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Finding Carter

Finding Carter- Drive (1×03)



“All I want to be is a good parent. Ok well I had one of those so I know what it looks like. This isn’t it.”

The search for mama Stevens (or whatever alias she’s going by now) continues. But could it be that maybe, she’s actually crazy after all? Carter isn’t giving up hope, but she’s also not giving up on the attitude and her life’s mission of ruining Elizabeth. 


The heat was really turned up this week after Carter met Crash, a young boy with a wicked criminal past that Elizabeth was arresting. Carter was being a “good daughter” and apologizing to the whole percent for her foam finger prank, when she noticed this really attractive young man eyeing her. Unfortunately, he was under Elizabeth’s finger and off limits. Hasn’t she learned that only makes Carter want him more? Elizabeth chases Carter out of the station and Carter hesitantly and unwillingly agrees to a 10pm curfew. While I do admit that I’m getting super sick of Carter’s attitude and the fact that she thinks she’s entitled to act like a rotten little bitch to everyone because her life has been turned upside-down, I love how she played this one. Mom said she has to be home at 10 but she never said she couldn’t bring her friends over. So she does. Crash included- only done to piss her mom off even more. 

Elizabeth freaks out behind closed doors to David and asks that he help her get rid of the criminal sitting in her living room. David agrees and at first things look pretty innocent. Carter and her gal pals are dancing and everyone else is chilling. But then they notice Crash teaching 12-year-old Grant how to roll up a joint. David flips out and this is really the first time we’ve seen him get upset about something. He orders Crash to leave his house and for a moment Carter agrees with him. He obviously crossed the line with her brother. But then Elizabeth puts her two cents in and Carter decides to make her point. A really awkward point. She kisses Crash for what seems like eternity and then asks Elizabeth, “do you understand me?” Yeah, as a mother I probably would have just slapped this girl in the face, but I understand that’s not allowed and it’s not how things work. It’s just amazing how much stuff Carter can really get away with. It’s amazing to Taylor as well, but Grant makes a pretty legit point. Who said Elizabeth would stop her if she tried throwing a party? She doesn’t know cause she never tried. Meanwhile, Carter is pushing the limits and figuring it out as she goes. It’s definitely rude and inconsiderate, especially that she never thinks twice about what losing a 3-year-old could do to a mother, but in this world of teenage angst, obviously she’s the most important person. And what Gabe’s father said really resonated with me. Everyone suffers loss, but it’s how we handle it that shows what kind of person we really are. That could not have described Carter better. Some people suffer loss by loosing their loved ones. She might have lost her mother, but she gained a whole new life and a large family. Isn’t that something to appreciate? Maybe it’ll take her some time to figure it out, but she should be grateful for what she has. Even if it does mean losing her mom. 


She’s also developing a really genuine and sweet relationship with David, which I like seeing, except for the fact that I can’t figure out if David is really trustworthy. I mean, sure he’s a hands-off, laid back dad, but is there more to him? They connected on a deep level this week. They went out to the farmers market, talked about why he and Elizabeth are still together, hugged for the first time and Carter even called him dad, which is a huge step. But then we see David shopping his book about finding his missing daughter around… even though he told Carter he wouldn’t write it. I get that they are a big family and he needs the money, but isn’t that kind of killing the trust between you and your newly acquired daughter? 

