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Finding Carter

Finding Carter- The Fugitive (1×06)



Carter finally realized that she had a thing for Crash on this weeks Finding Carter. It’s her main focus (yes we’ve drifted from pining over her mother Lori) and she’s set on telling him. After Taylor invites Bird over, the two girls finally talk things out with Bird explaining that she really thought Carter didn’t have a thing for Crash. Carter explains that she does and it’s totally throwing her off because it isn’t someone she wants to be crushing on– which is why she needs to find him, tell him, and get it over with. Bird advises her that it’s probably best if she doesn’t go by his house, but you know Carter never listens to anyone. It seems like Bird and Crash had a thing in the past as she knows a lot about this boy, but she’s okay with her best friend dating him. Interesting dynamic and I’m glad we’re not taking the usual “love triangle” route here.

When Carter finally gets to Crash’s place, it’s clear he doesn’t live a peachy life. He lives in a dump filled with rotting pizza on the floor. She knocks on the door and an angry old lady tells her Crash isn’t home, so get going. That’s when she sees Crash walking towards the house, completely upset, as Bird had warned he would be. Carter isn’t one to give up and she gets this brilliant idea of becoming a pizza delivery girl, complete with a pizza top hat. Her plan works. Crash’s aunt takes the pizza and calls him to the door to pay, where Carter is waiting, hoping to talk. He agrees, but not much talking happens.  She kisses him, admitting without words that she’s totally into him. Who knew? Crash takes her to his least favorite place, since he doesn’t have a favorite spot since he’s spent most of his life in detention centers. The place he takes Carter too is some old abandoned warehouse. Crash used to come her after his mom left him and his brother at his aunts promising to pick them up later. She never did. The warehouse was his place to come and get high. One day he brought his younger brother here, who didn’t want to be here. He told him to go wait in the car. He started playing with the ignition and the car blew up, killing his brother and forever making Crash guilty. He destroys everything he touches. Well, not Carter.

Carter is all smiles that night at home and Elizabeth loves it. Their not on the greatest terms just yet, so Carter isn’t about to tell her why she’s so happy. The two enjoy quality time eating ice-cream out of the box, when Elizabeth says she has to go work on a cash which will finally “put that Crash away.” Obviously, not the right thing to say. Why does Elizabeth hunt down everyone Carter loves? Carter flips out telling her mother she can’t do that, but is told it isn’t her decision. This is Crash’s second arrest and he’s definitely going to prison for at least three years. “If he was a decent guy, he would have told you,” Elizabeth adds. That doesn’t stop Carter though. She meets up with Crash and he explains that he didn’t want to ruin the perfect day they were having by telling her he’s going to prison. The night’s not over yet, Carter recalls. She’s not one to take things slow, especially in a relationship. After the two have sex, they cuddle in bed and talk about Crash’s jail time. His idea? To run away with Carter forever. But running away get’s tiring and you can’t do it. Carter insists that he serve his time, which will be better for his future in the long run. He gets up in a hurry, throws his shirt on and tells her that if he’s going to spend the next three years in a jumpsuit, he wants her to remember him like this. SO DRAMATIC.


The day of his court date, Crash isn’t picking up anyones calls and Bird can’t find him anywhere. Carter is freaking out, but after a talk with Taylor, calls Crash one last time and leaves him a deep voicemail. Basically, she tells him he can’t run forever and that he should come home. Elizabeth overhears all of this and rethinks how she’s viewed Crash this whole time. Bird and Carter wait at the courthouse hoping Crash will show up. Bird doesn’t want Carter to get her hopes up. Just because Crash “likes her” doesn’t mean he’s going to pull through on this and become a decent human being. She’s proven wrong. Crash shows up just in time, dressed to a tee, looking sharper then ever. Elizabeth has some good news though. He’s not going to jail. She was able to pull some strings and get him three years probation and 100 days of community service. If he so much as lights a joint though, he’s off to prison. Carter could not be more happy. I thoroughly enjoyed this scene because it just shows you how powerful love is. No matter how you grew up, what your going through or where you’ve been, you can overcome anything with the right person by your side. That’s what Crash realized. And, Carter isn’t just another girl to him, which is special for their relationship. I hope.

