he had to dumpster dive to retrieve it. 

However, I could not stop laughing when it ended up being some specialty flower that the chef ordered. 

At this point, Sammy and Culhane’s paranoia is more dangerous than Leo. Though, I’m curious as to how this Leo storyline will pan out. 

You’d think that two rich dudes who have the Carrington’s in their back pocket wouldn’t be intimidated by a man like Leo. 

We’re constantly reminded just how much weight the Carrington name holds. 

Speaking of, Adam’s position as Chief of Staff was being threatened as he was told the only reason he still had the job was because of his last name. 

I’d be very afraid if I was that board member because the last time someone made Adam mad, they ended up with their face in the fire. Oh, and we can’t forget about poor Steven who is committed in some asylum in Europe even if the writers totally forgot about it. 

When Adam feels threatened, he goes into survival mode, which means someone is bound to pay the price. 

In this case, it was one of the researchers of an Alzheimer’s trial. 

Now, I’m not entirely sure what Adam’s plan is, but he did steal the data and send it over to someone from his past who knew him by his former name and was elated to know that he had stumbled upon something revolutionary. 

Anti-aging was mentioned, but again, I wasn’t really following what he was trying to accomplish. 

All I know is that it’s big because it convinced Adam to turn down Blake’s offer to make him a co-partner in his private jet business. 

Adam is building his own dynasty, and it’s probably for the best at this point because Blake seems rather lost without Anders. 

I don’t know how he’s going to get anything done without his right-hand man, but I’m also still upset that Blake isn’t more hurt by the death. Also, why wasn’t there a sweet goodbye between them?

Anders loved Blake like a son, so this should’ve been a bigger moment. 

Cristal is doing just fine and is on her way to making a full recovery. It’s surprising that Adam didn’t even get praised for assisting on a groundbreaking surgery, but props to the series for trying to keep it real in terms of rules at a hospital. 

And then there’s Jeff Colby, who is focusing all of his efforts on saving the planet.

His dreams of building a rocket are one step closer after he confided in Dom and received some sound advice from her.

I love that Colby is so loaded that while he’s dreaming of conquering space, he buys a whole gossip network simply to help his mom with her affordable fashion line. 

Does he even know how many businesses he owns? 

Dom’s lucky that she’s back in her son’s good graces because now, she can do whatever she wants!

Dom-Mystique will succeed no matter what! 

What did you think of the episode? Will Kirby find herself after rehab? Will Sammy and Culhane fix their Leo problem? Will Colby find the means to become the first Black billionaire to make it to space? And what are Blake’s plans for his aviation company? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Dynasty Season 5 Premiere Review – I’ll Be Home for Christmas (5×01 and 5×02)



Dynasty Season 5 Premiere Review

Dynasty kicked off its fifth season with a merry little two-part episode that found Fallon’s fate up in the air. 

I’m not even referring to the shooting because, despite the fake news media, she survived that ordeal. However, complications from the bullet that nicked her intestine gave way to an infection that landed her in a coma. 

You know how fans always say that Fallon Carrington carries the show? Well, this two-hour premiere was proof. 

Without Fallon’s witty remarks and bubbly personality, it all felt a little bland, even with a little Christmas magic sprinkled throughout. 

7 Reasons Why We Love Fallon Carrington on ‘Dynasty’

And even as she lay there unconscious, everything was still all about Fallon. The world revolves around her, as it should.

My Christmas wish for the series is to let Fallon chill out a bit when it comes to Fallon Unlimited. We never see her making sound business decisions because she’s always working in overdrive to put out the next fire. 

If we’re to believe that she’s this savvy businesswoman, it would be nice to see her have a handle on things once in a while.

Hopefully, her near brush with death will serve as a reminder that while her career and continuing the family dynasty are important, prioritizing her relationship with Liam trumps it all. 

She almost lost Liam because of that psycho Eva, and, in turn, he almost lost her. 

They got too caught up in everything and lost sight of their love for each other. The coma may have been torture for Liam, but it helped reframe his relationship with Fallon. 

All of their fights and the he-said, she-said is so pointless in retrospect. And nearly losing someone definitely puts that in perspective. 

Fallon cheated, Liam believed Eva over his own wife, but it’s all in the past. 

Fans want to see Liam and Fallon thriving, so hopefully, this is the last we’ve seen of their relationship in peril. 

It was a true Christmas gift to see them harmonizing on “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” Fallon has an incredible voice, that’s not a secret, but who knew our man Liam could hit those notes?

What a perfect couple. 

