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The Flash Crisis on Earth-X The Flash Crisis on Earth-X


‘The Flash’ & ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ – Crisis on Earth-X (Part 3 &4)

The Flash crossover



The battle between Earth-1 heroes and Earth-X Nazis continued on night two of the four series crossover and things went BOOM.

And first, things for the heroes were not looking well. They were stuck in concentration camps on Earth-X with no powers thanks to the shock collars (imagine if the Nazis really had that kind of technology) while the others were locked up at Star Labs where Kara was frying under a red light that would basically cook her like a turkey to allow for open heart surgery for the doppelganger version Overgirl. You guys, I am so over this girl.

Props to both Melissa Benoit and Stephen Amell for brilliantly portraying the evil versions of themselves. As good Kara put it, coming face to face with your evil doppelganger really puts those National City loverboy problems in perspective.

Inside the concentration camps, the heroes quickly learned that in addition to despising Jews, they also hated gays, which obviously didn’t bode well for Alex and Sara, even if she was the ideal Aryan; blonde hair and blue eyes are still the Reich’s ish.

I’ve never been filled with so much anxiety as I had been when the heroes were taken during the round-up. You know that they are somehow going to get out of it because obviously all of the heroes cannot die at the hand of Nazis but your still a bit worried. And even though most of the time the crossover inserted random character doppelgangers at the exact moment to save the day, it didn’t seem too contrived nor did it take away from the storyline.

Leo Snart, aka Citizen Cold, arrived just in time to save prisoner and his love, The Ray, who led them back to his bunker, where they met Erde-X’s version of Winn, who was the resistance general! Hey, at least on one planet he gets to be a general. National City Winn is going to LOVE that story. Whaddap!

This Winn who went by General Schott was not like the helpful and kind Winn of Earth. He didn’t even bend when Alex begged him to allow some time for them to get to the gateway because he was so set on ending this war and preventing the Fuhrer and his team from ever returning to the planet. It’s noble for a leader but not helpful to those who actually need to get back to their planet.

Even after Snart and Ray convinced him to delay his mission a bit so that they could get back to Earth-1 to save Supergirl, he still unleashed robotic hell in the form of Red Tornado, which forced the Flash and Ray to join supersonic forces to slow down the impending explosion coming for the Nazi facility.

Arrow pretending to be his evil doppelganger and sneaking inside only to be made was one of the most nerve-wracking moments in the episode. But the battle scene that followed after was engrossing because everything was on the line. Everyone was putting up a fight to get home to their loved ones while taking down swarms of armed Nazis.

And with bullets flying left and right, they didn’t leave without a casualty. Stein was shot and even though playing dead would have probably saved him, he risked his life to crawl and activate the breach, thus allowing everyone to actually get home. They became Firestorm so that they could transport Stein home but if he hadn’t been linked to Jax, who was serving as his life support, he would have been dead.

Jax went from coming to terms with separating from Stein in the beginning of the crossover to having to let him go completely in order to save himself. Their father-son goodbye was emotionally crushing but one that needed to be made; it showed just how much love and support Stein really had for his partner in crime.

While all of this is going down, Supergirl is heating up on the table so that Overgirl can get her heart and free herself from all that radiation. Except what the villains didn’t know is that there were two more heroes hiding out at STARS Labs. Felicity and Iris may not have superpowers but they are ride or die and thus they found a way to kick out the power, which bought them some time. Even though Supergirl wasn’t able to regain her strength back immediately, Tiny ATOM came to the rescue after getting Felicity’s distress call.

Shortly after, the rest of the heroes arrived back home and believe it or not, that’s when the real battle began. Seriously, how many orchestrated fight scenes did they need for these four episodes?

Seeing all these heroes in one, motivated by the loss of their fellow brother, was inspiring. Dark Arrow promised to retract his troops in exchange for Supergirl but good Arrow was like “nah, I put on for my friends.”

And that’s what he did. As the Nazis began storming Earth-1, Arrow put an arrow through Dark Arrow, Supergirl took on Overgirl, eventually flying her out into space before she supernovaed all over the world and caused a radiation spill and Barry let Thawne go because heroes don’t kill. In other words, we’ll see him cause trouble again very soon.

But for now, peace has been restored to Earth-1 and hopefully, the Nazis were taken down on Earth-X. The wedding weekend didn’t go according to the itinerary but honestly, what else could you expect when marrying a superhero?

Everyone was in town for the wedding and it was fitting because they were all able to attend Stein’s funeral.

