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Dynasty Review There's No One Around to Watch You Drown Season 5 Episode 17 Dynasty Review There's No One Around to Watch You Drown Season 5 Episode 17


Dynasty Review – There’s No One Around to Watch You Drown (5×17)

Dynasty -- ìThere's No One Around to Watch You Drownî -- Image Number: DYN517_0036r -- Pictured (L - R): Charisma Carpenter as Heather -- Photo: The CW -- © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



It’s rare that Dynasty offers up a life lesson, but Season 5 Episode 17 was packed with not one but two. 

The first: you can’t change the past, but you can change what you do in the future. And the follow-up lesson to that? Some people have the capacity to change while others simply don’t.

Ben’s trial against Blake was a riveting one that made for one of the strongest and most enjoyable episodes of the season. 

Much like the inner turmoil it caused Fallon, it wasn’t exactly clear as to whether or not Blake was guilty or if he was telling the truth. 

Did he see the note Ben left him on the night his mother died? Did he purposefully ignore it?

Things were not looking good for the Carrington patriarch, especially as the case took some twisted turns and revealed some of Blake’s unsavory secrets. 

On the night of his mother’s death, Blake wasn’t dealing with a Carrington Atlantic rig issue, he was sleeping with Fallon’s beloved nanny Heather (guest star Charisma Carpenter). 

To be fair, I love how the judge and the court simply took Blake’s cheating to mean he was a terrible man without placing blame on Heather, who was knowingly sleeping with a married man. 

While it was hard to hear all about his sordid affairs, it also didn’t prove that Blake intentionally killed his mother. 

Alexis then took the witness stand to deliver the actual note from the night, proving that it was in Blake’s pocket the whole time. 

Of course, that revelation thrust Blake into villain territory, and Fallon, who was already disgusted by his personal relationship, could barely look at her father. 

But, she is her father’s daughter, and if there’s one thing that has always remained true, it’s that Fallon truly meant it when she told Ben that she knows exactly who her father is. 

Fallon isn’t blind to the truth — she knows Blake has done his fair share of terrible things, but killing his own mother for personal gain is clearly not one of them. Blake may be a lot of things, but he’s a family man through and through. He’d never ostracize his own brother unless he truly believed that Ben was to blame for the death. 

Fallon, in fact, took the stand because she knew that Blake never saw the note. On the night in question, she recalled her and Steven writing their father a note and putting it into their coat pocket because they were scared of monsters. The note was written in wax pencil thus proving that the only person being completely honest in that courtroom was her.

Also, isn’t it great to see the series finally acknowledge Steven’s existence, even if it is in a passive flashback? And I couldn’t help but laugh when Heather showed Blake a photo of his “son” because honestly, how many secret sons can that man have?

When Ben and Alexis tried to rebuff Fallon’s claims, Kirby sealed the deal by proving that Alexis committed perjury by stealing the note from Anders’ diary.

It didn’t matter that even Anders thought Blake looked guilty, all that mattered was that the judge deemed that Ben never upheld his promise to find his mother a caretaker before abandoning his responsibilities and thus, the will was upheld. 

It was like a Carrington murder mystery with Blake coming out victorious. And it took the whole family rallying behind him to prove his innocence. 

And though his reputation took a bit of a hit, it’s nothing he can’t bounce back from. 

The one that was scarred the most was Cristal as she had to face the fact that Blake was kind of a terrible husband who got around back in the day. However, the fact that she’s so thrown by his affairs means that he’s a completely different man now who actually loves his wife.

And the truly shocking thing is that Dominique helped Cristal get to that realization. Who would’ve thought we’d see the day where Dom defends Blake?

Ben was quite a sore loser about the whole thing. When Blake tried to put the past behind them and make things right, Ben pretty much threatened his brother, meaning that this fight is far from over. 

Alexis is one of those people that never changed. She stooped to new lows to take down Blake, and while she has her reasons, I’m more upset that she decided to go back on her word and steal from Kirby. 

Kirby may have made some missteps in the past (who hasn’t?) but she always does the right thing when it matters.

She knew it wasn’t right to use Anders’ burn book against Blake, and in general, she knew holding onto it would cause more harm than good, so she burned the whole thing. I can’t say I agree with it, but at least she never has to worry about Blake coming after her again. She won his trust and his respect with that move. And as someone who is serious about Amanda, it’s good to have an “in” with her father. 

Another person that can’t change despite having so many chances to turn over a new leaf? Adam. 

