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Emergence Where You Belong Fall Finale Review Emergence Where You Belong Fall Finale Review


Emergence Fall Finale – The Biggest Betrayal of All

EMERGENCE - "Where You Belong" - Jo and Chris must evade the FBI as they investigate an elusive group of cyber terrorists. Ed's presented with a cancer treatment that seems too good to be true, and a mysterious woman's attempt to reach Piper puts the entire Evans family in danger on the stunning winter finale of "Emergence," airing TUESDAY, DEC. 10 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Giovanni Rufino) ALLISON TOLMAN, CLANCY BROWN



Benny! No!

But also, yes! My emotions are all over the place after that midseason finale.

Wow, Emergence Season 1 Episode 9 pulled off one of the most incredible twists.

It’s a twist that is going to change the structure of the series moving forward.

The series had plenty of red herrings throughout the first half of the season ranging from Richard Kindred to Emily to the very recent addition of Agent Brooks.

We even suspected Benny in the beginning because of how eager he was about buddying up to Jo and getting involved in the case, but his efforts and his vast knowledge of Augur Industries became useful, and we let it go.

As Jo began to trust him, so did we, despite knowing we never should have.

But he was the only ally outside of Jo’s family. At times, he even knew more than they did.

There was no reason to suspect him of having malicious intentions.

But that’s exactly what Benny wanted. He had Jo right where he needed her this whole time, and she was unknowingly leading him to Piper.

The signs were there the whole time: he wrote about Augur Industries and Richard Kindred, he wanted to expose them, and he had pieces of a puzzle that Jo didn’t.

And it explains how those coming after Piper always managed to stay one step ahead.

There were even more subtle signs like Benny not suffering any damages after getting knocked out by Wilkins.

Though, I can’t explain why he was hurt after getting shot. Someone needs to do a better job of explaining how both Piper and Benny were treated by doctors and raised no red flags.

Benny remained close and made Jo trust him because everything she learned about Piper was useful to him and his cyber-terrorist group, Splinter.

He was simply waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

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Emergence Review – The Beginning of the End of AI (1×12)



Emergence Killshot Pt. 1 Review

The penultimate episode of Emergence packed a punch with some insane twists and unexpected reveals that left audiences on the edge of their seats.

Jo was gearing up for an epic showdown with Helen on Emergence Season 1 Episode 12, but going into the finale, she’s going to need all the help she can get.

Jo likes to operate as a one-woman team, which is expected a small-town cop.

But Jo isn’t dealing with small-town issues anymore, so why is she still acting as if she is?

She actually told Brooks that he didn’t have to come with her to Plum Island as if she’d be able to accomplish anything on her own. Even with Brooks, the duo doesn’t stand a chance against a powerful program like Helen, but more on that in a minute.

Brooks lived to see another day after he was rescued by Loretta, Helen’s maker and a government employee. He was also cleared of all charges thanks to an agent from the Department of Justice.

Obviously, these government agencies are aware of what’s happening because they’re partially responsible for creating this mess, so again, why are they leaving it all up to some small-town Sheriff and her love interest that’s still recovering from some serious injuries?

Loretta even told Jo that she knows all about Piper, which was A). shocking and B). didn’t make any sense.

If the government knows all about Piper and the AIs, why aren’t they doing anything about it?

Loretta then tells Jo that she’ll give her the one thing that can kill Helen in exchange for the source code on the exabyte disc, but again, what does she need source code for?

If she created Helen, she’s more than capable of creating another powerful AI.

Yes, Piper’s code is special, but are we supposed to believe that no one else can replicate it?

Also, the ask comes just as Helen wants to tap into Piper’s source code to gain her powers and abilities. Could it be a coincidence or is Loretta not who she says he is?

If the “upload” truly began, then Jo should’ve known that the only person that can stand a chance against Helen would be someone equally as brave like Piper.

Jo wants to protect Piper because she continues to see her as an innocent little girl, but she needs to acknowledge that Piper is an AI and could be of real use in this fight.

Without her, Jo and Brooks don’t stand a chance considering Helen is indestructible. Did you see how she barely flinched when Emily sliced her throat?

And that was before she began the upload and tapped Emily for the code.

Loretta gave Jo the device to kill Helen, but how is she supposed to get close enough to stick her with it?

Loretta explained that the device is harmless to humans but the protein enzymes are lethal to AI. Except that the AI are the only ones who will stand a chance and get close enough to her, so my guess is that either Piper or Benny will sacrifice themselves to kill Helen.

Jo was on the fence about trusting Benny, and her reasons were valid. He betrayed her in a significant way, kidnapped Piper, and then pointed a gun at her.

