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Dynasty Everybody Loves the Carringtons Season 4 Episode 4 Dynasty Everybody Loves the Carringtons Season 4 Episode 4


Dynasty Review – Everybody Loves The Carringtons (4×04)

Dynasty -- "Everybody Loves the Carringtons" -- Image Number: DYN404a_0008bwr.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Sam Underwood as Adam and Robert Christopher Riley as Culhane -- Photo: Eliza Morse/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved



Dynasty Season 4 Episode 4 took inspiration from everyone’s favorite sitcom, I Love Lucy, but was it effective?


Fallon thought a sitcom would work to solve the family’s image problem and the new residents at the Manor, and while it was fun to see everyone break character, it didn’t exactly contribute much to the storyline. 

Season 4’s kickoff was eventful as it focused on Liam and Fallon’s wedding, but the following episodes have felt uninspired. It’s almost as if the series is grasping at straws when it comes to storylines for every character.

The Carrington dynasty is crumbling both on-screen and off of it.

Fallon spent much of the episode trying to mediate the petty rivalry between Jeff Colby and Alexis as their childish behavior threatened her interview. Seriously, Fallon is the only one behaving like a mature adult half the time.

I’m so detached from the Alexis and Jeff drama that I don’t even really know what they’re fighting.

Turns out, neither did they. By the end of the hour, they both made up as Jeff realized he was actually frustrated with his own mother, Dominique. 

Dominique came between them with the promise of riches and diamonds, but I firmly believe that the excavation will reveal that there isn’t anything more than dirt under the Carrington Manor. 

If there was something profitable there, Blake and co. would have already dug it up. 

As Jeff said, Dominique has been obsessed with the Carrington wealth for far too long, yet she’s never learned the most important lesson that you never trust a Carrington. 

After being locked in a room with Alexis so they could figure out their divorce settlement, Jeff realized his fight was actually with his mother. 

Their confrontation was nothing new, however. It’s hard to get invested in this storyline when it’s the same nonsense over and over again. 

Nothing new ever happens between Dom and Jeff Colby. 

While he realized he wanted nothing to do with his mother, Fallon realized she needed to take her power back and reclaim her seat at the head of the family.

She informed Alexis she was going to rehabilitate the family’s image and went nuclear by buying all the land access rights around the property. 

The bottom line — don’t mess with Fallon. 

Dynasty Everybody Loves the Carringtons Season 4 Episode 4

Dynasty — “Everybody Loves the Carringtons” — Image Number: DYN404a_0088rbw.jpg — Pictured: Sam Underwood as Adam, Maddison Brown as Kirby and Robert Christopher Riley as Culhane — Photo: Eliza Morse/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The suggestion that they might actually move out of the Manor was wishful thinking. Fallon would never, and Liam, well, he knew that going into the marriage.

The chaos that they encounter on a daily basis is just their new normal. 

But hey, on the bright side, they finally made it to their honeymoon! I wish we got to see that! 

After watching Fallon work tirelessly to prep the Manor for her interview and talking up how she and Liam were the next JLo and Arod (which, knowing what we know now is not a romantic fate I’d wish on anyone…), we never actually saw their power couple interview. What a shame. 

Blake did everything in his power to get back into Cristal’s good grace despite her repeatedly telling him that she’s no longer interested in patching things up. 

The poor guy (literally) just cannot take a hint. 

Blake’s problem is that he never learns from his past mistakes and continues manipulating every situation. 

It’s worked for him before, but it’s a turn-off for Cristal. 

When he realized he needed to be more discreet, he decided to threaten Caleb with his Albanian friend. 

Will Caleb get the hint? Will he tell Cristal?

Sammy attempted to impress his new boyfriend, but anyone who isn’t impressed with a Zoom serenade from Brian Littrell simply isn’t worth his time. I said it. 

Eventually, Sammy realized that the overbearing gift-giving was having the opposite effect on his new man. 

All Ryan wanted was some quality facetime with Sammy. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most. 

And hey, at least we know that he isn’t a golddigger. 

As for Culhane, his nomination as Owner of the Year by the league was short-lived. 

His investigation, hilariously aided by Kirby and Adam, revealed a gambling problem within the organization. 

Even worse, league Commissioner Dawkins was the ringleader. When Culhane threatened to expose him, Dawkins explained that multiple players would testify that he, a Black man, was the ringleader instead. 