Taylors seven minutes in heaven brought her to fame, especially with Gabe whose totally smitten and asked her out on a date. Taylor is really taken aback by the attention, mainly because she’s crushed on Gabe for so long and all he’s ever done is called her his sister. She goes to The Quick and Easy to get Max’s opinion. Obviously, she doesn’t know how to approach the situation, but she’s hoping Max tells her she can’t go on this date because he likes her. Instead, Max is thrown off and tells her to go out with Gabe cause he’s a really good catch. Taylor and Gabe go mini-golfing and spend time reliving all their old memories together when Taylor realizes Gabe really is like her brother. Nothing more. She also realizes she’s crushing hard on Max. Carter tells Taylor to just go tell Max she likes him. It’s not like he’s such a complicated guy. And if Carter is really Taylor’s role model, than she should know the only way to be like Carter is to got and get your man! She makes a stop at the Quick and Easy but Max is preoccupied and tweaking out. She asks if this is a bad time and he responds with yeah, you should probably go. Honestly, any girl would have been thrown off by this situation. Why is it a bad time? The store is empty? Why are you acting weird? Do you not like me anymore are all thoughts going through Taylor’s mind. But us girls should know there is ALWAYS a logical explanation. This one being that Lori is waiting at Max’s store for Carter and Max is freaking out because there is a fugitive he’s technically “helping” and he cannot get a hold of Carter. Seems like a pretty reasonable thing to be tweaking out about, right?


Meanwhile, Carter and Crash are celebrating his freedom by making out in his truck, completely ignoring all of Max’s texts. When Carter finally looks at her phone, she realizes Max texted her like a thousand times. When she calls, his phone goes to voicemail. Something must be up. They drive over to the Quick and Easy where Carter sees her mother and bursts into tears. The moment is really special for them, considering Carter hasn’t seen Lori for months. They hide in the gas station closet so they aren’t in open space and Lori tells Carter that they’re going to run away next week together. Crazy eyes Lori tells her she got them Russian passports, gives her a burner phone and tells her where to meet up next week to set the plan in action. Carter is really thrown off by the whole meeting and it’s obvious she’s not excited about leaving. She loves her mom and wants to be with her, but she also has this new family that she’s bonded with; a sister, a brother, friends, Max, and especially Crash, the love of her life. How is she just going to give all of that up and run away? Running is exhausting remember? But does he have any other choice if she wants to be with her mom? Not really. Carter even forgot how their usual “I love you” ritual blaming it on the time they’ve been apart. Personally, I just think Carter realized the bond with her mother was never that strong. Plus, if running away is the only way to be with someone, don’t you think there’s something wrong here? Why did your mom kidnap you? Why is she following you? Why is she crazy Lori? All really legit questions Carter should be asking herself.

On the Elizabeth and David front, things weren’t going too well. They might have had a moment last week, but it seems like forever ago, considering Elizabeth continues to cheat on him. The “I’m working late” text messages are just proof of it and David isn’t having it anymore. Kyle reminds Elizabeth that he reserved a romantic getaway on Monday for their anniversary and she’s prompted to make up a lie to tell David. You know, Kyle assumes that she would just tell her husband she’s leaving him as she promised, but Elizabeth is stringing them both along and it’ll eventually blow up in her face. She makes up some story that her mom wants her to go to the spa with her Monday night and David says its okay, fully knowing she’s lying. He comes to her work that day and catches her by surprise. David realized she didn’t take her bikini for the pool and brought it over. What a nice husband. He also offered to stay until her mother came to pick her up, totally complicating things for his wife. Doesn’t it suck when your husband knows your cheating!? “I hope she doesn’t have to cancel,” he says, evilly. What do you think, will David finally confront Elizabeth? Will the children find out?


Next week’s episode showed Elizabeth and David throwing a surprise birthday party for Taylor and Carter. The first birthday the two have been together in years. But Carter is dealing with her mixed feelings of either staying or leaving with Lori. Which one will she pick? Will Elizabeth find out before Carter decides to leave? Will Max tell Taylor and Taylor tell Liz? A lot’s at stake here. I know one thing, leaving with Lori would cost Carter too much and ultimately, I don’t think she has it in her. She’s got a really good new life, with people who love her. That’s a hell of a lot better than running and being “Russian”. She should really be wondering, why her mom did what she did.

