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Dynasty Wicked Stepmother Review Dynasty Wicked Stepmother Review


Dynasty Review – Liam Becomes a Baby Daddy (3×14)

Dynasty -- ÒThat Wicked StepmotherÒ -- Image Number: DYN314a_0039b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Adam Huber as Liam, John Jackson as Connor and Liz Gillies as Fallon -- Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved



Liam and Fallon had quite an eventful re-engagement party on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14.

What was supposed to be one of the happiest days of their lives was ruined by an explosion, a sex tape leak (a la Keeping Up With the Kardashians), and the unanticipated arrival of Liam’s 10-year-old estranged son, Connor, and his baby momma, Heidi.

Yeah, it’s safe to say Liam has a lot on his plate right now.

Connor’s arrival puts the couple in a very interesting predicament because they aren’t in a place where they want to have kids right now.

It didn’t make sense that Liam was so eager to get to know his son and was so excited to be a father when just a few episodes prior, he made it very clear that he did not want children.

It was equally as jarring that Fallon was so opposed to Connor (even though he was sprung on her while she was in latex lingerie) since she was the one who could see kids in their future together.

The roles seemed reversed with Liam embracing the role of “daddy” (and not in a cute, millennial way) while Fallon tried her best to get Connor and Heidi out of the picture.

Thankfully, when they both had an honest conversation, they seemed to be on the same page: Liam’s actions were just reactions to a stressful situation, and Fallon was fine with it being just the two of them for now.

Stepmom Fallon - Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14

And it makes sense. They’ve had a tumultuous relationship and are just getting their relationship back on the right track; they’re planning a wedding, starting their lives together (again) on the right foot, and hoping to build successful empires.

Which is exactly why the audience should have expected that Connor would end up their responsibility by the end of the evening.

As Fallon predicted, Heidi had selfish reasons for blowing into town.

Fallon simply wasn’t right in guessing what they were.

Heidi didn’t want Liam’s money — she wanted to dump her child on him and get a fresh start.

While there are some pretty terrible mother’s on this series, Heidi takes the cake.

We have Alexis, who abandoned her children and then came back and pretended like nothing ever happened, and we have Dominique, who slept with her daughter’s boyfriend so that she could “advance her career.”

Yeah, like I said, terrible mothers.

And still, Heidi earns the award of the worst mother of the year for quite literally leaving her young child at Liam’s door during his engagement party.

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Dynasty Review – Mind Your Business (5×10)



Dynasty Review Mind Your Business Season 5 Episode 10

Is it just me or does it feel like Dynasty is slowly running out of ideas?

The constant bickering between Dom and Alexis has lost its luster, and it would actually be nice to see them working together for a change rather than playing the diva card. 

However, as Fallon pointed out, diva’s WWE is not only for ratings, it also boosted sales. A win-win, I guess. Americans love to see people spiraling out on television. 

Fallon continues to make really questionable decisions about her business, but this time, she was being devious for a good reason. The planet appreciates the lengths Fallon will go to in order to get funding for sustainability initiatives. 

Once she sets her mind to something, there’s no talking her out of it.

Like having a baby. If you haven’t heard, Liam and Fallon are trying to start a family, so the series is going overboard with driving that point home. 

It’s almost as though they have to remind you in every single scene that Liam and Fallon share that they are working on baby-making. 

At least this is better than when they were constantly fighting. 

Fallon is the one that less focused on work this time around too, which is a welcome change of pace. 

Liam is so focused on getting his book turned into a movie. It’s clear why they get along so well as they both share a common work ethic.

Liam felt as though he was being pushed away from his own project, but thanks to a little inspiration from Culhane, he figured out how to incorporate himself back into the decision-making process. 

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the director. I know it’s her movie, but cutting scenes without consulting the writer is harsh, especially on an indie. The writer would know exactly which scene is pivotal to the progression of a character’s relationship. 

Adam and Colby unexpectedly teamed up, and I don’t hate this pairing. I mean, they hate each other, but they also need each other, so it makes sense. 

Colby needed Adam’s credentials to get him into a party at Plenexia as he’s still planning to take down the pharmaceutical industry. 

Adam doesn’t shy away from doing illegal things, so he’s the perfect partner-in-crime here. However, it might also bring some unwanted heat onto him, which could jeopardize his plan to use an illegal substance in making a new skincare product. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to begin with. If something isn’t even allowed into the U.S., how is he going to pass it off so that it gets FDA approval? What if people have bad reactions to it?