He didn’t just make it personal… he made it about race!

This is quite a moral kerfuffle for Culhane, but with the Carrington powers backing him, I have no doubt he’ll find a way to make Dawkins pay dearly. 

What did you think of the episode? 

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Dynasty Review – A Little Father-Daughter Chat (4×06)



Dynasty Review A Little Father-Daughter Chat Season 4 Episode 6

A Carrington face-off dominated much of the hour on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 6. 

It’s never easy to go into business with your family, especially when that family member is a father who doesn’t take you seriously. 

Fallon wanted to prove she was a boss on Blake’s first day at Fallon Unlimited, and Blake wanted to prove that the company needed him. 

Naturally, both of them went about it the wrong way, which led to a clashing of the suits. 

Blake’s blindspot is that he still thinks that he’s a successful business owner. While it’s true that he built a very lucrative business, plenty of other aspects of his life suffered as a result and eventually, he lost that company and all of his millions. 

Why would Fallon ever want to repeat history?

Fallon is forging her own path, which also means she’s forging a new path for the Carrington dynasty. 

She’s keeping up with the times by wanting to build a positive workplace culture and providing fun benefits like yoga for group building, so it didn’t really mesh when Blake blew in there like a bulldozer and started firing everyone in order to make her recent purchase of a tech company profitable. 

A place that lays off employees wihtout showing any remorse doesn’t exactly boast too much confidence from the public. 

Fallon wanted real solutions, while Blake took the easy way out. 

And eventually, they came to blows with Fallon uttering the F-word: you’re fired!

Blake has had plenty of setbacks in his life, but this was the one that finally stuck. It definitely helped that Anders put things in perspective for Blake when he asked him if he truly had tunnel vision. 

Blake was stuck in how things used to be, but that’s no longer how things are. His choices were to assimiliate or find the door.

The realization hit Blake pretty hard as he realized he didn’t just have tunnel vision at work, he also had it in his relationship. 

His “way” cost him too much in life, and thus, he finally began making amends. 

Both Fallon and Cristal were ready to give him a second chance, but it’s going to work out much better for him with the former than the latter. 

Cristal is pregnant — she knows it, we know it, the Lord knows it. Oh, and Anders knows it too.

His loyalty has always been to Blake, but I wonder if he’ll keep Cristal’s secret until she’s ready to make a decision. 

If Blake finds out, it will undo any progress he’s made to become a better person. 

And it will be terrible for Father Caleb, who decided that he was going to give up his romance with her and prioritize his parioshioners.

A child is physical proof of the sins that he committed.

It’s so cliche when pregnancy’s are written in to cause drama, but it works on Dynasty because it has the potential to upend everything! 

I’m concerned about Fallon and Liam’s relationship. After his writer’s block got the best of him, Fallon’s suggestion that he write something meaningful inspired him to return to his investigative journalism roots. 

Liam wants to out the corruption in the world, which is ironic considering he’s married into one of the most corrupt family’s in Atlanta. 

Will his career path eventually force him to scoop his own family? After all, he already realized that Fallon was doing something illegal by reading her employee’s emails. 

I truly hope this doesn’t cause a rift in their romance, but now that they’re married, it seems like the series doesn’t really know what to do with Liam anymore. 

Dynasty Review A Little Father-Daughter Chat Season 4 Episode 6

Dynasty — “A Little Father-Daughter Chat” — Image Number: DYN406a_0039r.jpg — Pictured: Alan Dale as Anders, Grant Show as Blake Carrington — Photo: Wilford Harewood/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

I’m all for seeing him shirtless every episode, but the man deserves a storyline. 

I never thought I’d be the one to say that Adam is quite a hoot this season. 

The little jig he did when he successfully outed Dr. Bailey from the hospital with an assist from Kirby was hilarious. 

The two of them are slowly climbing the ranks of best couple on the series. 

Adam has big plans for the Chief of Staff role at the hospital, and it’s far from “common folk.”

Fallon shrugged off choosing which researcher would get the grant money, but Adam knows that there’s so much money to be made in finding cures. 

And whatever the hospital is working on could make him a billionaire. 

He’s always had his sights set on becoming successful, and while the Carrington name does work to his advantage, Adam is actually a talented doctor. 