And can we just talk about how perfect Fallon’s dream of their future was? Fallon and Liam as parents wrapping present for their children. I mean, I can’t be the only one who hopes that it wasn’t a dream but a peek into their future!

Fallon treats her company like her baby, but she also comes from a very powerful family, so as much as people dislike the idea of TV characters having children, I feel like it would only make sense for Falliam to have some babies and continue the family line. 

Sammy, Culhane, and Kirby didn’t have much of a storyline other than decorating for the holidays. 

Kirby assisted Fallon with planning the Fallon Unlimited holiday party, and admittedly, I was kind of hoping Fallon would name Kirby as her VP. Aren’t we all about keeping it in the family?

And aside from Kirby’s brief hiccup with drugs and a toxic ex, she has been nothing but helpful when it comes to Fallon’s business. 

Culhane, on the other hand, assisted Amanda with trying to prove that Adam Carrington was responsible for Bobby Larson’s death. 

It’s kind of strange to see Culhane and Amanda team up, especially because Adam killed a man for Culhane. If anything, I would think Culhane would have Adam’s back. 

Of course, Amanda is totally on the right track with thinking that Adam is trying to frame Alexis because, well, he is.

This is the Adam that we met all those seasons ago. He may have been reformed recently, but he’s not above framing his own mother to save himself.

I’m actually surprised with how nonchalant Adam is about letting Alexis take the fall considering he has a soft spot for his mother. 

You would think that he, of all people, would’ve concocted a better plan. Or, at the very least, that he wouldn’t look so guilty. 

Adam basically confessed to Amanda by looking for an alibi and then using a patient with a declining mental state to vouch for him. 

What is Adam’s next play going to be? He’s bound to get caught up at some point. 

I know Fallon was in the hospital, but it’s a little absurd that no one else is trying to help her get out of jail aside from Amanda. 

Honestly, she must be feeling really grateful that she has this daughter. 

Also, jail for Alexis Carrington means champagne and oysters, so she’s not exactly slumming it either. 

I don’t doubt that Amanda will find the proof she needs to take down Adam, but I also wouldn’t put it past Adam to eliminate Amanda from the equation. 

Too many people were overjoyed by Alexis’s imprisonment, including Blake and Dom. 

Dom, of course, had her reasons as she found out Jeff Colby was right about Brady, her manipulative husband. He was in cahoots with Alexis to try to pull one over on Dom. 

Thankfully, the moment she found out, she cut him loose. There was a whole storyline about how she helped him pay off some men he owed money to, but the storyline was weak at best. I’m just glad Brady is gone for good. 

Jeff is on the mend, while Blake is no longer running for Senator. 

I guess he got so close to the finish line and realize he didn’t actually want a gig in public service? It seems like a whole lot of wasted efforts, but at least it appeased Blake’s ego. 

Cristal is now the new CEO of Flores Incorporado, and when she realized Beto was at the event and holding a gun, she kicked him to the curb. 

Of course, I have no idea how she wasn’t expecting him to retaliate, but even if she was, I doubt she was expecting him to come across her Southern doppelganger and train her to impersonate his sister. 

Poor Cristal is in for the shock of her life when Beto enacts a sneak attack and steals back the company with her blessing. 

That girl, whatever her name, got Cristal’s mannerisms down to a science! 

What did you think of the double-dose of holiday fun on the Dynasty Season 5 premiere? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Dynasty Season Finale Review – Fallon’s Showdown With Eva (4×22)



Dynasty Review Filled with Manipulations and Deceptions Season 4 Episode 22

What an explosive season finale!

Can I just say how glad I am that Dynasty didn’t leave us hanging and wondering who was shot?

The end was set up in such a way where it would’ve totally made sense for them to pursue that avenue, but it’s so much more satisfying that we know it was Fallon.

Now, it’s highly unlikely that Fallon is going to die considering she’s the glue that holds the whole show together. 

But it is a heartbreaking turn of events that likely could’ve been prevented had she and Liam contacted the proper authorities. 

This isn’t the first obsessive stalker that they dealt with, so they should know better. Just like Liam should know better than to turn his back to a psycho in his hotel room. Thank god Eva didn’t pull anything when she was there because I was convinced that she was going to lash out after Liam turned her down. 

Fallon and Liam definitely have a lot to work through after she cheated on him with Colin but almost losing her is going to put him in a more forgiving mood. 

I love that Fallon wasn’t trying to shirk responsibility for sleeping with Colin either. 

She owned up to it because, in the end, it was her decision. 

