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Extant- Before the Blood (1×12)



Anticipation is high for next weeks episode of Extant, considering this weeks episode took me for a trip. And I’m not just talking about a trip to outer space.

I thought I knew better, but I was completely fooled by Katie’s appearance on the space station. I was skeptical at first, but everything about her seemed so real. The video sent to Molly and Alan. They all saw her. It wasn’t like the first two alien encounters, where Molly looked like she was dry humping the air. Other people saw Katie. Katie existed. Like, she told a story about how she survived 23-months in orbit. Sure, that’s a stretch. What would she eat? But that’s irrelevant cause she was alive. She remembered things from her past, she was scared of going back into the capsule. How is she an alien? How does this work? As entranced as I am by this whole story, the lack of explanation is really pissing me off. How can these aliens just become real people and know everything about them? It’s absurd. Unfortunately, despite wanting Katie to be real, she isn’t. Sean goes down into a room in the Seraphim, where Katie’s dead and frozen body falls out of the closet. He flips out, and Katie appears locking him in the room, repeating, “It’s Okay.” It’s kind of sad that I was more distraught by this relationship, than by anything else I’ve seen on this show the whole time…. That has to say something right?


Molly was on a mission of finding out what she did when she was in her “alien-baby” trance. Apparently, she entered a code, that set the Seraphim Sean Glass was on out of orbit, by warning the shuttle that there would be a meteor shower.  Will she be able to correct her error in time? If not, the seraphim will blow up. Alan asks Molly to help save the shuttle, which he believes has his daughter on it, even though the alien baby told him to change the course. Why? It’s all really confusing. Will Molly make her way back up to space? Most likely.


Especially since we met her son today, whose like 5-years-old already. How did he grow up so quickly? Cause he’s an alien duh! But at least Molly was right about continuously repeating that she needed to believe in her son cause he came from her. He is part human. Also, no idea how. He came to her door and Ethan got scared, breaking the glass and scaring him off. Poor Ethan has just been a victim in all of this. No one is telling him what’s happening because well, no kid would understand this, but he totally feels like he’s being lied to. More on that in a minute. Molly finally meets her other-son, who I guess is also Marcus’s son? He takes her through visions where I myself was questioning what was happening and what was real/what wasn’t. Molly finally told him that she didn’t want to see those people, she wanted to be with him. He tells her that he’s only taking order from his alien leaders, who are making their way down to earth. She asks him to stop, but he says he can’t. According to him, the only person that can stop them is Molly. Why? Again no idea. And what does he mean by “before the blood.” You see how this whole “no answers” thing is getting quite annoying. 


Another exciting part of this weeks episode? Julie taking the blindfold off and finally coming to her senses! Thank god! After Charlie notices a 90-minute gap in Ethan’s system, he asks Julie, who let’s him know that Ethan was spending time with Odin alone. She doesn’t want to believe that Odin could be up to no good, but Charlie insist’s that Ethan get checked out anyway. Well, this is all part of Odin’s plan. He’s a manipulator. He manipulated an innocent kid robot into thinking his parent’s wanted to shut him down. He also gave him a “burner phone” which was actually a bomb and told him it was good for one call. If Ethan felt scared that his parents were about to shut him down, he should press the button and Odin would come save him. So, when dad took him down to the lab for testing Ethan began freaking out. He was so close to pressing the button, when Julie talked him out of thinking anyone wanted to hurt him. She than found out, the whole idea was planted in his mind by Odin. 


Cue the cyberstalking. Julie finds out that Odin isn’t really this dudes name by locating his arm piece. She googles him and realizes that he was previously arrested for planning terrorism plots on technology. Taking things a little further, she sneaks into his room and finds out the most disturbing plan. Behind the British accent and nice guy facade was a twisted man, who recorded a video based on what he thought was going to happen. He was convinced that Ethan would press the button, blowing up him and all of Yasimoto’s humatics lab, proving that robots would never be like people and would go to extremes like killing their creators if they got upset with them. Twisted right? Also, kind of genius. Thankfully, he underestimated Ethan and actually proved himself wrong. Ethan didn’t turn into a psychotic robot killing machine under negative influence, and that, makes me even happier. That story really trumps everything that Molly’s been doing since day one. Sorry!

Next week is the finale, and while I’m hoping for a cliffhanger, I could understand if the show wasn’t renewed. In this case, I hope I finally get some answers and a satisfying end, to one confusing, story. 

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Coffee Table News

Casting News: “Happy Time” Casts Idina Menzel + “Extant’s” Newcomer



Idina Menzel, who flawlessly belted out the Star Spangled Banner at last night’s Superbowl XLIX, is coming to the small screen.