I’m interested to see this storyline pan out because for once, it doesn’t involve Adam being a complete psycho. 

Sure, he had to play a little dirty, but sabotaging a woman’s power point slide so that she would get fired is nothing compared to dunking his mother’s face in the fire. He truly has come a long way. 

Sammy is struggling to navigate his relationship with Ryan who, contrary to what Sammy initially believed, doesn’t want his money.

And when money became an obstacle for law school, Sam took it upon himself to create a fake scholarship to get Ryan to stay in Atlanta.

It’s never good to base a relationship on lies, but it’s even worse to keep throwing money at it to “fix” things.

That should’ve been a lesson Sam learned from Blake. 

It’s not surprising that Ryan didn’t want Sam to fund his life and pay for law school because then he would be indebted to him. 

He wanted to still have his freedom. 

If Sam had just been honest with Ryan and told him he wanted him to move to Atlanta, Ryan would’ve considered it from the getgo. 

I’m glad that the two of them are having open conversations and navigating the relationship instead of just calling it quits. It’s not only healthy, it’s mature! 

The writers truly have no idea what to do with Culhane, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. 

Culhane sold Atlantix and is rolling in dough. 

And as he navigated being rich, he decided to give Ryan a loan for law school while also buying James Bond’s Aston Martin. 

Now, that’s what you call a boss move!

There was no purpose to Culhane’s storyline, but I enjoyed it for what it was. 

And you definitely won’t hear me complain about the lack of screentime for Alexis and Dominique. It was so peaceful without them!

What did you think of the episode?

Will Cristal keep the baby? Will Fallon and Blake find their groove once again? Will Liam find himself torn between his career and his marriage?

Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Dynasty Review – Fallon’s Empire (4×05)



Dynasty Review New Hopes, New Beginnings Season 4 Episode 5

Running a business takes a lot of work, and that’s a lesson that even savvy businesswoman Fallon Carrington learned the hard way.

After announcing she was the head of the family, Blake handed her the baton, or should I say the leather appointment book, which meant she had to represent the dynasty at several functions that didn’t really vibe with her schedule.

To put it bluntly — Fallon got in way over her head, and she tried her best to stay afloat as the sharks began to swarm. 

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5 tried to convince us that these were the kind of responsibilities that Blake fulfilled while was the face of CA, but it’s hard to believe since we rarely saw him work. 

It also wasn’t the best use of time considering CA went bankrupt, which led to Fallon’s intervention in the first place. 

Fallon has been going above and beyond to rehabilitate the dynasty’s image after a series of bad deals, investments, and scandals tainted their reputation. 

However, she also made some missteps in the process, namely getting into a confrontation with Tommy, who she threatened to sue.

But in true Fallon form, she managed to turn things around by realizing that she had to prioritize her events. 

When Jeff and Monica’s grandmother Lo passed away, Fallon made it very clear that she was cutting her company meeting short to prioritize family. 

People love when a brand’s core values include family, so she was able to get the deal with Smartverse back on track. 

And she even managed to find a place for Blake all in a day’s work. 

No matter what the Carringtons are doing, you know they’re always keeping it in the family. 

Fallon has proven herself for years, so it’s about time she’s put in charge. No one understands the Carrington brand better than she does. 

We haven’t seen the business side of Fallon in a long time, and seeing her rise the ranks to the top and navigate new challenges gave us some great television. 

I love that Fallon also refused to share the responsibilities with Adam. They may no longer be at each other’s throats, but she’s still not going to let him represent the family publicly. Given his track record, that’s probably for the best. 

With Blake taking a back seat, he finally had time to think of a plan to win back Cristal. 

After threatening Father Caleb backfired, Blake realized he needed a new, more subtle strategy. 

It wouldn’t be in his best interest to tell the clergy about Caleb’s relationship as they would fire him, which would lead him right into Cristal’s arms. 

Instead, he convinced them that Caleb was irreplaceable and donated a large sum of money to allow Caleb to get a raise and a promotion. Blake was once again able to fix his problems by throwing money at them, though, I’m not sure where he has all this money from considering his company is bankrupt and he’s staying at a hotel after losing his mansion. 

He also found a way to remind Caleb that helping people was a calling. In the end, Caleb admitted that he would miss being there for his parishioners while Cristal admitted that she couldn’t take that away from him. 