Then, as everyone returned to their respective planets, Iris and Barry decided to just tie the knot right then and there. Diggle officiated not one but two weddings as Felicity realized that she actually did want to marry Oliver because her biggest fear in life was losing him. A double wedding was like the cherry on top of the bad few days, it’s just disappointing that they didn’t actually let everyone who was there for it originally stick around. After all that they’ve been through, a little happiness would have been uplifting, right?

Still, I’ll take these kinds of crossovers any day CW. Like I mentioned yesterday, it almost felt like I was watching a superhero movie, not a blend of four stellar CW shows.

Really, I’ll tune in for anything with Snart and Mick Rory together. These two are just great together.



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Supergirl Review – Confidence of Women (5×06)



Supergirl Confidence in Women Review

Supergirl took us on a trip to the past to give us the origin story of Lena and Andrea Rojas’ friendship.

Maybe this came as a shock to you, but the two of them used to be friends before their friendship took a nasty turn much like Lena and Kara’s, which explains why Lena has a no-tolerate approach for betrayal.

But now, Andrea, who has been revealed to have ties to Leviathan, needs help that only Lena can give her.

Did this patch up their fractured friendship?

Here’s what we learned in “Confidence of Women”

  • On Supergirl Season 5 Episode 5 we learned Andrea worked for Leviathan. Now, we know that her superpower is “The Shadow,” which allows her to move around in the darkness. She turns to Lena for help breaking into the DEO to save her boyfriend, Russ aka Rip Roar.
  • Yes, I said boyfriend. In flashbacks, we see that in order to save Russ’ life, Andrea was forced to turn him over to Leviathan. And they created the villain, Rip Roar. The scene where he laid on the operating table as she stood by his side helpless was heart-wrenching.
  • Lena and Andrea met in boarding school and bonded over Titanic. “If you jump, I jump” never sounded like sound advice and now, we know why.
  • It all started with a story called the Medallion of Acrata, which Lena’s mother was obsessed with. Lena told the story to Andrea and expressed how badly she wanted to find the medallion one day. Well, fast-forward a few years to when Lex Luthor is manically laughing over his brilliant plan to kill Superman. Lena tells Andrea the medallion is the only thing to stop Lex and they embark on their Lena and Andrea the Explora trip to find it.
  • When they arrive at their destination, Andrea falls into the pit and unearths the symbol. A man appears and doesn’t give her much of a choice. If she wants her suicidal father to live and her company to become successful again, she must take the Medallion and promise to answer Leviathan’s calls one day when they need her. Andrea reluctantly agrees and then lies to Lena that the medallion was always missing.
  • Like most magic, the medallion comes with a price. It may have made things better at home but Andrea also became a prisoner to Leviathan, who forced her to become the Shadow and kill people. Obviously, they later hurt her boyfriend and, in the present day, were responsible for that tidal wave.
  • Lena shows Andrea absolutely no mercy or sympathy, which is the same that she did when Kara finally came clean about her secret identity. Betrayal is betrayal in her book. But, she’s willing to help Andrea selfishly because she wants her hands on the medallion.
  • Lena intercepts the DEO and blocks communication with Supergirl allowing Andrea to break in and escape with her boyfriend. Alex and J’onn put up a good fight. Rip Roar may be gone, but before he left, Supergirl got through to him and pulled “Leviathan” from him.
  • Andrea reluctantly gives Lena the medallion and tries to flee with Russell but Leviathan shoots him down and tells her that she can never escape her fate or the darkness that lives inside of her. RIP Russell, you’ll be missed. Anyone else feeling heartbroken for William who spent so much of his life trying to find his best friend?
  • Honestly, who is running CatCo at this point?
  • The DEO isn’t the only one looking into Leviathan as Lena pulls the name from the now-defunct medallion and tries to access Eve’s memories with it.
  • Does this mean Andrea will be more likely to work with Kara and William if they ever realize they’re all on the same team?
  • When will Lena realize that sometimes, people are forced to do things they don’t want to do and hurt those they love because there’s no other option?

Aside from Leviathan, which we still don’t know too much about, Lena is shaping up to be the villain that needs to be stopped this season.

Will she get on-board before it’s too late?

What did you think of the episode?

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Supergirl – Blurred Lines (5×02)



Supergirl Blurred Lines Review

Kelly was caught knee-deep in the middle of the drama again on Supergirl “Blurred Lines.”

Malefic, J’onn’s scorned brother targeted Kelly at her workplace by shapeshifting into her friend Pete (hey, Bob from Stranger Things! RIP).

My biggest gripe with this storyline is how easy it was for Kelly to be fooled.

She knew that Malefic was out there with shapeshifting capabilities and she didn’t think that it was odd for an “old friend” to suddenly appear at her doorstep needing her help.

