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Firefly Lane Dirty Laundry Review Season 1 Episode 6 Firefly Lane Dirty Laundry Review Season 1 Episode 6


Firefly Lane Review – Dirty Laundry (1×06)




Firefly Lane Season 1 Episode 6 was all over the place. 

I couldn’t quite figure out the vibe of the episode as parts of it offered commentary on the entrance to womanhood and the beauty of periods, and the other half found Johnny Ryan going down a dark path as a war reporter who was fighting for quality journalism. 

And the two just didn’t mesh all that well. 

The episode kicked off with Tully and Chad having a wild time in bed, and the good news is that they waited to be together until she was no longer his student. The bad news? They’re still completely dysfunctional. The series doesn’t allow us to care about Chad as much as they say Tully cared about him because, for audiences, he’s just a blip on the radar. However, it’s yet another moment where we see Tully run away from commitment and something more serious because after Chad asks her to move to North Carolina to start a family, they break up immediately after.

More surprising is the fact that Kate and Mutt are dating! Who saw that one coming? Of course, this doesn’t mean much because Kate’s feelings for Johnny are still very much alive and well. I mean, she even gets a new dress to welcome him home after his trip to El Salvador. 

In my previous reviews of the series, I said that I was waiting for the moment that it “clicks” for Johnny and Kate that they are into each other, and we almost got that with this episode. 

However, when it happened, Johnny wasn’t exactly in the right headspace. Kate ended her date with Mutt early — at a feminist exhibition praising a woman’s period — to check in on Johnny, whose friend, Father Ramon, was murdered right in front of him by the military. 

When she returned to the office later that night, Johnny was obliterated after being rejected by every form of media while pitching the story. Turns out, the problem with journalism isn’t exactly new. These days, the focus is on stories that will get you pageviews, but back then, it was all about ratings and newspaper sales. 

Johnny’s desire to get the truth out is important, but as I said before, too dark and ill-fitting in the context of this show. 

Especially since it’s followed by Johnny drunkenly professing his love to Kate as he informs her that when the military pointed a gun at him and he thought he was going to die, he saw her face. 

He then tries to make his move on Kate, and while it’s everything she’s always wanted, she doesn’t give into it. We know Kate’s a “good girl,” but this proves just how good. Denying the man you’re in love with takes so much self-control. But it’s also awesome of her. She doesn’t want to cheat on Mutt, plus, she wants to know that Johnny’s feelings are real and true. Is he acting this way because he’s drunk or does he really mean it?

She informs him that if drunk mind really speaks sober heart, he’ll make his move the next day. 

Sadly, the next day, Johnny has absolutely no recollection of what happened and doesn’t even remember she was there. So, they vow never to speak of it again, and you can feel Kate’s soul being completely crushed by the realization that she got her hopes up for nothing. Well, at least nothing for right now. 

In the present, we see both Kate and Tully be a little bolder with their romantic endeavors. 

Kate embraces her feelings for Travis when she proposes a date night. It’s an awkward call, especially her “keep it moist” sign-off, but hey, at least Kate has always stayed true to her dorky-self even well into adulthood. 

She also forgets about the date she proposed because she’s so invested in writing her first piece for Kimber Watts. It’s nice to see Kate do something for herself, especially since Travis reads the piece and tells her that it’s actually really good. They even have a hot little makeout session on her desk when she goes to get her binder after-hours, but sadly, it’s interrupted by a harsh reality check that Kimber publishes a smear piece about Tully after Kate pulled all those strings for her to arrange the interview. 

I guess this is where the whole bad journalism theme ties in because Kimber’s piece is a scathing piece hoping to expose the real Tully Hart, a heart-less millionaire who pretends her mother is dead and allows her to live in a trailer park and work an overnight shift at the diner. 

The optics are not good on it, and part of me is kind of impressed with Kimber’s go-getter attitude. It’s also the wake-up call that Tully might actually need. Her mom was terrible for most of her life, yes, but she’s carried that pain around with her forever, especially by making it this huge secret that has weighed over. Maybe what she really needs is to face the woman who caused her so much pain, even inadvertently into adulthood, and this is the push she needs. 