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Finding Carter

Finding Carter- The Corrections (2×22)



Finding Carter continues to spiral out of control thanks to Carter’s dumb actions. I mean we can all agree, someone needs to finally put Carter in her place. At 17, we think we have all the answers, when we really know absolutely nothing. Carter wants to be independent, but when things get hard, she always falls back on her mom. This week, both moms came to the rescue and seeing them work together for their daughter was on of my favorite parts of the season.

We pick up in the aftermath of Carter’s party, where Bird’s boyfriend overdosed on molly and died. When I say that Carter makes only dumb decisions, refusing to move Seth’s body was one of the smartest. Jackson desperately wanted to move it so the blame wouldn’t be put on them. He then repeatedly tried to persuade Carter that they did nothing wrong, but in fact, he’s the one who sold Seth the drugs, not Ben like Carter initially believed.

They were taken into questioning and thankfully, Carter didn’t fall into their trap and admit to anything. Since she wasn’t on good terms with Liz, she phoned Lori for help, who in turn called Liz because really, she was the only one who could get Carter out of this mess. And the mess was big- if the police pinned this on her she could be tried as an adult for manslaughter. Oh how quickly things went downhill.

When found out that her boyfriend was dealing at the party and lied to her about it, she was done with him. His ex was right, Jackson is scum. In order to find some proof, Carter took Max to snoop around the bar and find the pills. Max unscrewed the faucet and they found traces, which wasn’t enough to actually prove anything. But at least she knew the truth. Jackson walked in and figured something was off, so he turned her into the cops. What a douche bag!

That’s when Liz and Lori decided to team up and take this guy down. Liz went in as the cop trying to persuade Jackson to fess up. When he didn’t Lori used the “insane” card, stole Liz’s gun and pointed it at him until he confessed. All of it was heard by the detectives parked outside. And that’s how the cookie crumbles. You know, it’s really incredible that Carter still has such a good team surrounding her after all the bull she’s pulled.

Naturally, Bird spent the whole episode grieving her boyfriend. She decided to throw him an Irish style memorial and all the friends, who like Carter make equally bad decisions, helped out. After all was said and done, Bird finally broke down and told Carter and Taylor the truth- she’s pregnant with Jackon’s baby. That was super predictable but maybe this will be the wake up call these teens need. Maybe she’ll even let Damon help her raise the kid!

But the drama is not over! As Carter left Bird’s place, Jackson was hiding out and spying on her. That’s bad news. I’m not sure why the cops released him, after all he admitted to selling the drugs and that batch is connected to several other murders. But any who, now that he’s free, he’ll be coming for revenge and no one is safe, especially not Carter.


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Finding Carter

Finding Carter- The Consequences of Longing (2×17)



Carter and Taylor are both going through some pretty serious stuff on this weeks Finding Carter. 

Taylor, Gabe and Damon take a road trip together to visit a possible college over the weekend. Things are going pretty well until they get invited to their tour leaders frat party. The minute he asked Taylor to get her a drink, I knew we were headed for trouble. The show deals with a lot of touchy subjects, but seeing a guy drug and try to rape Taylor just really made my blood boil. The worst part- this kind of stuff actually happens. “Good guys” take advantage of girls all the time and not all of them have their angel Gabe to save the day. Thankfully, Taylor did. He scooped her right up and left, but not before giving the scumbag what he deserved. Gabe may have had a hard year, but honestly, he’s a stand up guy. Taylor woke up on the ride home confused, but when she heard what happened, she begged Gabe not to tell Max. I will just say, secrets have a way of getting out and honestly, this is nothing to be ashamed about.

Meanwhile, back home Liz found out that no one really trusts her. David is on his book tour ignoring her calls. She finds out he and Carter went to visit Lori and helped her prove that she was a good parent to Ben. Thanks to Ben, she also finds out that Carter is working at a bar and she’s not pleased. Eventually, she let Carter do it because well, she’s going to do it anyways.

Carter does her best to protect Ben since he is her brother but he’s not making it easy. He’s secretive, he rats her out to her mom and he’s stealing money from her boss Jared. That doesn’t make her situation with him any easier. After all, she just told Jared that she’s actually 17, not 21. So he hired a minor and has been dating one. Yeah, he has every right to be mad. Eventually though, he figures out that Carter has a good head for business and that he can’t afford to loose her. Plus, he’s madly in love. But, he goes behind her back and pretty much threatens Ben for stealing from him. He’s going to need a favor and Ben will pay up. What kind of trouble are these two going to get into?

