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Emergence – RDZ9021 (1×05)

EMERGENCE - "RDZ9021" - Jo is determined to prove Kindred was behind the attack on Benny and April. Meanwhile, Piper experiences intense, confusing visions on "Emergence," airing TUESDAY, OCT. 29 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Giovanni Rufino) ASHLEY AUFDERHEIDE, ALLISON TOLMAN, DONALD FAISON



Throughout most of Emergence Season 1 Episode 5, Jo says that they have to play it smart and then proceeds to do everything but play it smart.

Jo’s a determined small-town cop with skills and guts, but she doesn’t stand a chance at taking down someone as powerful and elevated as Richard Kindred.

Kindred has men everywhere, and they’re always a few steps ahead of Jo and Benny.

It’s how he managed to have one of his hitman attack April and Benny when she was decrypting the harddrive.

Granted, if the hitman was smart, he wouldn’t have left Benny alive as to not identify him, but even so, Jo and Benny weren’t able to connect any concrete evidence to Kindred.

Kindred’s been responsible for a plethora of bad things and has managed to cover his tracks at every turn.

Jo tried to build a case against him with one weak link, which fell apart almost immediately.

If she wants to succeed, she’s going to need a lot more than the license plate of his hitman.

As we saw, his people easily altered the system to make it look like the car had been stolen for days.

Honestly, I’m not even sure if Jo would be allowed to arrest someone out of her jurisdiction like that.

Arresting Kindred meant that she not only exposed herself even more than she previously had, but she also waged a full-on war against him.

He now views her as someone threatening him and his business.

She wasn’t even able to convince anyone that she was telling the truth.

Even her DA thought everything she and Officer Chris said sounded more like a conspiracy theory than reality.

And Jo doesn’t even know the extent of Kindred’s capabilities yet.

While she thinks she’s protecting Piper by keeping her inside the house, she’s also blissfully unaware that Kindred has a way to “connect” with Piper.

She is an Android after all. I’m sure Kindred has plenty of ways to access Piper.

His chat with Piper was the equivalent of someone hacking into her system and then wiping any recollection of it.

What plans does Kindred have for Piper?

Comparing her to a revolutionary new color means that he plans to roll out this technology at some point, right?

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Emergence Season 1 Finale Review – Piper Saves the Day (1×13)



Emergence Killshot Pt 2 Review

Piper’s journey is one for the books.

And it’s not over, even though Emergence Season 1 Episode 13 wrapped up nearly every storyline knowing that a second season wasn’t guaranteed.

Currently, the show is on the brink of cancellation, but let’s not focus on that now because Emergence doesn’t deserve it and neither do the writers, the crew, nor the actors.

With so many story arcs floating around, the finale came together quite nicely. The stakes were raised just enough so that things were suspenseful but no substantial damage occurred.

And the cliffhanger remains that little beam of hope that a second season might just happen.

It provides us with just enough to continue the story around Piper, but it’s also fine if we never find out what happens because we know that if anything, Jo’s got it handled. She always does.

For a series that was running on empty when it came to happy endings, there was an abundance of them by the end of the hour even if they didn’t seem like happy endings at first.

As predicted, Benny and Piper both sacrificed themselves for the greater good.

Benny’s death was heartbreaking, permanent, and followed by Jo’s realization that Piper was right and he truly had changed.

Benny may have led Jo on for most of Emergence Season 1, but once he was convinced to act and think for himself, he wanted to make amends for betraying her.

His death was his redemption.

He and Piper were the only ones who could get close to Helen, and even then, it was a suicide mission.

Helen was either too strong for the killshot to work or it was never intended to work in the first place. It’s unclear.

Despite Loretta and her mate, Department of Justice agent Michael, acting as allies to Jo and Brooks, they always had an ulterior motive that didn’t have their best interests at heart. It’s a good thing Jo never trusted them or handed over what they wanted.

Piper’s sacrifice came after she and Jo teamed up to take down Helen once and for all.

Helen was shown to be a pretty fierce and dangerous villain, so it felt a little cheap that all it took to take her down was a perfectly crafted ambush between Jo and Piper.

However, it was fun to watch them work together and cheer them on. They’re such a great duo.

It was also proof that there’s a chance this mess could have been avoided if Jo had just listened to Piper in the first place.

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Emergence Review – The Beginning of the End of AI (1×12)



Emergence Killshot Pt. 1 Review

The penultimate episode of Emergence packed a punch with some insane twists and unexpected reveals that left audiences on the edge of their seats.

Jo was gearing up for an epic showdown with Helen on Emergence Season 1 Episode 12, but going into the finale, she’s going to need all the help she can get.

Jo likes to operate as a one-woman team, which is expected a small-town cop.

But Jo isn’t dealing with small-town issues anymore, so why is she still acting as if she is?

She actually told Brooks that he didn’t have to come with her to Plum Island as if she’d be able to accomplish anything on her own. Even with Brooks, the duo doesn’t stand a chance against a powerful program like Helen, but more on that in a minute.