One might argue that if it hadn’t been for Eva’s manipulations and sabotage, she wouldn’t have even pursued it, but even then, she had a choice to turn Colin down and she didn’t. 

It’s important that both Fallon and Liam acknowledge that moving forward, though, my guess is that they’re going to welcome a second chance with open arms after her near-death experience. 

Eva was good, but as most obsessive psychos, she got sloppy towards the end. 

She became too confident and jumped the gun by pursuing Liam immediately after he broke things off with Fallon. 

If she really wanted to make this work, she’d move in gradually and make him fall in love with her. 

But that just goes to show you how unhinged she actually was underneath that sweet little act. 

Dynasty Review Filled with Manipulations and Deceptions Season 4 Episode 22

Dynasty — “Filled with Manipulations and Deceptions” — Image Number: DYN422a_0235r — Pictured: Sam Underwood as Adam Carrington and Elaine Hendrix as Alexis Carrington Colby — Photo: Wilford Harewood/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The moment she made a move on him, Liam began piecing it all together and realized Fallon was right. 

And I’m glad he arrived at that conclusion himself because it definitely redeem him in my book slightly. 

It was hard watching Liam side with Eva, a complete stranger, throughout this whole ordeal. Even if Fallon betrayed him, they had such a strong relationship that he should’ve believed her initially.

Thankfully, by coming to Blake’s campaign gala of his own free will, Liam proved that the love was strong even through intense heartache.

I thought Fallon’s rendezvous would’ve ruined #Falliam for me, but, in a strange way, I love them even more because it proves just how much love they have for each other.

 Cheating is a hard thing to forgive, but showing up meant that he was willing to put this behind them, and that’s half the battle.  

Eva was a pretty good villain this season. She meticulously crafted a plan to wedge herself between Fallon and Liam, so it was kind of disappointing when the series made her out to be a stereotypical stalker.

At that point, her behavior became so predictable and uninteresting. 

It would’ve been juicer if they revealed Eva had some kind of former connection to Liam rather than just having her “fall in love” with him because she read his book.

And I still stand by my original theory that Eva and Colin were in cahoots. Wouldn’t that have been so much fun to watch?

Both Beto and Colby showed up to the campaign party/ club relaunch wielding guns, so it’s possible that Fallon isn’t the only one who was shot.

I think Beto got spooked and ran off before he could take his shot at Blake, but I don’t know if Culhane made it out safely. 

Colby wasn’t in his right mind due to the neurotoxicity. His paranoia was getting the best of him, so he wasn’t thinking straight. He could’ve pulled the trigger unintentionally or without even knowing it. 

The worst part is that he wasn’t entirely wrong about Brady. Thanks to the tracker he placed on his phone, he knew that Brady was working with Alexis. Unfortunately, he misinterpreted the motivation and thought Brady was stealing all his Colby Space research, when, in fact, he was trying to humiliate Dom and get all her money. 

I hope this incident spooked Brady all the way back to where he came from. I didn’t vibe with Dom initially, but she’s grown on me throughout the season, and she’s been trying to become a better version of herself. She doesn’t deserve this. 

Plus, Alexis is in jail, so Brady is better off just calling it quits. 

Truthfully, Adam framing his mother is the one thing we should’ve seen coming but didn’t. We were blindsided by Adam’s quirky personality and how much he’s adapted as part of the Carrington family, but the truth is, Adam has never been above murder or turning on his mother to save himself. 

He pushed her into the fire head first for goodness sake. This is what he does. 

Based on his behavior, Adam did seem slightly remorseful, but he also seemed relieved that his plan worked and that he wasn’t being suspected for the murder. 

However, Adam likely should’ve played his cards better because right now, all roads lead back to him anyway. 

Why else would his mother kill the colleague Adam fired? And the same colleague who came back to the hospital looking for his research? 

Amanda Carrington work on the legal side of things, so she’s going to figure it out. And we know her loyalty is with Alexis over Adam. 

Maybe this will finally bring to light all the other horrible things Adam did, including making Steven think he’s crazy and getting him committed?

One could only hope!

Adam likely felt like he had no choice and was pushed into a corner by Bob. Poor Bob thought he could get away with blackmailing Adam — and he probably could have if he didn’t get greedy. If he just took the 5 million, he could’ve been on his way. 

Poor Alexis is going to get chewed up in prison. She’s devious, but this isn’t her playing field at all. 

Also, wouldn’t news of her arrest immediately make the news and taint Blake’s campaign?

Both the shooting and her arrest for murder are not a good look. 

