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Dynasty Review Filled with Manipulations and Deceptions Season 4 Episode 22 Dynasty Review Filled with Manipulations and Deceptions Season 4 Episode 22


Dynasty Season Finale Review – Fallon’s Showdown With Eva (4×22)

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What an explosive season finale!

Can I just say how glad I am that Dynasty didn’t leave us hanging and wondering who was shot?

The end was set up in such a way where it would’ve totally made sense for them to pursue that avenue, but it’s so much more satisfying that we know it was Fallon.

Now, it’s highly unlikely that Fallon is going to die considering she’s the glue that holds the whole show together. 

But it is a heartbreaking turn of events that likely could’ve been prevented had she and Liam contacted the proper authorities. 

This isn’t the first obsessive stalker that they dealt with, so they should know better. Just like Liam should know better than to turn his back to a psycho in his hotel room. Thank god Eva didn’t pull anything when she was there because I was convinced that she was going to lash out after Liam turned her down. 

Fallon and Liam definitely have a lot to work through after she cheated on him with Colin but almost losing her is going to put him in a more forgiving mood. 

I love that Fallon wasn’t trying to shirk responsibility for sleeping with Colin either. 

She owned up to it because, in the end, it was her decision. 

One might argue that if it hadn’t been for Eva’s manipulations and sabotage, she wouldn’t have even pursued it, but even then, she had a choice to turn Colin down and she didn’t. 

It’s important that both Fallon and Liam acknowledge that moving forward, though, my guess is that they’re going to welcome a second chance with open arms after her near-death experience. 

Eva was good, but as most obsessive psychos, she got sloppy towards the end. 

She became too confident and jumped the gun by pursuing Liam immediately after he broke things off with Fallon. 

If she really wanted to make this work, she’d move in gradually and make him fall in love with her. 

But that just goes to show you how unhinged she actually was underneath that sweet little act. 

Dynasty Review Filled with Manipulations and Deceptions Season 4 Episode 22

Dynasty — “Filled with Manipulations and Deceptions” — Image Number: DYN422a_0235r — Pictured: Sam Underwood as Adam Carrington and Elaine Hendrix as Alexis Carrington Colby — Photo: Wilford Harewood/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The moment she made a move on him, Liam began piecing it all together and realized Fallon was right. 

And I’m glad he arrived at that conclusion himself because it definitely redeem him in my book slightly. 

It was hard watching Liam side with Eva, a complete stranger, throughout this whole ordeal. Even if Fallon betrayed him, they had such a strong relationship that he should’ve believed her initially.

Thankfully, by coming to Blake’s campaign gala of his own free will, Liam proved that the love was strong even through intense heartache.

I thought Fallon’s rendezvous would’ve ruined #Falliam for me, but, in a strange way, I love them even more because it proves just how much love they have for each other.

 Cheating is a hard thing to forgive, but showing up meant that he was willing to put this behind them, and that’s half the battle.  

Eva was a pretty good villain this season. She meticulously crafted a plan to wedge herself between Fallon and Liam, so it was kind of disappointing when the series made her out to be a stereotypical stalker.

At that point, her behavior became so predictable and uninteresting. 

It would’ve been juicer if they revealed Eva had some kind of former connection to Liam rather than just having her “fall in love” with him because she read his book.

And I still stand by my original theory that Eva and Colin were in cahoots. Wouldn’t that have been so much fun to watch?

Both Beto and Colby showed up to the campaign party/ club relaunch wielding guns, so it’s possible that Fallon isn’t the only one who was shot.

I think Beto got spooked and ran off before he could take his shot at Blake, but I don’t know if Culhane made it out safely. 

Colby wasn’t in his right mind due to the neurotoxicity. His paranoia was getting the best of him, so he wasn’t thinking straight. He could’ve pulled the trigger unintentionally or without even knowing it. 

The worst part is that he wasn’t entirely wrong about Brady. Thanks to the tracker he placed on his phone, he knew that Brady was working with Alexis. Unfortunately, he misinterpreted the motivation and thought Brady was stealing all his Colby Space research, when, in fact, he was trying to humiliate Dom and get all her money. 