We’ve seen him do some truly unruly things, but it’s usually to people who exist in this dysfunctional society, to begin with. It’s different when the victim is an innocent single mom who simply wants to help other people start families. 

Stacy didn’t deserve to become the sociopath’s target, and I wanted so badly to warn her and tell her to run in the complete opposite direction. 

Instead, she fell for Adam’s sob story and thought she finally found a “good guy,” when in reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

The fact that Adam brought up his single mom — the one he killed — made it seem like he pursued Stacy because of mommy issues, in addition to knowing that it would infuriate Fallon.

The truth is, there are times when Adam is great and tolerable, but overall, he’s problematic, and I hope the series finally does something about it.

A gentle reminder that he still never paid the price for what he did to Steven! 

This was one of the first episodes that really got every single cast member a decent storyline. The cast can be bloated, so it’s nice when the writers figure out how to get everyone involved. 

Culhane connected with Geneva, the widow of Leo, the man he and Sam killed with Adam’s assistance. 

Culhane deserves to find love, and Geneva was his perfect match, so, of course, it would be a relationship that was doomed from the start. 

Unless Culhane copped to what he did, the secret was always going to drive a wedge between them. And telling the truth would only get the cops involved. Even if Geneva was relieved that Leo died because she knew he was involved in shady things, I don’t think she’d ever look the other way and date his killer. 

Telling Geneva the truth would land them all behind bars, so Culhane’s only choice was to pretend to be an asshole and break up with her. It was for the best. 

Though, part of me was kind of disappointed that Geneva wasn’t there to get revenge on him. 

There have been so many “almost” soulmates in Culhane’s life that he has to be on the cusp of finding a forever partner, right?

Elsewhere, Dom won the contest to become NordicStar’s new uniform designer, while Liam reconnected with his asshole professor to get some inspiration for his new novel. My gut tells me that writing the story for Jasper is going to come back and bite Liam, but I also don’t feel personally invested in the storyline either way.

I do, however, want to see him get rid of that writer’s block and write another hit right before he becomes a dad. As someone who lives in the Carrington mansion and is privy to all the insane and ridiculous drama, he should have more than enough inspiration for an upcoming novel. Use your crazy family, Liam! 

What did you think about the episode? Do you feel like the series is taking a turn in a positive direction again?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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    Dynasty Review – Liam Ridley’s Nightmare at La Mirage



    Dynasty Review a Writer of Dubious Talent Season 5 Episode 18

    After a brief midseason hiatus, Dynasty Season 5 with new episodes that proved the writers are experimenting with their storytelling in the final episodes. (I know, it pains me to treat Dynasty like a show in its final iteration, but it’s the sad truth!)

    The hiatus also lent itself to a six-month time jump—the characters made sure you were aware of it—to help speed up the timeline and likely close out the series with Fallon and Liam becoming parents. 

    On Dynasty Season 5 Episode 18, Stacey is six months pregnant, which means that she’s also been romantically involved with Adam for half a year. That might honestly be his longest relationship. But don’t worry, while Adam may be charming Stacey, it’s only because she has no idea who he actually is or what he’s capable of. After Amanda booted him from the role of Chief of Staff at the hospital, Adam hasn’t held another position, so when the opportunity presented itself, he concocted a plan that put Stacey in danger only to prove to Fallon that he was worthy of being reinstated. Is it deranged? Sure. But it’s hardly the worst thing we’ve seen from Adam. 

    The only good thing is that he was able to resuscitate Stacey shortly after she fainted and played it off as dehydration caused by overworking herself (rather than the dangerous mushrooms he put in her tea). Fallon should know better at this point, but she only saw what she wanted to see; she was convinced that Stacey would be better off with Adam working at the hospital, so she promised to talk to Amanda about getting him his job back. Adam straight up manipulated Fallon because he knew she couldn’t resist ensuring her surrogate’s safety. Oh, Adam. Some things never change. 

    In this whole scenario, I just feel bad for Stacey as she’s convinced that she’s with a really great guy when she has no idea what he’s capable of. 

    The time jump also meant that Liam’s movie was wrapped and ready to be screened by the masses. 

    And while everyone was enjoying the press junket and movie premiere, he was doubling down in hopes of getting his second book finished. 

    He told Fallon, his mentor, and his editor that he only needed to finish one page, but in reality, he spent the past several months trying to overcome his writer’s block.

    I thought that the nightmare/hallucination he had while hiding away at the hotel would serve as a source of inspiration for his book, allowing him to take it in a horror/murder mystery direction, but ultimately, it was just necessary to help Liam confront his biggest fear: failure. 