The Frozen actress will lead Ellen DeGeneres’s comedy, Happy Time, as a high profile woman who wants to stop pretending she’s happy…. all. the.time.



Jeffrey Dean Morgan is going to be facing off with some aliens! 

The Greys Anatomy alum is joining Halle Berry on Extant. 

He will play JD Richter, a “roguish…free-wheeling, hard-drinking” bounty hunter who is fearless and reckless. He thought he saw everything until he meets Molly and hears about her supernatural encounters.

The cast is getting a little makeover for the second season as well. Molly’s husband, played by Goran Visnjic, and her friend Sam, played by Camryn Manheim, will only return as guest stars on a few episodes. Seems a little weird considering their the two closes people in her life. But, season 2 was said to be focusing on Molly’s journey for her alien baby and she’s not taking those she loves for a ride. Yasumoto and Alan Sparks, will not be returning at all.

Morgan joins a cast that differs greatly from that of Season 1; Goran Visnjic, who plays Molly’s husband John, and Camryn Manheim, who plays her friend Sam, will return for a few episodes. Hiroyuki Sanada and Michael O’Neill, who played Yasumoto and Alan Sparks respectively, will not be back at all.

What do you think about the casting news for both Happy Time and Extant? Sound off in the comments! 


Photo Credit: CBS/Extant

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Extant- Ascension (1×13)



This series finale gave me major anxiety. Hands down, the best episode of Extant to date. I’m not sure if the show will get renewed, from the looks of it, probably no, but thankfully, there was a satisfying season finale that kind of gave us the answers we were looking for, while also leaving room for a season 2 if necessary.

Ascension was the root of it all. Would Molly save the world? Would she be able to fight the alien spores and the hallucinations? Would she die in space and become one with earth? The probability of success was unlike, as Ben mentioned several times throughout her mission. What a negative nancy. Despite the risk, the ISEA sent Molly up to the seraphim. After all, there were two lives (or so we thought) up there. And if the seraphim made it’s way to the atmosphere and exploded, all those spores would infect earth, which is exactly what the alien-life forms wanted. Humans? We don’t want that.


So Molly went on the most dangerous mission of all, leaving behind John and Ethan, who had some trouble of their own. Julie downloaded the video from Odin’s computer and showed John and Charlie. If what they were watching was factual, Odin planted a bomb inside Ethan. The only way to find out would be to shut him down and open him up. Of course, that was risky, cause if there really was a bomb, who knows if it would detonate or not. Charlie and Julie were against doing it themselves, opting to call in a bomb-squad, but John was against that knowing damn well that they wouldn’t do anything to help Ethan, just shut him down for good and destroy him. Ethan of course, was brainwashed by Odin to fear getting shut down because he thought his dad would want to shut him down for good, as he was afraid of his vast developments. John promised Ethan that he would never turn him off for good, and that’s when they all learned about “the phone” Odin gave him. You know, the phone that’s actually a bomb. Homie really thought this through didn’t he? John was able to talk Ethan out of pressing that button and blowing everyone to smithereens and eventually, Ethan agreed to shut down.

Meanwhile, Molly docked into the seraphim, equipped to fight any alien-formation and the hallucination it brings with a suit that would detect if the person she was seeing was real, or made up of spores. The seraphim was deserted, so Molly knew something was off. She found Sean, locked inside a room, banging on the door for help. After scanning to make sure Sean was okay, she injected him with some nutrients, let him in on the plan and found out that Katie, wasn’t real at all. The aliens hallucinations were just getting really good. She continued on to complete plan A and restore a battery, to raise the antenna. Unfortunately, she was met there by Katie, still pretending to be real. Obviously Molly came all this way, and she wasn’t going to let this thing stand in her way. She knocked her out and locked her in the room, compromising herself in the process. This is where things got tricky. As Molly went to complete the mission, Sean almost let the alien out of the room because she appeared as Molly now, instead of Katie. When Molly tried to contact him again, she got no signal. Making her way to their meeting point, she saw that the wires had been cut.  Plan B was now out of the picture.She was losing consciousness, so she went to get some injections before continuing on with Plan C. That’s when she was taken into her “hallucination” world, but knowing better, injected the Marcus-look alike, who was really Sean, and knocked him out. She didn’t need the disturbances– she only had 11 minutes to compete the mission.


Back on earth, John informed Ethan of the bomb in his body. Unfortunately they couldn’t move it, or remove it, in fear of setting it off and blowing him up. The fact that they couldn’t get into his system to control him, meant they couldn’t back up Ethan’s program. Thus loosing him forever if anything went wrong. He was then informed by the ISEA that they had to evacuate the building as Molly’s child had breached and they could not continue guiding her without his manipulations. He wanted to stop his mother, because that’s what the alien spores were telling him to do. Ethan realized he could go help her since he didn’t have the biology the aliens used to control people. Duh, he was a robot. It was risky, but something he felt he needed to do.