I hope this incident spooked Brady all the way back to where he came from. I didn’t vibe with Dom initially, but she’s grown on me throughout the season, and she’s been trying to become a better version of herself. She doesn’t deserve this. 

Plus, Alexis is in jail, so Brady is better off just calling it quits. 

Truthfully, Adam framing his mother is the one thing we should’ve seen coming but didn’t. We were blindsided by Adam’s quirky personality and how much he’s adapted as part of the Carrington family, but the truth is, Adam has never been above murder or turning on his mother to save himself. 

He pushed her into the fire head first for goodness sake. This is what he does. 

Based on his behavior, Adam did seem slightly remorseful, but he also seemed relieved that his plan worked and that he wasn’t being suspected for the murder. 

However, Adam likely should’ve played his cards better because right now, all roads lead back to him anyway. 

Why else would his mother kill the colleague Adam fired? And the same colleague who came back to the hospital looking for his research? 

Amanda Carrington work on the legal side of things, so she’s going to figure it out. And we know her loyalty is with Alexis over Adam. 

Maybe this will finally bring to light all the other horrible things Adam did, including making Steven think he’s crazy and getting him committed?

One could only hope!

Adam likely felt like he had no choice and was pushed into a corner by Bob. Poor Bob thought he could get away with blackmailing Adam — and he probably could have if he didn’t get greedy. If he just took the 5 million, he could’ve been on his way. 

Poor Alexis is going to get chewed up in prison. She’s devious, but this isn’t her playing field at all. 

Also, wouldn’t news of her arrest immediately make the news and taint Blake’s campaign?

Both the shooting and her arrest for murder are not a good look. 

He was so worried about Beto when he should’ve been more focused on his family. 

Sadly, it’s also not a good look for Sammy Jo by proxy. He just wanted to host a great event to boost his hotel, but instead, he’s being dragged down by all this Carrington drama. 

I just want to see Sammy thrive. He deserves it, especially after he poured his soul into this project and even found his footing without Ander’s guidance. 

I have to admit I love how much Anders has played a role from beyond the grave. I think he’s impacting them all a lot more in his death than he did in life. 

The little tribute at the hotel was especially touching, though, it did feel like his official sendoff in the series. 

What did you think of the finale? Will Fallon come out of this unscathed? Will she get a newfound perspective on her relationship?

Wasn’t there security or, at the very least, an invite list for the campaign party?

Is Culhane ok? Will Alexis prove her innocence? Does Adam have a plan to get his mom out of jail?

Share your thoughts about the finale with us in the comment section below! 

We’ll see you next season, Cravers!

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Dynasty Review – There’s No Need to Panic (5×12)



Dynasty Review There's No Need to Panic Season 5 Episode 12

Only Alexis would design a panic room equipped with a tanning bed and a 25k wine fridge that didn’t actually have the capability to send an SOS during an emergency. 

On Dynasty Season 5 Episode 12, Alexis was targeted by robbers because of her social media posts, which allowed her to spend some quality time with Fallon. 

The two didn’t see eye-to-eye for much of the time spent inside the panic room, but they eventually poured their hearts out to each other before the housekeeper arrived to reset the power and let them out. 

Fallon was feeling extra prickly about the whole situation because she thought she was pregnant. She kept questioning why her mother didn’t just give up the jewelry the robbers were after in order to buy their freedom, but what she failed to realize was that the ring had significance as her mother was going to use it to propose to Dex. 

It was actually heartbreaking to hear Alexis say that she was going to pop the question simply because she didn’t want to be abandoned and alone. 

Alexis isn’t the easiest person to deal with, but she deserves happiness. I loved that Fallon suggested that she reconsider the real reason behind her desire to marry Dex. At that age, you should only get married because you’re absolutely sure that you’ve found “the one.” No one has time for sham marriages. 

Fallon rarely gives her mother solid advice, but it was key to helping Alexis determine her worth. 