Will The CW Renew ‘Dynasty,’ ‘Roswell, New Mexico,’ ‘Legacies,’ and More?

Alexam’s entire reputation could be ruined because of this. That is if he ever gets his hands on that Bokocho extract from Colby. 

Do you know how a millionaire remains a millionaire? He takes something that someone already paid for and charges them “wholesale” price for it. It’s incredible that Colby just made money on this whole ordeal. 

Sammy’s storyline was the most compelling. He attempted to convince his birth father, Daniel, to stay in town instead of returning to Venezuela, but his efforts were unsuccessful. Eventually, he found out that Daniel was going back because the cancer treatments had failed and he didn’t want to burden his son with the pain. 

Of course, none of that sat well with Sammy. He’s caring and loyal to a fault, so he wanted to be there for his dad in any way he could. 

He reached out to Blake and managed to get him a flight on the jet back to Caracas, but he didn’t inform Daniel that he planned on staying there to take care of him. 

When Blake broke the news to Daniel, he knew he couldn’t go through with the plan since Sammy had so many things to take care of back at home. 

He ended up agreeing to stay in Atlanta where Sammy could spend more time with him and help him through this painful process. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow considering Sammy just got to know Daniel. It’s great that they were able to have this time together, but it’s unfortunate that it was cut short. 

Sammy has suffered a lot of loss in his life, including the death of his aunt Cristal and his split from Steven, but I feel like this will likely hit him the hardest. 

He also called his mother to inform her about Daniel, so I expect she’ll be showing up in Atlanta in the near future. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you still enjoying Dynasty as much as you did before or do you feel like the storylines are lacking? Is this why The CW is hesitating to renew the series?

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Dynasty Review – The Only Thing That Counts Is Winning (5×08)



Dynasty Review The Only Thing That Counts Is Winning” Season 5 Episode 8

And we’re off to the races on Dynasty Season 5 Episode 8. The horse races, that is. 

Fallon is a “go big or go home” kind of gal, and basically bet her whole publishing division on her horse, Allegra, beating arch-nemesis Patty’s horse. 

It was a huge leap of faith, and it almost didn’t pan out in her favor when Sam’s father informed Fallon that Allegra wasn’t feeling well ahead of the races. 

While there were ample opportunities for some “Fallon trickery” throughout the episode — and even a few attempts — our girl and her girl, Allegra, won the race fair and square. 

It led to one of Fallon’s bigger moments in which she realized and accepted that she doesn’t always have to ruin whoever crosses her. 

She allowed Patty to walk away mostly unscathed, and she gave Karen, her employee who was blackmailed by Patty into causing the oil spill, a second chance. 

Fallon is turning over a new leaf, and honestly, it’s a good look on her. 

She could’ve stooped as low as sabotage or some other form of revenge, but her victory wouldn’t have been as sweet. 

Plus, it was an important lesson so that she would learn how to trust someone other than herself for once. 

Daniel is a good horse trainer, and he proved just as much when he was able to diagnose what was up with Allegra… Carrie Bradshaw style. 

He also cleared the air about his alleged drug-habit. He wasn’t “shooting up” in the barn as Sam thought, but he was injecting himself with medication for his cancer. 

This was Sam’s lesson in not jumping to conclusions. 

It’s understandable that Sam would want to protect himself after all that he’s been through, but he definitely should’ve given Daniel a chance to explain before telling Fallon that what he saw was fact.

Of course, it also explains Daniel’s motivation to get to know his son. If there’s a possibility that he’s dying, this is his only shot at forming a relationship. 

Amanda channeled her inner Carrington at the hospital when she turned to Blake for help with a tricky employee. 

Dr. Leonard was refusing to cooperate with company policy and giving her a hard time. While Adam asked Amanda to leave Leonard alone as he was a top biller at the hospital, a quick chat with Cristal encouraged Amanda to stick with her gut and bring the man down. 

Cristal seems to be the go-to for advice, and now I know why — much like Amanda, she was once an outsider and was forced to learn the ropes as to how to navigate this complex and intense family. 

And what she quickly learned is that you have to fight for your power. If Amanda caved to Leonard, she would’ve been sparing his career but likely jeopardizing her own. 

That’s not the Carrington way. She needed to think of herself first and foremost, so she accepted Blake’s help. 