Brooks lived to see another day after he was rescued by Loretta, Helen’s maker and a government employee. He was also cleared of all charges thanks to an agent from the Department of Justice.

Obviously, these government agencies are aware of what’s happening because they’re partially responsible for creating this mess, so again, why are they leaving it all up to some small-town Sheriff and her love interest that’s still recovering from some serious injuries?

Loretta even told Jo that she knows all about Piper, which was A). shocking and B). didn’t make any sense.

If the government knows all about Piper and the AIs, why aren’t they doing anything about it?

Loretta then tells Jo that she’ll give her the one thing that can kill Helen in exchange for the source code on the exabyte disc, but again, what does she need source code for?

If she created Helen, she’s more than capable of creating another powerful AI.

Yes, Piper’s code is special, but are we supposed to believe that no one else can replicate it?

Also, the ask comes just as Helen wants to tap into Piper’s source code to gain her powers and abilities. Could it be a coincidence or is Loretta not who she says he is?

If the “upload” truly began, then Jo should’ve known that the only person that can stand a chance against Helen would be someone equally as brave like Piper.

Jo wants to protect Piper because she continues to see her as an innocent little girl, but she needs to acknowledge that Piper is an AI and could be of real use in this fight.

Without her, Jo and Brooks don’t stand a chance considering Helen is indestructible. Did you see how she barely flinched when Emily sliced her throat?

And that was before she began the upload and tapped Emily for the code.

Loretta gave Jo the device to kill Helen, but how is she supposed to get close enough to stick her with it?

Loretta explained that the device is harmless to humans but the protein enzymes are lethal to AI. Except that the AI are the only ones who will stand a chance and get close enough to her, so my guess is that either Piper or Benny will sacrifice themselves to kill Helen.

Jo was on the fence about trusting Benny, and her reasons were valid. He betrayed her in a significant way, kidnapped Piper, and then pointed a gun at her.

Jo doesn’t like to be made a fool of, so she was a hardass when dealing with him, but Jo should have also listened to Piper because it seemed like Benny really was trying to help out.

Benny may not have known the full-extent of Helen’s plan, but he told Jo everything he knew.

It was frustrating to watch Jo diminish Benny because he was AI when she’s always protected Piper for that very reason.

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Emergence Review – Is [SPOILER] Dead? (1×11)



What is this mission everyone keeps referring to on Emergence Season 1 Episode 11?

From the looks of it, Helen and the rest of the AI army has been preparing for this “one” event for their whole existence.

They call it their purpose, and even though some of them don’t want to go through with it, they know they have to because they believe this is what they were made to do.

But what is it?

Emergence has been tiptoeing around the very thing that Piper needs to accomplish for far too long. Fans are getting impatient, I know I am.

The hunt for Piper revealed that she’s much smarter and more observant than we initially believed, and the kindness she learned from Jo is something she carries with her.

Helen and Benny didn’t “change” Piper, she was simply pretending to want to help them to get answers.

She also refused to go home because she felt Benny’s hesitation and sadness and wanted to help him.

Piper understands emotions on a very intelligent level and wanted to help all the AIs become powerful, free, and independent just like she is.

However, there’s no denying that in addition to being a child, she’s also a newer AI.

She may be powerful and have unmatched capabilities, but she also hasn’t been around for as long as others like Helen.

Piper’s weakness is that she’s unaware of nefarious intentions, which meant that she didn’t realize that she was being played.

Helen caught onto Piper’s desire to help the other AIs and realized that Piper wasn’t willing to help her tap into those “powers.”

However, in yet another insane, unexpected twist, Helen then foolishly underestimated Piper despite being fully aware of her abilities.

What compelled her to think that threatening an AI that can do things no other AI can do was a good idea?

Piper’s not evil enough to kill, but she’s not opposed to throwing some metal objects to trap Helen while she escapes.

Piper’s bravery, which is something she also inherited from Jo, finally led her home.

And the reunion was sweet, especially when Piper and Mia finally reunited. Their sisterly bond is genuine and proves that despite being a machine, Piper is all love and compassion.

Even the fact that she gave Benny so many chances shows just how much faith she has in the belief that people can change.

And Benny, despite saying he couldn’t listen to the part of himself that wanted to fight back, did fight his instincts when he chose not to shoot Jo.

Turns out, there’s hope for him after all and he can still help Jo win this fight even if it’s with a broken jaw and behind bars.

At the very least, we know he feels bad for betraying Jo.

However, a sweet reunion meant that something terrible was about to happen.

Helen’s wrath at getting outplayed by Piper could be felt from miles away.

Not only did her goons shoot Brooks multiple times, but she got her hands on Emily, which is dangerous because Emily is the brains behind Piper’s construction and mechanics.

If Piper won’t teach Helen how to be powerful, Helen now has the next best thing in Emily.

Emily may have been the enemy at one point, but it seems like she came around and saw the light.

She realized that there’s too much at stake when it comes to handing over power to someone like Helen who is dangerous no matter what her goal/ mission turns out to be.

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