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Fall 2014-2015 TV Schedule



The Fall 2014 TV schedule is right around the corner. We’ve got your list of premiere dates, so you don’t miss a beat. September and October are going to be super busy!!! So sit back with your pumpkin spice latte and find out when your favorite shows premiere, right here.


Sunday, September 7

8 p.m.: Utopia (new series) (Fox)

9 p.m.: Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Tuesday, September 9

10 p.m.: Sons of Anarchy (FX)

Wednesday, September 10

8 p.m.: Hell’s Kitchen (Fox)

Thursday, September 11

8 p.m.: The Biggest Loser (NBC)

Monday, September 15

8 p.m.: Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

Tuesday, September 16

9 p.m.: New Girl (Fox)

9:30 p.m.: The Mindy Project (Fox)

Wednesday, September 17

9 p.m.: Red Band Society (new series)(Fox)

Sunday, September 21

8:00 p.m.: Madam Secretary (new series)(CBS)

9:00 p.m.: The Good Wife (CBS)

Monday, September 22

8 p.m.: The Voice (NBC)

8 p.m.: The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

8 p.m.: Gotham (new series)(Fox)

9 p.m.: Scorpion (new series)(CBS)

9 p.m.: Sleepy Hollow (Fox)

10 p.m.: The Blacklist (NBC)

10 p.m.: Under the Dome finale (CBS)

10 p.m.: Forever sneak peek (new series) (ABC)

Tuesday, September 23

8 p.m.: NCIS (CBS)

9 p.m.: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)

9 p.m: NCIS: New Orleans (new series)(CBS)

10 p.m.: Chicago Fire (NBC)

10 p.m.: Person of Interest (CBS)

Wednesday, September 24

8 p.m.:  Mysteries of Laura (new series)(NBC)

8 p.m.: Survivor (CBS)

8 p.m.: The Middle (ABC)

8:30 p.m.: The Goldbergs (ABC)

9 p.m.: Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

9 p.m.: Extant finale (CBS)

9 p.m.: Modern Family (ABC)

9:30 p.m.: Black-ish (new series) (ABC)

10 p.m.: Chicago PD (NBC)

10 p.m. Nashville (ABC)

Thursday, September 25

8 p.m.: Bones (Fox)

8 p.m.: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

9 p.m.: Scandal (ABC)

10 p.m.: Parenthood (NBC)

10 p.m.: How to Get Away with Murder (new series)(ABC)

Friday, September 26

8 p.m.: The Amazing Race (CBS)

8 p.m.: Shark Tank (ABC)

9 p.m.: Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

10 p.m. Blue Bloods (CBS)

Sunday, September 28

8 p.m.: The Simpsons (Fox)

8 p.m.: Once Upon a Time (ABC)

8:30 p.m.: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

9 p.m.: Family Guy premiere/The Simpsons crossover episode (Fox)

9 p.m.: Resurrection (ABC)

10 p.m.: CSI (CBS)

10 p.m.: Revenge (ABC)


Monday, September 29

8:30 p.m.: Mom (CBS)

10 p.m. NCIS: LA (CBS)

10 p.m.: Castle (ABC)

Tuesday, September 30

8 p.m.: Selfie (new series)(ABC)

8:30 p.m.: Manhattan Love Story (new series)(ABC)

Wednesday, October 1

9 p.m.: Criminal Minds (CBS)

10 p.m.: Stalker (CBS)

Thursday, October 2

8 p.m.: The Vampire Diaries (CW)

9 p.m.: Bad Judge (new series)(NBC)

9 p.m.: Gracepoint (new series)(Fox)

9 p.m.: Reign (CW)

9:30 p.m.: A to Z (new series)(NBC)

Friday, October 3

8 p.m.: Last Man Standing (ABC)

Sunday, October 5

7:30 p.m.: Bob’s Burgers (Fox)

9 p.m.: Homeland (Showtime)

9:30 p.m.: Mulaney (new series)(Fox)

Monday, October 6

8 p.m.: The Originals (CW)

Tuesday, October 7

8 p.m.: The Flash (new series)(CW)

9 p.m.: Supernatural (CW)

Wednesday, October 8

8 p.m.: Arrow (CW)

10 p.m.: American Horror Story: Freakshow (FX)

Friday, October 10

8:30 p.m.: Cristela (new series)(ABC)


Sunday, October 12

9 p.m.: The Walking Dead (AMC)

Monday, October 13

9 p.m.: Jane the Virgin (new series)(CW)

Tuesday, October 14

9 p.m.: Marry Me (new series)(NBC)

9:30 p.m.: About a Boy (NBC)

Tuesday, October 21

8 p.m.: Pretty Little Liars Halloween special (ABC Family)

Wednesday, October 22

9 p.m.: The 100 (CW)

Friday, October 24

9 p.m.: Grimm (NBC)

10 p.m.: Constantine (new series)(NBC)

Monday, October 27

8 p.m.: 2 Broke Girls (CBS)

Thursday, October 30

8 p.m.: The Big Bang Theory regular timeslot (CBS)

8:30 p.m.: The Millers (CBS)

9 p.m.: Two and a Half Men (CBS)

9:30 p.m.: The McCarthys (new series)(CBS)

10 p.m.: Elementary (CBS)

Friday, November 7

8 p.m. Masterchef Junior (Fox)

Monday, November 17

10 p.m.: State of Affairs (new series)(NBC)


Photo Credit: ABC/ How To Get Away With Murder

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God Friended Me Sneak Peek Clip: Does Arthur Make the Right Decision?