Leonard will be on a plane to Iceland soon to accompany his wife for a job offer she simply cannot refuse. By Blake standards, this was a nice way of eliminating someone from the equation.

Adam may have had a few brush ins with Amanda, but he was mostly squabbling with his mother, Alexis, ahead of the Alexam launch. 

Since he feels like a pawn in his mother’s twisted game, he decided to open up his own doctor concierge service, which admittedly didn’t sit well with Alexis. 

When she found out he was undermining her and using a patented formula for his treatments, she threatened to sue him. 

Of course, their toxic relationship bled into Alexis’s new relationship with Dex, so he suggested that the mother-son duo took up therapy, which Is honestly, such a good idea. 

The whole Carrington clan should likely be getting some form of counseling. 

Therapy revealed the root cause of Adam and Alexis’s issues to be abandonment, and once that was out in the open, they were both able to make amends and find a healthy way to move on. 

Alexis then found a way to salvage her relationship with Dex. I don’t fully trust the man, but it’s been a few weeks now and all he’s done is try to encourage Alexis to become a better and less petty person. So, in that regard, maybe he is good for her. 

Of course, I’m waiting for his “other face” to show itself. 

Jeff Colby reconnected with a friend from the hospital, and Luna seemed like she was going to be a breath of fun and energetic air for the business mogul. She even managed to put Dom Mystique’s new accessory line on the map and distract reporters from questioning Colby about what’s next. 

However, when she tried to kiss him at the race, he declined saying he was still trying to figure himself out. 

After a chat with his mother, who insisted that he shouldn’t let Luna slip away, he decided to go for it, but it was too late. It turns out, this whole time, Luna was in end-stage renal failure and was living out her final days. She passed away at the hospital shortly after the race. 

And, of course, any positive advancement that Colby’s character may have made was completely overridden by his anger and desire to make someone pay for her death. 

Colby believes that it was preventable if Luna just had the money to pay for the life-saving treatments, but I think that’s a bigger issue that doesn’t have anything to do with making someone pay. His focus should be on making drugs and treatments more accessible to the masses. He has the means, the power, and the connections to make it happen. 

I was excited for Colby to finally date someone normal and down-to-earth, but unfortunately, Luna’s time was short-lived and her purpose was to leave a lasting impression and to likely give him the inspiration for his next chapter. 

Meanwhile, Culhane’s hunt for a wife led him to Sasha, Kirby’s friend and fellow model. 

It’s unclear why Kirby wanted to keep Culhane and Sasha apart, but her excuse that she doesn’t mix business with pleasure didn’t really hold true considering her romantic relationship with Charlie. 

Is Kirby secretly holding out for a reconciliation with Culhane?

Or does she know something incriminating about Sasha’s past?

And what is warning about everyone getting a raw deal from Charlie? Is she taking advantage of Kirby?

What did you think of the episode?

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Dynasty Review – Devoting All of Her Energy to Hate (5×06)



Dynasty Review Devoting All of Her Energy to Hate” Season 6 Episode 6

Fallon may be practicing empathy, but she’s also acquired a new enemy in the process.

On Dynasty Season 5 Episode 6, the dynamic duo — Fallon and Colby — reunited, and it honestly felt so good. 

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a storyline featuring Jeff, but re-teaming up with Fallon to win back Morrell and pivot to green energy was a welcome change of pace.

In general, it seemed as though the episode shaved off the excess and got back to its roots with the “core” cast if you will. Amanda was the outlier, but I didn’t miss Adam, Alexis, or Dominique one bit in this jam-packed hour.

Fallon and Jeff’s desire to scoop up the company they started together right before they got married led to the typical shenanigans that we’ve come to expect from Fallon.

She’s usually not above destroying someone when it benefits her, but this time, she was the one that was showing a little grace when it came to their nemesis and Morrell’s new CEO Patty de Vilbis. 

The duo had a history with Patty, so they were initially both on board to destroy her upon finding out that Morrell, a Turo company, was “greenwashing” and using only 5% of green energy while promising to be completely sustainable. 

That changed when Fallon confronted Patty’s father, Peter, and realized that he was determined to cut his daughter off and “drop the dead weight.”

Fallon knows exactly what it’s like to want to impress your father, so she could understand why Patty chose to go to the extreme. Plus, Peter was a scummy man who thought there was nothing wrong with referring to a 16-year-old Fallon as “bouncy” and suggesting that they “get out of here” to have a fun time somewhere else.

