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Found Recap Season 1 Episode 5 - Missing While Undocumented Found Recap Season 1 Episode 5 - Missing While Undocumented

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Found Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Missing While Undocumented

FOUND -- "Missing While Undocumented" Episode 105 -- Pictured: (l-r) Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely, Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana, Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed -- (Photo by: Steve Swisher/NBC)



Found continues to outdo itself with each passing episode, bringing to light important storylines and situations. The fifth episode of the season focused on Gabi and her crew (who I feel so compelled to call Gladiators because I can’t shake the similarities between them and Olivia Pope’s team on Scandal) racing against the clock to find an undocumented missing woman named Sasha.

While the week’s case featured many turns, stumping Gabi at one point as Sir accused her of “giving up” and being off her game, she eventually got back on track, realizing that Sasha wasn’t missing, she was hiding from someone very dangerous. 

Sasha was an expert at going undetected due to her immigration status, and she used it to her advantage after witnessing the murder of a shady immigration lawyer at the hands of one of the criminals he was working with. 

I think if Gabi hadn’t been thrown off by the visit from the executive of her dad’s will, she would have sniffed out that Manny was not Sasha’s brother when he ambushed Dhan in the apartment. It also would’ve helped if Margaret had been there observing his movements to see if he was lying. Either way though, why would Sasha’s brother ever resort to violence on the people he enlisted—through a friend—to help?

But despite taking on the case, the team was dealing with many personal issues that left them all a little frazzled, including Margaret trying to figure out who took the number off of her son’s missing poster. Watching the reality set in that this was yet another dead end was heartbreaking.

Some might think that it’s extreme that she never stopped looking, but unless you’ve been in that position, you have no idea the pain that she carries; the pain of a mother who has zero idea what happened to her baby or if he’s hurt. She can’t move on without closure or answers. And I know it’s a long shot considering how much time has passed, but I do hope this story has a positive outcome. 

Dhan was an unkept mess as his husband Ethan went on a week-long work trip, and though not much is known about Dhan’s past, we find out that he has a fear of being alone after being kidnapped for years. 

It’s why this “found family” is so special to each other—they’ve all gone through something similar so they all understand one another—and why they’re all so committed to finding the missing people that no one else is looking for. 

As usual, Gabi and Mark’s paths crossed, this time when they realized that their cases were connected and they were looking for the same man, Manny,  who was wanted for several homicides, including the immigration lawyer’s death. Mark tends to find himself split between his job on the force and trying to help Gabi because he supports her cause, even if his dedication to her gets him in a bit of trouble. 

However, whenever they can help the other succeed, it’s a good day for all. Manny was on the hunt to get rid of loose ends, so locating Sasha first was of the utmost importance before he could get to her. 

There was a bit of movement on Gabi and Mark’s personal relationship, though it seems she’s hesitant to get involved despite the very clear chemistry, and I wonder if that has to do with the trauma of Sir.

She enlisted Mark’s help with dispersing her father’s ashes, though eventually, she realized that even though it may have been his final wish, she wasn’t exactly ready to let go. From the episode, we glean that the two had a fractured relationship after she was found as they could never really rebuild following the events. He felt guilty for letting it happen and not finding her, while Gabi was forever changed by her trauma. It’s yet another thing that Sir stole from her. 

What he didn’t take, however, is her identity. When he told her to pick a new identity back in captivity, she informed him that she would always be Gabi Mosley. 

Found Recap Season 1 Episode 5 - Missing While Undocumented

FOUND — “Missing While Undocumented” Episode 105 — Pictured: Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir — (Photo by: Steve Swisher/NBC)

And that’s when she informed Sir in the present day that things would be changing and that they’d be going by a new set of rules. She no longer wanted to be the monster that he made her into—and it seems like the start of her healing journey, though I don’t know if healing is exactly possible while she’s still holding him captive.

At the end of the day, no matter what her motivation for keeping him locked in the basement, she’s no better than he is. She went from being the kidnapee to the kidnapper. 

She justifies the situation by utilizing him to help solve cases faster as she uses him to tap into the mind of a kidnapper, and he often helps her see what she hasn’t considered on a case. But does it make what she’s doing ok or is she the monster that she hunts every week/the monster that took her? One wrong doesn’t make a right. 

She also plays by her own rules thinking she’s above the law because of what happened to her, but the truth is, what she’s doing is illegal. Not to mention the harm it continues to cause to Lacey, who still lives in fear that Sir is out there, and the people she loves as Gabi is forced to lie to everyone.

As for Sir, he had a weapon and a chance to use it on Gabi, but instead, turned it over and told her that he’s not the monster she thinks that he is. 

The question becomes why wouldn’t he take the chance to escape?

I believe the answer is two-fold. 

