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Dynasty Wild Ghost Chase Review Dynasty Wild Ghost Chase Review


Dynasty – Wild Ghost Chase (3×03)

Dynasty -- "Wild Ghost Chase" -- Image Number: DYN303a_0030b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Alan Dale as Anders and Rafael de La Fuente as Sammy Jo -- Photo: Annette Brown/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved



Who would have thought that we’d ever see Fallon rock highlighter orange vests and get her hands dirty in a garden?

There’s a first time for everything.

Fallon leveled up on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 3, and it’s a welcome change for the socialite who has never truly worked a day in her life.

Fallon is the show’s strongest character, but she’s even better when she’s owning up to her mistakes and learning necessary lessons.

Seeing her take responsibility for her actions when she very easily could have paid someone off offers a change of pace for the character and her development.

But what’s even better is that while atoning for her crimes, Fallon realized that the punishment, much like Evan pointed out, didn’t fit the crime.

Still, the weak punishment didn’t make her desire to pay the price any less valuable.

Fallon wanted to prove not only to herself but to everyone that doubted her that she would fulfill her community service hours.

While other people take the easy way out, Fallon was trying to become a better person and ease her guilt.

Even the best people sometimes slip up just like Evan, Trixie’s brother, who purposefully ruined Fallon’s garden to teach her a lesson.

His anger was understandable; he lost his sister and the only punishment granted upon Fallon was to pull some weeds and plant some daisies.

All along, Evan just wanted to know that Fallon was truly sorry for what she’d did and that she understood how much pain it caused Trixie’s family.

Once he saw that it did, he realized the error of his way.

Nothing good comes of stooping down to someone else’s level.

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Dynasty Review – Fallon’s Showdown with Amanda (4×18)



Dynasty Review A Good Marriage in Ever Sense Season 4 Episode 18

Fallon may not have done right by her marriage with Liam, but she had a good hunch about her sister, Amanda. 

On Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18, Fallon invested all of her time trying to dig up dirt on Amanda to prove that she was simply trying to use the Carrington name to get ahead. 

Liam figured she simply prioritized something else over their marriage once again, and when Amanda proved that the restraining order against her came as a result of a controversial affair with a judge, it really seemed like Fallon was grasping at straws.

Even she admitted that assuming the worst about a random sibling was a toxic Carrington trait. 

However, the moment she let her guard down, Adam swooped in to confront Amanda, who definitely had some bad blood in her.

Honestly, nothing gets past Adam because evil recognizes evil. While Fallon was determined to protect the Carrington dynasty, Adam was able to recognize the liar and opportunist in his new sister. After all, regardless of the progress he’s made, he came into the family under terrible pretenses.

But Adam may have found his match in his sister, who knew his exact weak spot was not getting enough of daddy’s love. 

Adam started out as the show’s biggest villain, but he’s been reformed, so it was only a matter of time until they brought someone in that was willing to start more trouble. Adam has his limits, but we don’t know that much about Amanda, so her character is limitless. 

Why else would Amanda petition to legally change her name mere days after finding out she was a Carrington unless she was bad news. 

I can’t even remember how we ever thought that Adam was a threat because he’s downright hilarious these days. His quips, his facial expression — it’s all so great. 

But it’s important not to let this version of him cloud our judgement because he’s done some truly terrible things. 

Fallon finally acknowledged that she had been neglecting her relationship with Liam. but the damage had already been done. 

Liam felt like a complete afterthought to Fallon, and while there was definitely some validity in his feelings, much of that was Eva’s doing. 

She weaseled her way into Liam’s life by taking up his hobbies in hopes of vibing with him in a way that Fallon didn’t. 

She’s a manipulative snake who is taking advantage of Liam’s vulnerable state, and it’s heartbreaking to watch.

However, he does have a point about Fallon never learning from her mistakes. She’s constantly apologizing, yet she keeps repeating the same actions over and over. 

Her apology didn’t even come from a genuine place because she wasn’t entirely sure why Liam was mad in the first place. 

She thought he was overreacting the whole time and even had the nerve to call him out about not being able to handle a businesswoman. 

