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Firefly Lane Dirty Laundry Review Season 1 Episode 6 Firefly Lane Dirty Laundry Review Season 1 Episode 6


Firefly Lane Review – Dirty Laundry (1×06)




Firefly Lane Season 1 Episode 6 was all over the place. 

I couldn’t quite figure out the vibe of the episode as parts of it offered commentary on the entrance to womanhood and the beauty of periods, and the other half found Johnny Ryan going down a dark path as a war reporter who was fighting for quality journalism. 

And the two just didn’t mesh all that well. 

The episode kicked off with Tully and Chad having a wild time in bed, and the good news is that they waited to be together until she was no longer his student. The bad news? They’re still completely dysfunctional. The series doesn’t allow us to care about Chad as much as they say Tully cared about him because, for audiences, he’s just a blip on the radar. However, it’s yet another moment where we see Tully run away from commitment and something more serious because after Chad asks her to move to North Carolina to start a family, they break up immediately after.

More surprising is the fact that Kate and Mutt are dating! Who saw that one coming? Of course, this doesn’t mean much because Kate’s feelings for Johnny are still very much alive and well. I mean, she even gets a new dress to welcome him home after his trip to El Salvador. 

In my previous reviews of the series, I said that I was waiting for the moment that it “clicks” for Johnny and Kate that they are into each other, and we almost got that with this episode. 

However, when it happened, Johnny wasn’t exactly in the right headspace. Kate ended her date with Mutt early — at a feminist exhibition praising a woman’s period — to check in on Johnny, whose friend, Father Ramon, was murdered right in front of him by the military. 

When she returned to the office later that night, Johnny was obliterated after being rejected by every form of media while pitching the story. Turns out, the problem with journalism isn’t exactly new. These days, the focus is on stories that will get you pageviews, but back then, it was all about ratings and newspaper sales. 

Johnny’s desire to get the truth out is important, but as I said before, too dark and ill-fitting in the context of this show. 

Especially since it’s followed by Johnny drunkenly professing his love to Kate as he informs her that when the military pointed a gun at him and he thought he was going to die, he saw her face. 

He then tries to make his move on Kate, and while it’s everything she’s always wanted, she doesn’t give into it. We know Kate’s a “good girl,” but this proves just how good. Denying the man you’re in love with takes so much self-control. But it’s also awesome of her. She doesn’t want to cheat on Mutt, plus, she wants to know that Johnny’s feelings are real and true. Is he acting this way because he’s drunk or does he really mean it?

She informs him that if drunk mind really speaks sober heart, he’ll make his move the next day. 

Sadly, the next day, Johnny has absolutely no recollection of what happened and doesn’t even remember she was there. So, they vow never to speak of it again, and you can feel Kate’s soul being completely crushed by the realization that she got her hopes up for nothing. Well, at least nothing for right now. 

In the present, we see both Kate and Tully be a little bolder with their romantic endeavors. 

Kate embraces her feelings for Travis when she proposes a date night. It’s an awkward call, especially her “keep it moist” sign-off, but hey, at least Kate has always stayed true to her dorky-self even well into adulthood. 

She also forgets about the date she proposed because she’s so invested in writing her first piece for Kimber Watts. It’s nice to see Kate do something for herself, especially since Travis reads the piece and tells her that it’s actually really good. They even have a hot little makeout session on her desk when she goes to get her binder after-hours, but sadly, it’s interrupted by a harsh reality check that Kimber publishes a smear piece about Tully after Kate pulled all those strings for her to arrange the interview. 

I guess this is where the whole bad journalism theme ties in because Kimber’s piece is a scathing piece hoping to expose the real Tully Hart, a heart-less millionaire who pretends her mother is dead and allows her to live in a trailer park and work an overnight shift at the diner. 

The optics are not good on it, and part of me is kind of impressed with Kimber’s go-getter attitude. It’s also the wake-up call that Tully might actually need. Her mom was terrible for most of her life, yes, but she’s carried that pain around with her forever, especially by making it this huge secret that has weighed over. Maybe what she really needs is to face the woman who caused her so much pain, even inadvertently into adulthood, and this is the push she needs. 

Of course, it’s not fair to get blasted in such a way publicly as Kimber’s piece doesn’t show both sides. It’s easy to paint Tully as a monster based on the little details like her mom lives in a trailer park and works a minimum wage job, but our lives are a byproduct of a series of choices. Cloud’s choices led her to this moment. 

Tully was emotionally abandoned by her mother her whole life, and if she felt that the healthiest thing to do was cease all contact, well, that doesn’t make her a monster either. 

It’ll be interesting to see this pan out and to see which road Tully takes. 

It’s unfortunate timing because, as I said, Tully and Kate were being pretty bold. Instead of avoiding her pregnancy in typical Tully fashion, she agreed to spend a day with Max and met his whole family! They played croquet, she bantered with his siblings, and she saw how sickeningly in love his parents still were. It’s the kind of family she’s always wanted. 