He was so worried about Beto when he should’ve been more focused on his family. 

Sadly, it’s also not a good look for Sammy Jo by proxy. He just wanted to host a great event to boost his hotel, but instead, he’s being dragged down by all this Carrington drama. 

I just want to see Sammy thrive. He deserves it, especially after he poured his soul into this project and even found his footing without Ander’s guidance. 

I have to admit I love how much Anders has played a role from beyond the grave. I think he’s impacting them all a lot more in his death than he did in life. 

The little tribute at the hotel was especially touching, though, it did feel like his official sendoff in the series. 

What did you think of the finale? Will Fallon come out of this unscathed? Will she get a newfound perspective on her relationship?

Wasn’t there security or, at the very least, an invite list for the campaign party?

Is Culhane ok? Will Alexis prove her innocence? Does Adam have a plan to get his mom out of jail?

Share your thoughts about the finale with us in the comment section below! 

We’ll see you next season, Cravers!

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Dynasty Back-to-Back Episode Review – Affairs of State and Affairs of the Heart (4×20 and 4×21)



Dynasty Review Affairs of State and Affairs of the Heart Season 4 Episode 21

Ahead of the season finale, Dynasty delivered a supersized penultimate episode. 

The back-to-back episodes raised the stakes, changed the game, and then flipped the narrative on its head. 

Nothing was the same, and no one is coming out unscathed.

The most heartbreaking turn of events was the expected but unnecessary demise of Liam and Fallon.

Things between them were pretty bad this season when Fallon prioritized her career (and quite literally everything else) over her relationship with Liam, but the damage wasn’t irreversible. 

It’s not the kind of stuff you want to see from newlyweds that are still supposed to be waist-deep in their honeymoon phase, but this is a primetime soap, so drama is par for the course. 

Liam instituted a break, but not the Friends version of a break; all he really wanted was some time and space to figure things out. 

Eventually, he did while talking it out in the Truth Tent. 

Liam realized that he wasn’t just upset that Fallon was investing so much time in her career. He was projecting and taking his frustrations about himself out on her. In reality, he felt less than and inferior to his boss babe wife. 

This was the very definition of “it’s not you, it’s me.”

Of course, Liam’s behavior up until now wasn’t excusable as he made Fallon feel guilty for being such a go-getter, but it made sense.

Marriage comes with its fair share of gray areas, but communication and over-communication are the keys to working it all out. 

Sadly, Fallon broke the cardinal rule when she let her inhibitions go and slept with Colin. 

Yes, I know she was being manipulated by Eva, but that doesn’t excuse Fallon’s behavior. 

Regardless of how sad and lonely she was feeling about the possibility of Liam wanting a divorce (which was a lie planted by Eva), she knew better than to cheat. 

She’s a grown woman who can clearly understand the consequences of her actions. 

Plus, she was simply guided by assumptions rather than waiting for Liam to explain himself. Does she think so low of him that she thought he’d seek a divorce without even talking to her about it?

But most importantly, Fallon’s biggest mistake was allowing too many people into her relationship. She’s trusting, which is nice, but too many people had a hand in this demise that shouldn’t have even been involved.

Had it not been for Fallon’s deception, she and Liam would’ve found a way back to each other and likely stronger than ever. 

Of course, Liam is also at fault because he allowed Eva into his life as well by being so friendly and kind.

Eva just jumped in and took advantage of it all.

Dynasty Review You Vicious, Miserable Liar Season 4 Episode 20

Dynasty — “You Vicious, Miserable Liar” — Image Number: DYN420a_0002 — Pictured: Rafael de la Fuente as Sammy Jo Jones — Photo: Wilford Harewood/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Fallon and Liam’s crumbling marriage played exactly into Eva’s hand. Fallon confided in her, and she sold the supportive employee and act friend all too well while being a meddling menace in real life. 

Sometimes the biggest villains look the sweetest. 

Eva set her sights on Liam, and there was no stopping her. I wonder if she purposefully took the job with Fallon because she wanted Liam, or if she decided to pursue him after she got the gig. 

You would think someone as obsessive would be sloppy, but her approach was pretty strategic and impressive. 

Sadly, that delusional book will be her undoing. I just hope Fallon figures it out before Eva does any real damage since she’s a serious threat to Liam. 

Liam might be hurting after what happened with Fallon, but I don’t think he’d just jump into bed with Eva as he considers her a friend.

And if he rejects her, I could see Eva snapping. 