Speaking of shady people, I feel a little blindsided by the fact that I honestly believed that Carter’s mom was good. I mean, she had to be right? Carter is so obsessed with her real mother that there’s no way she ever harmed her or had ulterior motives. Watching since the first episode I figured her mom maybe couldn’t have children and kidnapped Carter for that reason. It never even occurred to me that maybe her mother is psychologically not ok. Think about it, would you ever defend your child’s kidnapper? No! You would be pulling an Elizabeth and doing everything to get that person behind bars, while never letting your child out of your site. That seems like the logical thing to do at least. The writing on this show is so good, that thought didn’t even cross my mind until I saw Lori creeping outside of Carter’s house getting visibly upset about her getting close to David. Is she a psychopath? Why did she kidnap Carter all those years ago? There has to be a lot to this story, especially an explanation as to why she’s so good at being a criminal and running from the law. Did you see how many aliases she had? Also, don’t you think a kidnapper/mother would be more upset if she saw her “daughter” bonding with her new mother rather then the father? Why did Carter hugging David upset her? Does she think her daughter is getting sucked into her new life and forgetting about her? Is there more to the story involving David and Lori? Did David know Lori better then he’s letting on? A secret love affair perhaps? I think as the show progresses, the backstory will play a pivotal role as we transition from Carters attitude to the how and why’s of what really got her into this mess.


There’s multiple messes Carter is getting herself into at the moment. For someone who just moved into the neighborhood, Carter has built up a good clique of friends. Much better then Taylor’s. One of those good friends is Gabe, who Taylor is secretly in love with. Unfortunately, Gabe has the hots for the bad sister. And since we live in this cruel world, Carter doesn’t have the hots for him. Yet. Gabe will do anything to win Carter’s heart and I’m thinking it’s going to get him into a whole lot of trouble. He was behind the initial foam finger print and his father, a cop, totally knows it. Now, he’s stealing top-secret information, Lori’s aliases, from his father’s computer and trying to help Carter locate her mother. If that doesn’t spell out jail, what does? Will it work though? Will Carter eventually fall for him? Maybe. She seemed really smitten with Crash this episode, until she was about to be arrested as a passenger in his stolen vehicle. I think that’s when reality finally came crashing down on her (no pun intended). Sure liking the bad boys is fun. Being the rebellious teen to drown your sorrows works. But for how long? If she had gotten caught in Crash’s stolen car, she would have been sent right back to prison. Thankfully, she has an ally by the name of dad on her side who was willing to scoop her up and keep her little joyride a secret from Elizabeth. Also, wasn’t it weird seeing Carter get scared of Elizabeth’s reaction. It’s almost as if she knew she messed up to the maximum this time; crossed a line that would never be forgiven. In a sense, I think the attitude is a front and we’ll get past it really soon. Deep down inside, there is a really smart girl, we’ve just yet to see her. 


While Taylor is really only a minor character (at this point) I do see potential for her in the future. Especially now that she’s falling for Max, whose also falling for her. I mean, they made croutons together. That’s step one! And in an odd twist, Elizabeth also likes Max a lot, so this week her plan was to help Max and Carter get back together by pretending to kick Max out. Logically, whoever Elizabeth doesn’t like Carter likes. It worked because Carter became defensive of her friend and ex-bf, but it didn’t work because Carter doesn’t want to get back together with Max. Also, the whole Taylor thing is really obvious. Just like I said before, teenage angst and teenage hormones will run this household to the ground. Unless Lori does first. 

What did you think of this weeks episode? Whose your favorite character so far?


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Finding Carter

Finding Carter- The Corrections (2×22)



Finding Carter continues to spiral out of control thanks to Carter’s dumb actions. I mean we can all agree, someone needs to finally put Carter in her place. At 17, we think we have all the answers, when we really know absolutely nothing. Carter wants to be independent, but when things get hard, she always falls back on her mom. This week, both moms came to the rescue and seeing them work together for their daughter was on of my favorite parts of the season.

We pick up in the aftermath of Carter’s party, where Bird’s boyfriend overdosed on molly and died. When I say that Carter makes only dumb decisions, refusing to move Seth’s body was one of the smartest. Jackson desperately wanted to move it so the blame wouldn’t be put on them. He then repeatedly tried to persuade Carter that they did nothing wrong, but in fact, he’s the one who sold Seth the drugs, not Ben like Carter initially believed.