When they were finally free, Alexis chose not to chase Dex to the airport, but, in a moment of fate, he waltzed through the door and plopped down on one knee. The timing was right — and for the right reasons. 

With The CW announcing Dynasty’s cancelation, the episode was pretty bittersweet. On one hand, it definitely seems like they are running out of storylines, but on the other hand, I’m hoping we get to see Alexis’s big day. 

Fallon confided in her mother about the potential pregnancy, but when she eventually made it to the doctor, she was told that it was a false positive. 

And that wasn’t the worst of it. The doctor informed Fallon that she wouldn’t be able to have children ever because of the scar tissue from where she got shot. 

Seeing how hard Fallon and Liam tried for a child, this isn’t the news they were hoping for. But all hope isn’t lost just yet — there are so many options nowadays, especially if you have the kind of money Fallon and Liam have. 

They could get a surrogate — Amanda or Kirby! — or they could adopt. If they are still dedicated to starting a family, there are plenty of options that would also make for a great storyline. 

Though, admittedly, it put a bit of a damper on a celebratory evening. 

At least Liam finally wrapped up his movie so he’ll be able to focus on expanding the family moving forward. 

We’ve seen Liam and Culhane work closely together ever since he took the job as a producer on the indie film, but I’ll be honest, the whole plot was pretty bland. 

I know men don’t talk, but I honestly don’t buy that either of them would still be triggered by something that happened years ago, even if they didn’t talk it out. 

Culhane has moved on from Fallon, and she’s happy with Liam, so there’s no point in bringing any of this up again. And as Culhane pointed out, Fallon wasn’t “stolen” from anyone, she’s always done exactly what she wanted and she ended up with the person she was meant to be with. 

The tension between Amanda and Adam was exciting at the beginning, but they are both going a little overboard. It’s clear that they don’t like each other, but they work at the same hospital, so they could at least tolerate each other instead of constantly wanting to pull one over the other. 

It’s so petty. I’d expect it from Adam, but I thought Amanda was above that kind of behavior. It sucks to see her get dragged down to that level. 

I am, however, enjoying the progression of her relationship with Kirby. Kirby hasn’t had the best luck in her dating life, but it seems that Amanda might be the real deal. 

Well, that is if she doesn’t keep pulling Kirby into her feud with Adam. It wasn’t fair of her to ask Kirby to spy on her ex-boyfriend. What an awkward position to put Kirby in! 

As for Cristal — she is finally owning her power and putting it to use. I love to see it. 

Cristal and Blake definitely exude power couple vibes, but it’s true that Blake is used to being the alpha; the superior one in the relationship. 

He likes to yield all the power when the truth is, Cristal is actually more powerful. She doesn’t need him to sign off on anything because she holds the. majority of the shares. Blake was definitely taken aback by her bold stance, but he didn’t seem to mind it. I think he’s very aware that Cristal has great instincts and he should trust them. Just imagine how great they could be if he treated her as his equal. 

What did you think of the episode? How are you holding up after finding out that Dynasty is coming to an end?

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Dynasty Review – Mind Your Business (5×10)



Dynasty Review Mind Your Business Season 5 Episode 10

Is it just me or does it feel like Dynasty is slowly running out of ideas?

The constant bickering between Dom and Alexis has lost its luster, and it would actually be nice to see them working together for a change rather than playing the diva card. 

However, as Fallon pointed out, diva’s WWE is not only for ratings, it also boosted sales. A win-win, I guess. Americans love to see people spiraling out on television. 

Fallon continues to make really questionable decisions about her business, but this time, she was being devious for a good reason. The planet appreciates the lengths Fallon will go to in order to get funding for sustainability initiatives. 

Once she sets her mind to something, there’s no talking her out of it.

Like having a baby. If you haven’t heard, Liam and Fallon are trying to start a family, so the series is going overboard with driving that point home. 

It’s almost as though they have to remind you in every single scene that Liam and Fallon share that they are working on baby-making. 

At least this is better than when they were constantly fighting. 

Fallon is the one that less focused on work this time around too, which is a welcome change of pace. 

Liam is so focused on getting his book turned into a movie. It’s clear why they get along so well as they both share a common work ethic.