Liam has always been supportive of her career, but that’s the only thing that matters to her lately. Something has to give, and right now, it’s her relationship.

Heck, Fallon gave Colin more of her time than she did Liam. 

Dynasty Review A Good Marriage in Ever Sense Season 4 Episode 18

Dynasty — “A Good Marriage in Every Sense” — Image Number: DYN418a_0367r.jpg — Pictured: Maddison Brown as Kirby Anders — Photo: WIlford Harewood/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

And we all saw her and Colin have a moment, just how we saw Liam and Eva have a moment, as well. 

I can’t shake the thought that maybe Colin and Eva are in cahoots. What if they’re trying to break up Liam and Fallon so that they can get her empire. I wouldn’t put it past them.

It cannot be a coincidence that Colin is suddenly “recently divorced.” Or that he’s expressing an interest in Fallon. 

I hope Liam and Fallon prove that their relationship is stronger than this, but at this point, it’s not looking good. 

Kirby hit the jackpot when she tracked down not one but two of Anders’s USBs to learn that she inherited a fortune. 

But you know what’s likely worth more than that fortune? The Carrington family secrets. 

She now has all the leverage necessary to get anything she wants! 

I love that despite Ander’s close relationship with Blake, he still kept a record of evidence so that he could use it as blackmail if he ever needed it. 

Anders was one smart man. 

What’s on that USB and how will she use it against them? Will she meddle in Blake’s run for Senate?

There’s definitely a danger to giving a recovering addict such a large sum of money, so hopefully, Kirby invests it or does something smart with it. 

Kirby wasn’t the only one inheriting the family fortune. Cristal became the owner of the Flores Empire after her father’s arrest. 

Her brother, Beto, blew into town hoping to find evidence of their father’s illegal activity so that he could it over to the cops. He came under the pretenses that he was trying to free himself from their father, but in reality, he was trying to get the family business for himself. And by using Cristal’s evidence, he would wash his hands of it and pit his father’s demise on her. 

I would say I’m bummed for him for being completely screwed over by his own plan, but I can’t say that I am. He tried to pull a fast one over Cristal in order to get everything for himself. He deserves what’s coming. 

Plus, he used and manipulated Sammy’s feelings to steal the files. Could this guy go stoop lower?

It’s possible we might see the wrath of Beto when it comes to Blake’s campaign, which would surely stir up some drama. 

Blake spent much of the episode trying to secure the Black vote. 

Black constituents saw right through his pandering and weren’t afraid to call him out on it, so he turned to his half-sister Dom for help. 

I’m glad that he was put in his place and informed that the typical political behavior wasn’t going to work.

Dom knew exactly what she was doing; she waited her whole life for Blake to ask her for help, so she knew how to make the situation work in her favor. 

And she even got Culhane and Colby in on it, which I never would have expected. 

Turns out, everyone has a price, you just have to know what it is. 

It’s unclear what Culhane’s request might be if Blake wins, but Colby is definitely going to utilize Blake’s role in his space mission. 

Will Blake win the run for Senate with Culhane, Colby, and Dom’s support?

What is Amanda’s ulterior motive? Are Eva and Colin working together to destroy Fallon’s relationship? Seriously, what other reason would Eva have to gaslight Fallon?

And what will Kirby do with all that money and blackmail?

Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts about the episode! 

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Dynasty Review – Stars Make You Smile (4×17)



Dynasty Review Stars Make You Smile Season 4 Episode 17

Fallon once again prioritized work over her husband on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 17, which allowed her assistant, Eva, to take advantage of their rift. 

I’m trying to hate Eva for the way she’s manipulating Liam, but I can’t blame her. Have you seen Liam?

She has in a way that Fallon hasn’t. 

And she saw an opportunity and pounced at it. 

Is it deceitful? Yes. Is it breaking Fallon’s trust? Absolutely. But if Liam and Fallon were on solid ground, Eva wouldn’t have been able to come between them.

At this point, Liam has made it very clear to Fallon that he feels like an afterthought, and she brushed him off.