Of course, it’s not fair to get blasted in such a way publicly as Kimber’s piece doesn’t show both sides. It’s easy to paint Tully as a monster based on the little details like her mom lives in a trailer park and works a minimum wage job, but our lives are a byproduct of a series of choices. Cloud’s choices led her to this moment. 

Tully was emotionally abandoned by her mother her whole life, and if she felt that the healthiest thing to do was cease all contact, well, that doesn’t make her a monster either. 

It’ll be interesting to see this pan out and to see which road Tully takes. 

It’s unfortunate timing because, as I said, Tully and Kate were being pretty bold. Instead of avoiding her pregnancy in typical Tully fashion, she agreed to spend a day with Max and met his whole family! They played croquet, she bantered with his siblings, and she saw how sickeningly in love his parents still were. It’s the kind of family she’s always wanted. 

And Max even called her out on her bullshit when he questioned why she had to mess up every intimate moment by trying to push him away. 

We know Tully has a tendency of sabotaging the good things in her life, but asking Max what he wanted from her and suggesting he was looking for a meal ticket was a low blow. I’d be more upset if I was him. 

Hopefully, Tully realizes that she needs to let her guard down and let someone in eventually. However, with the expose about her past, she may revert to putting up all the walls once again.

With all this happening in the episode, the flashbacks about Kate getting her period seem almost futile, but they do showcase that Tully and Kate have each other’s backs no matter what. 

Tully gave Kate her pants when she stained her white once and then told the bully Marnie that they belonged to her. And when Marnie attacked Tully’s character and called her out for being easy, Kate decked her in the face. 

Whenever these two faced adversaries, they were there for each other no matter what. And that translates into the present-day when they are bullied by some woman half their age hoping to make a name for herself in the industry.

Kate might need a job, but she’ll never put that job about her friendship with Tully.

Also, high school Tully truly had all the best comebacks. How did Marnie think stuffing her locker with free tampons was a bad thing? Those things are expensive! 

Other Thoughts

  • For someone who hates guns, Johnny has really good aim. 
  • Kimber continues to underestimate Kate and only gave her the article to distract her rather than acknowledging that she might actually be a good writer who is worth giving a shot. 
  • Carol falling off the crate while apple picking was so ridiculous. Could she not grab the closer apple? But, at least we now know how Johnny gave Tully her big break.
  • Kate having underwear stuck to her shirt is honestly the most Kate thing to happen to her. She’s such a lovable klutz.
  • Johnny’s inability to tell the story of war last time is what is inspiring him to go to Iraq now. He hopes that he can have another shot at telling the world what’s happening and exposing the truth. And this helps us understand why he’s so set of “having to do this.” If he communicated this to Kate in the previous episode, she may have understood his position better. 
  • I love that Kate told Travis that she watched her mom wither away because of other people’s expectations and she wasn’t going to set that example for her own daughter. Boss momma!

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Freddie Prinze Jr. Is Back! Everything We Know About the ‘Christmas With You’ Heartthrob



Everything We Know About 'Christmas With You' Star Freddie Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr., the ’90s heartthrob, is back on our TV screens in Netflix’s newest holiday rom-com, Christmas With You. 

In the film, Prinze Jr. stars as a Latino single father, Miguel Torres, who teaches music class at his daughter Cristina’s (Deja Monique Cruz) school when his path unexpectedly crosses with Angelina (Aimee Garcia), a burnt out popstar looking for her next Christmas hit.

The actor, who starred in hits like She’s All That and I Know What You Did Last Summer, admitted he felt pretty nervous getting back into the swing of things, but thankfully, it seems to be paying off as the film is being well-received by audiences for it’s heartwarming and important message. 

And now, we’re answering some of your burning questions about the leading man!


What Ethnicity is Freddie Prinze Jr.?

Since Prinze Jr. stars as a Hispanic father, the question of his ethnicity has come up quite frequently. The star reportedly embraces his Latin ancestry as his paternal grandmother was Puerto Rican, from Boquerón, so he is fluent in Spanish. His mom is of Italian descent, along with German, English, and Irish.


