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Extra Claims He Was Fired From Chicago PD Because of Sophia Bush, She Says “No”

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Things got pretty ugly when an extra, who claims to have worked on Chicago PD, said that they were fired for talking to the cast.

Specifically, to Sophia Bush.

It all started after Bush tweeted about Donald Trump firing a contests on the The Apprentice for “locker room talk,” an excuse he used after a video of him making degrading comments about women surfaced.

The Twitter user replied to Bush writing, “You’ve gotten people fired for less than that. You gotten people fired for just saying hi to you on set.”

Bush wasn’t going to let that comment slide and responded,  “you’re very strange. No one gets fired for saying ‘hello,’ anywhere, any place. PS The guys I work with? 99.99% awesome dudes.”

Bu the Twitter user was persistent, insisting that after they spoke to Bush and tried to take a photo, she went to management and got them fired.

Bush pointed out a few things that may have gotten them in trouble instead…. the NO TALKING ON SET RULE.

Read the full story here. 

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD – Infection Part III (7×04)



ChicagoCHICAGO P.D. Infection Part III Review P.D.- Season 7

The action-packed three-hour crossover event continued on Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 4.

On Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 4, it was established that there was a deadly outbreak in Chicago, while Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 4, established that it was bio-terrorism, a man-made attack on the city.

To quote Will Halstead words, it was apocalyptic.

Fittingly, the last installment of the crossover event focused on finding the man responsible.

No time was wasted as Intelligence jumped into figuring out who was behind the massive outbreak sending mass hysteria echoing through the city confines.

Before I dive fully into this episode, I have to say that this was some excellent work on behalf of the #OneChicago team — from the writers to the directors to the actors to the makeup department.

That flesh-eating bacteria was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

It felt more like a movie than an annual crossover.

It’s taken them a few years, but they’ve perfected the formula.

Best of all, all three shows were integrated organically.

All the heavy hitters from Chicago Fire, Med, and PD were utilized accordingly throughout the entire length of the crossover making it hard to tell which show you were watching.

They embodied the word “crossover” in every sense of the way.

Everyone was affected; everyone had something at stake.

The final hour picked up right after Med patients broke free from quarantine, but since the episode was so intense, the moment became a blimp in the overall story.

First on the agenda was identifying the suspect.

While some “cases of the week” are relatively easy to crack, there wasn’t much suspicion being raised about Dr. Seldon until Halstead identified him on video.

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD – Familia (7×03)



Chicago PD Familia Review

And just like that Vanessa Rojas is in, and Antonio Dawson is out.

Voight and the rest of Intelligence glossed over Antonio’s departure on Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 3 in a truly infuriating manner.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, Voight mentioned that Antonio was moving to Puerto Rico to be with his family.

That’s it.

If that sounds wildly out of character, well, that’s because it is.

Antonio’s whole family — his son, daughter, and ex-wife — are all in Chicago.

And his whole life outside of his family was rooted in Intelligence.

You’d think that to overcome addiction, he’d want to be near his support system.

The only good thing is that at least his off-screen exit is consistent with his sister Gabriela Dawson’s (Monica Raymund) exit, who also moved to Puerto Rico when she left Chicago Fire.

Ultimately, the reason Antonio is leaving isn’t what has fans so upset.

It’s that Antonio, a character who has been with the series since its inception, deserved better.

He deserved better from his team, his friends, and from the writers of this series.

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Chicago P.D

Chicago PD – Assets (7×02)



Chicago PD Assets Review

It’s unclear if Darius Walker will “be good for Chicago,” but one thing is certain: Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 2 was damn good for Chicago.

“Assets” was a phenomenal episode with plenty of surprising moments and unexpected twists, a rarity for a series that follows a meticulously crafted procedural formula.

The plot involving a drug syndicate isn’t fresh, but this time around it yielded some engaging moments for our less featured characters.

Chicago PD’s strength seems to lie within cases of the week that put the spotlight on “minor” characters.

Don’t get me wrong, Halstead, Upton, and Ruzek are great, but they’re played out.

How many times can these three sing the hero song?

How many times can they try to fill Antonio and Al’s shoes?

And how many times can Upton’s hard-to-crack exterior put punks in their place?

It’s old and repetitive.

But Atwater has always been the show’s secret weapon.

Anytime he’s dropped into the middle of the action the episodes have character.

And that’s because Atwater is an all-around good dude who wants to do the right thing but realizes that when it comes to situations involving minorities, there’s usually a gray area.

If this had been the episode that kickstarted Chicago PD Season 7, I would have said we were in good hands and on track for one of the strongest seasons.

Atwater shared the screen with show’s newest character, Vanessa Rojas, (played by The Fosters’ Lisseth Chavez).

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