When the whole honeymoon aspect of their relationship would wear off, it would quickly be filled with resentment. 

Dynasty Review New Hopes, New Beginnings Season 4 Episode 5

Dynasty — “New Hopes, New Beginnings” — Image Number: DYN405a_0408r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Michael Michele as Dominique Deveraux and Sam Adegoke as Jeff Colby — Photo: Wilford Harewood/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

I’m glad the whole Caleb and Cristal storyline is over. While it had the potential to be super juicy considering how forbidden it was, it continued to fall flat. 

And I can’t say I’m all that excited to see Blake and Cristal chase each other in circles. 

Blake has to know he’s second-best at this point, but that’s never stopped him before. All that matters is that he’s won. 

Alexis focused on kicking the excavation into high gear. There’s so much buildup around these underground diamonds that I cannot wait to see how it pans out. 

The “get rich” plot got in the way of Dominique’s final phone call with her mother. It’s a reminder to always pick up that phone call even when you think you have something more important going on. 

Dom missed out on her last chance to connect with her mother. 

But while her passing was difficult on Dom, it also helped her realize that she didn’t know her mother at all because she was too preoccupied with her own life and becoming a Carrington. 

It also helped her realize that this wasn’t the kind of relationship she wanted to have with her children — she didn’t want them to attend her funeral one day and admit that they knew nothing about her. 

Her eulogy was touching because for the first time ever, she put her ego aside and admitted her faults in not getting to know her mother more and not being there for her children. 

She then decided to use this painful moment to fuel change. Dom is off to New York with Monica for a bit, which hopefully means we won’t see her around for a while. The series needs to hit refresh on her storyline because it’s duller than dull.  

Culhane and Sammy’s storyline was the most exciting this week, and that’s saying a lot. 

Culhane attempted to sell Atlantix after Dawkins threatened to pin his gambling ring on him if he tried to talk. 

Dawkin wasn’t opposed to the idea, but he had specific buyers in mind which clashed with Culhane’s idea to keep the team Black-owned. 

That’s when he concocted a plan to set Dawkin up so that he would confess to his crimes. 

Sammy agreed to pose as the buyer, but the once-solid plan took a drastic turn when Dawkin came onto him and promised him the sale as long as they spent the night together in a suit. 

Sammy managed to navigate the situation like a pro and dodged every one of his come-ons. 

Eventually, they were able to get blackmail on Dawkin that would expose him for bribery. With the ammo in his pocket, Culhane was now able to sell the team to whoever he wanted. 

But what will he do now?

There needs to be a reason for him to stay in the Carringtons orbit. 

What did you think about the episode? Do you find that Dynasty Season 4 is lacking in the drama we’ve come to expect?

Do you think Fallon Unlimited will be the rebrand the Carrington dynasty and the series need? Will Alexis dig up diamonds or dirt under the Manor?

And where was Liam? I don’t appreciate any episodes without him.

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Dynasty Review – Fallon and Liam Say ‘I Do’ (4×02)



Dynasty Review Vows Are Still Sacred Season 4 Episode 2

It was wedding day on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2, and while Fallon and Liam successfully said ‘I do,’ it wasn’t without its fair share of theatrics. 

Fallon’s wedding, much like her rehearsal dinner, seemed doomed from the very start.

Nothing was going right — she twisted her ankle, she found out her father was only being nice to her to butter her up before asking for a $100 million wire transfer to pay off a loan, and then her mother, Alexis, and her husband, Jeff, bought Blake’s loan and essentially stole Carrington Manor from him. 

Not the ideal wedding day. 

It’s no surprise that Fallon felt like everyone was stealing her spotlight and decided to “elope” by moving her nuptials to her high school theater. 

And she was right. The episode should’ve been solely dedicated to #Falliam’s love story, and yet, half the time, it felt like their wedding was the subplot amidst all the chaos in the Manor.

That’s why I’m glad that, at the very least, their vows were uninterrupted and allowed them to simply be present together.

No one else was invited to the high school aside from Sammie, who was officiating, and Kirby, the witness. When Kirby didn’t show up, Culhane took her spot. 

And without any of the Carrington drama to interrupt (Sammie’s Facetime call with Ryan doesn’t count!), Liam and Fallon were able to honor their epic love story. 

