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Emergence No Outlet Review Emergence No Outlet Review


Emergence – No Outlet (1×04)

EMERGENCE - "No Outlet" - After learning more about Piper's origins, Jo struggles with the decision to shelter her. Benny enlists a friend to hack Kindred's secret files, and Chris clashes with a headstrong informant he's assigned to protect on "Emergence," airing TUESDAY, OCT. 15 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Giovanni Rufino) ALEXA SWINTON, ALLISON TOLMAN



Emergence wasted no time asking the follow-up questions to “who is Piper.”

Much like the fandom, Jo wanted to know who was living in her house on Emergence Season 1 Episode 4.

Specifically, what she was, where she came from, and what was she capable of.

Since Benny tracked down Emily, Jo figured she squeeze out as much intel out of her as possible.

The gist of Emily’s information was that there is absolutely no human aspect to Piper. She’s 100% AI, code, synthetic, or whatever else you want to call it.

But that doesn’t necessarily explain the bio side of things — the bleeding, the blood being drawn, even something as simple as drinking water.

Even Emily couldn’t answer that one.

Kindred and Augur Industries may be dangerous, but there’s nothing more dangerous than a woman and mom who wants to know the truth.

Jo’s hunt for answers was thrilling and aptly mirrored our quest for the truth.

She didn’t stop after getting a sliver of the information nor was she scared away by all the danger signs.

After poking at Emily, she openly asked Kindred.

He gave her the runaround and compared Piper to a chimpanzee who exhibited human behavior until it one day turned on the family.

The bottom line is that he echoed the same thing Benny and Emily did: code is dangerous and unpredictable.

For a bit, Jo also seemed concerned, especially after Piper blew up the Child Service’s lady’s phone.

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Emergence – RDZ9021 (1×05)




Throughout most of Emergence Season 1 Episode 5, Jo says that they have to play it smart and then proceeds to do everything but play it smart.

Jo’s a determined small-town cop with skills and guts, but she doesn’t stand a chance at taking down someone as powerful and elevated as Richard Kindred.

Kindred has men everywhere, and they’re always a few steps ahead of Jo and Benny.

It’s how he managed to have one of his hitman attack April and Benny when she was decrypting the harddrive.

Granted, if the hitman was smart, he wouldn’t have left Benny alive as to not identify him, but even so, Jo and Benny weren’t able to connect any concrete evidence to Kindred.

Kindred’s been responsible for a plethora of bad things and has managed to cover his tracks at every turn.

Jo tried to build a case against him with one weak link, which fell apart almost immediately.

If she wants to succeed, she’s going to need a lot more than the license plate of his hitman.

As we saw, his people easily altered the system to make it look like the car had been stolen for days.

Honestly, I’m not even sure if Jo would be allowed to arrest someone out of her jurisdiction like that.

Arresting Kindred meant that she not only exposed herself even more than she previously had, but she also waged a full-on war against him.

He now views her as someone threatening him and his business.

She wasn’t even able to convince anyone that she was telling the truth.

Even her DA thought everything she and Officer Chris said sounded more like a conspiracy theory than reality.

And Jo doesn’t even know the extent of Kindred’s capabilities yet.

While she thinks she’s protecting Piper by keeping her inside the house, she’s also blissfully unaware that Kindred has a way to “connect” with Piper.

She is an Android after all. I’m sure Kindred has plenty of ways to access Piper.

His chat with Piper was the equivalent of someone hacking into her system and then wiping any recollection of it.

What plans does Kindred have for Piper?

Comparing her to a revolutionary new color means that he plans to roll out this technology at some point, right?

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Emergence – 2 MG CU BID (1×03)



Emergence 2 MG CU BID Review


Three episodes in and we’re already getting answers to many burning questions starting with “Who is Piper,” the young girl with powers at the center of the mystery.

On Emergence Season 1 Episode 3, we find out what Piper is . . . or, better yet, what she isn’t.

As many of us have guessed, Piper isn’t human.

This massive reveal explained why her fever wasn’t responding to treatment, why doctors couldn’t find a cure, and why all of her organs began shutting down at a rapid pace.

Most importantly, it explained the terrifying glitches in her programming.

But I’m not all convinced that she’s strictly a robot.

Sure, robots have humanlike abilities, which explains why Piper was able to assimilate rather quickly but there are other things that don’t quite add up.

How do you explain a robot bleeding while removing a tracking chip as Piper did on Emergence Season 1 Episode 1?

Would a robot have “organs” that could shut down? Or was Emily just referring to Piper’s parts shutting down instead?

Piper’s robotic reveal is a delicious twist, yet it’s surprising so early on in the season.

Then again, the folks behind Emergence promised to be forthcoming with answers and it’s a way to assure audiences that Piper’s identity is only a small piece of this juicy puzzle.

With ten more episodes left, it’s hard to imagine what other twists, reveals, and cliffhangers are headed our way but they’ll surely supersede this one.

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Emergence Series Premiere – Pilot (1×01)



Emergence Series Premiere Pilot Review

If you’re looking for a show to fill your sci-fi void, Emergence is that show.

At the conclusion of Emergence Season 1 Episode 1, there are enough similarities to make comparisons to shows like Netflix’s Stranger Things and NBC’s Manifest.

There is a supernatural occurrence involving a plane, a government conspiracy, a young girl with powers that harnesses water and electricity, and a loving and protective mother who gets drawn into the center of the mystery.

But some moments set it apart — this mystery is more grounded without the flashiness, 1980’s nostalgia, gray-areas, or monsters.

Emergence delivers on the promise of providing answers more rapidly than Manifest Season 1 while still leaving plenty to the imagination.

The pilot episode moves swiftly from scene-to-scene, sometimes making you feel as though you overlooked something. You haven’t.

It also provides enough jumpy moments and backstory to leave you hooked by the end of the hour.

But the key takeaway is that looks can be deceiving, and no one should be fooled by outward appearances.

Piper, the name given to the little girl found at the crash site by small-town cop, Jo, and her daughter, Mia, remains an enigma throughout much of the episode while concurrently seeming familiar.

We don’t know any more about her by the end than we did at the beginning. Who is she? What is she? Where is she from? Was she on the plane? But we are left with a suspicious feeling that she may not be as good as she’s led Jo to believe.

Moreso, she might not have amnesia at all.

There’s enough evidence to argue that sweet little Piper remembers everything, and whatever that everything is could be the reason she’s not telling Jo the truth.

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