Come on, Kelly.

James Olsen kept saying that his sister could take care of herself, but honey, that was too easy.

Since Kelly established some mental connection to Malefic, they all deemed her a (easy!) target, and sent her away with James until the coast was cleared.

But wouldn’t they want her around to help them see Malefic? If he’s going to be shapeshifting into other people, it’s going to be much harder for them to locate him. Kelly’s newfound powers could come in handy.

Malefic has a rather large gripe with J’onn: he was betrayed by his own family.

But the fact that his father banished him because of an illness he couldn’t control wasn’t even the worst part.

The worst part was that J’onn committed the cardinal sin and erased his and his father’s memories wiping away any memory of his brother.

At the time, he thought he was doing the right thing to ease his father’s suffering, but seeing his memories played back, he realizes he did the cowardly thing.

He’s so ashamed, he didn’t even come clean to Alex and the rest of the gang about what he did, which will likely pose a problem as they don’t understand why Malefic is so angry with his brother.

I’m not entirely sure where this storyline is going, but at least it made more sense than it did on Supergirl Season 5 Episode 2.

Kara Danvers is realizing that there’s more to her new co-worker William Day.

Her first inkling was when he deliberately tried to shut down the story of a dead scientist by claiming “there wasn’t anything there.”

Sure, one would assume he wanted to scoop the story, but in this case, it was more like Day had something to hide.

Which we know he did.

Day was at the nightclub where Dr. Niles Jarrod died and just before he slinked off to hook up with the spider chick in the bathroom, he rejected working with Day and presumably Andrea.

What did Day want Jarrod to work on?

And who was the man that paid Day after Jarrod died?

Who is he working for?

We knew he was up to no good, but I never pegged him for someone working with the “bad guys.”

And if he’s such an acclaimed journalist, why is he doing any kind of shady work for some extra cash?

Meanwhile,  Jarrod’s killer ended up being an aurafacian, a creature who uses host bodies.

Alex recognized the “spider tattoo,” which helped Supergirl defeat the villain.

Supergirl is going back to the ‘villain of the week’ formula  they ditched for much of Supergirl Season 4.

While there’s going to be an overarching big bad, it’s fun to have these smaller villains for Supergirl to defeat on a weekly basis.

It keeps the show fresh and the audience on their toes.

Whatever was possessing Caroline O’Connor’s body escaped once Alex sucked out the aurafacian out of her, but what was it?

And where did it go? Did it find a new host?

The most upsetting storyline, however, involved Kara and Lena.

Lena is on her “everyone betrayed me” kick and is working towards bettering humanity, which in her mind means removing all of people’s “negative traits” to create a better utopia.

Dangerous? Very. But Lena believes this is the next step in evolution.

But that’s not even the biggest concern when it comes to Lena.

What’s more upsetting is how she’s manipulating Kara and how she thinks it’s okay because Kara lied to her first.

Lena realized she needed to get her hands on Lex’s journals to see what he knew about Q waves and mind control.

Tess, er, Hope in Tess’s body, suggested getting them from Fort Knox, which is essentially impossible unless you have a superhero best friend, which Lena does.

During their first meeting since Kara came clean, Lena told her she was having a hard time dealing with Lex’s death and the only thing that would make her feel better would be to read his journals.

Kara, eager to please Lena because she felt so guilty about her lies, offered to get them for her, which was exactly what Lena was hoping for despite saying “you don’t have to, that’s so sweet of you.”


Yes, Kara willingly broke into a federal facility to help a friend out. And while it might not be much different from what she usually does, the pretenses here were all wrong.

Kara’s putting her reputation on the line for someone who is using her as a pawn because they somehow think that it’s justified.

I’ve always defended Lena and her oftentimes lack of judgment, but this is too far.

And it’s something she won’t be able to bounce back from when Kara figures out that she’s been using her.

Ultimately, I think it’ll come down to Supergirl being forced to stop Lena from creating “better people.”

And further down on the list of important storylines is Nia Nall’s tiring romance with Brainy.

They had the makings of a unique and fresh couple, but that was destroyed the moment Brainy began delivering obscene amounts of food and speaking only in the language of love — poetry.

Nia didn’t find the attention flattering, she found it downright annoying.

Brainy wasn’t getting the hint until she spelled it out for him, but when he got it, he got it.

Brainy was confused by Nia’s insistence that “he can be fully himself around her” only to then be told his personality is too much.

He left in a jiffy after explaining he can only be 100% himself and that’s his own issue to deal with.

My heart hurts so much.