They were taken into questioning and thankfully, Carter didn’t fall into their trap and admit to anything. Since she wasn’t on good terms with Liz, she phoned Lori for help, who in turn called Liz because really, she was the only one who could get Carter out of this mess. And the mess was big- if the police pinned this on her she could be tried as an adult for manslaughter. Oh how quickly things went downhill.

When found out that her boyfriend was dealing at the party and lied to her about it, she was done with him. His ex was right, Jackson is scum. In order to find some proof, Carter took Max to snoop around the bar and find the pills. Max unscrewed the faucet and they found traces, which wasn’t enough to actually prove anything. But at least she knew the truth. Jackson walked in and figured something was off, so he turned her into the cops. What a douche bag!

That’s when Liz and Lori decided to team up and take this guy down. Liz went in as the cop trying to persuade Jackson to fess up. When he didn’t Lori used the “insane” card, stole Liz’s gun and pointed it at him until he confessed. All of it was heard by the detectives parked outside. And that’s how the cookie crumbles. You know, it’s really incredible that Carter still has such a good team surrounding her after all the bull she’s pulled.

Naturally, Bird spent the whole episode grieving her boyfriend. She decided to throw him an Irish style memorial and all the friends, who like Carter make equally bad decisions, helped out. After all was said and done, Bird finally broke down and told Carter and Taylor the truth- she’s pregnant with Jackon’s baby. That was super predictable but maybe this will be the wake up call these teens need. Maybe she’ll even let Damon help her raise the kid!

But the drama is not over! As Carter left Bird’s place, Jackson was hiding out and spying on her. That’s bad news. I’m not sure why the cops released him, after all he admitted to selling the drugs and that batch is connected to several other murders. But any who, now that he’s free, he’ll be coming for revenge and no one is safe, especially not Carter.


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Finding Carter

Finding Carter- The Consequences of Longing (2×17)



Carter and Taylor are both going through some pretty serious stuff on this weeks Finding Carter. 

Taylor, Gabe and Damon take a road trip together to visit a possible college over the weekend. Things are going pretty well until they get invited to their tour leaders frat party. The minute he asked Taylor to get her a drink, I knew we were headed for trouble. The show deals with a lot of touchy subjects, but seeing a guy drug and try to rape Taylor just really made my blood boil. The worst part- this kind of stuff actually happens. “Good guys” take advantage of girls all the time and not all of them have their angel Gabe to save the day. Thankfully, Taylor did. He scooped her right up and left, but not before giving the scumbag what he deserved. Gabe may have had a hard year, but honestly, he’s a stand up guy. Taylor woke up on the ride home confused, but when she heard what happened, she begged Gabe not to tell Max. I will just say, secrets have a way of getting out and honestly, this is nothing to be ashamed about.

Meanwhile, back home Liz found out that no one really trusts her. David is on his book tour ignoring her calls. She finds out he and Carter went to visit Lori and helped her prove that she was a good parent to Ben. Thanks to Ben, she also finds out that Carter is working at a bar and she’s not pleased. Eventually, she let Carter do it because well, she’s going to do it anyways.

Carter does her best to protect Ben since he is her brother but he’s not making it easy. He’s secretive, he rats her out to her mom and he’s stealing money from her boss Jared. That doesn’t make her situation with him any easier. After all, she just told Jared that she’s actually 17, not 21. So he hired a minor and has been dating one. Yeah, he has every right to be mad. Eventually though, he figures out that Carter has a good head for business and that he can’t afford to loose her. Plus, he’s madly in love. But, he goes behind her back and pretty much threatens Ben for stealing from him. He’s going to need a favor and Ben will pay up. What kind of trouble are these two going to get into?

Is anyone else watching Carter’s new relationship (which I’m totally shipping BTW) and wondering what will happen when Crash returns? I mean, these two were about to move to California together and now she’s dating this new guy. That probably won’t go over very well.

