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Firefly Lane Dirty Laundry Review Season 1 Episode 6 Firefly Lane Dirty Laundry Review Season 1 Episode 6


Firefly Lane Review – Dirty Laundry (1×06)




Firefly Lane Season 1 Episode 6 was all over the place. 

I couldn’t quite figure out the vibe of the episode as parts of it offered commentary on the entrance to womanhood and the beauty of periods, and the other half found Johnny Ryan going down a dark path as a war reporter who was fighting for quality journalism. 

And the two just didn’t mesh all that well. 

The episode kicked off with Tully and Chad having a wild time in bed, and the good news is that they waited to be together until she was no longer his student. The bad news? They’re still completely dysfunctional. The series doesn’t allow us to care about Chad as much as they say Tully cared about him because, for audiences, he’s just a blip on the radar. However, it’s yet another moment where we see Tully run away from commitment and something more serious because after Chad asks her to move to North Carolina to start a family, they break up immediately after.

More surprising is the fact that Kate and Mutt are dating! Who saw that one coming? Of course, this doesn’t mean much because Kate’s feelings for Johnny are still very much alive and well. I mean, she even gets a new dress to welcome him home after his trip to El Salvador. 

In my previous reviews of the series, I said that I was waiting for the moment that it “clicks” for Johnny and Kate that they are into each other, and we almost got that with this episode. 

However, when it happened, Johnny wasn’t exactly in the right headspace. Kate ended her date with Mutt early — at a feminist exhibition praising a woman’s period — to check in on Johnny, whose friend, Father Ramon, was murdered right in front of him by the military. 

When she returned to the office later that night, Johnny was obliterated after being rejected by every form of media while pitching the story. Turns out, the problem with journalism isn’t exactly new. These days, the focus is on stories that will get you pageviews, but back then, it was all about ratings and newspaper sales. 

Johnny’s desire to get the truth out is important, but as I said before, too dark and ill-fitting in the context of this show. 

Especially since it’s followed by Johnny drunkenly professing his love to Kate as he informs her that when the military pointed a gun at him and he thought he was going to die, he saw her face. 

He then tries to make his move on Kate, and while it’s everything she’s always wanted, she doesn’t give into it. We know Kate’s a “good girl,” but this proves just how good. Denying the man you’re in love with takes so much self-control. But it’s also awesome of her. She doesn’t want to cheat on Mutt, plus, she wants to know that Johnny’s feelings are real and true. Is he acting this way because he’s drunk or does he really mean it?

She informs him that if drunk mind really speaks sober heart, he’ll make his move the next day. 

Sadly, the next day, Johnny has absolutely no recollection of what happened and doesn’t even remember she was there. So, they vow never to speak of it again, and you can feel Kate’s soul being completely crushed by the realization that she got her hopes up for nothing. Well, at least nothing for right now. 

In the present, we see both Kate and Tully be a little bolder with their romantic endeavors. 

Kate embraces her feelings for Travis when she proposes a date night. It’s an awkward call, especially her “keep it moist” sign-off, but hey, at least Kate has always stayed true to her dorky-self even well into adulthood. 

She also forgets about the date she proposed because she’s so invested in writing her first piece for Kimber Watts. It’s nice to see Kate do something for herself, especially since Travis reads the piece and tells her that it’s actually really good. They even have a hot little makeout session on her desk when she goes to get her binder after-hours, but sadly, it’s interrupted by a harsh reality check that Kimber publishes a smear piece about Tully after Kate pulled all those strings for her to arrange the interview. 

I guess this is where the whole bad journalism theme ties in because Kimber’s piece is a scathing piece hoping to expose the real Tully Hart, a heart-less millionaire who pretends her mother is dead and allows her to live in a trailer park and work an overnight shift at the diner. 

The optics are not good on it, and part of me is kind of impressed with Kimber’s go-getter attitude. It’s also the wake-up call that Tully might actually need. Her mom was terrible for most of her life, yes, but she’s carried that pain around with her forever, especially by making it this huge secret that has weighed over. Maybe what she really needs is to face the woman who caused her so much pain, even inadvertently into adulthood, and this is the push she needs. 

Of course, it’s not fair to get blasted in such a way publicly as Kimber’s piece doesn’t show both sides. It’s easy to paint Tully as a monster based on the little details like her mom lives in a trailer park and works a minimum wage job, but our lives are a byproduct of a series of choices. Cloud’s choices led her to this moment. 

Tully was emotionally abandoned by her mother her whole life, and if she felt that the healthiest thing to do was cease all contact, well, that doesn’t make her a monster either. 