There’s a part of him that has developed a care for Gabi. I can’t shake the moment from a prior episode where he seemed genuinely upset to see Gabi hurt and angry.

But he’s also very much aware that he’s still in control and grooming her. He gives her the illusion that she wields the power, but she continuously comes to him for answers, giving him a sense of purpose and importance. Not to mention that she still very much centers her life, something a psychopath with an obsession would absolutely relish in. 

We still haven’t gotten around to getting any answers about why he kidnapped her in the first place. Where did he find her? How did he take her? Why her?

Based on their interactions throughout the five episodes while she was in captivity, it seems to me like Sir chose Gabi and eventually Lacey to replace the family he lost. Why else would he have plans to “leave” the cabin where he was keeping her and take trips to Paris? He seemed to be under the impression that he’d convince Gabi to leave her life behind and be happy with him, but something must’ve led him to this desperate moment. 

There’s also the theory that Sir isn’t real and he’s a figment of Gabi’s imagination, which would explain why he hasn’t aged, but that would mean Gabi’s trauma has a much deeper hold on her than we previously believed. 

Either way, Found is one of the best shows of the fall, delivering exceptionally good (and important) cases weekly, while keeping audiences intrigued by the overarching storyline and mystery, fantastic subplots with the supporting cast, and a budding romance between Gabi and Mark for those fans who need relationship driven moments.

What did you think of the episode?

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Walker Review – Let’s Go, Let’s Go (411)



Walker Review Let's Go Let's Go Season 4 Episode 11

Walker and his team suffered a major blow during their hunt for the Jackal on Walker Season 4 Episode 11. 

If I’m this frustrated with a case, I know that they are over with how this serial killer keeps outsmarting and evading them. It’s taken so much from them in terms of sanity, time, and even loved ones, as we saw James spiral back into old habits that once again put his home life with Kelly in the crossfire, and Walker’s hallucinatory dream showed that one of his biggest regrets in life was not being there for his family enough; for the big and small moments. 

As the Jackal pumped up Walker with drugs, the hallucination began like a dream as Cordell finally had his wife back. In reality, Cordell was living through a nightmarish situation before being buried alive. 

I’m typically not a fan of hallucination/dream episodes, but this one was interesting as it examined Cordell’s life and motivations through the lens of his funeral. It was his subconscious bubbling to the surface, but it was showing him how his absence made others feel. The message was loud and strong, though he wasn’t entirely open to receiving it, even when Emily urged him to let it go and get back to reality.

The drugs pumped into his system were so strong that if it wasn’t for Cordell’s team tracking him down, he would’ve suffered the same fate so many of Jackal’s victims have over the years. I guess it’s slightly reassuring to know that they have no idea of what’s going on in their final moments of life, but it still doesn’t make the situation any better, especially knowing that Jackal almost killed two rangers as they were on his tail. 

While they got to Cordell just in time, David Luna didn’t have the same amount of luck—and it was honestly the most heartbreaking development in this season-long case. 

When I say the Jackal took loved ones, I also mean physically, as it seems Luna succumbed to his injuries and died in Cassie’s arms, which we know is going to absolutely destroy her as she was just coming around to admitting that she loved him.

I’m hoping that maybe there’s a reality where Luna still has a pulse and is spared, but it’s not looking good for him. Their pursuit of the Jackal meant that he was getting sloppy and needed to tie up loose ends, which included Luna as he took his eye off the prize. 

I knew it wasn’t going to bode well for him when he made that overly long phone call to Cassie, which was super sappy, and she hesitated to say the “L” word, something we know she’ll come to regret if he doesn’t make it. 

They could’ve saved that conversation for another time so that neither of them lost focus and allowed themselves to be ambushed by the Jackal. And if I’m being realistic, I don’t think this is a one-man show. One man wouldn’t be able to take out David Luna all while moving Cordell and burying him in a shallow grave. I think there’s a team working here, which is how they’ve been able to stay ahead of the police. 

Either way, the desire to stop and capture the Jackal is only growing stronger now that he’s targeted two of the Rangers’ own men. And maybe it’s time to bring in backup because this isn’t something they can handle on their own. 

As for Cassie, I hope she hasn’t lost the love of her life in such a senseless way—she deserves a shred of happiness. 

And with only two episodes on the horizon, I hope this case helps Cordell reframe what’s really important in life, and that includes slowing down and appreciating all the love he’s surrounded by, including his new romance with Geri. Maybe it’s time he stop running by leaving the rangers behind? 

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Luna’s really dead?

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Review – The Bogeyman (207)



Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Review - The Bogeyman (207)

Secrets, secrets are no fun—but they’re definitely fueling Bloody Rose’s wrath on Millwood and the final girls. 