Liam felt as though he was being pushed away from his own project, but thanks to a little inspiration from Culhane, he figured out how to incorporate himself back into the decision-making process. 

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the director. I know it’s her movie, but cutting scenes without consulting the writer is harsh, especially on an indie. The writer would know exactly which scene is pivotal to the progression of a character’s relationship. 

Adam and Colby unexpectedly teamed up, and I don’t hate this pairing. I mean, they hate each other, but they also need each other, so it makes sense. 

Colby needed Adam’s credentials to get him into a party at Plenexia as he’s still planning to take down the pharmaceutical industry. 

Adam doesn’t shy away from doing illegal things, so he’s the perfect partner-in-crime here. However, it might also bring some unwanted heat onto him, which could jeopardize his plan to use an illegal substance in making a new skincare product. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to begin with. If something isn’t even allowed into the U.S., how is he going to pass it off so that it gets FDA approval? What if people have bad reactions to it?

Will The CW Renew ‘Dynasty,’ ‘Roswell, New Mexico,’ ‘Legacies,’ and More?

Alexam’s entire reputation could be ruined because of this. That is if he ever gets his hands on that Bokocho extract from Colby. 

Do you know how a millionaire remains a millionaire? He takes something that someone already paid for and charges them “wholesale” price for it. It’s incredible that Colby just made money on this whole ordeal. 

Sammy’s storyline was the most compelling. He attempted to convince his birth father, Daniel, to stay in town instead of returning to Venezuela, but his efforts were unsuccessful. Eventually, he found out that Daniel was going back because the cancer treatments had failed and he didn’t want to burden his son with the pain. 

Of course, none of that sat well with Sammy. He’s caring and loyal to a fault, so he wanted to be there for his dad in any way he could. 

He reached out to Blake and managed to get him a flight on the jet back to Caracas, but he didn’t inform Daniel that he planned on staying there to take care of him. 

When Blake broke the news to Daniel, he knew he couldn’t go through with the plan since Sammy had so many things to take care of back at home. 

He ended up agreeing to stay in Atlanta where Sammy could spend more time with him and help him through this painful process. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow considering Sammy just got to know Daniel. It’s great that they were able to have this time together, but it’s unfortunate that it was cut short. 

Sammy has suffered a lot of loss in his life, including the death of his aunt Cristal and his split from Steven, but I feel like this will likely hit him the hardest. 

He also called his mother to inform her about Daniel, so I expect she’ll be showing up in Atlanta in the near future. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you still enjoying Dynasty as much as you did before or do you feel like the storylines are lacking? Is this why The CW is hesitating to renew the series?

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Dynasty Review – The Only Thing That Counts Is Winning (5×08)



Dynasty Review The Only Thing That Counts Is Winning” Season 5 Episode 8

And we’re off to the races on Dynasty Season 5 Episode 8. The horse races, that is. 

Fallon is a “go big or go home” kind of gal, and basically bet her whole publishing division on her horse, Allegra, beating arch-nemesis Patty’s horse. 

It was a huge leap of faith, and it almost didn’t pan out in her favor when Sam’s father informed Fallon that Allegra wasn’t feeling well ahead of the races. 

While there were ample opportunities for some “Fallon trickery” throughout the episode — and even a few attempts — our girl and her girl, Allegra, won the race fair and square. 

It led to one of Fallon’s bigger moments in which she realized and accepted that she doesn’t always have to ruin whoever crosses her. 

She allowed Patty to walk away mostly unscathed, and she gave Karen, her employee who was blackmailed by Patty into causing the oil spill, a second chance. 

Fallon is turning over a new leaf, and honestly, it’s a good look on her. 

She could’ve stooped as low as sabotage or some other form of revenge, but her victory wouldn’t have been as sweet. 

Plus, it was an important lesson so that she would learn how to trust someone other than herself for once. 

Daniel is a good horse trainer, and he proved just as much when he was able to diagnose what was up with Allegra… Carrie Bradshaw style. 