It’ll be interesting to see this pan out and to see which road Tully takes. 

It’s unfortunate timing because, as I said, Tully and Kate were being pretty bold. Instead of avoiding her pregnancy in typical Tully fashion, she agreed to spend a day with Max and met his whole family! They played croquet, she bantered with his siblings, and she saw how sickeningly in love his parents still were. It’s the kind of family she’s always wanted. 

And Max even called her out on her bullshit when he questioned why she had to mess up every intimate moment by trying to push him away. 

We know Tully has a tendency of sabotaging the good things in her life, but asking Max what he wanted from her and suggesting he was looking for a meal ticket was a low blow. I’d be more upset if I was him. 

Hopefully, Tully realizes that she needs to let her guard down and let someone in eventually. However, with the expose about her past, she may revert to putting up all the walls once again.

With all this happening in the episode, the flashbacks about Kate getting her period seem almost futile, but they do showcase that Tully and Kate have each other’s backs no matter what. 

Tully gave Kate her pants when she stained her white once and then told the bully Marnie that they belonged to her. And when Marnie attacked Tully’s character and called her out for being easy, Kate decked her in the face. 

Whenever these two faced adversaries, they were there for each other no matter what. And that translates into the present-day when they are bullied by some woman half their age hoping to make a name for herself in the industry.

Kate might need a job, but she’ll never put that job about her friendship with Tully.

Also, high school Tully truly had all the best comebacks. How did Marnie think stuffing her locker with free tampons was a bad thing? Those things are expensive! 

Other Thoughts

  • For someone who hates guns, Johnny has really good aim. 
  • Kimber continues to underestimate Kate and only gave her the article to distract her rather than acknowledging that she might actually be a good writer who is worth giving a shot. 
  • Carol falling off the crate while apple picking was so ridiculous. Could she not grab the closer apple? But, at least we now know how Johnny gave Tully her big break.
  • Kate having underwear stuck to her shirt is honestly the most Kate thing to happen to her. She’s such a lovable klutz.
  • Johnny’s inability to tell the story of war last time is what is inspiring him to go to Iraq now. He hopes that he can have another shot at telling the world what’s happening and exposing the truth. And this helps us understand why he’s so set of “having to do this.” If he communicated this to Kate in the previous episode, she may have understood his position better. 
  • I love that Kate told Travis that she watched her mom wither away because of other people’s expectations and she wasn’t going to set that example for her own daughter. Boss momma!

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‘Elite’ Season 4 Review: New Students, New Mystery, Same Scandalous Drama



'Elite' Season 4 Review: New Students, New Mystery, Same Scandalous Drama

The wait is almost over.

On June 18, Elite returns for its fourth season, but aside from a few new faces and a new principal hellbent on making a difference, things at Las Encinas haven’t changed much at all. 

In fact, things are more dramatic than ever. 

The premiere of Elite evokes the same feelings as the start of the school year — there’s a rush of excitement for what’s to come.

The series indulges in more of what has made it such a success: scandal, parties, threesomes, love triangles, intrigue, crime, and sex. So. Much. Sex. 

I always forget just how many vivid sex scenes there are until I get pulled into a new season, but I’m very quickly reminded. 

The first day of school for Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau), Samu (Itzan Escamilla), Ander (Arón Piper), Rebeka (Claudia Salas), Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), and Omar (Omar Ayuso) is bittersweet. While they may be getting another shot at repeating their final year, their classmates Carla, Lu, Nadia, and Valerio have moved on to bigger and better things. It’s a bummer to lose such a great group of characters, but you almost don’t feel their absence when the new crop of students takes their place, flips the world upside down for current students, and simultaneously ushers in a brand new mystery.


The new mystery anchors the story, and like in seasons past, it plays out with flashbacks that lead up to the fated moment. 

However, unlike in previous seasons, we find out pretty early on who is at the center of the mystery with the how remaining the big question mark. 

But there’s no question about whether the Blanco family is involved. 

As Ander tells the investigator, the toxic family’s arrival “tainted everything.” 

Benjamin (Diego Martin) is the extremely rich new school director. He comes in like a bulldozer with big plans to rehabilitate Las Encinas and its reputation after a tumultuous few years that led to two student deaths. He begins his reign by setting his sights on Samu and Omar, who he doesn’t believe belong at the elite school.

WATCH: Netflix Drops Scandalous Trailer for 'Elite' Season 4

Credit: Elite/ Netflix

It’s honestly surprising anyone wants to send their children to get an education there at this point.

