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Dynasty Life is a Masquerade Party Review Dynasty Life is a Masquerade Party Review


Dynasty – Life is a Masquerade Party (2×18)

Dynasty -- "Life is a Masquerade Party" -- Image Number: DYN218a_0352rb.jpg -- Pictured: Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon -- Photo: Jace Downs/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved



The Carrington family will throw a party for just about anything.

On Dynasty Season 2 Episode 18, Sammy decided that to get over Steven, he needed to throw himself a “coming out” as a single man party.

Per usual, the party served as the event where everything major happened.

Fallon got the guy after a lengthy cat and mouse game, Blake finally met his father-in-law, and Alexis debuted her new, terrifying face.

I’ll start with Fallon because she almost sabotaged herself again by bringing Liam and Ashley back together.

While Fallon’s decision to bring Ashley back into Liam’s life made sense in terms of pre-sales, Sammy phrased it the best: what did she think was going to happen?

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Ashley only agreed to help out Liam because she was hoping for a reconciliation.

Also, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when they said she was the Meghan Markle of the Upper East Side.

That woman doesn’t hold a candle to Meghan Markle.

Fallon’s inability to be honest about her feelings almost ruined her second chance at a relationship with Liam.

He even gave her so many attempts at being honest; he urged her to just tell him how she feels and she still hid behind her “boss lady” persona.

If it wasn’t for Sammy knocking some sense into her, I don’t think she’d muster up the courage to just be honest with Liam about her feelings.

We’re all afraid of getting hurt, but she’s hurt Liam plenty of times in an attempt to protect herself.

They both owed each other the truth.

But boy, was I happy to hear them finally say the ‘L’ word.

It’s about time!

Unfortunately, following your heart comes at a cost.

Liam and Fallon may have gotten their happy ending after a bumpy road, but Adam is gearing up to ruin Fallon’s publishing company and the success of Liam’s book.

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Dynasty – Guilt Trip To Alaska (3×01)



Dynasty Guilt Trip to Alaska Review

Fallon’s seeing dead people on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1.

It’s been a long and uneventful few months without the Carringtons antics, but despite the break, the series wasted no time addressing all the shocking cliffhangers.

The guilt Fallon is feeling stems from divers, hired by Adam, pulling two dead bodies — Trixie and Mark — out from the little lake in the Manor’s backyard.

Finding the dead bodies forced both Anders and Blake to come clean about their involvement in the murder.

And then, the family did what they do best and banded together to bury the truth and keep the police from finding any incriminating evidence.

Just another day in the Carrington household.

Covering their tracks included Adam sneaking into the morgue to “switch up” the body tags so that the cops wouldn’t find Blake’s DNA all over.

If anyone deserved to clean up this mess, it’s the man who made it.

Adam’s plan to frame Fallon backfired and instead, put daddy dearest in hot water.

After Blake figured out Adam was to blame, he slapped him in the face, a clear indication that he was no longer the “golden boy.”

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Dynasty – Deception, Jealousy and Lies (2×22)



Dynasty -- "Deception, Jealousy, and Lies" Review

Deception, jealousy and lies were at the core of a fantastic season finale.

I’d say the season’s ups and downs are worth watching simply for their shocking finales.

By the end of Dynasty Season 2 Episode 22, two dead bodies were pulled out of the Carrington lake, Liam was drowning in the pool (at least someone uses the amenities), Blake betrayed everyone, Dominique betrayed Colby, Kirby betrayed Fallon, and Adam was more deranged than ever before.

Yeah, it was a hot mess, but I was eating up every second.

This is what we’ve been wanting from a nighttime soap!

Adam will eventually get what’s coming to him, I have no doubt about that, but for now, he’s ripping the Carrington family apart.

His anger is almost at capacity, and I’m waiting for the moment he implodes.

Breaking the glass at Atlantix HQ was bad, but we need everyone to witness just how unhinged he is.

Adam has made it his mission to destroy everyone in the family while winning over his father’s love.

And while we expect him to do some crazy things, he went a little overboard on this episode.

First off, he’s responsible for sending Fallon the letter revealing that Liam has a 10-year-old child which he gave up for adoption.

A major bombshell like that deserved way more attention, yet it was only used to amplify the animosity between Liam and Adam.

How much do you want to bet we’ll meet Liam’s kid one day if he survives?

Liam should have known better than to confront Adam without anyone present, but I guess none of them deem Adam a huge risk, though Fallon should be more cautious considering he pushed Alexis face-forward into the fire.

Now, is Liam really dead?

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Dynasty – Thicker Than Money (2×21)



Dynasty -- "Thicker Than Money" Review

We’re gearing up for yet another battle between the Carringtons and the Colbys, but this one just seems uninspired.

We’ve known that Blake is a shady snake, but on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 21 he proved he’ll do anything to save his own ass.

At least he’s found a partner in crime in Cristal.

If anyone was played by Cristal, it was me.

I wanted to believe that she was gearing up to leave Blake to save her family, and admittedly, felt a pang of disappointment when I realized she willingly turned on Culhane to protect her husband.

Blake deserves everything that’s happening to him but with his rich male mentality, he thinks he’s above all of it.

With Cristal’s help, he swiftly sold Culhane out to the FBI and made them believe Culhane was playing them the whole time.

Blake Carrington playing the victim card, hysterical.

But Culhane also had it coming because he never seems to learn his lesson.

He should have known that getting involved with the Carringtons was a bad idea, that trying to take Blake down was a losing battle, and that moving out of Atlanta was the better choice.

Once the FBI arrests him, his only fighting chance will be Jeff Colby and Dominique.

Colby’s hungry to give Blake a taste of his own medicine but thus far, his efforts haven’t been successful.

Colby and his estranged mom don’t have what it takes to bring him down.

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