Does Freddie Prinze Jr. Have Kids?

Prinze Jr. shares two children with his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar—13-year-old Charlotte Grace Prinze and 10-year-old Rocky James Prinze. 

In fact, the actor told TODAY that his return to acting has a lot to do with his daughter, stating, “My daughter has taken an interest in acting and performing, dance and things like that. So both my wife and I wanted to take a more active role to show her the way, so to speak, because we have very different processes (with) the way we deal with success and failure, rejection and acceptance and all those things.

“We wanted to give her an opportunity to see that it’s not just being famous, limousines and millions of dollars and all that. It requires a lot of sacrifice and a lot of hard work, time away from the people you love,” he added. 


Freddie Prinze Jr. Age

Since many of us grew up watching Prinze Jr. in the ’90s and early ’00s, we still think of him as this teen actor, but the truth is that he is 46 years old.


Freddie Prinze Jr. Wife

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They recently celebrated their 20th anniversary together, with Gellar sharing a sweet photo from the nuptials in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on Instagram.


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Aimee Garcia, best known for her role as Jamie Batista in Showtime’s Dexter, takes on the role of Prinze Jr.’s love interest and pop sensation Angelina Chavez Torres, who visits the small town where Prinze Jr’s character, Miguel, lives with his daughter, who is preparing for her quinceanera. Her big holiday wish? To meet the pop star who remains the only connection to her late mom. 

Christmas With You is currently airing on Netflix.


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Virgin River Season 4 Episode 1 Premiere Review – All Is Not Calm In This Scenic Town



Virgin River Season 4 Premiere - All Is Not Calm In This Scenic Town

All is not calm in this scenic town, but you already knew that? 

However, if you didn’t know what to expect when Virgin River Season 4 returned to your screens, you probably didn’t anticipate the first episode to kick off with a very pregnant Mel walking with Jack. You assume you’re getting a glimpse of what’s to come, but suddenly, Mark, very much alive, comes their way as a debate erupts over who the father of the child actually is.

Thankfully, it’s just a nightmare (though, Mel might see it as a dream), and a peek into Jack’s current mental state when it comes to how he’s coping with the pregnancy news. 

It doesn’t take long before the series dives right in where we left off dishing out the expected dose of drama, feel-good moments, and that gorgeous, picturesque scenery. 



Mel and Jack arrive at the doctor’s office where she’s classified as a high-risk pregnancy because of her previous stillbirth. Jack continues to worry about Mel throughout the episode, which isn’t helping her since she doesn’t want to make a fuss about it. She informs him that when she was expecting with Mark, they did everything by the book and still lost a child, so her plan is just to live her life this time around and hope for the best. It’s not an easy thing to accept, but who can blame Mel for not wanting to worry when anything can go wrong regardless?

A new doctor blows into town, and since he’s a young, good-looking man, it stirs up a lot of gossip! Not only is Dr. Cameron Hayek a looker, but he’s also a great guy! But he’s no competition for Jack, even if the town’s people are hoping for some kind of love triangle strictly for their own entertainment.

Jack asks Mel not to tell her sister, Jo, about the baby as he wants to keep it a secret for a little longer, but Joey knows something is up when she calls Mel. When breaks the news to her, she informs her that she’s not sure who the father is. Either way, Joey is thrilled and knows this is what Mel has always wanted. 




Jack continues to worry about Mel throughout the episode, which isn




Anette O’Toole is back as Hope, but this isn’t the snappy and spunky woman we’ve come to know. Hope is recovering from a traumatic accident that led to a brain injury, so she’s not feeling like herself. Everyone is kind of tip-toeing around her as she deals with her new reality, particularly when it comes to Lily. Hope asks Doc if Lily is mad at her because she’s not returning her calls. Her brain blocked out the information that Lily passed away, and Doc does his best to avoid the topic at all costs because he doesn’t want to inhibit her recovery in any way. When Lizzie volunteers to take care of Hope, she accidentally reveals that Lily is dead. Once she realizes Hope doesn’t know, she panics and calls Doc who comes to inform Hope that she knew about Lily’s death and was actually on her way to the funeral when she got into the accident.