God Friended Me Exclusive Clip

Is the God Account pulling the strings for everyone in Miles’ life?

On God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 5, was tasked with decision that would alter the course of his future.

After Bishop Thompson resigned from the church leaving the position of Bishop of New York, the opportunity fell into the retired reverend’s lap.

Thompson suggested that Arthur was the only qualified person to fill the role.

The offer would have been a dream come true for Arthur just a few months ago when he and Thompson ran against each other. Obviously, Thompson one.

But since then, Arthur has taken a break from the church; he’s in a new phase in his life.

God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Greater Good

Being retired allows him time to play tennis and hang out with his soon-to-be-wife, Trish, who isn’t exactly thrilled to see him recommit to the church.

And still, Arthur continues to be drawn to it because it’s his destiny.

Therefore, this decision is momentous.

Does he listen to his fiance’s advice and pass or does he accept a position that he’s worked towards his whole life?

Luckily, TV Fanatic has an exclusive clip from God Friended Me, which revealed that Arthur doesn’t think twice about accepting this second chance.

Watch the clip HERE!

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Dynasty’s Adam Huber on Liam’s Amnesia, #Falliam Future & That Kid Storyline



Adam Huber as Liam Ridley Interview

Adam Huber plays the uber dreamy Liam Ridley, the latest addition to the Dynasty cast.

Huber scored the title of series regular ahead of Dynasty Season 3.

But even without the coveted upgrade, the heartthrob has been a fan favorite since his debut on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15, you know, the episode where he married Fallon, a complete stranger, on a whim.

Since then, Fallon and Liam have had a tumultuous yet epic relationship.

Nothing about their relationship has been conventional.

After they overcame a love triangle with Culhane, a messy situation with Liam’s uncle, a divorce, and Fallon’s attempts at winning him back from Ashley, it seemed liked things were going to work out.

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Guilt Trip To Alaska

Fallon proposed to him on the Carrington lake, and despite losing the ring in the water, Liam still said ‘yes.”

But their happiness was short-lived when her tyrannical brother, Adam, clobbered Liam upside the head and locked him in the pool closet.

After regaining consciousness, Liam crawled over to the pool, fell in, and woke up with amnesia, which is where we left off when I spoke with Huber.

Huber dished about Liam’s amnesia, what’s next for their relationship, his possible revenge on Adam, and the storyline he’s dying like to explore.

Dynasty is back and with it returns all of that Carrington craziness!


Amidst all of that, you’ve been up to series regular. Congrats. Were you expecting it? 

No, I honestly wasn’t.

There have been other people. Wakeema, whose on the show and plays Monica Colby. You know, me and her were kind of doing the same thing we were just recurring, and you kind of go until you book another show or they give you a contract.

The Epic Kiss - Dynasty

And I was testing actually on another show, NYPD Blue is doing a reboot. I got very close to that. And right around the same time, they asked me to be a series regular.

So, you know, it worked out well. I wasn’t getting on PD Blue, so they had me a series regular. No, I was expecting it. I was just kind of chilling. I was just happy to be there.

It’s a great role to have. 


Has the way you approach and prepare for the character changed now that he does have a deeper storyline and is so loved by audiences?

I have been putting, I think, more work into it. I mean, I’ve always put work into it, and definitely just trying to stay fresh and just trying to understand him.

We’re very similar, but we’re also different. You want to keep his story fresh. I have a journal that I do character journaling in.

I take what I know, and then just create a story around him.

Like, what was the relationship like with my dad? What is the relationship like with my uncle who is on the show played by C. Thomas Howell? And I do that with all the other people in his life. Does that make sense?

Read the full interview HERE!

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Everything to Know About the Original Shows & Movies Coming to Disney +



Everything You Need to Know About Disney+

Disney+ is gearing up to take over the world, or, at the very least, provide stiff competition to other streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Launching November 12 in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands (and a week later in Australia and New Zealand), Disney’s streaming platform has already made lots of commotion in the entertainment world.

Those who scoffed at adding another streaming service are now re-thinking their stance after hearing Disney’s plans for programming.

Not only is Disney+ planning to offer classic films, but they’re also rebooting nostalgic favorites, and expanding the Marvel universe with several new shows, both animated and live-action.

Disney+ is bringing your childhood to life. For avid TV watchers, it’s the equivalent of going to Disney World or Disneyland.

While the Disney Channel markets with a focus on children, Disney+ is planning to entice children, millennials, and adults alike.

Best of all, their price-point is competitive and appealing. At $7 a month, it’s almost half of what Netflix is charging, and they’re even offering bundles with ESPN Plus and ad-supported Hulu for just $13, $5 less than what all three combined would cost.

It’s hard to continue hating on Disney+ when they have so much working in their favor.

Not convinced just yet? Let’s take a look at all the exciting original shows and films that will be hitting the platform!

See the full offerings at TV Fanatic! 

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