Tabby is the last girl standing, waiting for Bloody Rose to pounce, which does make me think that maybe Christian isn’t as innocent as we’ve been led to (desperately wanted) to believe. He did swoop in with a superhero complex, loves to make masks (and could easily make a 3D rendering to make Bloody Rose appear as Imogen’s mother), and could be a chip off the old block as Chip’s buddy wanting to get revenge for his friend’s murder, so we have to look at all the possibilities now.

That being said, it’s only one of many options presenting itself, and with Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 2 Episode 7 serving as the penultimate episode, we’re still no closer to figuring out who could be tormenting these girls once again.

However, it’s clear the pressure is getting to them as they’ve been making reckless choice after reckless choice. By the end of the hour, they all found themselves at the scene of the crime in some way—and none of it looked good on them. 

Imogen was at the cemetery with Dr. Sullivan, who finally came clean about her connection to Archie and Bloody Rose. Turns out, she’s also been victimized by this family, after serving as Rose’s therapist at Radley, failing to help Archie at her request, and then being targeted by the psychotic killer, who also killed her son, Sebastian, years ago. It makes sense why she’s been trying to help the Millwood girls in a way she couldn’t help her own child. But getting too close to it also means you’re in the line of fire, as Imogen realized Sullivan was kidnapped by Bloody Rose at the cemetery, as she left behind her signature calling card of red roses scattered across the car seat. 

Faran, who has spent all season trying to prove herself, finally allowed herself to let her guard down, with Greg, no less (I don’t mind this pairing, but I don’t want her to forget how douchey he was for literally two full seasons), but while it may have been a welcome distraction, it was also the reason she missed all of Kelly’s calls and later found her dead in the pool where she was waiting to meet. If Faran had picked up, maybe Bloody Rose wouldn’t have gotten to another Beasley, though since we know how much BR is capable of, it’s unlikely anything could’ve helped Kelly. If it wasn’t this moment, it would’ve been somewhere else. I do feel sorry that she got killed off the moment she had an actual “come to Jesus” moment and realized that maybe her friends were right about the cult… and her mother, who claimed the Millwood girls have not yet atoned for what they did to Karen. It seems like everyone is just forgetting that Archie is the actual murderer while they are all victims of a very toxic situation. 


Also this fan theory that I’m still standing by:

Noa was being easily manipulated by Jen—because that’s what’s happening, right?—as she chose to take a baseball bat to Shawn’s car, Carrie Underwood style, but the ironic part was that she was the one cheating on him all summer. Does Shawn not have a right to be angry? Sure, he shouldn’t have punched a hole in the wall, but two wrongs don’t make a right. How did Noa know he was threatening Jen when he did it?  

It all seemed so out of character for Noa as she spiraled out of control in a relationship that’s had all too many red flags (like she bling-ringed Shawn’s house AFTER he helped her out…..). I actually don’t know where the writers planned to take Noa’s character this season, but it’s not something anyone is getting behind. Before she jumps into any relationship—healthy or otherwise—she needs to learn how to deal with her own emotions. 

All of this could’ve been so easily resolved had both of them just talked it out like adults—something Jen conveniently hinted shouldn’t happen because she thrives on chaos and destruction. 

Either way, despite his flaws, Shawn deserved better. He may not have been perfect, but he really went out of his way for Noa (even going against his mother because he loved his girlfriend), only to get stabbed in the back and kicked to the curb. 



And then there’s poor Mouse, who made the very terrible choice of posing as Angela Waters on Spooky Spaghetti in hopes of getting all these rabid followers to slow their roll, except it backfired right back—and Lola became a prime target, with Bloody Rose’s fandom suggesting that the grandmother become the first sacrifice in Archie’s blood atonement. It’s, well, unhinged, and I’m not surprised these ladies are sleeping with one eye open. They aren’t safe anywhere, as evidenced by actual Rose’s arrival at Mouse’s place. I’m intrigued to see what it is she wants from Mouse and Lola.

Also, WES IS ALIVE? Scream it from the rooftops because I truly thought it was over for him. He waltzed into the Orpheum like “Heck yah, I’m still here, but I’m also leaving Millwood because that’s the sane thing to do.” Before he peaced out of there, he said he suggested both of them for co-managers as if there’s literally anyone else working at that theater. And also, who owns the theater? Is it Veronica Lodge? Because that would be epic. 

One final note, this scene had me in tears… Bloody Rose knows she’s a menace. 

This was, hands down, one of the best episodes of PLL: Summer School, firing on all fronts. Bloody Rose claimed yet another victim—why didn’t Faran run to double check if Kelly was alive because you know, no body, no death rule of TV—all while the girls are all being played and no closer to figuring out who their tormentor could be.  I’d say we can cross Kelly’s mother off the list as she was locked up and drugged, which leaves us with all the love interests—Jen, Christian, Johnny (but I really want him to be good), and Ash (who is slightly sus now because he knows everything and could be using it to his advantage. How else did Mouse’s identity come out in that video unless BR has bugged them all), along with the scorned mother, Mrs. Lansberry. 