Fallon is so good at dishing what’s coming, and it was satisfying when purse met crotch. 

Jeff Colby, however, found out that it wasn’t Peter that was lying about his green company, the mastermind behind it all was Patty. When he pressed her about it, she basically divulged everything about how no one would question the practice and if they did, the people in the community wouldn’t have the money to lawyer up.

It was incriminating stuff with the power to truly destroy someone if it got out.

Fallon thought she was doing the right thing by taking a step back and protecting Patty, but Jeff knew that they had to expose the truth, even if it meant hurting Patty, because what she was doing was hurting a whole community instead.

So, they played the recording during her speech, which prompted Peter to express his disappointment, kick her out, and agree to sell the company to Fallon Unlimited.

Still, Fallon wanted to make good with Patty by offering her a job at Morrell, which she understandable declined. Fallon’s heart is always in the right place, but she definitely lives in a delusional world of her own.

Even when Fallon had Patty’s back, she is still the one with a target on hers as Patty made a call to someone to take everything that Fallon loves away from her. 

Why do I get the feeling that Liam is in danger… again?

While it was exciting to see Fallon and Colby team up, I’m definitely digging the bromance between Liam and Culhane.

They were brought into each other’s orbit as Nina’s production team booked La Mirage to film a scene. Unfortunately, some wires were crossed and they booked the same day that a wedding also reserved the venue, which led to some pretty tense conversations.

Liam dressed up as a firefighter to smooth things over, though, eventually, Culhane’s sheer persuasion worked to convince the bride to change her wedding date.

Oh, and he also threw in Nina as the videographer, which was a compromise she was willing to make to ensure that her project with Liam remained on schedule.

Now that Culhane has signed on as a producer, I’m willing to bet that sparks will fly between them. There’s a fine line between love and hate, and these two are teetering right on it as if it were a tightrope. 

Sammy stepped away from his hotel responsibilities for a bit to deal with the fallout of Daniel’s announcement. He was convinced that Daniel was a faux father simply trying to get money out of him, but the DNA test proved that he was telling the truth.

And honestly, Daniel’s backstory was pretty heartbreaking. While there was definitely a possibility of being in his son’s life earlier, he was in a tough place as Iris had a husband that she didn’t want to leave, she never told him about Sam (he had to do the math all on his own), and moving back to his hometown would’ve hurt his career. No one understands a career mindset more than Sammy.

He was pretty harsh with Daniel initially, but after the shock wore off, Sammy came around and gave him a chance. And I’m glad he did. Daniel seems like a decent man who simply wants to get to know his son. 

Sammy has done a great job of choosing his own family, but this might finally close that void that he’s always had. 

And Cristal 3.0 or 4.0 (what a great joke!) is finally home. 

Dynasty Review Devoting All of Her Energy to Hate” Season 6 Episode 6

Dynasty — “Devoting All of Her Energy to Hate” — Image Number: DYN506_0020r — Pictured (L – R): Daniella Alonso as Cristal Carrington — Photo: The CW — ? 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

In a surprising turn of events, Blake was the one who walked in on his wife fighting her doppelganger. Usually, I’d scoff at the fact that a man was stalking his wife’s whereabouts, but in this situation, his arrival was a lifesaver as it’s unclear who would’ve won that WWE smackdown. 

Plus, he saw it with his own eyes so Cristal doesn’t have to worry about people not believing her. 

While it was tough to distinguish who the real Cristal was, Blake was able to identify her by asking a question only she could know the answer to. 

Of course, if I were Cristal, I’d be pretty upset that no one figured out that something was off. Yes, Blake followed her because she was “acting weird” but no one was like “yeah, this is not Cristal, send up a flare.”

Fallon even thanked her for giving her some of the best advice ever. 

Poor Cristal. Though, to be fair, Rita was really good at impersonating her. 

Thankfully, Blake sensed that something was wrong and drafted up fake papers, so that means that Beto doesn’t actually get Flores Incorporated after all that he went through. 

I’d say I feel bad for him, but he was pretty dense. Even after Cristal told him Rita wanted to kill her and assume her life, he still allowed her to go back to the hideout alone where his sister was a sitting duck. The dude doesn’t have what it takes to run a major company!

What did you think about the episode? Are you happy Cristal is safe?

What are your thoughts about Sammy and his father? And what do you think Patty has up her sleeve? 

Sound off in the comments below! 

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