Overall, I’m impressed with the tone the new season is taking. I was scared that after all the Lori drama, there wouldn’t be more to focus on. But now we have an underaged teen working in a bar with her cop mothers approval, she’s dating an older guy, which kind of makes this an illegal relationship. There’s the drama with Gabe and with Taylor and Lori is still screwing things up and possibly the most intriguing, Ben and his sister Reagen, which no one knows about yet. This family just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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Finding Carter

Finding Carter- I’m Not The Only One (2×12)



Carter got served on the finale of Finding Carter! Side note- can you believe we have to wait till OCTOBER for new episodes. I won’t make it…

Lori Stevens is a psychopath- We’ve known that since day one which sucks because it is so hard for Carter to accept. That’s her mother… at least that’s who she thought her mother was her whole life. When she gets papers asking to be a witness in Lori’s trial, she kind of freaks out. First off- what judge is insane enough to think Lori, a kidnapper, could get custody of her daughter? When you move past it, you realize the whole ordeal is pretty screwed up. Carter has to testify in front a jury and Lori is convinced she’s got this in the bag.

You’d think Lori wouldn’t have a plausible case when it comes down to it, but she does. Her insane mind has been working on this since the minute Elizabeth took her “daughter” back. For one, she is Carter’s biological mother. Yes, she was only an “egg donor” but it means more now that she’s actually got a relationship with Carter. While Carter testifies she wants Elizabeth to be her mother, wants her last name to be Wilson and refers to Lori as her kidnapper, she also cannot deny that she does love Lori. Lori’s defense attorney brings Carter’s visit to the hospital when she tried to commit suicide against her, especially the “I love you more” part. She never mistreated Carter, always showed her kindness and was a good mom. That moves the jury.

But it gets worse. The list of witnesses isn’t long in Lori’s case but it does feature Benjamin Wallace. No one knows who he is, but he sure does show up for the court hearing, just after making small talk with Carter outside. When he’s called to the stand he confesses that he’s Lori’s biological son and his father is David Wilson. *Bomb explodes* Yep… he sure did say David Wilson. This family has issues!

Of course that was the cliffhanger and we’re reeling with questions. Is he really the product of Lori and David’s affair? Ew. This isn’t going to go over well with Liz, who just patched things up with David. Did David know? Didn’t he say they had a brief but not-serious fling? Where has Ben been all this time? Was he adopted by someone else? Does this mean he really is Carter and Taylor’s brother? How will the jurors look at this now. Oh man.

Kyle Is Dead- Aside from Carter’s drama, things got kind of dark for Gabe, who lost his father last week. Can you imagine it? I was surprised he was dealing with it so well, until I realized it was all a front. The whole situation is kind of messy considering now Gabe doesn’t have parents and Liz wants to be there for him but he hates her because she screwed over his dad. And of course, Liz just broke up with Kyle right before he was shot taking a bullet for her, so the whole thing is still painful.

Bird’s Parents- Her rents finally come home after doing god knows what, god knows where. It’s crazy to me that her mother leaves her for days on end, but when she comes home she expects Bird to be at her beck and call. It’s also interesting to see someone who portrays herself to be so strong, be so weak around her parents. But despite the added “drama” the storyline doesn’t do much for Bird or the show.

Max Is On the Move- When Bird’s parents returned they kicked out Madison and Max. Madison ultimately decided to go back home and face her parents while Max saved up enough money to move into the apartment that he once had really good memories with Taylor at. She obviously couldn’t move in with him because she’s still in high school, but she did bring him a plant. It’s nice to see them back together and Taylor move past the whole “I slept with your twin sister on accident thing.” Although… I doubt I could ever.

What did you think of the Finding Carter finale? Are you shocked by Lori’s move and her son with David? Will she get custody of Carter? Will Lori have to become part of the family or will they do everything to try to lock her up? Was Ben in the same situation as Carter? He said he’s been dragged around court rooms? Did Lori pull the same thing on him and take him away from his real family and win in court? That would be messed up! Till October.

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