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Fifty Shades of Grey Classical Album



The “50 shades” Phenomenon 
The “Fifty Shades” trilogy has sold over 31 million copies worldwide. The book has become so popular that teen girls, mothers and wives are all being caught reading it, and enjoying it too, sometimes even a little too much. Every woman is fantasizing about her very own Christian Grey, which may say either good or bad things about or society. The idea of the dom and sub relationship from Greys persepctive is in my opinion disgusting and degrading for women. How the relationship turns into kinky ** ahem later on when they fall in love, well that, that’s something that has definitely made women more sexually open and experimental, if you will. There’s absolutely nothing to be shy about. As this trilogy made men think that women are just reading the shit out of porn, I must advise you that there was a deeper meaning to the “porn” we read. There is a twisted love story, a reason for this gorgeous man to be the way he is and yes, the kinkiness is thrilling okay!!! There is passion, adventure, romance, sex, and a future. That’s what women want; to change the bad boy that no other women could change, but be changed by him in the process.

 Anyways, while there have been speculations as to who will be cast as Christian and Anastasia Grey, the author E.L James has said that it is a bit too early for a movie. After reading the first book I was very anti Ian Somerhalder being Christian Grey, but now that I’ve finished “50 shades freed” I could definitely see it happening. Those eyes, that mouth, those suavamente moves, the way he looks in that suit. Yep, it’s Ian. Although its closely tied with Matt Bomer, who fits the description perfectly. Lets face it dolls, the guy will not be a copper haired boy. I’m still rather unsure of who should be cast as Ana. Speculations of Lucy Hale have been afloat, but aside from her big gorgeous eyes, I just don’t see it. I can see it being Alexis Bledel, Emmy Rossum, Elizabeth Olsen, or Emma Watson. In the meantime though, E.L James has found a different way to keep the hype afloat.

EMI Music, along with E.L James, is releasing a 15-track collection of classical pieces that inspired the author to write the book. The tracks can have also been mentioned in all three books, usually in an intimate scene with floggers, handcuffs and well, you can imagine the rest, are involved.  The album will be available for download on ITunes and Amazon September 11, but pre-orders have been skyrocketing through the roof. For those who have not finished reading the trilogies just yet, this classical album will definitely heighten the experience.  If you know what I mean.
Aside from the soundtrack, the “Fifty Shades” phenomenon seems to be taking over the world. Rumor has it that E.L James is starting her own Fifty Shades clothing line, complete with stockings, garters and robes. As Christian Grey becomes a household name and his 50 shades personality becomes desired by every woman in the world, designers are creating Grey and Steele inspired outfits for their upcoming fall releases. Some companies are going as far as connecting the real world with the entertainment world and creating “50 shades of Gray” bath and home décor. It’s safe to say that if you haven’t been sucked into the mainstream phenomenon yet, or haven’t heard about it, you must live under a rock.  I don’t know if this obsession about making dom and sub inspired clothing and home furniture is a good thing, but it clearly says a lot about our society. Marketers are smart because they found something that people love and are making money out of it, but it makes me really question the rest of the people in the world. Sure, a little kink and a little play here and there are fine, but turning your kitchen into some 50 shades of gray stuff, I don’t know about all of that.

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Will ‘Manifest’ Get a Season 4 After All?



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Merely weeks after the devastating cancellation of NBC’s ManifestTVLine confirms that the network has been in talks with Warner Bros. and Netflix about a possible Season 4. However, reps for NBC, Netflix, and Warner Bros. have refused to comment for now.

Following the news of the supernatural drama’s abrupt ending in mid-June, fans took to social media with the hashtag #SaveManifest in hopes of reversing the decision and getting it picked up by another network.

MANIFEST — Pictured: “Manifest” Key Art — (Photo by: NBC)

After the release of the first two seasons on streaming services, the series quickly dominated the charts. It remained on Netflix’s “Top 10” watched shows for 27 consecutive days and Nielsen’s weekly streaming chart during the week of June 14.

Jeff Rake, Manifest’s showrunner, tweeted in late June, “Your support is awe-inspiring…we’re not giving up. You deserve an end to the story.”

While Rake has not confirmed that another season is officially happening, he did note: “Lots of speculation out there. No comment. Other than, if the impossible happens and the dead rise again, it’s because of YOU.”

Whatever it takes, Rake will even choose to produce a two-hour movie to bring closure to Manifest.

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Thankfully, we now know when our favorite shows will be premiering for the 2021-2022 fall TV season. 

All #OneChicago shows (Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD) will be back taking over Wednesday nights starting September 22. 

In a shocking twist, Law & Order: For the Defense has been scrapped and replaced with The Blacklist. Sorry, L&O fans. 

Check out the schedule below, and set your DVRs accordingly! 

8 pm The Voice
10 pm ORDINARY JOE (series premiere)

10 pm New Amsterdam

8 pm Chicago Med
9 pm Chicago Fire
10 pm Chicago P.D.

8 pm Law & Order: SVU (2-hour premiere, special time)
10 pm Law & Order: Organized Crime

9 pm Dateline

9 pm LA BREA (series premiere)

8 pm Law & Order: SVU (special time)
9 pm Law & Order: Organized Crime (two episodes)

8 pm The Blacklist

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Fall Premiere 2021-2022 Dates for ABC: Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelorette, The Rookie, and More



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Mark your calendars because ABC has finally released its official premiere dates for the 2021 fall season.

Taking the first premiere slot, Dancing with the Stars will begin its 30th season on Monday, September 20. While The Bachelorette is among the last premiering shows on Tuesday, October 19, alongside ABC’s new show Queens.

Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy and its sister show Station 19 are keeping their Thursday slots starting on September 30.

And the anticipated reboot of The Wonder Years is taking off on Wednesday, September 22.

Keep on reading for an extensive list of the exact times and dates for all of your favorite shows returning soon!

8:00 pm Dancing with the Stars

8:00 pm The Goldbergs
8:30 pm THE WONDER YEARS (series premiere)
9:00 pm The Conners
9:31 pm Home Economics (new time)
10:00 pm A Million Little Things

8:00 pm Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (new day)
9:00 pm Supermarket Sweep (new time)
10:00 pm The Rookie

10:00 pm The Good Doctor

8:00 pm Station 19
9:00 pm Grey’s Anatomy
10:01 pm Big Sky (new day)

7:00 pm America’s Funniest Home Videos

8:00 pm Shark Tank
9:01 pm 20/20 (two hours)

8:00 pm The Bachelorette
10:01 pm QUEENS (series premiere)

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