As Doc deals mostly with Hope’s memory loss and recovery, he’s shocked to hear that there has been a young man looking for him claiming that he’s his grandfather. Obviously, since he had no children, he doesn’t really believe it. But at the end of the episode, Denny arrives on his doorstep and informs him that Rose Miller gave him Doc’s information. Doc recognizes Rose’s name immediately, but he also thought she died 49 years ago. The fact that he remembers how many years have passed means that she meant a great deal to him. Will Rose somehow be involved in the series?

Virgin River Season 4 Premiere - All Is Not Calm In This Scenic Town

Virgin River. Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe in episode 401 of Virgin River. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022


Her appearance is brief, thankfully, but she does divulge that she’s expecting boys, a secret she’s conveniently keeping from Jack. I just feel bad for the kids because she clearly doesn’t value Jack as their father and is going to make being in their lives as hard for him as possible. 



Preacher doesn’t have much action in the first episode, but considering the nature of his storyline, I’m sure it will change soon enough. He’s worried that he hasn’t heard back from the PI about Vince after he kidnapped Christopher. He considers taking the whole thing public but decides against it because he doesn’t want to spook Vince into hiding. Eventually, he’ll slip up and they’ll be able to find Christopher safe and sound. Hopefully. 



Brady is in jail, which is quite a scary place to be when you’ve betrayed a whole gang and are responsible for the raid that landed them all in prison, including Jimmy. He keeps trying to reach out to Brie and even requested a bail hearing, but things are moving pretty slowly. Jack suggests that maybe Brady was framed. He notes that Brady is a lot of things, but dumb isn’t one of them, so the chances of him driving around with the gun in his Jeep are slim. 



Brie goes on a job interview as she hopes to stay in Virgin River and make a life for herself here. After everything that transpired between Brady and Jack with the arrest, she chooses to ignore her former lover’s calls from prison. Will she eventually hear him out and let him explain his side of the story?


Hope is still in such a fragile place — how will she react to the news that Doc had a son and is a grandfather? Gossip travels fast in town, so it’s best if Doc tells her before she hears in the same way she found out about Lily.

Who do you think the father of Mel’s child is? It’s such a unique situation, and she’d likely be happy with either outcome. How will her pregnancy affect the storyline moving forward? Is the new doctor hitting on her or is he just super friendly?

Is Charmaine out of line? Will Brady survive in prison?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Stranger Things Season 4: Nancy Wheeler Owes It To Herself to Give Steve Harrington a Chance



Stranger Things Season 4: Nancy Wheeler Owes It To Herself to Give Steve Harrington a Chance

It seems almost silly and trivial to prioritize romance when the world — specifically, Hawkins — is being taken over by a disturbed and power-hungry creature from the Upside Down, but it’s such a human emotion to value and champion love even in the darkest moments when everything looks bleak. 

As Stranger Things continues to prove, love, in all of its shapes and forms, trumps hate every time. And Nancy and Steve? They love each other. They might not know it yet or simply aren’t ready to admit it, but there are some strong feelings there that deserve to be explored, especially in light of a possible end-of-the-world scenario. Ask yourself, if not now, when?

Stranger Things Season 4, through all of its darkness, found a light with Nancy and Steve. Hero hair aside, Steve underwent massive character growth from your stereotypical and shallow jock to a father figure, caretaker, and most importantly, a man who knows what he wants. Steve and his voluminous Herbal Essence commercial hair ran towards danger countless times for the greater good and for his friends. Steve’s emotional glow-up wasn’t lost on Nancy either, as she took notice on several occasions, and at times, found herself taken aback by his newfound maturity. As some people pointed out on Twitter, Season 4 Steve Harrington just hits different. 