Is anyone else watching Carter’s new relationship (which I’m totally shipping BTW) and wondering what will happen when Crash returns? I mean, these two were about to move to California together and now she’s dating this new guy. That probably won’t go over very well.

Overall, I’m impressed with the tone the new season is taking. I was scared that after all the Lori drama, there wouldn’t be more to focus on. But now we have an underaged teen working in a bar with her cop mothers approval, she’s dating an older guy, which kind of makes this an illegal relationship. There’s the drama with Gabe and with Taylor and Lori is still screwing things up and possibly the most intriguing, Ben and his sister Reagen, which no one knows about yet. This family just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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Finding Carter

Finding Carter- I’m Not The Only One (2×12)



Carter got served on the finale of Finding Carter! Side note- can you believe we have to wait till OCTOBER for new episodes. I won’t make it…

Lori Stevens is a psychopath- We’ve known that since day one which sucks because it is so hard for Carter to accept. That’s her mother… at least that’s who she thought her mother was her whole life. When she gets papers asking to be a witness in Lori’s trial, she kind of freaks out. First off- what judge is insane enough to think Lori, a kidnapper, could get custody of her daughter? When you move past it, you realize the whole ordeal is pretty screwed up. Carter has to testify in front a jury and Lori is convinced she’s got this in the bag.

You’d think Lori wouldn’t have a plausible case when it comes down to it, but she does. Her insane mind has been working on this since the minute Elizabeth took her “daughter” back. For one, she is Carter’s biological mother. Yes, she was only an “egg donor” but it means more now that she’s actually got a relationship with Carter. While Carter testifies she wants Elizabeth to be her mother, wants her last name to be Wilson and refers to Lori as her kidnapper, she also cannot deny that she does love Lori. Lori’s defense attorney brings Carter’s visit to the hospital when she tried to commit suicide against her, especially the “I love you more” part. She never mistreated Carter, always showed her kindness and was a good mom. That moves the jury.

But it gets worse. The list of witnesses isn’t long in Lori’s case but it does feature Benjamin Wallace. No one knows who he is, but he sure does show up for the court hearing, just after making small talk with Carter outside. When he’s called to the stand he confesses that he’s Lori’s biological son and his father is David Wilson. *Bomb explodes* Yep… he sure did say David Wilson. This family has issues!

Of course that was the cliffhanger and we’re reeling with questions. Is he really the product of Lori and David’s affair? Ew. This isn’t going to go over well with Liz, who just patched things up with David. Did David know? Didn’t he say they had a brief but not-serious fling? Where has Ben been all this time? Was he adopted by someone else? Does this mean he really is Carter and Taylor’s brother? How will the jurors look at this now. Oh man.

Kyle Is Dead- Aside from Carter’s drama, things got kind of dark for Gabe, who lost his father last week. Can you imagine it? I was surprised he was dealing with it so well, until I realized it was all a front. The whole situation is kind of messy considering now Gabe doesn’t have parents and Liz wants to be there for him but he hates her because she screwed over his dad. And of course, Liz just broke up with Kyle right before he was shot taking a bullet for her, so the whole thing is still painful.

Bird’s Parents- Her rents finally come home after doing god knows what, god knows where. It’s crazy to me that her mother leaves her for days on end, but when she comes home she expects Bird to be at her beck and call. It’s also interesting to see someone who portrays herself to be so strong, be so weak around her parents. But despite the added “drama” the storyline doesn’t do much for Bird or the show.

Max Is On the Move- When Bird’s parents returned they kicked out Madison and Max. Madison ultimately decided to go back home and face her parents while Max saved up enough money to move into the apartment that he once had really good memories with Taylor at. She obviously couldn’t move in with him because she’s still in high school, but she did bring him a plant. It’s nice to see them back together and Taylor move past the whole “I slept with your twin sister on accident thing.” Although… I doubt I could ever.

What did you think of the Finding Carter finale? Are you shocked by Lori’s move and her son with David? Will she get custody of Carter? Will Lori have to become part of the family or will they do everything to try to lock her up? Was Ben in the same situation as Carter? He said he’s been dragged around court rooms? Did Lori pull the same thing on him and take him away from his real family and win in court? That would be messed up! Till October.

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