And Max even called her out on her bullshit when he questioned why she had to mess up every intimate moment by trying to push him away. 

We know Tully has a tendency of sabotaging the good things in her life, but asking Max what he wanted from her and suggesting he was looking for a meal ticket was a low blow. I’d be more upset if I was him. 

Hopefully, Tully realizes that she needs to let her guard down and let someone in eventually. However, with the expose about her past, she may revert to putting up all the walls once again.

With all this happening in the episode, the flashbacks about Kate getting her period seem almost futile, but they do showcase that Tully and Kate have each other’s backs no matter what. 

Tully gave Kate her pants when she stained her white once and then told the bully Marnie that they belonged to her. And when Marnie attacked Tully’s character and called her out for being easy, Kate decked her in the face. 

Whenever these two faced adversaries, they were there for each other no matter what. And that translates into the present-day when they are bullied by some woman half their age hoping to make a name for herself in the industry.

Kate might need a job, but she’ll never put that job about her friendship with Tully.

Also, high school Tully truly had all the best comebacks. How did Marnie think stuffing her locker with free tampons was a bad thing? Those things are expensive! 

Other Thoughts

  • For someone who hates guns, Johnny has really good aim. 
  • Kimber continues to underestimate Kate and only gave her the article to distract her rather than acknowledging that she might actually be a good writer who is worth giving a shot. 
  • Carol falling off the crate while apple picking was so ridiculous. Could she not grab the closer apple? But, at least we now know how Johnny gave Tully her big break.
  • Kate having underwear stuck to her shirt is honestly the most Kate thing to happen to her. She’s such a lovable klutz.
  • Johnny’s inability to tell the story of war last time is what is inspiring him to go to Iraq now. He hopes that he can have another shot at telling the world what’s happening and exposing the truth. And this helps us understand why he’s so set of “having to do this.” If he communicated this to Kate in the previous episode, she may have understood his position better. 
  • I love that Kate told Travis that she watched her mom wither away because of other people’s expectations and she wasn’t going to set that example for her own daughter. Boss momma!

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5 Biggest Moments from ‘Money Heist’ Season 5 Volume 1



It’s the beginning of the end for Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel.

On Friday, September 3, the Spanish series dropped part 1 of its fifth and final season. 

WARNING: spoilers ahead, stop reading if you haven’t seen Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1

The action-packed five episodes find the Professor’s gang trapped inside the Bank of Spain as the CNI, the police, and the army attempted to infiltrate and put an end to one of the most impressive heists in history. 

Survival is the name of the game not just for the red jumpsuits but also for the mastermind behind the robbery, the Professor, who has been taken hostage by former police inspector Alicia Sierra, who has gone rogue after having her name tarnished by the people she trusted the most. 

We’re breaking down the 5 biggest and most shocking moments from the season below:


1. Tokyo’s Final Hurrah

There was plenty of foreshadowing throughout indicating that Tokyo wasn’t going to survive the season, but her fate was really cemented in a flashback scene with Nairobi (RIP, girl) during which the two chatted about what happens after death. Tokyo explained that she believed that when she died, she would live on in her happiest memory. A lot of emphasis was also placed on elaborating on Tokyo’s journey prior to joining the Professor, her two loves — Rene and Rio, and the fact that joining the heist gave her life a renewed sense of purpose. 

After she was shot five times by snipers, she told Manila and Denver to jump down the elevator dumbwaiter while she stayed behind and defended them from Gandia and the rest of the ruthless army. It was an unfair fight as it was several against one, and eventually, Tokyo was overtaken as they shot bullet after bullet into her. As she lay there bleeding out, she looked up at Gandia, who had a gun pointed at her, and smirked as she revealed several grenades strapped to her body. And then… BOOM.

The only thing missing from the scene was Tokyo shouting “for Nairobi” moments before the explosion, but it was clear that this was Tokyo’s revenge on the man that killed her friend. 

And sadly, there was no way our beloved narrator could’ve survived that. 

Tokyo may have been reckless in previous seasons, but this was her moment of redemption and revenge. As she noted, if her body couldn’t be free, at least her spirit would be. Plus, her death meant that the rest of her team might have a fighting chance at escaping the Bank of Spain alive. 


2. Arturo Is Dead

Hopefully… because, at this point, it’s way overdue. There is no character on television more annoying than Arturito. He makes my skin crawl. His ideas are terrible, he’s a nuisance in every possible way, and he keeps trying to make Denver feel inferior. It’s slimy. He also created more problems for the Professor’s crew than any of the government agencies combined. 

So, I was the first to champion Stockholm when she had the chance to shoot him. And I agreed with Palermo when he questioned why anyone was wasting precious time and resources trying to save him. He deserved everything that happened to him. 