He made his way into the building on a scooter– brilliant– and wasn’t phased at all by the other “son” who was blowing up glass doorways with his mind. Anger issues much? I don’t know why Molly ever cared about this “second son” more than Ethan. He sucks. By this time in space, Molly had placed bombs all over the seraphim and moved Sean’s body into the shuttle, ready for blast off. Except that, as she tried to detach, Ben informed Molly that it was too dangerous. Both of them had been compromised by the spores, and going to earth would mean the spread of infection. Ben couldn’t allow her to do that. Molly tried to manually override the system, but to no avail.

extant-113-pre-6That’s when she heard Ethan’s voice over the P.A. He was there to help. Molly informed him and John, who was also listening, that she couldn’t detach. Someone would have to override the system at the headquarters and it would involve a human to place their heat over the glass. Ethan said he would do it by raising his heat warmers to 96 degrees, but John said no. Raising his temperature could cause him to start an internal fire and kill him. Ethan didn’t care. First off, he’d learned that he could do it through Odin. He might have been trying to make Ethan do bad things, but he actually taught him a thing or two. Plus, he felt that this was his purpose. And we all know this kid had a hard time finding one… especially as a robot trying to be a human.

Ethan’s plan worked, and Molly’s ship detached and took off, just as the seraphim blew up behind her. Ethan had helped her save earth, but killed himself in the process. Minutes later, his whole body began glowing. He told the alien-child to run and save himself, before we’re told the ISEA blew up.

Five days later, Molly, John, Julie and Charlie were mourning the loss of their son and friend. It was a bittersweet moment. This whole episode, we weren’t sure who would survive and who would die. We got sweet and heartbreaking goodbyes between Molly and John, and John and Ethan. As a robot, Ethan proved to be more human than most humans, even Odin. He proved that despite negative manipulation, a robot is still able to chose right from wrong, make a decision, trust people, even if their hurting him, and ultimately, sacrifice himself for the greater good. Ethan taught to love, but he also taught the human experience. Much is to be learned from this little boy, so I’m not ashamed to admit, I shed a few tears when Ethan died… when his 3-d model shut down on the screen.


I also squealed with excitement when his system turned back on. How? I’m not really sure. But Ethan was everywhere. His program had saved somehow, somewhere. John didn’t need to do it, Ethan was advanced enough to do it himself. He lost his human body, but that’s nothing dad can’t rebuild again. But this way, he was more like Ben, everywhere all the time. It was a touching moment to know that while us humans, did so much evil to try to bring back the dead and preserve our time on earth/stop aging, a young humatic sacrificed himself, and returned from the dead anyways. Robots can’t die!


The last scene was there only in case the show gets renewed. Molly’s son never died. He was part human, part alien walking the streets of the earth. Was he angry that Molly didn’t listen to him? Stopped whatever his alien superiors were trying to do? Was he mad she didn’t come looking for him? Had another son who saved her? Some random nice family picked him up, so are they now in complete danger? Is anything ever really over? Who knows. If the show doesn’t return for season 2, it’s left up to your interpretation. But at least, everyone got a happy ending. And we can just pretend that Odin got what was coming to him, Julie and Charlie ended up together and Molly and John finally appreciated their humatic son a lot more.



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Coffee Table News

Will CBS’s Extant Be Renewed For Season 2?



Do you see Extant in your future? Can the sci-fi series, starring a huge movie star, make it to season 2? It’s looking like a 50/50 chance according to the producer Mickey Fischer.

Extant is considered a limited series, but it looks like it has enough storyline to continue into season 2. The question is, do the viewers want to keep tuning into the complex, serialized extra-terrestrial drama?

Fischer has said that he has enough to keep the series going, but if it meets it’s end after just one season, he promises a satisfying finale.

The show focuses on Molly, played by Halle Berry, as she returns from a 13-month solo space mission and finds out she’s pregnant. 


There’s three more episodes left of season 1 and CBS has not made a decision regarding the future of the show.

The series hasn’t been a ratings powerhouse, which is why it might not be renewed. But, the ratings haven’t been bad either. 

Extant debuted July 9 and attracted 9.58 million viewers. The 1.7 rating was amongst 18-49 demographic.

In two weeks, ratings took a moderate dip, which is pretty normal for a new series. Unfortunately, they continued declining in week three.

The show currently draws a consistent 1.0, with a little under 6 million viewers.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Extant? Should it be cancelled or renewed?


Photo Credit: CBS/Extant

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