    While it was quite a dramatic way to help someone face the truth, it was also one of the best scenes Dynasty has ever delivered. This isn’t the first time the series has played with specific scenes (remember when Fallon hit her head and we got a whole Wizard of Oz-inspired episode?), but it was the first time they tried their hand at horror. 

    And it was so brilliantly executed, mostly because Adam Huber acted his butt off!

    I mean, he gave that performance his all. Being Fallon’s boyfriend, fiance, and finally, husband, made Huber a fan favorite, sure, but it also sort of sidelined him when it came to the compelling storyline; I’m so glad that they gave him this moment because he was incredible. 

    Huber took to Instagram to announce that he wrapped production on Liam’s character earlier in the day, but I’m hoping this convinces someone to cast him in a horror/thriller. When the murderer took the mask off to reveal an unhinged version of Liam, I didn’t even feel like I was watching Dynasty anymore.

    The lighting, the music, the writing, and the acting all worked seamlessly to deliver an eerie vibe that eventually played into the episode’s big twist. 

    Liam, who was finally about to be honest about his writer’s block with Fallon and his editor, confided in his mentor, who then fell to the ground and died of an aneurysm moments later. 

    It was a devastating turn of events for what should’ve been Liam’s big night, but it also provided him with an opportunity as his mentor was there to finalize his finished manuscript… the one that only Liam knew about. 

    In a moment of desperation, Liam grabbed it, but I truly hope he doesn’t try to pass it off as his own. Tempting as it might be, it’s possible that his editor did tell someone else about it. If Liam decides to go through with it and publish it, his family—including the nephew that Liam worked with—could have proof that it wasn’t Liam’s novel. It could easily ruin his career!

    Not to mention that it’s not something Liam would ever do. He’s not that kind of guy. And he’ll have to live with himself for the rest of his life if he does. If he wins awards or gets any praise for the work, it will eat him inside.  I just hope Liam does the right thing instead of taking the easy way out. 

    And finally, Sammy will know the truth because he’s the only other person that Liam confided in about his writer’s block!

    Liam may not have had a good night, but Culhane and Nina sure did. 

    Throughout the whole filming of the movie, the duo couldn’t stand each other, but it was always obvious that they drove each other crazy because they were crazy in love. 

    After falling into bed with each other—did you see the way she pushed him? That man flew!—they tried to deny it and dance around the subject by saying it was just a one-time thing to release pent-up stress. But no one actually believed it… they were simply trying to convince themselves cause they were both too scared to make the plunge.

    Thankfully, Dom was there to push them together. She should really consider becoming a matchmaker because if it wasn’t for her, those two would be too stubborn to make the move.

    After everything that transpired between Dom and Culhane, she kind of owes him this. And I’m glad they’re finally in a better spot.

    Colby and Blake got into it again with the former trying to buy back his companies from the latter. History was about to repeat itself with a full-blown Carrington-Colby war, but this time, they made the mistake of dragging Amanda and Cristal into their feud.  And these women were simply not interested. 

    Cristal approached Colby after he shut down PPA to secure the deal, in her favor, of course, and Colby was impressed to see her savvy business skills. It’s nice to see Cristal recognize her own power and stand up for herself instead of remaining in Blake’s shadow. And the way she stood up to Blake when he came for her was boss with a capital B. Blake has finally found his equal who will put him in his place regarding business—it’s been a long time coming. Cristal deserves this moment, too, after years of being pushed around by the Carringtons. 

    Overall, it was a pretty impressive episode of Dynasty by Dynasty standards. 

    What did you think? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section below!

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    Dynasty Review – Happy Pride! (5×15)



    Dynasty Ben Season 5 Episode 15 Review

    A new villain emerged on Dynasty Season 5 Episode 15, but it was hard to get too invested in the storyline when Sahara’s first-ever pride event looked like such a blast.

    Honestly, Kirby and Culhane deserved an apology from Sammy Jo because if that’s the kind of event that they’re able to throw together at the last minute, I truly don’t want to know what they are capable of otherwise. 

    The rainbows, the glitter, Amanda’s dominatrix fit, Angeria Paris VanMicheals with the life-changing advice — it was, as Sammy Jo would say, a vibe!

    But the best part had to be Kirby, Culhane, and Sammy grooving and busting a move to “Self Control.” First Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” and now this bop. I’m missing the ’80s! Dynasty had to spend a pretty penny to license that song.