After all that their relationship has withstood, they deserved to share a private moment and put into words… and song… what they both mean to each other.

Of course, that was short-lived because, well, this is Dynasty, a series that thrives on drama. 

Evan Tate, Fallon’s scorned and deranged ex, arrived at the theater to make Fallon pay for all the pain she caused him and his family. He used what she did to his sister as an excuse, but Evan was clearly unhinged.

It was more about being rejected by her than anything else considering Fallon already atoned for his sister’s accidental death. 

Since we saw a flash-forward to the premiere that showed Fallon sitting by herself at a funeral, the fear that Liam was going to become Evan’s victim was all too real.

We know Liam would do just about anything for Fallon. 

Dynasty Review Vows Are Still Sacred Season 4 Episode 2

Dynasty — “Vows Are Still Sacred” — Image Number: DYN402a_0019r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Maddison Brown as Kirby and Rafael De La Fuente as Sammy Jo — Photo: Wilford Harewood/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

However, in a surprising twist, Blake ended up being the one who came to Fallon’s aide.

When Liam hit the lights, Blake ambushed Evan and freed Fallon from his grasp. 

As the lights turned back on, both Blake and Evan had fallen off the stage and were lying unconscious in the instrument pit,

Will they survive? My guess is that the series knows it would be nothing without Blake, so he’ll emerge unscathed. Fallon carries the show, but Blake is a close second. And he’s responsible for so much mayhem!

Blake’s heroic actions also slightly redeemed him for the pain he caused Fallon on her wedding day. 

Sadly, things aren’t looking so hot for Kirby, Evan’s first victim. 

Many fans began speculating that the flash-forward was foreshadowing at Kirby’s funeral, and that seems to be the case as Evan stabbed her when she wouldn’t give up Fallon’s location. 

It’s a huge mansion, so it’s not surprising that no one was around to help Kirby even when the place was crawling with wedding guests and event staff. 

It’s unclear if Madison Brown wants to be off the show, but I’ll be disappointed because Kirby is one of the best characters next to Fallon. She’s spunky, witty, and loyal; she deserves more! 

Not to mention her storyline is only getting started!

Adam stumbled upon Kirby’s body, but at that point, it seemed like she’d already been bleeding out for quite some time. 

Soon after, Anders found Adam hunched over Kirby’s body. Since he already has his suspicions about Adam (and maybe some proof of his murderous past), it’s natural that he would jump to the conclusion that Adam harmed Kirby. 

Anders has been on a witch hunt, and this fits right into his narrative that he’s formed about Adam.  

If Kirby doesn’t survive, there will be no one to explain what truly happened, and no one is going to believe Adam over Anders, whose loyalty to the family has never faltered. 

That’s if Anders doesn’t shoot him first!

It would also make sense that Fallon would be so overcome with emotion at the funeral. Kirby was like her sister, and if she died protecting Fallon, she’d hold herself somewhat responsible.

In secondary storylines, Sammy confronted Ryan about lying and then realized that he was too judgemental of a man that simply wanted to get to know him better. 

Ryan forgave Sammy, so let’s see if this married-and-now-divorced couple has what it takes to survive a full season.

Elsewhere, Alexis traded in one partnership with a Colby for another; she and Jeff agreed to get divorced, and as the new owner of the Manor, she teamed up with Dominique to excavate the grounds and dig up diamonds. 

We’ll see how that deal pans out. I doubt there’s anything valuable under the grounds, and Alexis is going to learn that the hard way! 

Cristal found herself fed up with Blake always putting CA first and informed the priest that she had an affair with that she was over her marriage. As much as I want to care about this storyline, there’s no chemistry to salvage between Blake and Cristal.

She’s also not being reasonable by giving him flack for caring about his company while expecting to live a lavish lifestyle with ample closet space and lots of mirrors. How does she think Blake pays for all of this?

Once she finds out about Blake’s accident, she might also change her mind! 

Also, I know Daniella Alonso is pregnant in real life, but they’re really having a hard time hiding it. At this point, I feel like they probably should have written it into the story. She did cheat on Blake with the priest — how scandalous would it be if she was having his baby?!

What did you think of the #Falliam wedding? Should it have been more focused on Liam and Fallon’s love story and less on all the drama? Will Kirby survive? Will Blake?

Hit the comments below and let us know!

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