Unfortunately, it’s not confirmed whether or not Arturo actually died. Sure, he was haunting Stockholm as a hallucination, but that was more guilt than a solid confirmation of his death. And knowing Arturito, he somehow survived once they set him free from the Bank of Spain. 


3. Helsinki Is Injured

Death and injury is inevitable, especially during a heist where the stakes are so high. Nairobi’s death was gut-wrenching, Tokyo’s death, while badass, was soul-crushing, but now, it’s not looking great for our big teddy bear either. 

Helsinki, or as Palermo affectionately call him “Fatty,” was crushed by a two-ton marble column that seriously destroyed his leg. The team banded together in a risky mission to pull him out because cutting his leg off simply wasn’t an option. Sadly, even though he was rescued, it’s not looking too good for him. 

An injury that grave seriously limits what he’s able to do. How is he going to escape when he can barely stand up? How is he going to run? And since Stockholm never gave him the morphine he so desperately needed to numb the pain, is he even going to survive? 


4. Alicia Sierra’s Baby Is Born

Alicia pulled a fast one on the Professor when she cornered him in his hideout, but then something unexpected (that she definitely should’ve expected) happened: her water broke and she went into labor! While she tried to push through it herself as the Professor, Longrono, and Marseille looked on, when the baby went into a breech position, she had no choice but to cut them loose and allow them to assist. And, of course, the Professor knows how to deliver a baby. What does that man not know how to do?

After what seemed like a a very painful and natural birth, Alicia welcomed a tough baby girl into the world. When the Professor shared the news with his gang, she told Lisbon that she would name her Victoria. 

But is Alicia really on Team Professor? She accepted his kindness and seemed to be in awe of how he operates, but that was because of sheer circumstance. She had no choice, especially since Tamayo pinned everything on her publicly. She, like the rest of the Professor’s squad, was a disgraced member of society… the lowest of the low. 

However, in one of the final scenes before Tokyo’s untimely death, Alicia says that she’s always going to be there for her daughter before going to the bathroom and hiding scissors (or what appears to be scissors) up here sleeve. Is she planning on killing the Professor and his men and redeeming herself in the eyes of the public? I wouldn’t put it past her, but I sure as hell am upset with all the hospitality she was offered. 


5. Berlin Has a Son

This is one of the rogue storylines that we’re totally invested in, but we don’t know how it fits into the bigger picture just yet. Berlin died on Money Heist Season 2, but the writers have found a way to keep him alive in flashbacks. This one, in particular, reveals that he has an adult son named Rafael who is a skilled coder and engineer (thanks to his MIT education that was paid for by his father — a plan clearly set into motion years in advance). Berlin recruits Rafael to join him on one of his epic heists (prior to the events of the Royal Mint in Season 1 and 2) during which they swap real gold artifacts with replicas. 

Rafael takes the moral high ground initially, but once he’s caught up in the action, he seems to get a thrill out of his father’s line of work, which leads us to believe that he’s somehow involved in the present-day heist. Rafael clearly also has the hots for his dad’s wife, Tatiana, which is something Berlin isn’t afraid to confront him about. Will that turn into something?

How do you think this storyline plays into what’s happening in the present? Is Rafael a “last resort” when the Professor runs out of plans?


Other Notable Moments

    • As his plan unravels, The Professor — the master of illusions — still manages to blackmail Tamayo and hold him by the cajones by threatening to expose his corruption if he doesn’t pull back his troops from entering the Bank of Spain. And how does he have that evidence? Lisbon managed to sneak a listening aide into handcuffs when she released some of the hostages! Beauty and brains! She has definitely earned the nickname Mrs. Professor!
    • In a life-or-death situation, Manila tells Denver that she’s always loved him. Denver tries to brush it off because of their friendship, but Manila insists that they talk about it since they might never get another chance. She questions whether Denver is truly happy with Stockholm and reminds him that he’s given up on his dreams to be with her. Denver assures her that he’s grown up and loves Stockholm very much, but Manila doesn’t seem convinced. And it’s possible she may have planted a seed of doubt because when Denver sees Stockholm high out of her mind, he seems upset and angry rather than understanding.
    • Which brings us to Stockholm’s problematic decision. After she maybe, possibly, hopefully killed Arturo, the father of her child, and, in her eyes, her child’s only chance at a normal life, she’s flooded with guilt. She keeps hallucinating him in the worst moments. And you better believe the one where he popped out of the dumbwaiter is going to haunt my nightmares for the rest of time. To numb the pain, she decides to shoot some morphine, which doesn’t just feel out of character, but it’s also detrimental to the rest of the group, who is slightly preoccupied fighting for their lives. She is able to find a solution that saves Manila and Denver, but it’s still a concerning turn of events for one of the most grounded characters. What does this mean for her future with Denver?

What did you think of the first half of the season? Do you really think the Professor doesn’t have a plan? How will they get out if they’re surrounded? Does the gold even matter at this point?
Let us know in the comments below. 

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 drops on Friday, December 3, 2021. 

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