Stranger Things Season 4: Nancy Wheeler Owes It To Herself to Give Steve Harrington a Chance

Credit: Netflix/ Stranger Things

Yes, he’s portrayed as a ladies’ man, but on the inside, Steve is a softie with a mad crush and a dream of having a real relationship with the right one. He acknowledged the progress he’s made since season 1 and how much he’s grown in the swoon-worthy speech to Nancy that further drove him into heartthrob territory with audiences while proving to Nancy that those butterflies she’s been feeling whenever he looks at her aren’t just a result of an unexpected trip to the Upside Down. Steve Harrington told Nancy flat-out that he was to have six kids (six nuggets, to be exact) with her, and if that didn’t convince her that he’s top-notch boyfriend material, I honestly don’t know what would.

Stranger Things Season 4: Nancy Wheeler Owes It To Herself to Give Steve Harrington a Chance

Credit: Netflix/ Stranger Things

I wouldn’t have blamed them if they took advantage of the moment and used the “apocalypse” excuse to sneak in a passionate kiss, but that’s the other point — despite his desires, Steve never made a move on Nancy because he respects her and their friendship. He knows that she’s with Jonathan, and he’s not going to cross that line even if they might never get a chance to pursue these feelings again. At least not without Nancy making a move and giving him the go-ahead. 

Deep down, Steve cares about Nancy as a friend. He proved it not just with words, but also with his actions as he stood by her when Vecna put her in a trance. He could’ve left the Upside Down at any point to save himself, but he would never leave her there. And, in turn, Nancy proved that she would risk it all for Steve when she jumped into the water and swam into the Upside Down to go after him. She’s always had a soft spot for Steve, but now that he’s become a man worthy of her, there’s no denying the attraction. 

There’s also a love and understanding between them that has provided for a solid foundation that would be helpful if they were to pursue a romantic relationship. 

Stranger Things Season 4: Nancy Wheeler Owes It To Herself to Give Steve Harrington a Chance

Credit: Netflix/ Stranger Things

Stranger Things benefited from the love triangle this season, in particular, as it kept tensions high and provided a personal escape for the characters, but it also cannot be dragged into the final battle. The bottom line is that Nancy and Jonathan can’t string each other along as Steve continues to pine Nancy — it’s not fair to any of their very deserving characters.  

One might argue that Jonathan has always been the underdog so he deserves the girl, but even that’s starting to change as Steve grows into his own and figures out his real connection to Nancy that’s only intensifying as time goes on.

This brings me to Jonathan.  I know it isn’t entirely his fault that he wasn’t by Nancy’s side when the fight against Vecna began,  but it speaks volumes that he was on the other side of the world. The reason Mike was with Eleven when it mattered is because he willingly made the trip to go see her. Neither Nancy nor Jonathan chose to visit each other despite being apart for so long. The chance was there, but they both decided to stay put and deflect.

Stranger Things Season 4: Nancy Wheeler Owes It To Herself to Give Steve Harrington a Chance

Credit: Stranger Things/ Netflix

There was a time when Nancy and Jonathan were the right choice for each other, but there’s nothing left between them but a forced relationship that continues because it’s comfortable and safe. The spark between them barely has a pulse. When they were finally reunited at the end of the season, it didn’t seem like a romantic relationship but two friends who care about each other. And that’s the thing — they’ll likely always love each other and feel a connection through shared trauma, but they are not in love with each other anymore.

They aren’t on the same page anymore, no matter how much they hope to be. They want two different things out of life, but they’re refusing to come to terms with the fact that their paths are taking them in opposite directions. Nancy wants to excel in college and make something of herself, while Jonathan didn’t even apply. The worst part is that they both know that time is running out on their relationship, so they are avoiding the hard conversations. Neither of them has the heart to tell the other the truth. 

Even if nothing happens between Nancy and Steve in the upcoming season, in the face of the unknown and a potential apocalypse, Nancy and Jonathan owe it to themselves to be honest about their feelings and go after what their hearts desire. I’m not sure what that is for Jonathan at the moment as he seems pretty lost about his future, but for Nancy, I think that definitely involves six little nuggets with Steve Harrington somewhere down the line. 

Who Dies On ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4B?

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