The biggest surprise with this storyline (aside from my disappointment in Fallon’s actions) is that Eva and Colin weren’t working together. Wouldn’t that have made so much sense?

Eva would’ve pursued Liam, while Colin could’ve taken over the company. I guess, in the end, Eva didn’t need anyone. 

While those two weren’t in cahoots, Alexis and Brady surely are. I’m not sure what the connection between them is but considering Brady showed up shortly after Dom told Alexis about him, it’s not a surprising twist. 

Though I was rooting for Brady to be a good guy, I realize there’s no fun in that! 

Whenever a woman gets any bit of success, there’s always someone ready to bring her down and take it from her. 

You would’ve hoped that Alexis would’ve learned her lesson by now as she’s already alienated most of her children. 

Colby is losing it, which doesn’t bode well for any of his space race plans. 

It’s unclear why he stopped taking his neurotoxicity medication, but it’s also a nice loop back to that storyline and a reminder that Adam Carrington was once a really dangerous man despite taming his ways and finding the light or whatever. 

The writings of a mad man on the walls could either be a stroke of genius or something genuinely concerning. 

Only time will tell. 

Adam may not be poisoning people or stuffing their faces into the fire, but he’s not that innocent either. 

He stole research from Dr. Larson, a former colleague, to inform his own drug anti-aging drug trial, which he fast-tracked in hopes of making millions and starting his own dynasty. 

It’s strange that I find myself rooting for Adam in the Adam versus Amanda saga because it’s clear that Adam is in the wrong, but he’s turned into such a likable villain. 

Amanda is hard to stomach, even if she is helping a man take back the research he’s entitled to. 

Shouldn’t Amanda just be above all of this?

Adam was ruthless in his pursuit by calling in every “IOU” card. 

Cristal and Sammy both came through for him, reluctantly. 

You can say whatever you want about Adam, but at least he’s had both of their backs. He was there for Cristal during her brain tumor scare, and he helped Sammy eliminate Leo after he was hurting his business. 

The Carrington family may be a lot of things, but they rarely turn their back on family. 

Sammy learned just how much he mattered to the family when Cristal and Blake sold him out to the media to divert the negative attention away from Blake’s campaign. 

While Sammy was hurt by their actions, Blake reminded him that it’s how the family treats each other.

However, Cristal really came through this episode and managed to right the wrongs and deliver on promises. 

She convinced Blake to hold his campaign gala at the hotel as his support would restore La Mirage’s image. 

And when Blake decided to pull out of the Senator race and disappoint Culhane, she found a way to play to Blake’s desire for more power in order to convince him to stay on the ticket. 

Cristal is proving that she’s a real one, and it’s nice to see her finally get a strong storyline of her own. 

She’s no longer Blake’s shiny accessory — she’s the brains behind. the operation. Blake’s motivations for running may be vain as all he really wants is the land for his airport, but Cristal wants to power to evoke real change, and she wants Culhane to also have that ability. 

The two of them are doing it for charity and community. Culhane’s storyline is also a nice circle-back to his father’s death. The writers are embracing some continuity, and it makes the storylines that much stronger. 

And then there’s Kirby. No one pays really notices her, but she’s the one that actually yields all the power. 

Thanks to Anders’s burn book, she has the power to destroy the whole dynasty!

While it was noble of Culhane to suggest that they destroy it to keep her in check, I’m glad Kirby had copies stashed in her drawers. 

Even if she never uses it, she’d be stupid to destroy that kind of leverage. Anders loved Blake beyond words and still wrote down all those secrets as collateral. 

Kirby’s made some pretty stupid decisions but this wasn’t one of them. 

And my guess is that the copies will come in handy one day when Blake finally crosses her. 

Other Carrington Musings

  • The scenes with the medium were pretty pointless but hilarious, nonetheless. Sammy is a scene-stealer, and it’s all because of his great chemistry with Fallon. 
  • Sammy and Kirby bring such a lightheartedness to the series — her quirky comments and his telenovela acting at the hospital were some of the best parts of the episodes. 
  • Seeing Liam cry made me really sad. He was so hurt and broken. 
  • Colby’s self-funded space mission is going to bankrupt him! 
  • The question isn’t whether Beto will sabotage Blake’s campaign, it’s how. 
  • Who would have thought we’d ever see Blake in plaid!
  • I’m just waiting to see Blake and Fallon get revenge on those who wronged them; it’s going to be delicious. 

What did you think of the two episodes — Dynasty Season 4 Episode 20 “You Vicious, Miserable Liar” and Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21 “Affairs of State, Affairs of the Heart.”

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