She hasn’t made it an effort even as Liam went out of his way to plan a perfect night. 

She practically pushed him into Eva’s arms. 

Fallon has to learn to find a balance. As a business-minded woman, it’s obvious that she’s going to make her company a priority, but she cannot neglect her marriage either.

After her little war with Colin, which seemed rather pointless, she should’ve accepted his agreement to stay on as a consultant and took a rain check on drinks.

Liam is obviously more important than Colin. 

I’m not going to say any more about Fallon’s situation with FU because I found the storyline rather boring. 

I was quite surprised that I found the storyline between Colby and Culhane to be as exciting as it was. 

Culhane asked Colby to appear on a podcast. When he botched it, Culhane was pretty upset, so Colby made amends to show up for his friend. 

And, in turn, they had a heart-to-heart, which allowed Culhane to provide Colby with a brilliant plan that not only secured him a launch pad without government funding, but it also helped them prevent Blake from winning the GA Senate race. 

Their bromance is just as good as Culhane’s with Sammy. 

Otherwise, there wasn’t too much progression in the series. 

Blake was determined to prove that Amanda was his biological daughter, and shocker, shocker — she was. 

At least, that’s what Adam wants us to believe. 

The writers have taken Adam’s character in a new direction, so he’s not the same guy who made Steven think he’s crazy and burned off Alexis’s face in the fire. It doesn’t always make sense, but since we know who he used to be, it makes me wonder whether his intentions are pure or if he’s lying to Blake. 

Blake was all too eager to share a piece of the pie with Amanda. Suggesting she was his daughter cause she’s “allergic to sunlight” was pretty ridiculous. 

Unlike Adam, Amanda doesn’t seem to want the Carrington money, and she’s quite a firecracker that will easily stand up to Blake and Alexis. 

As they fought over who would get her love, she basically told them that any relationship would be on her terms. 

It’s a departure from Adam, who so desperately wanted to be loved by his parents. Amanda grew up in a good home, so she already knew what a good family was prior to seeking them out. 

We’ll see what she does with this newfound information. 

Seeing how she was able to stand up to Blake makes me think that she’ll join his team as his campaign manager. It would only make sense, plus, it would upset Alexis.

Kirby returned from rehab and went on an apology tour. It’s sweet that she’s making amends for her bender, but it doesn’t seem like she’s going to rekindle things with Adam anytime soon. 

Let’s hope she gets a decent storyline soon. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you enjoying the season so far?

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Dynasty Review – The British Are Coming (4×16)



Dynasty Review The British Are Coming Season 4 Episode 16

Everyone wants a piece of the Carrington empire. 

Well, at least, that’s how it seemed initially when Amanda waltzed into Alexis’s new apartment on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 16. 

We knew Amanda was coming, but for now, her arrival was underwhelming. 

Amanda stalked her birth mom for a bit before confronting her and demanding to know why “Auntie Alexis” lied to her all these years. 

When she finally met Adam and Fallon, who wasn’t nearly as pleasant to her as her brother, she realized that Alexis lied to protect her from the complicated family dynamic.

The family is complex, to say the least. 

Alexis gave Amanda up for selfish reasons, but by giving her to someone she loved and trusted, she also ensured that she gave her a good life while simultaneously protecting her from the Carrington craziness. 

Unlike Adam when he initially took hold of the family, Amanda seems understanding and levelheaded. She made sure to let Alexis know that she didn’t want anything more from her than to get to know her, but you can’t trust anyone when it comes to money. 

Even the Carringtons themselves have argued over the fortune, so I can’t imagine that Amanda wouldn’t want anything from them after seeing how wealthy they are. 

Will we eventually meet Gabriel Jurgens? I don’t think they’d put that much emphasis on the father if there wasn’t a plan to introduce him down the line. And hey, Alexis needs a love interest, so why not make it her hot yoga instructor?

Alexis’s little secret was the last straw for both of her children. Not even Adam was interested in keeping up a relationship with his mom if she was going to continuously lie to him all the time. 

The reveal happened during Blake’s announcement party. He’s taking this whole run for Senator very seriously, and truthfully, I’m excited about this storyline. This new direction has reinvigorated Blake and allowed him to find his purpose again. 