Benjamin doesn’t waste any time making changes, but with his focus solely on “discipline, excellence, and achievement,” he fails to realize that his family’s arrival brings the bulk of the drama.

Immediately, you begin to wonder how Benjamin plans to fix a whole school if he can’t even control his own children — Ari (Carla Diaz), Patrick (Manu Rios), and Mencia (Martina Cariddi). 

Benjamin has a fraught relationship with his youngest, Mencia, who has brought the family pain in the past and continues to rebel and defy her father at every turn.  

Credit: Netflix/ Elite

She has a genuine connection with new girlfriend, Rebeka, but the relationship stirs up even more problems for Mencia as Benjamin disapproves and thinks Rebe is a bad influence considering her mother’s reputation as a drug kingpin. 

Little does he know, Mencia has gotten into a world of trouble all on her own.

While Rebe’s relationship with Mencia grows into one of the purest this season, following Samu’s betrayal last season, she’s understandably closed off and cautious with her heart.

Ander and Omar are still going strong but find their relationship is tested in unexpected ways when they invite Patrick, Benjamin’s son, into the fold.

Patrick knows the power he wields over them and intentionally meddles in their lives, but there’s also much more to him than meets the eye.

Ari is Benjamin’s star child who respects and listens to her father, but to her peers, she’s the resident mean girl who is oftentimes uptight and has a chip on her shoulder.

She catches the eye of both Samu and Guzman, which fractures their budding friendship. These two have always fought over women, but last time, Samu was being protective over his best friend, Nadia, who Guzman is still dating when the season commences. 


Nadia appears only via video chat from her New York apartment, and their relationship allows the series to explore the trials and tribulations of a long-distance relationship that’s tested as temptation lurks right around the corner for Guzman.

While Guzman stands a chance with Ari based solely on social class and standing, Ari and Samu connect unexpectedly in an academic setting. 

Who will the love triangle favor in the end?

Additionally, the school has attracted the youngest royal heir in Europe, Prince Philippe (Pol Granch). The series flips the classic “princess and the pauper” narrative to “prince and the pauper” as he connects with the school’s janitor Cayetana, making all of her fantasies come true.

But as the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for” as this fairytale quickly turns into a nightmare when it’s revealed the prince has a dark secret, and Cayetana’s past secrets with the late Polo and Valerio come back to haunt her.

Overall, you know exactly what you’re getting into when you press play on the fourth season. The writers have managed to deliver yet another incredibly intoxicating season about a group of lost souls looking for a purpose and tapping into the extreme lengths they’ll go to numb their pain.

Elite hits Netflix on Friday, June 18 with eight brand-new episodes. 

*This review is based on the first four episodes of season 4 that were available to the press*

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WATCH: Mel and Jack Talk Starting a Family in ‘Virgin River’ Season 3 Trailer



Virgin River Blown Away Review Season 2 Episode 10

There’s plenty of baby talk going around in the Virgin River Season 3 trailer! 

Netflix dropped the trailer for the upcoming drama on Friday, June 11 and it doesn’t waste any time answering the question on everyone’s mind: does Jack survive?

It’s quite an obvious answer considering there is no show without Jack, but if it’s been keeping you up at night, the good news is that he does. 

Of course, that doesn’t put the question of who shot him to rest. (And we have some theories you can check out right here!)

As he recovers, he’s blessed to have Nurse Mel by his side.

With their romance finally heating up, the nosy locals in town begin asking questions about their future — is marriage in the cards? And what about babies?

5 Biggest Moments from ‘Virgin River’ Season 2

Mel’s history will definitely come into play, especially as it was always her dream to have a child. But Jack is a new father to twins (at least we think they’re his) with his ex Charmaine. 

Luckily, Charmaine is no longer hung up on him as she’s found a new man who is there for her and the kids! 

Check out the trailer below:

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Outer Banks Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

The adventures of the Pogues will continue on Netflix.

The streaming giant renewed Outer Banks for a second season last year, but now, we have a summer premiere date and the first trailer!

The drama will officially return on Friday, July 30!

Check it out:

The season will pick up with the JJ, Kiara and Pope paying tribute to their friends John B and Sarah, who they think died at sea. However, John B and Sarah Cameron were saved by a boat on its way to Nassau where Ward stashed his gold.

Here’s the official synopsis for season 2:

“The $400M is still in the game, but will the uncovering of a new-found secret reunite the group for a fresh mission? The adventure of a lifetime awaits, but uncharted waters ahead mean our Pogues must do all they can to make it out alive,” per the official description.

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