He also cleared the air about his alleged drug-habit. He wasn’t “shooting up” in the barn as Sam thought, but he was injecting himself with medication for his cancer. 

This was Sam’s lesson in not jumping to conclusions. 

It’s understandable that Sam would want to protect himself after all that he’s been through, but he definitely should’ve given Daniel a chance to explain before telling Fallon that what he saw was fact.

Of course, it also explains Daniel’s motivation to get to know his son. If there’s a possibility that he’s dying, this is his only shot at forming a relationship. 

Amanda channeled her inner Carrington at the hospital when she turned to Blake for help with a tricky employee. 

Dr. Leonard was refusing to cooperate with company policy and giving her a hard time. While Adam asked Amanda to leave Leonard alone as he was a top biller at the hospital, a quick chat with Cristal encouraged Amanda to stick with her gut and bring the man down. 

Cristal seems to be the go-to for advice, and now I know why — much like Amanda, she was once an outsider and was forced to learn the ropes as to how to navigate this complex and intense family. 

And what she quickly learned is that you have to fight for your power. If Amanda caved to Leonard, she would’ve been sparing his career but likely jeopardizing her own. 

That’s not the Carrington way. She needed to think of herself first and foremost, so she accepted Blake’s help. 

Leonard will be on a plane to Iceland soon to accompany his wife for a job offer she simply cannot refuse. By Blake standards, this was a nice way of eliminating someone from the equation.

Adam may have had a few brush ins with Amanda, but he was mostly squabbling with his mother, Alexis, ahead of the Alexam launch. 

Since he feels like a pawn in his mother’s twisted game, he decided to open up his own doctor concierge service, which admittedly didn’t sit well with Alexis. 

When she found out he was undermining her and using a patented formula for his treatments, she threatened to sue him. 

Of course, their toxic relationship bled into Alexis’s new relationship with Dex, so he suggested that the mother-son duo took up therapy, which Is honestly, such a good idea. 

The whole Carrington clan should likely be getting some form of counseling. 

Therapy revealed the root cause of Adam and Alexis’s issues to be abandonment, and once that was out in the open, they were both able to make amends and find a healthy way to move on. 

Alexis then found a way to salvage her relationship with Dex. I don’t fully trust the man, but it’s been a few weeks now and all he’s done is try to encourage Alexis to become a better and less petty person. So, in that regard, maybe he is good for her. 

Of course, I’m waiting for his “other face” to show itself. 

Jeff Colby reconnected with a friend from the hospital, and Luna seemed like she was going to be a breath of fun and energetic air for the business mogul. She even managed to put Dom Mystique’s new accessory line on the map and distract reporters from questioning Colby about what’s next. 

However, when she tried to kiss him at the race, he declined saying he was still trying to figure himself out. 

After a chat with his mother, who insisted that he shouldn’t let Luna slip away, he decided to go for it, but it was too late. It turns out, this whole time, Luna was in end-stage renal failure and was living out her final days. She passed away at the hospital shortly after the race. 

And, of course, any positive advancement that Colby’s character may have made was completely overridden by his anger and desire to make someone pay for her death. 

Colby believes that it was preventable if Luna just had the money to pay for the life-saving treatments, but I think that’s a bigger issue that doesn’t have anything to do with making someone pay. His focus should be on making drugs and treatments more accessible to the masses. He has the means, the power, and the connections to make it happen. 

I was excited for Colby to finally date someone normal and down-to-earth, but unfortunately, Luna’s time was short-lived and her purpose was to leave a lasting impression and to likely give him the inspiration for his next chapter. 

Meanwhile, Culhane’s hunt for a wife led him to Sasha, Kirby’s friend and fellow model. 

It’s unclear why Kirby wanted to keep Culhane and Sasha apart, but her excuse that she doesn’t mix business with pleasure didn’t really hold true considering her romantic relationship with Charlie. 

Is Kirby secretly holding out for a reconciliation with Culhane?

Or does she know something incriminating about Sasha’s past?

And what is warning about everyone getting a raw deal from Charlie? Is she taking advantage of Kirby?

What did you think of the episode?

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