    Also, the trio they’ve grown into is so fun to watch. They were the secondary characters that came together to create a squad that one could only hope to be a part of.

    Amanda may have looked incredible, but she couldn’t really enjoy herself at the event as she was torn between protecting Blake or staying loyal to Colby and telling him that Blake is hoarding his divisions.

    After way too many drinks, she decided not to tell on Blake, which will obviously come back to haunt her as she betrayed Colby’s trust. 

    Colby, however, informed Amanda that Ben, Blake’s brother, is after Thomas Carrington’s will. I don’t know why we had to find this out through Colby. It wasn’t top secret information as Blake got served and found out his estranged brother wants half of his assets.

    Feuding brothers, now that’s a TV trope we don’t see often… not.

    Ben has definitely been introduced to shake things up and become an obstacle for Blake.

    Ben blows into town hoping that Blake will publicly clear his name. Apparently, being accused of murder can take quite a toll on someone’s reputation. 

    While Ben is definitely playing dirty, I also think he’s telling the truth — their mother’s death was an accident. He doesn’t seem like someone who would willingly kill his mother. My guess is that there was a miscommunication that resulted in her accidental drowning. 

    Of course, Blake seems to think that his mother was an angel on Earth, so it’s understandable that he’s looking for someone to blame. It makes it easier to cope with the loss. 

    Dynasty Ben Season 5 Episode 15 Review

    Dynasty — “Ben” — Image Number: DYN515_037r — Pictured (L – R): Maddison Brown as Kirby Anders — Photo: The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    Blake, however, is also a money-hungry person, so unless they reconcile, there’s no way he’s going to willingly give Ben half of his wealth. 

    Blake might be a different person than he was, but he’s still driven by money and his reputation.

    Coming from someone who never watched the original series and has no idea what to expect, it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out! At the very least, Ben is one of the better enemies this show has seen.

    Fallon never learns her lesson. Upon finding out that her surrogate, Stacey, is pregnant, Fallon couldn’t help but meddle with her plans at an archeological dig. 

    I love Fallon, but they’ve almost made her a joke in recent episodes. 

    Why is she always sabotaging something or coming up with a ridiculous plan that’s guaranteed to backfire?

    Why does no one ever talk her out of it?

    This time, she roped in Adam as they went undercover to the dig to keep an eye on Stacey. When Adam informed Fallon that Stacey’s concerning rash (just eczema) cleared up and no longer posed a threat to her unborn child, Fallon decided the dig, with all of its tools and sharp objects, was too dangerous for a pregnant woman. 

    When her plan to get Stacy fired didn’t work, she went full-on Jurassic Park and got the project shut down. 

    That girl has too much time and money on her hands. 

    Stacey is smart, so she knew Fallon was behind it immediately, and the look on Liam’s face proved that he was over these childish plans.

    Fallon eventually apologized for being overbearing as she explained that she was navigating the feelings associated with having a surrogate. She wants to be around the baby all the time and through every step of the way, which is fine. It would have spared everyone a lot of trouble if she just communicated that to Stacey, but again, this is Fallon. 

    Thankfully, Stacey was understanding and even agreed to move into the Carrington Manor. 

    The one good thing to come from the dig was that we finally got a scene between Adam and Fallon. It’s been a while since these two went on a crazy adventure together, but they have such great chemistry as siblings. They take hilarious digs at each other — no pun intended — and Adam actually pulled off that Indiana Jones fit quite nicely as he geeked out about the whole experience.

    The cutest thing, however, was that he really just wanted to spend more time with Fallon. I know Adam has done some horrible things, but there are times when he has the potential to be one of the best characters.

    Overall, it was a decent episode of Dynasty that celebrated pride by giving Sammy Jo a moment to reflect on his identity and what it meant for his future, while also offering a lighthearted storyline involving Lance Bass, who definitely did invite Sammy to his Lance Bash. Note to self — always check the champagne cause it could be a secret party invite. Adam and Fallon reconnected, even if it was somewhat forced, while Blake battled his past in hopes of saving his future. 

    With the series coming to an end, I do hope we get to see Fallon and Liam finally become parents, even if it’s just for a brief moment. I hope Culhane finds happiness, I hope Sammy Jo gets it all, I hope Kirby and Amanda continue being each other’s rock, I hope Adam gets in the family’s good graces, I hope Blake, Ben, and Dom make amends so that there’s no longer a sibling rivalry with everyone plotting against each other, I hope everyone owns up the mistakes of their past — Blake and Adam included (Steven still deserves justice) — and I hope that Blake and Cristal finally start doing some good in the world thanks to their charity. 