Brainy, you are too good for this world.

And Nia, that’s what you get for dating someone from the future.

He’s quirky, he’s different, but that’s what you signed up for.

Breaking Brainy’s heart means Nia’s no longer on the “good list” in my book.

What did you think of tonight’s Supergirl?

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Supergirl – Event Horizon (5×01)



Supergirl Season 5 Premiere Review

Supergirl didn’t waste a moment jumping into the action on the season 5 premiere.

There are a few new villains in National City that are more terrifying than any alien with a vengeance.

First up is Lena Luthor. Yes, Lena, our once beloved Luthor is now someone that’s hiding her agenda against Supergirl in plain sight.

If you recall from Supergirl Season 4, before Lex Luthor died he revealed Supergirl’s real identity to his baby sister.

Lena doesn’t take well to being lied to so her reaction — fury and revenge — was expected.

Using her new VR contacts, Lena destroyed Supergirl in an alternate reality to make her pay for keeping her in the dark.

Lena was even ready to expose Supergirl to the world at the same time Kara was accepting her Pulitzer prize for award-winning and honest reporting.

But then Kara did something she didn’t expect — she mustered up the courage to tell the truth.

Kara had been planning to loop Lena in for a while, but every time she chickened out. It was mostly out of fear that she’d lose her best friend.

However, there was no way Kara could accept an award that lamented how she always told the truth by continuing her lie.

Her apology was heartfelt and genuine; you could tell she felt terrible about what she had done.

And it seemed as though Lena forgave her.

She killed the expose, gave an awesome introduction speech, and assured Kara they’d remain best friends forever.

But this time, she was lying.

Lena may have been the family’s beacon of light, but she’s still a Luthor that doesn’t do well with betrayal.

On one hand, I’d expect nothing less from her especially because having her easily forgive Kara would be anti-climatic.

But then again, Kara and Lena have built up such a heartwarming relationship. Sure, it stings that Kara lied, but I don’t see Lena as the one to throw all of that away to live up to some version of the Luthor name that she’s never been proud of anyway.

She’s always wanted to be better than the reputation the preceded her, yet she’s dignifying her actions by those family values.

At least there’s still some good left in her as she uses her friendship with Kara to make changes in the world.

The second villain comes from Andrea Rojas, a Miranda Priestly type of character taking over CatCo.

Lena made the decision to sell CatCo to her longtime friend whom she seems to have a strained relationship with.

Power struggles — sometimes it be like that.

Rojas barely started her first day at CatCo before making leadership changes (sorry, James) and changing the structure of the product.

In short, CatCo wasn’t making money since readership was down.

To make the product lucrative again, Rojas valued clicks over journalistic integrity. In other words, she was going to allow revenue to drive editorial decisions, which didn’t sit well with oh, the whole newsroom of journalists looking to break the news in an unbiased manner.

The sad part is that Rojas wasn’t entirely wrong — the world does revolve around clicks and the measure of your worth is based on clicks.

But if everyone gives into reporting news that people want to read, well, that’s a world I don’t want to live in.

James spoke for all of the employees when he threatened to walk but Rojas illuminated them to their new realities: they’d all been signed to 3-year contracts with a non-compete clause. If they walked, they’d never work in journalism again.

Kara challenged Rojas and told her she’s never be silenced, which Rojas accepted too eagerly.

There has to be a bigger play in motion here.

James, on the other hand, wasn’t interested in being restricted to this type of journalism and quit.

When Rojas reminded him he’d never work in this field again, he wasn’t in phased at all.

And that’s a mic-drop on James Olsen’s character everyone.

Other Super Musings

  • Alex and Kelly are full-on dating, but I sense some trouble coming up with Kelly’s new gig at Obsidian North. Kara made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of technology taking over the world.
  • It took no more than 3-minutes into the series for things to get political as Kara commented on the lack of interest in the upcoming election and again, blamed it on technology.
  • Kara didn’t have any issues with technology though when it came down to creating her new super-suit with pants.
  • PANTS!
  • J’onn Jones has a brother who is hellbent on destroying him. That’s really all you need to know from the Phantom Zone situation that unraveled in the premiere.
  • That T-Rex was fun.
  • Rojas’ uncle is Elon Musk. That’s how loaded she is.
  • How are the bangs not a dead giveaway to Kara being Supergirl?
  • Brainy and Nia shared their first kiss!

And lastly, who kidnapped Eve?

She was so ready to just get home after her long waitressing shift only to be kidnapped.

Let the girl catch a break!

What did you think of the Supergirl Season 5 premiere?

Do you like the direction the new season is taking?

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