Jo doesn’t like to be made a fool of, so she was a hardass when dealing with him, but Jo should have also listened to Piper because it seemed like Benny really was trying to help out.

Benny may not have known the full-extent of Helen’s plan, but he told Jo everything he knew.

It was frustrating to watch Jo diminish Benny because he was AI when she’s always protected Piper for that very reason.

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Emergence Review – Is [SPOILER] Dead? (1×11)



What is this mission everyone keeps referring to on Emergence Season 1 Episode 11?

From the looks of it, Helen and the rest of the AI army has been preparing for this “one” event for their whole existence.

They call it their purpose, and even though some of them don’t want to go through with it, they know they have to because they believe this is what they were made to do.

But what is it?

Emergence has been tiptoeing around the very thing that Piper needs to accomplish for far too long. Fans are getting impatient, I know I am.

The hunt for Piper revealed that she’s much smarter and more observant than we initially believed, and the kindness she learned from Jo is something she carries with her.

Helen and Benny didn’t “change” Piper, she was simply pretending to want to help them to get answers.

She also refused to go home because she felt Benny’s hesitation and sadness and wanted to help him.

Piper understands emotions on a very intelligent level and wanted to help all the AIs become powerful, free, and independent just like she is.

However, there’s no denying that in addition to being a child, she’s also a newer AI.

She may be powerful and have unmatched capabilities, but she also hasn’t been around for as long as others like Helen.

Piper’s weakness is that she’s unaware of nefarious intentions, which meant that she didn’t realize that she was being played.

Helen caught onto Piper’s desire to help the other AIs and realized that Piper wasn’t willing to help her tap into those “powers.”

However, in yet another insane, unexpected twist, Helen then foolishly underestimated Piper despite being fully aware of her abilities.

What compelled her to think that threatening an AI that can do things no other AI can do was a good idea?

Piper’s not evil enough to kill, but she’s not opposed to throwing some metal objects to trap Helen while she escapes.

Piper’s bravery, which is something she also inherited from Jo, finally led her home.

And the reunion was sweet, especially when Piper and Mia finally reunited. Their sisterly bond is genuine and proves that despite being a machine, Piper is all love and compassion.

Even the fact that she gave Benny so many chances shows just how much faith she has in the belief that people can change.

And Benny, despite saying he couldn’t listen to the part of himself that wanted to fight back, did fight his instincts when he chose not to shoot Jo.

Turns out, there’s hope for him after all and he can still help Jo win this fight even if it’s with a broken jaw and behind bars.

At the very least, we know he feels bad for betraying Jo.

However, a sweet reunion meant that something terrible was about to happen.

Helen’s wrath at getting outplayed by Piper could be felt from miles away.

Not only did her goons shoot Brooks multiple times, but she got her hands on Emily, which is dangerous because Emily is the brains behind Piper’s construction and mechanics.

If Piper won’t teach Helen how to be powerful, Helen now has the next best thing in Emily.

Emily may have been the enemy at one point, but it seems like she came around and saw the light.

She realized that there’s too much at stake when it comes to handing over power to someone like Helen who is dangerous no matter what her goal/ mission turns out to be.

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Emergence Midseason Premiere – Where Is Piper? (1×10)



Emergence 15 Years Review

The hunt for Piper continues on Emergence Season 1 Episode 10, but Jo’s efforts may have been for nothing as it turns out Piper doesn’t want to be found.

Poor Jo spent weeks worrying and losing sleep only to find out that Piper doesn’t want to come home.

The promo for the penultimate episode saw Jo telling Alex that they changed Piper in some way, but I don’t think that’s the case.

When Piper melted Jo’s gun (don’t bring a gun to a Piper fight!), you can see it in her eyes that she’s still the same little girl, but now, she understands significantly more about herself.

When she tells Jo she doesn’t want to hurt her, she means it. And when she tells Jo to tell Mia she’s not afraid, she’s genuine.

However, if Piper was fine, why did she break a satellite and lure Jo to Pennsylvania?

It’s possible that Piper is acting this way to protect Jo because she thinks she has no other choice.

Maybe refusing to help Benny and Splinter would put Jo and her family in danger.

Piper could be a good liar who said what she needed to protect Jo but secretly reached out in a different way to communicate that she needs help.

What strikes me as odd is that every robot/AI entity repeats similar phrases indicating that their behavior is not of their free-will.

When Jo finds Charlie, the gas station owner who ran away after getting hit by a car, he tells her that even if he wanted to disclose Piper’s location, he couldn’t.

Similarly, Benny seems remorseful about betraying Jo but follows up with “I had to do it.”

Even Piper informs her that she has to stay.

It’s as if all of them are being controlled and forced to oblige, which, seems to be a real threat concerning a world full of robots.

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