Blake wasn’t as powerful when he was bopping around Fallon’s company trying to find a place for himself. 

Of course, politicians are corrupt, so we can expect the skeletons in his closet will complicate things a bit.

Thankfully, he has Cristal in his corner. She did a great job as his interim campaign manager, and I thought she’d be in it for the long haul. Despite killing it in the role, she came to the realization that she was better off offering support as wife, which is fair. 

It’s never a good idea to mix business with pleasure, and Cristal and Blake just bounced back from some hardships. It’s best not to rock the boat.

Focusing too much on business can also cause some marital relationships. Blake learned that the hard way when his company came between him and Cristal, and now, it seems like Fallon’s going down the same path as she continues to prioritize Fallon Unlimited over Liam.

Her ego got the best of her, again, and she threw herself into a fashion face-off with Dominique. 

I’m at the point where I don’t understand how Fallon is the owner of a media conglomerate when all of her ideas and decisions happen on a whim. 

Is there no plan?

Her competitive nature doesn’t do her any favors either. Instead of supporting Liam at his awards ceremony, she was too focused on her own company and elevating herself and her brand. 

Liam has been pushed aside quite frequently, and it’s upsetting. Fallon knows better. I know she knows better because, by the end of the episode, she acknowledged that she wasn’t being a supportive wife, apologized, and even gave him an expensive gift. 

Of course, by then, the damage had been done as Eva, either intentionally or unintentionally, had made her move. 

I definitely think Eva is a snake and pursued Liam knowing that he was in a vulnerable state and looking for someone to support him. 

Dynasty Review The British Are Coming Season 4 Episode 16

Dynasty — “The British Are Coming” — Image Number: DYN416a_00054r.jpg — Pictured: Elaine Hendrix as Alexis Carrington Colby and Sam Underwood as Adam Carrington — Photo: Danny Delgado/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

It sucks since she’s the most promising and competent assistant that Fallon has had to date. I’d much rather they pursue a “girl power” angle here than cause a rift between Liam and Fallon unnecessarily.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time they’ve tried to drive a wedge, but it is the first time that Liam has considered that maybe Fallon isn’t what he wants out of life and wife. 

He’s not even aware that it’s happening, but he was obviously touched by Eva’s thoughtfulness. And though the trinket was a much smaller and less expensive gift, it was more meaningful as it proves that she pays attention to him.

Fallon, if you don’t shape up, you’re going to lose your man. Maybe this is the wake-up call that she needs to save her marriage before she destroys it once and for all. 

Are you equally as upset at Fallon as I am?

Hey, at least Eva isn’t someone from Liam’s past as I previously thought she was! 

And finally, I absolutely love the way they are keeping Anders “alive” throughout the episodes. 

I was convinced that Anders was part of Sammy’s guilty subconscious, so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be Culhane who was avoiding coming to terms with Leo’s murder. 

Sammy and Culhane’s relationship has been one of the more enjoyable parts of the season. They are polar opposites, which makes them great friends and partners since they balance each other out.

Sammy was in tune with his feelings and knew he needed to deal with his trauma and get his mind right, and it forced Culhane to be honest with himself after getting a little nudge from Anders.

Will Anders remain a constant character on the series despite his death? Or is this a temporary situation until he gets a proper goodbye with every single cast member?

The season is excelling at forging relationships between characters who otherwise wouldn’t have crossed paths organically.

Last week, Dom had a heart-to-heart with Cristal, but this week, she had a touching moment with Fallon.

Her character is really starting to grow on me as she gets a storyline that makes sense and becomes more ingrained within the Carrington family. 

What did you think of the episode? Is Amanda bad news? She has Morrell blood coursing through her, and with such an emphasis on Alexis being a liar, you have to consider that maybe she’s not being entirely truthful.

Will Eva get between Fallon and Liam? Is Kirby going to return soon? Did Culhane and Sammy really get a clean break or will Leo’s death come back to haunt them?

Sound off in the comments below, Dynasty fans! 

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