Who do you think it is? Share all of your theories with us! 

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Review – Hell House (206)



Pretty Little Liars Summer School Review Hell House Season 2 Episode 6

Welcome to our nightmare couldn’t have been a more accurate statement for the liars of Millwood, especially after the most recent development on Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Season 2 Episode 6.

In the final moments of the episode, Imogen is challenged by Bloody Rose, but unlike with the other girls, she doesn’t give her much of a heads up, ambushing her in her mother’s bedroom. 

It’s at this moment that I had this odd feeling that maybe, just maybe, Bloody Rose is Imogen’s mother—and lo and behold, that’s exactly who Imogen said was under the bloody gauze when she pulled it off. 

Now, we have to take it with a grain of salt, considering Imogen’s mother died… we never saw a body body, but we saw her in the bloodied bathtub, which seemed like enough proof. 

There’s also the fact that trauma has a way of playing tricks on you, and while it seems like Imogen is fine most of the time, she is in a vulnerable and fragile place when it comes to her mental health. She’s had a significant amount of breakdowns that could have caused her to imagine her mother’s face in place of whoever is actually attacking them. The trauma could’ve intensified by being back in her childhood home where she saw her mother take her own life. 

And let’s not forget that there’s a handful of people in town who are skilled at making very detailed and intricate masks. Imogen wasn’t able to say much about who she saw under the gauze aside from “my mom,” but it’s possible that her next words would have been “or a mask to look like my mom.” Because the odds of it actually being her mom are slim. 

It also doesn’t really make sense if it were to be Imogen’s mother as she didn’t give off homicidal tendencies. I know a lot of people aren’t who they claim to be in Millwood, but Imogen’s mother was genuinely excited to support her daughter becoming a mother before she was brutally murdered—and made to look like a suicide—by Archie. Therefore, I don’t think she’d ever turn around and terrorize her daughter and her friends—what would be the reason?

The town of Millwood is ensuring that the liars don’t forget about their trauma too quickly either with the arrival of Redemption House, which everyone dubs Hell House. And considering the rooms are all themed to stick it to the liars and make them feel guilty about all that they’ve endured—losing loved ones, being taken advantage of at parties, etc—it’s a fitting name. 

Thankfully, this season, the liars aren’t just taking it, they are fighting back in any way that they can. They aren’t just boldly taking on Bloody Rose’s deathly challenges, they are taking a stand and ensuring that their message is received by the culty church that rented out Imogen’s house for their theatrics. 

 Their plan to terrorize Redemption House with monster and demon masks was innocent yet effective, considering the cult members’ fear of hell, but it also slightly backfired not only because of Bloody Rose’s attack on Imogen, but because Bloody Rose already got to Redemption House before them and stabbed Pastor Malachi dead between the eyes. 

Was it gruesome and brutal? Yes. Was it deserved? Well, no one ever deserves murder, to be clear, but the man did bring it upon himself. I was hoping someone would notice his absence/bring up his death during the episode, but I’m guessing it will be timed to the movie that the boys recorded, which will somehow place the blame back on the liars. It’s not the first time they’ve been set up. 

The whole Redemption House storyline is bizarre on so many levels—something the liars themselves have acknowledged, which is nice—and I can’t speak to why Henry is blindly taking part in it, but I’m convinced that Kelly is brainwashed. Whatever her mom did to her in that “prayer room” changed her completely, so she’s just going along with it blindly despite knowing that it isn’t right. 

Another development I’m excited to see is Greg and Faran’s hook-up. They have such an intense chemistry that it’s only a matter of time, not to mention Greg’s character was being wasted on that Redemption House storyline. If anything, Faran is his redemption. Plus, the fact that he’s Kevin from Riverdale’s cousin makes him so much better in my book. I love the subtle callbacks to sister shows. 

Then there’s the Jen of it all. While I was on board with her and Noa’s relationship initially, I’m not into it now that I know she tried to right one of her wrongs but bling-ringing Shawn’s house and then giving him the money. Like, in what world is that a reasonable solution? Noa was upset, but not as upset as she should’ve been, simply telling Jen to stop breaking into people’s homes. Her feelings for Jen are clearly clouding her judgment, but I wish this moment would’ve painted a clearer picture for her overall because it was a shitty move on Jen’s part. 

What did you think of the episode? Do you believe Bloody Rose is really Imogen’s mom? Or do you think someone is playing tricks on her? Can the liars’ circle of significant others really be trusted? And where is Wes? Did Bloody Rose get to him? Did Christian?

Share your thoughts on this weeks episode of PLL: Summer School now! 

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