    What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments below! 

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    Dynasty Review – There’s No Need to Panic (5×12)



    Dynasty Review There's No Need to Panic Season 5 Episode 12

    Only Alexis would design a panic room equipped with a tanning bed and a 25k wine fridge that didn’t actually have the capability to send an SOS during an emergency. 

    On Dynasty Season 5 Episode 12, Alexis was targeted by robbers because of her social media posts, which allowed her to spend some quality time with Fallon. 

    The two didn’t see eye-to-eye for much of the time spent inside the panic room, but they eventually poured their hearts out to each other before the housekeeper arrived to reset the power and let them out. 

    Fallon was feeling extra prickly about the whole situation because she thought she was pregnant. She kept questioning why her mother didn’t just give up the jewelry the robbers were after in order to buy their freedom, but what she failed to realize was that the ring had significance as her mother was going to use it to propose to Dex. 

    It was actually heartbreaking to hear Alexis say that she was going to pop the question simply because she didn’t want to be abandoned and alone. 

    Alexis isn’t the easiest person to deal with, but she deserves happiness. I loved that Fallon suggested that she reconsider the real reason behind her desire to marry Dex. At that age, you should only get married because you’re absolutely sure that you’ve found “the one.” No one has time for sham marriages. 

    Fallon rarely gives her mother solid advice, but it was key to helping Alexis determine her worth. 

    When they were finally free, Alexis chose not to chase Dex to the airport, but, in a moment of fate, he waltzed through the door and plopped down on one knee. The timing was right — and for the right reasons. 

    With The CW announcing Dynasty’s cancelation, the episode was pretty bittersweet. On one hand, it definitely seems like they are running out of storylines, but on the other hand, I’m hoping we get to see Alexis’s big day. 

    Fallon confided in her mother about the potential pregnancy, but when she eventually made it to the doctor, she was told that it was a false positive. 

    And that wasn’t the worst of it. The doctor informed Fallon that she wouldn’t be able to have children ever because of the scar tissue from where she got shot. 

    Seeing how hard Fallon and Liam tried for a child, this isn’t the news they were hoping for. But all hope isn’t lost just yet — there are so many options nowadays, especially if you have the kind of money Fallon and Liam have. 

    They could get a surrogate — Amanda or Kirby! — or they could adopt. If they are still dedicated to starting a family, there are plenty of options that would also make for a great storyline. 

    Though, admittedly, it put a bit of a damper on a celebratory evening. 

    At least Liam finally wrapped up his movie so he’ll be able to focus on expanding the family moving forward. 

    We’ve seen Liam and Culhane work closely together ever since he took the job as a producer on the indie film, but I’ll be honest, the whole plot was pretty bland. 

    I know men don’t talk, but I honestly don’t buy that either of them would still be triggered by something that happened years ago, even if they didn’t talk it out. 

    Culhane has moved on from Fallon, and she’s happy with Liam, so there’s no point in bringing any of this up again. And as Culhane pointed out, Fallon wasn’t “stolen” from anyone, she’s always done exactly what she wanted and she ended up with the person she was meant to be with. 

    The tension between Amanda and Adam was exciting at the beginning, but they are both going a little overboard. It’s clear that they don’t like each other, but they work at the same hospital, so they could at least tolerate each other instead of constantly wanting to pull one over the other. 

    It’s so petty. I’d expect it from Adam, but I thought Amanda was above that kind of behavior. It sucks to see her get dragged down to that level. 

    I am, however, enjoying the progression of her relationship with Kirby. Kirby hasn’t had the best luck in her dating life, but it seems that Amanda might be the real deal. 

    Well, that is if she doesn’t keep pulling Kirby into her feud with Adam. It wasn’t fair of her to ask Kirby to spy on her ex-boyfriend. What an awkward position to put Kirby in! 

    As for Cristal — she is finally owning her power and putting it to use. I love to see it. 

    Cristal and Blake definitely exude power couple vibes, but it’s true that Blake is used to being the alpha; the superior one in the relationship. 

    He likes to yield all the power when the truth is, Cristal is actually more powerful. She doesn’t need him to sign off on anything because she holds the. majority of the shares. Blake was definitely taken aback by her bold stance, but he didn’t seem to mind it. I think he’s very aware that Cristal has great instincts and he should trust them. Just imagine how great they could be if he treated her as his equal. 

    What did you think of the episode? How are you holding up after finding out that Dynasty is coming to an end?

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